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Male Enhancement Products That Don’t Work

There are probably hundreds of male enhancement products on the market today. Some of them work, many of them don’t. How is the average consumer supposed to know the difference?

The fact is, understanding which male enhancement products are worth your while and which are not is like detective work. Short of trying everything out there (which is not only expensive, it’s also extremely time-consuming!) it can be difficult to determine which products actually help you achieve male enhancement – and which do not.

To figure out which products out there could work for you, start by understanding which male enhancement products will not work for you, and why.

Why Some Male Enhancement Products May Not Work for You

The male enhancement products that don’t work – and that give the rest of them a bad name – are typically the ones that are in business to make money rather than making male enhancement products that actually help you. They do this through the following techniques:

Using inadequate ingredients: Some companies will throw a bunch of ingredients together and add a few Latin names to their label so you think there’s something scientific behind their formulation, when in fact the ingredients do nothing whatsoever for male enhancement and the product is simply a scam.

Using low-quality ingredients: Some male enhancement products are developed by manufacturers who have done their homework and understand which ingredients to include. They want to be able to list these ingredients on their label in order to appear legitimate, but they don’t want to invest the necessary funds to include good quality ingredients. Instead, they include overly processed ingredients (like stale, overly dried herbs) that are cheap – and ineffective.

These kinds of ineffective male enhancement products will be very difficult for the consumer to spot. Look for a credible manufacturer that promotes the use of fresh, potent ingredients, and includes a Certificate of Analysis that consumers can view.

Using low quantities of ingredients: Again, some male enhancement products may list all the right ingredients on their label or website, but the ingredients are included in tiny quantities meant for marketing purposes rather than efficacy. It is often difficult to understand if this is the case if all medicinal ingredients are in low quantity (and thus listed last) with cheap fillers bulking up the product. Just keep an eye out for active ingredients – they should NOT be listed last.

Male Enhancement Products That DO Work

Male enhancement products that really do work are those that contain high-quality medicinal ingredients that are scientifically proven effective.

To determine if you can trust a company’s formulation, start by determining whether or not they are credible. How long have they been in existence? Do they have happy customers? (Look for testimonials.) Does their website appear credible, and do their customer service agents respond to your questions and requests in a timely manner? You will be able to get a "sense" of whether or not a company is legitimate simply by taking a closer look. That is step one.

Next, look to see if their male enhancement products are doctor endorsed. Make sure the doctor endorsement comes from an actual MD – a medical doctor, not a doctor of something else (like philosophy!).

Then, have a look at the medicinal ingredients included in the male enhancement products. The website should not only list the ingredients but should also explain how each ingredient works. The science behind each explanation should be sound, and should include reports and proven statistics where appropriate.

Finally, look at the ingredients themselves. You’ll want to look for particular ingredients that are known to be the most powerful ones in any male enhancement products, including: 

  • Solidilin: This compound improves sexual motivation and contains L-Dopa, the body’s natural amino acid that processes dopamine, which is the pleasure-giving neurotransmitter in the brain.
  • Cassia: Cassia is a vasodilator, which allows blood vessels to open and blood to flow more freely into the penis while also decreasing outflow – which prolongs the length and quality of an erection.
  • Momordica: Momordica increases testosterone in men by reducing body fat.
  • Bioflavenoids and Vitamin C: Together, bioflavenoids like Apigenin and high concentrations of vitamin C such as can be found in Amla maintain blood vessel health and are important ingredients for sexual function.
  • Cordyceps: This special fungus that grows primarily on Chinese caterpillars has been used medicinally for centuries, and is of increasing interest to western medicine today. One of its best uses is in the production of testosterone in men, which is key to both sex drive and sexual function.
  • Zinc Oxide: Zinc is often used in fertility treatments to boost the motility and quality of sperm. It is also very important in the metabolism of testosterone. Zinc is key to a man’s sexual health in many ways.
  • Reishi Mushroom: A powerful antioxidant, Reishi is a well-known mood enhancer that also increases stamina and energy.
  • Curculigo: A powerful aphrodisiac, Curculigo is often referred to as a "natural Viagra."
  • Drilizen: This compound contains active ingredients to increase the body’s production of nitric oxide (which is fundamental to the physiological capability of an erection) as well as protodioscin, which helps to regulate testosterone production and secretion in the testes.

Some of the male enhancement products currently touted as the best on the market combine quality ingredients such as these with male enhancement exercise programs specifically designed to boost the products’ effectiveness. A leading example is

As long as you are vigilant, you will be able to find a male enhancement product that works for you. Examine it closely before purchasing, give it time to work, and you will see measurable results. 

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