6 Elements to Always Look for in a Male Enlargement Pill

Ask any man today and undoubtedly he will perhaps sheepishly admit to at least once searching the internet for the phrase “penis enlargement products.” Perhaps today sex and sexuality are more important to members of both sexes than ever before.

Seemingly the society we live in today at a near base level is built entirely upon sex. Though this is beneficial in many ways as it allowing for open and honest discussions about sexual health, it is at the same time adding just another stressor to our already over-burdened lives.

In this stress filled world we live in, many men feel they need an advantage. Something, anything, that will provide some semblance of an advantage in the bedroom—something that will boost confidence and alleviate worry of a bad performance. Hence men the world over searching for “enlargement pill”.

The phrase itself has been shrouded in rumor and myth. For years there has been talk of medicines, pills, herbal remedies, creams, that can somehow increase sexual stamina and penis size. Always and without fail these “enlargement” products turned out to be nothing more than a hoax.

Well, that is true until very recently about male enlargement pill

These old products that had been advertised were nothing more than scams, with no medical science or studies to back them up. The medical community at large completely dismissed these products as nothing more than a waste of money.

That is until the scientific community began the process of studying the effects of a litany of herbal remedies. Historically speaking, many of these enlargement pill were based upon natural and organic ingredients; compounds harvested from animals, plant life, food, etc.

Surprisingly the results showed that using all natural and organic compounds could indeed improve sexual stamina, bigger and harder erections, and a marked increase in sexual drive and desire.

Due to these recent studies, legitimate companies have read these studies and created some amazing products that will undoubtedly turn your sexual life upside down.

Why are so many Enlargement Pill Fake?

Enlargement PillThe key comes in the ingredients list and with companies that have done their homework. Here are the facts:

It is a fact that several naturally occurring compounds can help increase and improve the frequency and quality of erections. It is a fact that several of these compounds have effects on sexual stamina and enjoyment.

The most crucial part is understanding which naturally occurring compounds to mix and in what quantities to achieve the desired results. Currently, very few companies are doing anything work note.

There are though, several legitimate male enhancement pills on the market today that utilize the correct ingredients into their formula. However, the majority of the few companies that do, often incorporate too little of the right ingredients for your body to make any use of them. Further, even fewer back up their bold claims with clinical studies.

With the internet awash with hundreds of these fake pills, it is important to understand what makes a male enhancer actually do its purported job.

What a male enhancer pill should have

There are countless naturally occurring compounds that can be extracted from fruits, plants, animals, etc, that have an enormous impact on sexual health and desire. Specifically though there are several that have an unparalleled effect and should be included in any sexual enhancement supplement you wish to purchase. They are as follows:

The 6 Elements to Look For:

  • Korean Ginseng—dramatically increases erection rigidity, thickness, libido, erection function, and overall sexual satisfaction even in men with erectile dysfunction. Korean Ginseng has been proven to these effects in a number of groundbreaking studies. As such, it should be a key ingredient in any enlargement formula.
  • Butea Superba—clinical trials show it works for 82.5% of men suffering with erectile dysfunction to produce a significant improvement in their sexual function, libido and quality of their sexual experiences
  • Cordycyps—has a significant and positive effect on men’s overall desire for sex. It has been proven in two independent human trials to boost sex drive in 65% of participants.
  • Curculigo—historically an aphrodisiac, medical science now confirm that it has a huge impact on erection quality, sex drive and even shortens sexual recovery time.
  • Zinc Oxide—aids the motility and quality of sperm and is very important in the metabolism of testosterone.
  • Reishi Mushroom—increases stamina and energy, also acts as an anti-allergen, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and antioxidant.
Which Male Enhancer is the best?

clinically testedThere are not many products on today’s market that incorporate all the above ingredients and are clinically tested, however there are a few. Perhaps the most tested and longest standing would have to be ProSolution Pills. This is a perfect example of what a male enhancer should be as it incorporates all of the above ingredients plus the following:

  • Solidilin—a compound that has been proven in numerous studies to increase sex drive, plus it contains L-Dopa—a precursor to dopamine, which increases feelings of pleasure
  • Drilizen—contains the active ingredient protodioscin which helps boost testosterone levels. Drilizen also helps to increase nitric oxide levels to improve erection hardness, stamina and control

Further, ProSolution Pills are one of the only penis enlargement products that comes doctor recommended as it has been proven to:

  • Create bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections
  • Increase sexual stamina
  • Drastically increase sexual drive
  • Increase the ability to orgasm multiple times per session

A recent study on ProSolution Pills has recently proven the efficacy of the product. A recent study has proven that by inhibiting the action of Rho-kinase protein, you can increase the blood flow into the penis for larger, fuller, and harder erections.

What this means for anyone taking ProSolution is that you will undoubtedly reap the all the benefits medical science has to offer in the world of penis enlargement.

bedroomFurther, since ProSolution Pills uses an all-natural ingredient list, one that has been proven safe in the dosages included and is free of side effects, it is completely safe to use. Also, the company offers a full money back guarantee making it an excellent choice for hesitant consumers.

Your sexual health is paramount to your well-being and happiness. There is no reason every man should lack confidence in the bedroom. Companies like ProSolution and enlargement pill offer the ability to take back lives many thought they had lost.

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