The 9 Sexiest Things to Whisper in Her Ear

The 9 Sexiest Things to Whisper in Her Ear

 Words have much more power than most people are willing to accept. Think about some of those key words and phrases that you have said to a woman that just really made her angry. “Calm down,” or “What’s wrong?” These phrases might seem innocent to you, but to her, they are only irritating. Why is it that men can simply shrug off so many phrases that women find annoying?

For women, communication is everything. Words have power, and you can use them to your advantage, as long as you are using them correctly. What better way to use your words wisely than as a turn on for her?

It is scientifically proven that women are wired to react to communication. A woman’s emotions are quite dependent on communication. Words can help her to feel desired and wanted, which in turn helps to turn her on. If you are unsure of what words to say exactly, then learn about some new words and phrases to move into your sexy vocabulary tonight.

9 Things To Whisper In Her Ear Tonight

1. Let’s Start Simple

One of the sexiest things you can say to a woman is, “Yes.” While women do not necessarily want a man who they can treat as a doormat, they do, however, want a decisive man.

A man who is certain of what he wants is quite attractive to a woman. So, tweaking your vocabulary to include more, “Yes” can get her saying, “Yes” to a romp in the sheets.

Why It Works

Since women biologically are prone to thriving off communication, it is already set up in her brain to listen to your every word. A man who uses words like, “Yes” or “Definitely” is displaying the fact that he can make decisions and take charge. This characteristic is appealing for women.

Sexually speakingSexually speaking, if you are making a particular move that causes her to moan or yell out in pleasure, then a simple, “Yes” will reassure her that she can continue her self-indulgence.

Remember that the effectiveness of a female’s orgasm can rely on her nerves and self-image. So, reassuring her that she can truly release and let go will help her feel at ease in her orgasm.

We started relatively simple, and this next one is also pretty easy, so long as you don’t make one little mistake, that is.

2. Say My Name, Say My Name

This one can be a little tricky if you tend to, er, have more than one partner. We would imagine that if you utter the wrong name, things could get a bit dicey. However, if you are sure that the correct name will come out, then by all means whisper her name in her ear. She’ll love it.

Why It Works

one partnerWe have already discussed the fact that communication can effectively turn a woman on. But, sometimes it is not what you say, but how you say it that can make all the difference.

Women are also turned on when they feel wanted and desired. Call it narcissistic if you wish, but the pleasure sensors of women are immediately driven to the max as soon as they feel wanted.

Referring to her personally when you are talking dirty in her ear reaffirms the fact that it is her you want. She no longer has to wonder if another woman turned you on in the first place.

Next up is a quite similar concept, but an extremely different word.

3. Redirect The Attention

Similarly to the last word, putting all of the attention on her helps her feel sexy. Women want to know that they are the object of their man’s affection, despite the other distractions around.

It is no secret that men watch porn and tend to gawk at other women. So, letting her know that it is really her that turns you on can work wonders for your relationship.

The word we’re referring to? “You.” Saying, “You are giving me a boner” instead of, “I have a boner” puts the emphasis on her and how she is causing you to be aroused. Make her feel like she is the center of your universe, and you will reap the rewards.

Why It Works

Women want to know that there is something characteristic of them that is causing you to feel aroused. Letting a woman know how she is making you feel helps her understand that you desire her, and only her. Nothing is sexier for a woman than feeling desired.

Our next word tends to be a little taboo. But, we guarantee it can make a big difference in your sex life if you use it a little more.

4. Let The Love Shine In

dressThink about it. If you tell your girlfriend that you love the way her dress looks, you might get a smirk or a, “Thanks.” But tell her that you love the way the dress looks on her, and, you will definitely receive a completely different reaction from her.

By pointing out what she does to that dress, instead of what that dress does for her, you can show her you are focusing on her beauty, not just the dress.

Why It Works

This is because the word, “love,” is powerful. You do not necessarily need to tell her you love her during sex. You can slip the word love into any conversation. Take, for example, the dress phrase we gave you previously. You are also letting her know it’s her, not the dress that you really love.

The word love is a denotation of passion and intense connection. It is not just about sex, but rather intensifying your relationship. This next word is much kinkier than this lovey dovey word.

5. Get It Right, Get It Tight

The best part about this word is that you can use it in multiple contexts. For starters, you should always, always refer to her vagina as, “tight.” She will love it in another context too, for example when you are describing her body. Who would not want to hear that they look tight and toned? That’s right. No one.

Why It Works

virginEvery woman wants to feel as though she is a virgin again. Letting her know that she feels nice and tight helps to make her feel as though she is making her man aroused and happy.

In turn, she acknowledges that her body is giving you pleasure, which in turn causes her to feel satisfied.

So, not only are you complimenting her body, you are assuring the fact that she plays a prime role in your satisfaction. Describing how good it feels to be inside of her is certain to sky rocket her arousal.

Here’s is another word that can help her feel sexy.

6. Down Where It’s Wetter

It is no secret when a man is aroused. You can’t exactly hide an erection. However, it is a little more discreet when a woman is aroused. Letting her know how wet she is lets her know that you see she is turned on.

Why It Works

secretThink of it as a little secret between the two of you, since no one else can see. Even if she is not exactly dripping down there, your recognition of even a little bit can help her feel more turned on.

It is scientifically proven that her brain might not know how wet she is down there. Even if she is not fully lubricated at the time, she is certain to be after you let her in on your little secret.

Our next word is rather X-rated. Are you ready for it?

7. Bring Out The Bird

Refer to your cock-a-doodle do for a little X-rated action in the bedroom. Instead of calling your parts your penis, dick or something else, call it your, “cock” in the bedroom. Try to avoid using this word outside of the bedroom, so that it can have full X-rated effect.

Why It Works

kinkyWomen want to feel kinky at times, and the word, “cock” is a strong, masculine way to bring dirty talk into the bedroom.

Other words for a man’s private parts can be used in casual conversation, but “cock” is extremely taboo and powerful, as well.

Let’s back track a little bit and get back to some PG stuff.

8. You Need To Know About This Word

We have established that women want to feel desired and wanted. Let her know that you, “need” her for certain things to happen. She might not be the kinkiest lover. But, treating her like your sex goddess that you simply can’t do without will help her feel hotter than ever.

Why It Works

women want to be desiredAt this point, it really is no secret that women want to be desired.

Letting her know that you simply can’t resist her enhances her yearning to be lusted after, which is what most women love.

It might not be natural for you to let your woman know you feel this way. After all, our society has constructed this idea that men should suppress their desires for women.

So for a man to be upfront about his desire might feel a little unnatural to you. Save it for the bedroom and it is sure to spark up some extra sexy sensations.

Our last word can be either PG or X-rated, depending on how you use it.

9. Come Learn About This Last Word

The word, “come,” is jam-packed with sexual power. Certainly, you can keep it PG and let her know to, “Come over here”, but where is the fun in that?

We are talking about that amazing orgasm you want her to have. So, letting her know that you want her to come is a great way to turn her on.

However, there is a bit of a disclaimer with this word. Make sure that she has had an orgasm with you previously. If not, then she may feel pressured and you might as well kiss that orgasm goodbye.

Why It Works

Like a few others, this word has become taboo. The hush, hush factor of this word causes it to have so much sexual power in the bedroom. So, use it sparingly and wisely. You can even use it as reverse psychology. Let her know that she is not allowed to come yet, and we guarantee she will be begging you in no time.

bedroomThe next time things are heating up with your lover, remember to whisper some of these sweet not-so-nothings in her ear. The only thing that could crush an intense moment created by whispering some of these words would be the inability to achieve a firm, impressive erection.

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Remember, your lady need to feel desired and wanted by you. If you act aloof, she will think she doesn’t turn you on anymore, so remind her often and you both will benefit.

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