For Guys: 16 Tips to Boost Your Sex Satisfaction in Marriage

16 Tips to Boost Your Sex Satisfaction in Marriage

Once upon a time, sex was great in your home. Then your kids came, more responsibilities came into the picture, and even your wife forgot about herself, too. On rare occasions, sex became dull and predictable. Perhaps the marriage satisfaction quiz you answered on Facebook even tells you so.

Can you still fix this situation and bring back sex satisfaction in marriage? The answer is yes.

The truth is, there is no exact formula that will bring sex satisfaction and your happy marriage back on track. It is a combination of various factors that will work for you and your wife. In case you don’t know where to start, here are 16 tips to help you bring sexual satisfaction in your marriage.

1. Help Her With Household Chores to Boost Your Score in the Marriage Satisfaction Scale

women should stay at homeSociety dictates that men should do the work and provide the family needs, while women should stay at home and in charge of the house and kids. Apparently, this is the 21st century, and gone are the days when men consider women as their slaves.

According to the 2009 study published in the Journal of Family Issues, couples who share equal responsibilities in doing household chores end up having sex more often. This is because housework is among the top stressors in a woman’s life and doing your part could help her lower stress levels, which could translate to better mood inside the bedroom.

Consequently, sharing responsibilities at home results to a serene and well-tended home, characteristics that are conducive to intimacy.

If you are serious about sex and marital satisfaction, then make sure you help her out with the chores, which leads us to the next one.

2. Life After Pregnancy: Boosting Marriage Satisfaction Even After Baby

Honey, not tonightYou love your child, there’s no doubt about it. However, this means added responsibility, and your wife will most like spend more time with your child. She would often use the “I’m tired” or “Honey, not tonight” excuse because all her energy is devoted to your child. Most of the time, she will wear the “mom” hat instead of the “wife” hat.

That’s okay. Having a baby doesn’t mean it’s the end of your sex life. Here are sex secrets you should know as a new parent, dug straight from the marriage satisfaction inventory:

  • Don’t limit yourself to having sex inside the bedroom.
  • Take advantage of your child’s naptime.
  • Increase intimacy and affection through hugging, cuddling and kissing.
  • Seek extra hands to take care of your baby for a few hours while you and your wife spend some time together.
  • Have sex whenever you can.
  • Understand your wife and don’t rush to getting your sex life back.

When it comes to babies, below is another tip that will help jumpstart your sex life back on track.

3. Don’t Just Be a Sitter, But Be a Daddy, Too

spend time with the kidsSharing responsibilities at home could be an effective way to boost sex satisfaction in marriage. When it comes to this aspect, it is equally important to be a dad to your child.

Believe it or not, one of the things your wife wants you to do is to be a hands-on dad and spend time with the kids. Playing with them and looking after them is not enough to get her sex drive up and running. She needs to see that you are serious about the responsibility that comes with having a child. This includes giving them a bath, feeding them, waking up in the middle of the night, and even changing those dirty diapers.

Go ahead and be your child’s superhero. Show your wife that you care, and want to be involved with the kids while she attends to other matters too, like herself.

4. Before the Day Ends, Have A Positive Conversation with Your Wife

When was the last time you talked to your wife? By talk, this means positive and feel-good conversations instead of her reminding you to pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Before the day ends, make it a habit to sit down and have a conversation with your wife. You can start with how your day went and take off from there. Relate your conversation to something meaningful that happened in the past. If you have a funny story to tell, go ahead and tell it. Consequently, make sure you listen when she has something to say too.

The important thing is to spend time together and talk as husband and wife to boost marriage satisfaction.

Speaking of nighttime routine, make sure you consider the next tip.

5. Go to Bed at the Same Time With Your Wife to Maintain Intimacy and Connection

bring back sexual satisfactionFact: many married couples developed a pattern of sleeping at different times or worse, sleeping in the other room. If you are one of those couples, then you need to establish a new sleeping routine to bring back sexual satisfaction in your sex life. This includes going to bed with your wife at the same time every night.

You might ask, why?

Sleeping on separate beds or at separate times creates the feeling of separation and develops emotional distance. The more you continue with this pattern, the higher the possibility that your sex life will go down the drain.

It’s not too late to fix this. Make it a habit to go to bed and sleep with her at the same time every night. This doesn’t automatically translate to sex, but it helps bring back closeness and intimacy back in your relationship. Who knows, this could lead to something else.

6. Stop the Hate and Plan a Sex Date With Your Wife

plan a sex dateLet’s say you and your wife included conversation in your routine and so far, things are going great. It’s now time to move up to the next level to ensure that your relationship is at its peak.

This time, plan a sex date. Think regular date nights, but with a special treat afterwards.

Sex dates are special nights dedicated for sex and intimacy – just you and your wife. The good thing about this is you have something you are looking forward to, and you are maximizing it to build anticipation. By planning ahead, you are able to think of strategies, such as showering together in the morning or sending flirty text messages that will surely make your wife happy.

The result: An increase in sexual satisfaction in married couples.

Speaking of a sex date, read the next section and learn how you can build anticipation to help you enjoy the night even more.

7. Boost Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage by Starting Foreplay as Early as Possible

You might think that foreplay only happens a few minutes before penetration. Apparently, that’s not how it works, especially if your end goal is to satisfy your wife in bed.

What should you do?

Start foreplay, even before you take off your clothes. Keep in mind that foreplay is crucial, since it is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable aspects of sex for women. Without foreplay, most women are unable to orgasm easily compared to when you spend a little extra time and effort getting her in the mood.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Take a shower together without having sex.
  • Give each other a passionate kiss before leaving for work.
  • Send her random flirty and sexy messages.
  • Remind your partner about how excited you are to see her.

These simple tricks will surely get your partner in the mood and increases your chances of sexual satisfaction.

8. Introduce a New Flavor Inside the Bedroom and Say Hello to Sex Life 2.0

Here’s the thing with married couples: you’ve been together for quite some time, which means you achieved a certain level of comfort and ease with each other. That’s fine; however, this could take a toll on your sex life. In fact, your wife gets less excited because you are doing the same things inside the bedroom.

trying a new positionHow do you bring sexual satisfaction back in marriage? Try introducing something new inside the bedroom, one trick at a time. It could be trying a new position, having sex in other areas in your house, bringing a sex toy for your wife to try, or doing the deed at a different time. Change the way you do foreplay and you will keep her happy for sure.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should ditch the old ways. The bottom line is, don’t be predictable. Boredom inside the bedroom requires variety and not ignorance or denial.

When it comes to introducing new flavor, the next pointer will tell you about one thing your wife wants you to do.

9. Go Beyond the Area Down South and Explore Her Body

Here’s the problem with most men: when it comes to sex, they always go down and just focus on the woman’s vagina. There is no issue with that, since a woman’s vagina comes with tons of nerves that make her extra sensitive and more prone to arousal.

However, sex is not just about what’s down south. The truth is a woman’s body comes with erogenous zones starting from her scalp and down to her feet; therefore, don’t just focus on her vagina and take time to explore her body. Believe it or not, every area in her body provides a different kind of sensation that will surely turn her on.

Going Outside What’s Down South

enjoy the scent of her neckYou can start on her head by gently caressing and pulling her hair while in action. Nibble her ear, enjoy the scent of her neck, fondle her breasts, lick her navel, gently bite her inner thighs, and lick her legs. You can also go all the way down to her feet and give her a foot massage before licking her toes.

Surely, this will turn her upside down and make sex more satisfying for her.

10. Remember These Two Habits to Ensure Sex Satisfaction in Marriage

Do you want to know what these habits are? It’s saying thank you and complimenting her everyday.

Here’s the thing about women: they want to feel that they are noticed and appreciated. The best way to show your wife is by thanking her and complimenting her for a job well done. Once appreciation comes into play, she can’t help but be close and intimate with you in every way. At the same time, she is less likely to use the “Not tonight” excuse.

Whether the white shirt looks good on her, or the dinner was great, or you noticed she is starting to lose weight, go ahead and compliment her. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She will love it for sure.

The best part is she will reward you for your good behavior.

11. Just Love Her: The Surefire Trick to Sex Satisfaction and Happy Marriage

feel lovedFact: every woman wants to feel loved. Every woman wants to feel that someone also cares about her and willing to take care of her. She wants to know that her needs are met, too.

Be that someone.

Keep in mind that a woman wears different hats. Because of this, marriage satisfaction survey showed that only 18 percent of married women think about sex at least once a day; therefore, make her feel loved. Make her feel that you care for her and you want her to be happy. Take time to talk to her, know her dreams and desires, and what makes her happy.

Her sexual fulfillment depends on the amount of satisfaction she gets not just from you but also from herself. If you are sincere about sex and marital satisfaction, then put her needs at the forefront.

This leads you to the next tip.

12. Give Your Wife Her Alone Time and Make Sure You Leave Her Be

A Men’s Health magazine survey revealed that 85 percent of women are satisfied with the amount of alone time their partners. If your wife belongs in the 15 percent, then you are in big trouble.

One of the secrets to sex satisfaction in marriage is by allowing yourself and your wife to have an own and separate identity. Letting her have her “me time” gives her a breathing room to be on her own and worry less about other responsibilities. Once she comes back, she will be more relaxed, refreshed and in the mood.

Do you want to know the best part about giving your wife her own time? It creates space, thereby increasing connection and desire, which you could translate inside the bedroom.

13. Know What She Wants in Bed and Listen to What She Has to Say

divorceAnother fact: divorce is all-too common in the United States. Marriage satisfaction statistics show that only 25 percent of married couples will remain happy after 10 years of marriage. Consequently, most women are unsatisfied with their relationships, which is quite alarming.

How can you remedy the situation?

The answer is simple: communication.

You already know the importance of positive and meaningful communication, and making it a part of your routine; however, it’s not enough that you know how her day went or if there is anything new she would like to try. In this case, ask her also about her preferences in bed and what turns her. Encourage her to open up about her sexual fantasies and who knows, you’re up for it too.

The more you talk, the deeper the bond will be, which makes sex even more pleasurable, meaningful, and satisfying.

Do you still have room for more? There are few more tips in store for you so make sure you real until the end of the post. After all, you aim to please.

14. Sex Positions: Move Past the Missionary and the Doggie

you and your wife are both happyYou know how being in marriage could make sex a bit predictable and less exciting. You also learned that introducing and bringing something new to the table could turn things around and increases sexual satisfaction.

The truth is there are various ways you can do to make sure you and your wife are both happy. A good way to jump start this is by trying new positions in bed.

Here are some new positions you can try:

  • Sit on the edge of the bed and let her sit on you. Help her move up and down and use your hands to stimulate each other.
  • Let your wife lie down. Then, straddle her left leg while kneeling as you enter inside her. The good thing about this position is that it allows deep penetration and at the same time, your hands are free to caress and stimulate other areas in her body.
  • While standing, let your wife wrap one of her legs around your waist. Slowly go inside her while supporting her weight. This position helps rebuild intimacy and connection.
  • Get your girl in partial bridge position, with her weight resting on her shoulders. Get inside her while in a kneeling position. This position is perfect to stimulate your wife’s clitoris and makes sex extra pleasurable.
  • While in missionary position, raise your wife’s legs and form the letter “V.” This allows good body contact with her vulva, hence extra sensation.

So, which one would you like to try? Whatever you choose, make sure you pop some ProSolution male enhancement pills to keep up with the intensity inside the bedroom. This boosts your stamina and sex drive too.

15. Say Yes to Sex Satisfaction and Happy Marriage by Redefining Sex Standards

When you were younger, you may have thought of sex as push-and-pull, up-and-down movements until you reach orgasm. Because of this thinking, you force yourself and your wife to do the deed, even if one doesn’t want to just for the sake of orgasm. After all, your colleagues and neighbors have sex with their wives more than twice a week.

Here’s the challenge for you to boost sexual satisfaction inside the bedroom: look at sex in a different perspective. Instead of focusing on doing the act itself, look at sex in a more mature, emotional, and intimate perspective.

In other words, stop thinking of sex as one particular act. Don’t pressure yourself to have sex just because your best friend is getting some from his wife every night. There are other ways you can be intimate sans the penetration and orgasm.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Start with giving each other a passionate kiss and a tight hug before you leave for work.
  • Kiss her once you get home and tell her how much you missed.
  • At night, cuddle until you fall asleep.
  • Give each other a full body massage – and see where this leads.

It sounds simple but these baby steps could help a lot in restoring satisfaction back in the bedroom.

16. Be the Man: A Simple and Effective Way to Keep Your Woman Happy

satisfying and pleasurable sexDo you want to know the real secret in boosting sex satisfaction in marriage? Be the man.

It sounds simple yet taking charge could be your ticket to a satisfying and pleasurable sex. The question now is how do you do this?

Here are tips on how to show her who’s in charge:

  • Be dominant inside the bedroom, sans the bondage and whips.
  • Take the lead, but make sure there is balance between being gentle and firm.
  • Build anticipation to keep her excited.
  • Tell her what you want her to do in a respectful, calm, and sensual manner.
  • Make her feel loved.

The bottom line is to remind her why you are the man in the first place. Women could get tired and the last thing they need is taking over in between the sheets. Go ahead and take over.

Married life can be less exciting and predictable, especially inside the bedroom. Still, don’t let boredom and dullness take over your marriage. All it takes are few simple steps and you will find yourself scoring higher in the marriage satisfaction scale.

When it comes to steps, these 16 strategies will surely help you increase sex satisfaction in marriage. Don’t forget to take ProSolution male enhancement pill to make sure you are in your best self and your man down there will cooperate when the situation calls for it.

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