Science of Attraction – Unlocking the Secrets of Male Sexiness

Scientific research shows that you have only about 30 seconds to make an impression. That attraction happens in the first 30 seconds after you walk into a room. Research also shows that people stare longer at attractive people than those that they do not find attractive. Scientists have spent years studying human brains to know more about the science of attraction. These secrets are now out in the open and up for grabs.

good looksIt is a popular belief that attraction is something that is triggered by a person’s looks; however, there are people who also think attraction goes well beyond just looks. What we find attractive is an amalgamation of good looks and the body language of a person. Since our brain is the real boss behind what we find attractive, it is not just one, but all the five senses that play a role in deciding what is attractive. Our brain quickly calculates what it sees, hears and feels to assess the person we are meeting.

As a society, we are constantly changing the parameters we use to judge a man’s attractiveness. What we used to find appealing in the past is no longer appealing to us today. But what this article talks about is probably some things that never go out of style.

To become attractive is something that all of us want, because attractive people are desired by everyone. They appear healthier, smarter, have a more compelling personality and are thought to be more trustworthy. This article will discuss ways in which you can improve your sex appeal, feel more confident and become more attractive to people.

According to the Science of Attraction: Improving Your Looks Increases Your Attractiveness

It might be rewarding to be attractive if you wish to:

  • Gain popularity among friends.
  • Impress a job recruiter.
  • Get your superiors at your workplace to notice you.
  • Get more action in bed.

attractiveThe good news is that you do not have to have great genes to be attractive. You can always work towards looking good every day. People who look attractive are usually the ones who take good care of themselves.

Here are some habits you can replace your bad habits with to look and feel good:

  • Eat Healthy: The only way you can actually look good is by looking healthy, and the only way you can look healthy is by actually being healthy. When you stop eating junk food and switch to a healthier diet consisting of green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy, you could experience the following benefits:
    • Losing weight
    • Feeling more energetic
    • Stronger immunity
    • Better skin and hair
    • Delaying the aging process
    • Staying sufficiently hydrated

    A healthy diet can fight every day stress. Stress is one of the reasons why you may tend to look haggard. Antioxidant-rich foods can fight the damaging effects of environmental stress, which brings physical issues, but they can affect your psychological side, as well. The fiber content in fruits and vegetables helps to cleanse your body off toxins you acquire on a day to day basis.

  • exerciseExercise: If you hit the gym regularly, do yoga or simply like hiking in the woods you can be said to be physically active. There are numerous ways you can benefit from being physically active. Just as a healthy diet can improve your overall health, physical activity can help take the effects of eating healthy to the next level.When you are physically active you:
    • Stay in shape
    • Stay energized
    • Have flawless skin
    • Get better sleep
    • Boost immunity
    • Detoxify your body

    All of this helps you become healthier and thereby helps you to stay enthusiastic about the things you do every day. Exercising regularly makes you look younger and you slowly begin to feel more confident.

  • Good Hygiene: One of the secrets to male sexiness is good hygiene. No woman likes to be with a man who is not groomed or has body odor. Including habits that promote hygiene in your daily routine is important for your health and also for your sex appeal.To maintain good hygiene, you must:
    • Brush your teeth regularly

    • Take a shower every day
    • Cleanse and moisturize your face
    • Get haircuts periodically
    • Shave or trim your beard
    • Wear clean clothes

    Be neat, clean and smell good. How frequently you groom yourself and maintain personal hygiene can increase or decrease your attractiveness.

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    This supplement is the best of its kind if you want to take your relation with someone to the next level, as it:

    • Increases your sex drive
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Good Dressing Habits: The Key to Being More Irresistible

Women like men who dress sharp. This does not mean you have to wear a business suit every time you want to impress a woman, but the right clothing can help you influence people and become irresistible.

Remember the four Cs of dressing: cut, color, cleanliness and context. These four Cs make the four cornerstones of men’s fashion that can make or break the impression women get of you.

You may find some insights on the four Cs, below:

  • attireCut: Your attire should be cut to complement your physique. You may not have the physique of a film star but you can still become attractive by wearing clothes that have the right cut.What you wear must:
    • Fit you properly.
    • Highlight the positive aspects of your physique
    • Help you hide any deficiencies that you might have.

    A pant belted halfway down your thighs and letting your underwear peep out is not attractive. Also, shirts that are too baggy and t-shirts that are oversized make you look sloppy.

  • Color: Color is just as important as the cut of your garment. What colors you choose to wear sends a message about who you are. For instance, wearing a blue shirt will show that you are a stable person and trustworthy. On the other hand, the red color has sexual undertones.Many men often take pink to be a feminine color and meant for only women. But if you can wear pink correctly, you can come across as fun-loving and confident.You may experiment with any color of your choice but when you are dressing to impress keep in mind:
    • Who you want to impress.
    • The kind of relationship you wish to build with them.
    • The context in which you will be meeting them.

    If you are going on a blind date and want to come across as amiable, try wearing something blue. Studies show that women are more likely to find a man sexy if he is wearing the dependable blue on a first date. You can team a blue shirt with a pair of jeans. It is always a good idea to wear something semi-formal on a first date. That way, you won’t come across as someone who takes their dates lightly.

  • Cleanliness: What you wear will only make a good impression is it is clean. You must wear clean clothes not only to build an impression, but to also stay healthy.Your attire must be free of:
    • Stains
    • Creases
    • Odors
    • Damage

    Do your laundry regularly and iron your clothes, especially those that tend to develop ugly creases. Use a good quality detergent that can eliminate stains as well as foul odors. Also, clothes that have holes in them or have lost buttons can be unattractive. Either repair the damage or replace the garment with another. Taking good care of your clothes will not only help you to look attractive but also save you money.

  • Context: You must always be able to judge when to wear formals, semi-formals, casuals and semi- casuals. For some men, there can also be occasions that demand them to wear their traditional clothes. Always keep the context in mind when you dress.Here are some examples to help you decide your attire:

    Casual: Includes jeans, baseball caps, funky t-shirts and shorts. Wear them on the beach and while attending casual events like picnics, movies, birthday parties, and sports events.Semi-Casual: Includes khakis, polo shirts, loafers and dark colored jeans. Appropriate for church, club, get-togethers with friends and first dates.

    Semi-Formal: Black dress shoes, Black dress pants, black dress blazers and button-down shirts. Appropriate for funerals, dances and work parties.

    Formal: Includes suits, tie, tuxedos, dress pants and dress shirts. Best for the opera, weddings and galas.

    Not wearing clothes per the context can make you look out of place. No one wants to stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. Pick your clothing carefully, keeping the occasion in mind and you will be noticed for all the right reasons. Clothes make a man and what you wear can have an everlasting effect on your image.

Send The Right Signals: Using Body Language

Attractiveness includes both how you look and how you behave with people. When it comes to attraction, body language plays a big role. All attractive men have one thing in common; they all appear approachable. When people judge you, they are subconsciously judging how available you are to them.

If you are on a date, your date is probably trying to gauge the extent to which you can be trusted as a partner. If you are at a job interview, the interviewer is wondering whether you would be willing to work for the company. People are constantly trying to find reasons to build a relationship with you.

attractive manAn attractive man shows through his body language that he is available to the people around him. This helps him to draw people towards him.

Body language can convey that you are friendly, open and interested.

By smiling, keeping your arms uncrossed and making eye-contact, you can convey you are a confident and affable person. Good nature and positivity are always more attractive than a scowl or a frown. If you have the right attitude towards people, you will attract people to yourself instantly.

When you like someone, your body reacts to show it. Your cheeks flush with color and lips swell to make you look more fertile.

There are few things men do which women find attractive:

  • Leaning: When you physically lean towards someone, it shows you are interested in that person. This way you can tell someone you like them without saying a single word.
  • Tilting Your Head: Like leaning, tilting your head towards someone also shows that you are interested.
  • Making Eye-Contact: Gazing into someone’s eyes shows that you are self-confident and engaged with the person. Looking over their heads or in any other direction shows you are disinterested.

Men often use body language to flirt, and women use it to reciprocate accordingly. That’s why, body language can be said to be a powerful method of non-verbal communication. You can effectively use body language to become attractive even if you are not genetically blessed with good looks.

Remember, Compassion is Attractive

attractive peopleWhile men are told not to show their emotions, women are often drawn toward sensitive and emotional men. The science of human attraction heavily endorses the ‘halo effect’. The halo effect states that we often take one trait of a person and judge the person’s overall character by it. This is the reason why it is popularly thought that beautiful and attractive people are good at their jobs, which in reality may or may not be true.

Positive personality traits like compassion and honesty can enhance your persona and make you attractive to people. A 2014 Chinese study revealed that people with traits like kindness seemed more attractive than people with negative traits like meanness.

Here are some ways you can be kind towards others in your day to day life:

  • Help People Whenever You See an Opportunity: You never know who is watching and judging you. Acts of kindness always leave good thoughts about you in other’s minds.
  • Think About Small Things You Can Do to Make Someone Happy: There are numerous little things you can do for the people in your life. Think of little surprises that you can arrange for them that will make them smile.
  • Give a Compliment Whenever You Can: Compliments make people smile. Like what someone is wearing, tell that person about it. Encourage people for their hard work. Compliments given casually can leave everlasting effects.

It is empowering to choose kindness. Compassion can help you stay positive as well as spread positivity around you. Positivity attracts people. It is because kindness stimulates the part of the brain that triggers happiness.

How to Stop Being Boring

Women are often turned off by men who make mundane conversations. Human brain can get bored easily, and boring is not sexy.

There are many tricks you can resort to when trying to hold someone’s attention, especially a woman’s:

  • Find Interesting Things to Talk About: When you talk to someone, try to understand what that person enjoys talking about. Then engage them in a discussion about that topic.
  • Come Across as an Intriguing Person: Use your body language to come across as intriguing. A woman will soon find you boring if she feels there is not much to know about you.
  • Confidently Show Them the Person You Are: At times, we act boring because we are afraid of being judged as weird. Do not worry about being judged by others, and instead, be yourself. Just share your thoughts and be the person that you are. Trying to fit in will only make you dull and boring. Quirky may be what the person in front of you is looking for.Attractive or not, you should always be proud of who you are. You have traits that are appreciated and valued by those who are near and dear to you. There are things about you that they love. It is important that you never let go of those things. Instead, try and improve upon those qualities.
  • respectDo Not Be Afraid of Talking About Your Emotions: Contrary to the belief that staying aloof is sexy, women like to indulge in men who can talk about how they feel. When men talk about their emotions, they seem vulnerable. Women find such men both emotionally and sometimes sexually desirable. Emotionally well-rounded men are more likely to be emotionally stable. They are also more likely to be sensitive towards a woman’s feelings.
  • Respect Women: A man who respects women is always attractive, so respect women, even if they turn you down. Respect the fact that they can have opinions. Respect their space and be chivalrous. Women like to be treated with respect. When you hold the door or pull the chair for a woman she is bound to notice and appreciate you.

Ditch the corny pick-up lines. Instead, rely on the psychology of attraction. The science of attraction for men is a widely covered topic and information and advice about it are abundantly available in places like the internet. Some people have even created a science of attraction documentary that you can look up on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon.

Attraction is more of a biological process. Getting attracted was a mechanism built by nature for reproductive processes, so to be specific, the science of attraction is basically biology of attraction.

With the tips in this article, you will be able to increase your sex appeal effectively and also understand the science of physical attraction and the science of love a little bit better.

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