Scentsuality: 7 Essential Oils for Super Sex

Come on guys, admit it. You have to owe a ton to Kama Sutra for your knowledge of different sex positions. Yes, this book is often referred to as the “Bible of Sexuality,” but did you notice how often it uses aromatic oils in its pages? Maybe not, because all you really care about is doing all those new sex positions you learned from the sex bible, right?

oilsJust to give you a bit of information, essential oils can up your game, especially when you want to impress someone.

The scent of these oils stimulates the pituitary gland and eventually controls your hormones. This explains why after taking a whiff, your emotional state and sex drive are affected – in a good way, of course.

So, why wait for love month to come, when you can head over to the nearest mall and buy some essential oils for your next lovemaking session?

But wait, it’s not just any other essential oil, guys. Sure, your partner may love lavender, but this is not the type of oil that will turn a scent to sex. Rather, these are the essential oils you should buy for an ultimate sex experience.

Romantic Rose Oil.

When it comes to love and intimacy, roses will always have a special part on the list. It will always be a scent that is associated with love and romance and even the archetype, The Goddess of Love.

It’s no wonder that Aphrodite, despite being a fictional character, decorated her love den with rose petals and Egyptian beauty, Cleopatra, once used rose petals in her bath.

Rose oil is a strong floral and sweet fragrance that can induce romanticism, even for those with broken hearts. It is known to help balance female hormones – take note of this, guys – and soothes senses by reducing anxiety that is connected to sex.

And that’s not all. Use rose oil to give your girl a massage, since rose oil has been used as a skin care since even before Cleopatra was born. And yes, rose oil acts through heart chakra, which helps unify spiritual and physical love.

If you hate giving massages, that’s too bad, because giving a massage with rose oil is the ultimate aphrodisiac. But don’t fret, you can add it to the tub during a bath, which can surely put you both in the mood.

Sensual Jasmine Oil.

jasmine flowerFrom the name itself, you’ll have an impression that this oil has one of the best and most sensual scents.

Did you know that jasmine oil is known as an aphrodisiac oil with a powerful effect on the human senses? Its fragrance may be warm and exotic, but the jasmine flower has long been used in the art of seduction, romance and attraction.

It is also rich, and naturally and emotionally warming, which can boost your confidence and elevate your sexual awareness to a whole new level.

And if you are looking for an essential oil to relieve you from stress, remove emotional blocks or calm you before the actual deed, then jasmine oil can help you with that. It is also sacred to Kama, the Hindu love god, which means you’ll be seeing lots of this in the sex bible mentioned above.

Sexy Sandalwood Oil.

Sandalwood OilYou may argue that the first two essential oils are targeted to mainly to those of the feminine persuasion. To strike a perfect balance, here is an essential oil that is recommended for men – sandalwood oil.

In India, sandalwood oil is like a king. It is a highly prized oil that is used for spiritual ceremonies and meditation.

But beneath its sweet, woody scent, did you know that this essential oil has sensual properties, too? And yes, it can be soothing, but also enticing and erotic at the same time, which can affect your mood in a good way.

Dating back since time immemorial, sandalwood oil has been known to elevate physical intimacy, which can lead to sex. You can even combine it with other oils such as basil, lavender and rose to achieve maximum sensuality. However, sandalwood is among the endangered trees, so as much as you want to splash it on yourself to enjoy its sensual properties, please use it sparingly.

Passionate Patchouli Oil.

Patchouli OilOhh, something new in there, right? At least it is safe to say that you are learning something new from reading this article.

Going back to business, patchouli is a member of the mint family. It has a sweet, musty, and woodsy scent with a warming effect that can appeal to both men and women – remember the striking a balance thing? Aside from this, it can be mixed with other oils, such as clary sage, geranium and lavender.

The good things about patchouli are that it calms anxiety, helps lift the spirit, improves clarity and attracts sexual love. This essential oil also balances libido levels by working its magic on your and her endocrine levels to guarantee a good time in bed. Did you know it can relieve stress and depression? This can result to better mood, which is something you need when you are in for some intimate moment with your lady.

Oh and yes, it is antifungal, antidepressant and antiseptic.

Wild and Wicked Ylang-Ylang oil.

Ylang-ylangSomeday, the world is going to thank Asian countries. It is so rich and so diverse in natural resources that it is a home to the most loved herbs, spices and oils the whole world is using. Case in point: ylang-ylang.

Ylang-ylang, which means flower of flowers, is a flower that originated from the Philippines. It has a scent that is intensely sweet and slightly spicy with a hint of banana.

It may have properties that are somewhat similar to jasmine oil, but over the years, this essential oil has found its way to deserve a spot on the best scents for sizzling-hot sex.

Beneath the sweet aroma that can fill you up with joy, ylang-ylang has been a favorite oil for super sex. In fact, a single drop of this essential oil can increase attraction between partners and elevate both of your sexual energy to help enhance your relationship. Ylang-ylang oil is perfect to set the tone and mood when you’re planning a romantic evening full of passion.

Libido-Boosting Clary Sage Oil.

eyeClary sage oil is a result of steam distillation from the buds and leaves of clary sage plant. It is a native to Europe and is praised for improving vision and eye health.

Believe it or not, this essential oil brightens eyes, improves your vision and protects the loss of your eyesight due to premature or even normal aging.

Aside from improving your eye health, clary sage oil can also be used during your sexy time. Its nutty fragrance is sensual and relaxing, and it makes you feel euphoric. Being an aphrodisiac, one of its well-known properties by the way, this essential oil boosts your libido and feelings of sexual desire. It is also effective in treating psychological problems that result in a loss of libido.

Most importantly, clary sage oil increases your “T” levels, that’s testosterone dear men, which can increase your performance and interest in sexual activities. And yes, it is effective in both males and females, too. However, this oil should be avoided if you’re trying to get your lady pregnant, although this will come in handy if you simply want pure fun with no procreation motive in mind.

Lovely Lady Sclareol Oil.

When you hear the word “intoxication,” the first word that might pop into your mind is alcohol or beer.

Yes, alcohol can calm your nerves before game time, but did you know that there is an essential oil that can provide you with this characteristic, minus the calories on the belly?

alcoholIntroducing the great intoxicator, the lady sclareol essential oil. This oil was believed to have originated from the Ladies of the Court during the Middle Ages. In fact, it is blend of the most exotic, seductive and aromatic essential oils – ylang-ylang, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood and rose among others that bring love to the heart, thanks to its alluring scent.

Lady Sclareol oil is a natural aphrodisiac that can affect both men and women in many wonderful ways. It has an emotionally calming and balancing effect that can help unblock emotional issues associated with low libido, infertility or impotence. And believe it or not, this romantic blend of essentials oil can also energize and enhance an intimate evening with your partner. Plus, it is good for the skin, too, which your partner will truly love.

Does this list seem so alien to you? That’s fine. Most of your kind feel the same way, but the point is, using essential oils will surely make you and your lover feel more sensual and sexy. But for you, taking ProSolution pills can also be your ultimate go-to guy if you want to enjoy an intimate moment with your partner. Made of potent natural ingredients, such as Korean ginseng and butea superba, ProSolution pills are among, if not the best male enhancement pills available in the marketplace today.

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