Romance Rescue: 15 Best Pieces of Relationship Advice for Men

Is it lack of information preventing you from enjoying a fulfilling relationship? Probably not. But, a lack of the right information can. There’s no lack of relationship advice in the world; however, many people, including you, don’t follow it for two reasons. Firstly, you procrastinate because you want to wait for a better solution to come along. Secondly, the advice isn’t actionable. So, after reading it, you have no clue how to integrate the advice in your life.

This article will help you overcome both problems. You will soon read 15 handpicked relationship advice for men. No matter what kind of ideal solution you’re waiting for, you will most likely find it here. Every bit of advice here is actionable, but you may know exactly what actions to take once you’ve read through the entire article.

1. Master Conflict-Free Communication

communicationAll you wanted to do was help, but your partner thought you were being imposing, not helpful. There was a significant gap between what you said and what your partner understood. This communication mismatch is one of the top reasons for conflicts in relationships. Well-developed telepathic skills can solve this problem. Until then, becoming aware of your communication patterns is the best relationship advice for men regarding this.

To do this, write a list of five to 10 situations where miscommunication created conflict. Now, for each situation, write a one-sentence solution that could have prevented conflict. After identifying a solution for each instance, you will see a pattern emerge. And next time when similar situations present themselves, you will be ready to deal with them constructively. As you begin to do this more often, your day-to-day communication with your partner becomes increasingly conflict-free.

2. Ward Off Attacks from Unexpected Corners

Did you know the radar operator at Pearl Harbor spotted a swarm of planes heading for Oahu almost an hour before the attack began? Although he reported the sighting to his superiors, they didn’t act on the information. This oversight caused one of the most devastating attacks on America. In the same manner, major relationship problems don’t show up out of the blue. A series of subtle warnings foreshadow major problems; however, if you are not alert, you will be completely oblivious to these signs.

disappointmentsTo prevent disastrous troubles from pouncing at you unexpectedly, you should constantly ask yourself, “What’s new or different about my relationship?” This is a solid relationship advice for guys. For instance, if you see your partner use the phrase “I understand,” too often it’s a sign. Behind every “I understand,” there is a hidden disappointment.

If you don’t address these disappointments proactively, they will accumulate until they trigger harsh reactions from your partner. To you, these outbursts may seem uncalled for, but the resentment pot in your partner’s mind has been stewing for quite a while. If you are alert, you can prevent things from escalating to harmful levels.

3. Show Your Appreciation the Right Way

Everyone likes to be appreciated, but what exactly is appreciation? In a nutshell, appreciation means showing gratitude. To understand the negative impact of a lack of appreciation, reflect on your own experience. Think about a time when you felt you deserved gratitude from someone, but didn’t get any. It didn’t feel good, did it? Not just that, your relationship with the person took a beating.

Now, think about how your lack of gratitude affects your partner. Do you think you appreciate your partner enough? Well, your answer is irrelevant because there’s no such thing as too much appreciation. Remember this, it’s one of the best relationship help for men.

To practice the art of appreciation, you ought to know two things:

  • It’s the act that matters. Expressing gratitude has the same amount of positive effect on your partner, whether it is for small things or big things.
  • Be consistent to keep the results going. The effects of expressing your appreciation doesn’t last more than one or two days.

Considering these two observations, you should strive to show your thankfulness every day. On doing this, your relationship enters an upward spiral, because expressing gratitude brings to you more things to be grateful for, which is also good for your emotional well being.

4. Steer Your Relationship Away From Those Dreaded Ruts

special missionsHow long does novelty in a relationship last? The answer is as long as you keep doing new things. A hot air balloon descends if the burner doesn’t heat the air in the balloon. In the same way, novelty in a relationship begins to fade if you don’t heat things up.

To do this, create a set of covert operations or special missions to blow the status quo to smithereens. These operations or missions can take any shape or form. Only one thing is important – total secrecy.

Many people reserve surprises for special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries. But, think about this: is a surprise birthday party all that surprising? Instead, plan surprises for days when your partner least expects it. You can get ideas to surprise your partner from any relationship advice forum on threads dedicated to relationship tips for men.

5. Keep Your Partner in the Loop

household choresIn every relationship, there are individual and joint responsibilities. Things such as managing your health and planning your work fall under individual responsibilities. Joint responsibilities include things such as budgeting, household chores, and home improvement. If these responsibilities aren’t clearly defined and understood, it causes friction.

For example, if you spend $1,000 on a fancy new gadget without your partner’s knowledge, there’s going to be hell to pay. So, exercise your freedom to make decisions independently, only for things for which you are individually responsible.

The list of responsibilities – both individual and joint – evolve and expand. Therefore, you and your partner must review them regularly and carefully. Clarity regarding in this matter remove a lot of stress from decision making. It will also minimize relationship problems for men when a decision falls through. Work with your partner and define these responsibilities immediately.

6. Demonstrate Respect and Don’t Assume It’s There

RespectRespect is a familiar word, but what does it mean? When you respect someone, what does it look like? The simplest way to understand how respect works is to equate it to worth. Try this exercise:

  • Think about some object you value immensely.
  • Now, look at how you treat that object.
  • Usually, you maintain it with great affection, you deal with it carefully, and you show it to others proudly. In other words, you respect that treasured object.

You can respect your partner in the same way. Treat her with great affection, and be mindful of what you say and do to her. Also, be vocal about how much you cherish her, both in private and in public.

Naturally, doing the opposite means you’re disrespecting your partner. If mutual disrespect creeps into a relationship, troubles will soon follow. So, a healthy respect for one’s partner can prevent a lot of relationships problems for men.

7. Be Honest with Your Partner – to a Degree

honestThis is a tricky one. On one hand, you would like your partner to be honest with you. On the other hand, would you like being completely honest with your partner? This paradox makes it impossible for anyone to have a totally honest relationship. The key is to look at honesty as not in black and white. Instead, deal with honesty in gray areas.

Here’s how you can do that:

Your partner has a few pounds to lose. You have a big night planned to go to a party or out for dinner. They ask you if their outfit makes them look fat. You know they could look better if they lost the weight while wearing that particular outfit, but you tell them they look great.

If you were to be completely honest, you would have told them to choose another outfit, because they were too fat to wear that one, which would have hurt their feelings. In this case, it’s called a “white lie,” because it helps, not hurts a person.

8. Foster Your Romantic Relationship with Regular Actions

romanceYou have many relationships in your life. Among these, one relationship stands titanic – your romantic relationship. At some point in your life, you chose a partner and decided that you’re going to spend the rest of your life with her. When she entered your life, your world became fascinating and colorful. This is how romantic relationships differ from any other kind of relationship.

During the initial years of a relationship, it’s easy to keep the romance alive. But, as you become used to these experiences, the color begins to fade. To keep the romance in your relationship, from burning out, you must fuel it regularly. It’s not hard to be romantic if you are open to it. However, if you’re in a rut right now, you can scout for relationship advice for men on a forum. If you’re not able to find any advice, you can ask members on the forum to give you dating advice for men.

9. Use Ambition to Build Attraction

Women find ambition attractive. Many men think that women are impressed by their past achievements, or so-called bragging rights. However, women aren’t drawn to what you have done. They have their eyes set on where you’re heading. If you can’t present your past achievements as stepping stones to greater future achievements, women won’t give a damn.

That is why it is important to have goals. If you’re not clear about your goals, then invest time to learn and apply a goal setting system. If you don’t want to spend too much time searching for the right product, you can read one of these two books: Goals, by Brian Tracy or Over the Top by Zig Ziglar. Setting and achieving goals is a particularly relevant relationship advice for men recovering from a break up.

10. Be the Sex God – An Obvious Relationship Advice for Men

sexSex is another defining feature of romantic relationships. Sex is one of the most pleasant of human experiences. For this reason, sex is a powerful tool you can use to enhance the beauty of your relationship. You should look at sex through two lenses: quantity and quality. Quantity relates to how often you have sex and quality relates to the level of satisfaction after each encounter.

To be the sex god, you should score high in both areas. The most direct way of improving the quality and quantity of your sex life is to talk to your partner about it. Once your partner sees that you’re open to suggestions, you will be surprised by the many fun – and sometimes wild – ideas she generates.

Indirect ways include increasing your flexibility and strength through exercise, boosting your energy levels through proper diet and adequate rest, improving your sexual performance with male enhancers like ProSolution Pills, and educating yourself continuously on ways to pleasure your partner. Sex is as much on a woman’s mind as it is on a man’s mind. So, why not capitalize on it.

11. Learn Healthy Ways to Manage Confrontations

The advice you’ve read so far will help you avoid the traps that most people fall into. Unfortunately, only a few couples succeed in eliminating confrontations completely. Most people are bound to encounter conflicts. If you’d like to have a happier relationship and life as a whole, you should learn to manage it.

confrontationsA simple way to resolve a conflict is to follow the steps below:

  • Set Clear Boundaries: Be clear on what is acceptable behavior during confrontations. For example, if your partner finds curses insulting, curses are off-limits.
  • Find the Root Cause: Conflicts arise when one of the partner’s needs aren’t being met. Try to identify what this unmet need is as fast and as accurately as possible.
  • Disagree Politely: Both you and your partner are entitled to your own opinions. So, in case there is a difference, voice that disagreement graciously.
  • Allow Compromises: Learn to yield. The “My way or the highway” philosophy will get you nowhere.
  • Consider Every Aspect: Often, when you take a step back to consider the bigger picture, many arguments will seem less important than before.

Integrate these tips the next time you and your partner are at it. You will see the positive impact of doing so almost immediately.

12. Understand and Appreciate Your Differences

Master Lester Levenson said, “Understanding is another name for love.” For love to exist between you and your partner, there must be understanding. This understanding can only come from knowing what differentiates man and woman psychologically and emotionally. John Gray captures these differences and explains them beautifully in his book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. This book is a must read.

As you read the book, you will be lead to a better understanding of your partner through a series of “Aha!” moments. In addition to understanding, the book also offers many amazing tips on how to foster a wonderful romantic relationship. Also encourage your partner to read the book because your partner needs to understand a men’s perspective.

13. Stay Loyal to Your Partner

infidelityA strong relationship can bounce back from almost any diversity; however, there is one thing that can nuke even the strongest of relationships – infidelity. Unless both partners consent to a sexually open relationship, sex outside marriage or partnership can end a relationship. At the same time, loyalty is a highly priced virtue. Being a loyal partner and having a loyal partner is one of the best things anyone can ask for in a relationship.

Just one lapse in judgment can ruin it. Loyalty is an all or nothing proposition. Once you lose it, you lose it forever. Only extreme deeds of selflessness can redeem those who have been unfaithful to their partner. The best thing to do, of course, is to never get yourself in such a situation.

However, if you have been disloyal, you should seek advice from a certified counselor on how to deal with the situation. You should consult and expert because this is a delicate matter. Even a small step in the wrong direction can lead to big problems.

14. Hone Your Listening Skills

askExpressing your thoughts in a way that your partner understands them clearly is one part of the communication equation. The other part is clearly understanding what your partner is saying. One of the biggest obstacles preventing you from doing that is your perception filter.

A perception filter is a point of view. In other words, to those wearing green tinted glasses, the whole world looks green. Most often, when your partner is talking to you, you are busy processing the information through your filters and formulating responses. When you do this, you miss the core of what your partner is trying to tell you.

You should totally forget about responding. An effective way to do this is to ask questions. These questions will not only decrease your compulsion to think of a response but also give you a better understanding of your partner’s problems. When you ask your questions, don’t make them “yes/no” questions. Open ended questions work much better. For example, “How did that make you feel?” is a much better question than “Did that make you feel bad?”

15. Create Memories and Cherish Them

pleasant eventsWhen you think about your relationships, what you’re actually doing is accessing entries in your memory and responding to them emotionally. So, it makes sense to fill your memory with pleasant events, right? But, evolution has designed our brains to keep bad things in the foreground and pleasant things in the background.

This design worked well when humans needed to remember, “Saber Tooth Tiger – Bad… Spotted Mushroom – Bad…” Remembering these things were crucial to survival. But now, retaining unpleasant memories in the forefront of our consciousness just gets in the way of enjoying life. So, you should work towards crafting your memory in a manner that pleasant thoughts dominate.

Now that you’re at the end of the list, have you found an actionable advice you can use today? If you have, you may never have to look for more relationship advice for men. You’ve found your method, now all you have to do is get to work. A lifetime of happy relationship is worth many times the small struggles you will go through initially, but it is all worth it.

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