6 Enticing Reasons You Should Give Penis Pumps a Try

All men that have contemplated on penis enlargement have thought about the penis pump. The reason behind that is because it is one of the most popular methods of enhancing the penis size and it does not cause too many risks.

The truth is, although it is popular, there are still questions that many men wonder regarding this certain device. One of the reasons men might use it is because of erectile dysfunction.

This is one of the most common problems that men face all throughout the United States. It is one of the most widespread sexual dysfunction conditions which is characterized by a man’s inability to develop and / or maintain a full erection during sexual performance.

This article will give you the basic but essential information about penis pumps. The information that could possibly help you decide on whether you want to consider using the penis pump.

Find out what the penis pump is, how it is used and the special considerations to take once you have decided to use it for yourself. The more information that you have the better your chances are for getting safe and effective results.

menWho Are The Men That Can Consider Using The Penis Pump?

There are many men that consider using this special vacuum constriction device. It is safe to use and also effective when it is used properly. Men with the following reasons are the ones that could consider using the penis pump:

  • Men that have poor blood flow to their penis.
  • Men that have poorly controlled diabetes.
  • Psychological problems such as depression and anxiety.
  • Men that have undergone prostate surgeries and colon cancer surgeries.
  • Men that have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction and have a difficult time maintaining an erection.

What Are The Potential Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Since erectile dysfunction was mentioned as one of the reasons men use penis pumps, let us talk about the possible causes of this common sexual dysfunction.

When it comes to the causes of ED, there are quite a few. Some causes may work singly while others work in combination with one another which could make the condition much more serious and complicated. Such causes of erectile dysfunction are the following:

  • Other underlying health conditions such as poorly controlled diabetes and certain heart conditions
  • Physical injuries to the penis region which may cause damage
  • Excessive alcohol and drug use
  • Excessive amounts of uncontrolled stress
  • Increased anxiety
  • Certain mental issues

How Does A Penis Pump Work?

This type of pump is also known as a vacuum constriction device. It is not too complex to use and includes instructions on how to use it.

batteriesThe first thing is to put the pump over the penis. There are pumps that operate manually by hand or run with batteries. Whichever you prefer, they work the same way.

Once it is placed over the penis, pump out the remaining air out of the cylindrical tube so that a vacuum mechanism is created. The vacuum will then draw in more blood to the penis’ shaft which will cause it to swell up and erect.

Once the penis is erected, use a lubricant to slide the band down onto the lower portion of the penis. Remove the pump after releasing the vacuum to complete the action.

The constriction band could be kept in place during intercourse so that the erection could be maintained. The band is safe to be left on the penis for only 30 minutes. Leaving it on for a longer period of time could cause numbness and could possibly cause nerve damage.

Make sure that devices that are bought without a prescription contain a feature called a “quick release”. With this feature, there have been reports of penis injuries because the vacuum is released way too slowly causing damage to the reproductive organ.

Does A Penis Pump Work?

plastic tubeLet us put more focus on penis pumping and if it is an effective technique for helping erectile dysfunction. A penis pump is one of the several methods for ED and it comes with a plastic tube that fits snuggly over the man’s penis.

There is a hand or even battery-operated pump that is attached to the tube and also a bad that fits around the penis’ base once it is erect. Another name for a penis pump is a vacuum pump and / or a vacuum constrictive device.

Penis enlargement pumps are being used all throughout the United States and even recommended by some medical doctors for the following reasons:

6 Reasons to Give Penis Pumps a Try:

  • It is effective when it is done correctly
  • It has less complications and risks compared to other treatments for erectile dysfunction
  • It is much affordable
  • It is non-invasive unlike surgery
  • It could be used in combination with other treatments
  • For men with underlying medical conditions causing ED, the penis pump could help regain normal sexual function.

men who use penis pumping are satisfied Studies have shown that approximately 50% to 80% of men who use penis pumping are satisfied with its outcome.

This may vary from person to person depending on if they are properly using the penis enlargement pump according to its instructions.

What Are The Possible Side Effects?

Keep in mind that an erection that is obtained from a penis pump is not the same as an erection that is obtained naturally. A penis that uses a pump may turn a purple to blue color and could have slight numbness.

Other sides effects of penis pumps include blue to black marks due to bruising on the penis’ shaft. These marks are usually painful and will disappear after a few days. There is also said to have a decrease in the ejaculation force.

With all that being said, men who have erectile dysfunction still have a chance with regaining their erections. Just make sure to consult a health care professional as soon as possible.

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