Penis Pain: 7 Reasons Men Hurt Down There    

penis pain 7 reason men hurt down there

Too often men shirk off their pains as regular aches. While the causes of some penis pains are due to routine wear and tear, there are other pains that men should definitely not ignore. We have listed some common penis problems, in addition to the solutions for each of them.

Here are a few reasons why you might be experiencing some pains below the belt.

1. A Quip With The Tip

One of the most common complaints when it comes to penile pains is that the tip of the penis is causing discomfort.

Patients complaining of this symptom describe a distinct, sharp pain or burning sensation directly on the tip of the penis. As you can imagine, this feels unpleasant and uncomfortable, too.

Doctors state that an array of options can cause this pain. The most minimally concerning issue can due to some shampoo or soap slipping inside of the penis.

You will know if this is the cause because you can analyze your actions immediately before the pain. If the tip of your penis is uncomfortable after a shower, then this is likely the cause. You will feel the discomfort right away, but sometimes patients do not really notice it until they urinate.

Unfortunately, there are a few other causes for a painful penis tip that are a little more serious than just soap or shampoo. If the pain persists for more than a day, then this is likely a symptom of a sexually transmitted infection.

If you are noticing green or white discharge along with the pain, then you should definitely consider consulting a physician.

Also, if there’s lower stomach or back pain along with the penis pain, then the cause could very likely be kidney stones.

There are quite a few causes for this one particular type of penis pain. Varying in degree of severity, this penile problem has a few different solutions. In the case of the tip of your penis, time heals all wounds.

If the cause was soap or some other solution slipping in to the tip, then it will subside in a day or two. If, after that amount of time, the pain does not alleviate on its own, then a doctor’s visit will be necessary.

In addition to this particularly painful penile problem, there is also a rather discomforting symptom involving your pair down there.

2. A Screaming Scrotum

As if it isn’t bad enough to worry about the tip of your penis hurting, there is another very sensitive area of the male genitalia that commonly causes some strife. The scrotum can often become sore.

Anyone who is experiencing scrotum soreness will describe a strong aching sensation in the scrotum area. This likely may follow any heavy lifting or extended periods of standing, and often times this pain subsides if you lie down.

Typically, an enlargement of the veins in the scrotum area causes pain in the scrotum. This is due to the fact that the veins cause the testicles to heat up, which in turn creates a dull, yet painful sensation.

It is advisable to seek the consultation of a physician at your earliest convenience. While it is not necessary to rush to the emergency room, it is imperative to seek the attention of a medical professional.

Often times, this collection of blood in the scrotum can decrease your ability to produce sperm and testosterone. The lack of sperm and testosterone can affect your body in more ways than one.

A sore sack is not necessarily a cause for an emergency room visit. However, this next penis pain definitely necessitates an ER trip.

3. The Boner From Hell

Boners are fantastic. You need to have an erection to have sex, and usually a boner is synonymous with ultimate pleasure. However, there is a type of boner that you definitely want to stay away from. There is such a thing as an eternal boner, and it is not as pleasant as it sounds. The boner from hell simply refuses to subside, and in turn this causes immense pain.

ViagraDuring a typical erection, blood flows in and out of the erection. A priapism, or problem with blood flow in and out of the penis, can occur during an erection.

It is this priapism that causes the boner from hell, and you certainly do not want this to happen. Once priapism has started, the blood becomes deoxygenated, and this is what causes extreme pain.

The most common cause of priapism is the mixing of erectile dysfunction medication, such as Viagra or Cialis, with other drugs, like heroine or ecstasy. Unfortunately, priapism can also occur sporadically for no apparent reason; however, this is quite rare.

Doctors advise that anyone who experiences the boner from hell should rush to the emergency room. The boner from hell is quite extreme, but not as serious as this next penis pain.

4. Can You Do The Twist?

We have already discussed the potential scrotum soreness, but there is another scrotum-related penis pain that might be a little more intense. Some men claim to have symptoms including an extremely sharp, intense pain that does not alleviate. Often times, this pain is paired with nausea or vomiting.

Warning: this cause is quite painful to even read about. The twisting of one testicle within the scrotum is the typical cause of this penis pain.

Doctors claim that one can compare this pain to a heart attack. Think of it as your testicle having a heart attack, and yes it is just as serious.

Doctors advise an immediate trip to the emergency room, because if the testicle does not un-twist within an hour or two then the patient can possibly lose it for good. That’s right. High tail your scrotum to the nearest emergency room, or risk being one-balled for life.

Coined as testicular torsion, this testicle twist has a precursor. If you want to learn about the symptomatic penis pain that leads up to the dreaded testicle twist, then here it is.

5. That Dull Pain You Just Can’t Ignore

One can describe the precursor to the awful testicle twist as a dull groin ache. Some men claim to suffer from symptoms including a wide, dull pain underneath the penis, yet above the scrotum. Sometimes, this pain is accompanied by redness or swelling.

More than likely, epididymitis is the cause of these symptoms, which is an infection of the epididymis.

penisThe epididymis is a small organ that is located directly between the scrotum and the base of the penis. Once this area is infected, severe pain ensues.

Typically, in men under 35 years old, this infection is indicative of a sexually transmitted disease. However, in men over 35 years old, the cause of this infection is a bacterial contamination.

If you are ever experiencing a dull aching pain at the base of your penis, then make an appointment with your physician. This might be an infection, and it also might be the beginnings of a scrotum twist. It’s pretty obvious that everyone can agree that there should be no twisting of any testicles. Ever.

There are often relatively severe explanations for these penis pains. Epididymitis sounds intense, but it is actually quite treatable. However, there are a few other causes that sound just as invasive as they truly are.

6. The Wrong Kind Of Curve

Generally, curves are a decent thing to have on the body. However, curves of any sort should never occur on the shaft of the penis. Therefore, any man experiencing a curve of any kind of the penis should consider this next kind of penis pain.

doctorReferred to by doctors as Peyronie’s disease, an abnormal curvature of the penis occur in approximately one out of every 20 men.

Symptoms include a noticeable bend in the penis, and sometimes this can even cause pain during intercourse.

The cause of Peyronie’s disease is unknown, but some doctors believe that it has something to do with built-up scar tissue within the tunica albuginea, or the layer of the penis that causes elasticity and strength.

Most men who experience this type of penis pain claim to hear a pop or a snap before they achieve an erection. While this is not the most pleasant of all symptoms, most doctors will not intervene unless the patient is having pain during intercourse.

If you are having pain during intercourse, then seek help immediately. Otherwise, you might want to bring it up at your next doctor’s visit, since this can sometimes lead to something much more serious, like the next penis pain.

7. The Penis What?

Regrettably, the penis can fracture. Yes, you heard that correctly. Even though the penis is not a bone, it can still fracture and ultimately break. As one can imagine, this causes extreme amounts of pain and one should avoid it at all costs.

erectile dysfunctionThe cause of this type of penis pain is physical trauma to the penis while it is erect. Generally, the trauma ruptures one or more of the cylinders within the penis that are responsible for the erection.

Sometimes, rough sex can be the trauma necessary for a broken penis.So, be careful who is on top and what type of friction they are causing.

The symptoms of a fractured penis include a popping sound following by extreme pain, swelling, and darkening of the penis. Doctors claim that any man experiencing these symptoms should report to the emergency room as quickly as possible. If you will ignore a fractured penis for too long, then erectile dysfunction can take its toll.

Sometimes, penis pain simply occurs in the form of a lack of libido. In this case, the penis is causing mental or emotional grief instead of physical pain, but it is still curable. Any guy looking to cure penis pain caused by a lack of libido should consult a male enhancement supplements like those from for an effective yet natural treatment. Such safe yet proven pills help all men reach harder, thicker erections, stronger sex drives, and even multiple orgasms.

Put the penis pain to rest and find the treatment that suits you and your genitals best.

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