Effective ED Solutions: 3 Top Types of Penis Implants

Have you always had a problem on getting your guy down there to stand up? Or if you can get it up, do you have an issue in maintaining it in that state?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. This happens when you can no longer get or keep an erection that is firm enough for a sexual intercourse.

suffering from erectile dysfunctionBut before you feel bad, keep in mind that help is within your reach. In fact, penis implant surgery can be one of your best options if you want to bring back that “sexy” back in the bedroom.

But before your rush to the nearest urologist, here are some things you should know about penis implants.

What Is A Penis Implant?

Penis implant, also known as penile prosthesis, is a device placed inside the penis to help men with erectile dysfunction to get an erection. In fact, if all other ED treatments fail, penile prosthesis can be your best option.

However, penile implant surgery is not a type of procedure that is available to all men. Only those who suffer from serious erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease can benefit a lot from this procedure especially when all other treatments did not work.

If your ED is situational and caused by relationship issues, or you are have an infection or skin lesions in the genital area, penis implant surgery is not advised.

Also, the purpose of this method is to help you get an erection and nothing else. It does not aim to make you bigger down there nor increase your sexual desire and sensation.

As a matter of fact, there is a risk that your member may even be shorter than it used to be.

What Are The 3 Different Types Of Penile Implants?

There are different types of implants depending on your condition and need. These are:

  • Semi-rigid Penile Implant which is non-inflatable and bent upward for sex and toward the body so it can be easily hidden under clothing.
    It is easy to surgically implant and has a low chance of malfunction because of the fewer parts. However, it can always make your penis slightly rigid and puts constant pressure on the inside of your member which can result to injury.
  • Two-piece Penile Implant which is considered as an inflatable. It has an inflatable cylinder inside the shaft of the penis and a fluid reservoir and pump unit in the scrotum.
    If you opt for this, the surgery will be shorter and less complicated. However, some men do not get an adequate erection when they go for this type of penis implant.
  • Three-piece Penile Implant which is also an inflatable penis implant. It has an inflatable cylinder inside the shaft, a fluid reservoir under the abdominal wall and a pump inside the scrotum.
    It creates the most natural and rigid erection however, it could be extensive. Also, it has more parts to be implanted, creating a higher risk of malfunction.

These inflatable penile prostheses are fluid-filled devices that can be inflated for erections to give you a natural feeling during intercourse.

How Do Penile Implants Work?

penisPenile implants are usually implanted under anaesthesia. A small surgical cut will be made either above the penis (where it joins the abdomen) or under the penis (where it joins the scrotum).

Keep in mind that no tissue will be removed and blood loss and blood transfusion rarely happen.

Once an incision is made, the penis implants will be surgically placed in the body, under the groin muscles. Usually, the device will be filled with salt water while a pump will be connected to the system and hidden under the loose skin of the scrotal sac between the testicles.

As you press the pump, the salt water travels to the reservoir then to the implants itself so it can go the penis’ erectile chambers, also known as corpora cavernosa. Once these chambers are inflated and the salt water inflates the device, you can finally have an erection.

To deflate, simply press on the deflation valve at the base of the pump to return the fluid to the reservoir. This will cause your penis to go back to its normal flaccid state.

What Happens During And After The Penis Implant Surgery?

The procedure takes about 20 minutes then you are good. You have the option of staying in the hospital overnight to monitor any possible bleeding or complications or you can go home on the same day.

As to the recovery period, it usually takes 2-3 weeks before you can resume with your regular activities. However, it is advisable to stay away from any sexual activities until after a month from operation.

What Are The Risks Involved?

Just like any other procedures, there are some risks involved in penis implants. This includes:

  • Infection. Just like other surgical procedures, infection will always be a possibility. However, infection will only happen in 1 to 3% of the cases, hence it is minimal. But if you have a spinal cord injury or diabetes, there is a higher risk of infection.
  • Implant Problems. No matter how good or well-made the implants are, there is still a possibility that it may not work properly.
    There is a chance that the penile prosthesis will protrude outside the body or the fluid inside the inflatable implants leak inside the body which may lead to infection. Hence, another surgery needs to be done in order to remove, repair or replace the device.
  • Scar Tissue Formation. If you want to minimize the risks, you can try ProSolution Pills. It is an all-natural supplement that can give you your best sexual performance: rock-hard erections, impressive strength and stamina, and multiple orgasms. Plus, it is made of natural herbs and ingredients so you are sure of its safety and effectiveness.

ProSolution PillsProSolution is safe alternative to penis implant. It even has clinical studies to prove that it really works. On the other hand, penile implants have its good and bad days too.

And again, it can be your last resort when all other treatment options failed. So what would you choose – penis implant or ProSolution pills?


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