4 Quick and Easy Ways to Maintain Your Penis Health

When you talk about your member down there, the first thing that crosses your mind is sex. As a matter of fact, a lot of men will associate their manhood with sexual stamina, pleasure and size. But aside from its use in the bedroom, how much do you know about your penis? Or the better question to be asked is “is your penis health in excellent condition?”

Yes, your member may define your manhood and give you bragging rights but there is more to that than just for bedroom. Here are some important penis facts you should know by heart and penis health care tips to ensure a healthy and functioning manhood.

smokingImportant Penis Facts You Should Know

Who says your big guy down there is just for the bedroom? Apparently, your manhood has a lot more to offer. In fact, here are some surprising facts you should know about your penis.

  • Did you know that smoking can shorten your penis as much as 1 centimeter? Keep in mind that good blood flow is needed to make your member stand up.
    Apparently, smoking can hinder in proper blood flow which can also affect your erection.
  • An average male orgasm for every man lasts 6 seconds.
  • There are two types of penises: a grower, which expands and lengthens when it becomes erect, and a shower or one that looks big most of the time but does not get bigger after achieving erection.
  • How big you are is not just about giving better pleasure to your partner. Turns out that the longer your penis, the better semen displacement you will achieve when you have sex with a woman.
  • The most common cause of penile rupture is vigorous masturbation.
  • Either you use it or you lose it. Studies show that you need to have erections regularly to keep it in shape. 

Different Factors That Affect Penis Health

watch outEverything has its price. If you do not protect something that is precious to you, then there is a bigger chance that you will lose it. And when it comes to penis health, you need to watch out for the following to maintain its healthy state.

  • Unprotected Sex: This can give you sexually transmitted disease and you do not want that.
  • Smoking: Again, it disrupts the blood flow which can make you at risk for erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal Imbalances: Whether you have it too much or too little, hormonal imbalances can also be a problem when it comes to getting your guy stand up.
  • Heart Disease: You need proper blood flow to keep that man down there working properly. Unfortunately, having a heart disease or even diabetes can give you a headache in terms of sex.
  • Psychological Problems: Any issues such as depression or anxiety can cause you an erection problem.
  • Penile “Trauma”: Whether you practice aggressive sex or masturbation or it was bent suddenly while in an erect state, any trauma caused to the penis might lead to penis fracture. Although these situations are rare, penis fracture is serious. 

safe sexThe Most Common Penis Problems

There have been a lot of issues surrounding the penis. Some of the most common problems among men and their man down there are:

  • Erection Problems: These include having a hard time to get it up and keep an erection, premature ejaculation and painful erection among others.
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease: This is something you can get from having unprotected sex. You can get genital warts, gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, syphilis and even genital herpes. The best way to prevent it: practice safe sex if you cannot abstain.
  • Other Conditions such as yeast infection (yes, you can have it too), Peyronie’s disease or the ‘crooked penis’, inflammation of the head of the penis or Balanitis and even penile cancer which can be rare.

4 Penis Health Care Tips

Health CareGiven these factors and common penis problems, the best way to prevent these is by employing the right penis health care.

Here are some penis care tips that will keep you and your guy healthy and happy everyday.

  • Genital Grooming: Who says trimming or even waxing the hair down there is just for women? Apparently, grooming the genital area has a lot of benefits.It can increase sensitivity during sex, improves cleanliness down there and makes your member look bigger. However, it can be tedious, time consuming and painful, especially for waxing. If you want less pain, then you may stick to trimming your hair down there.
  • Proper Washing: Always remember that your member is a sensitive organ. Therefore, avoid any skin care products with scents and harsh ingredients or scrubbing the area vigorously.
    Stick to the basic rule of cleansing: warm water and mild soap. Avoid too much washing or infrequent washing since it can cause inflammation of the penis. And of course, dry the area very well before putting your brief.
  • Examine Yourself Regularly: At least once a month, especially when you are sexually active.
    Performing genital self-examination can help you determine whether you have testicular cancer or sexually transmitted disease based on the visible signs.
    Check out any lumps, bumps, warts, rash or changes in the size or shape of your testes. Be mindful of any pain during sex or urination or sticky discharge since it may be a sign of STD.
  • Consider Herbal Supplements: Unlike Viagra, male enhancement pills give you the best of everything.
    It boosts your performance and stamina in bed, adds a few centimeters to your size, gives you better pleasure and improves your overall sex life.
    At the same time, it not only promotes a good penis health but also your overall health too.

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