What Men Should Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery

Several men all throughout the world want to find ways on how to enlarge their penis size. The truth is, many men are constantly obsessing about the size of their penis, and they will go to any measure to enhance it in some way.

Some men are even spending thousands and thousands of dollars just to get the results that they want even if it means going through unknown side effects along the way.

dollarsThe causes of wanting a larger penis are endless. Many men are even opting for any type of penis enlargement treatment that will give results in the fastest way possible.

One treatment that men contemplate on doing is penis enlargement surgery. Although there are many penis enhancement methods out in the market today, men that have the money and want faster results opt to surgery.

Although it has been done in the past and there have been successful stories about how surgery could make the penis longer, there are still some facts that all men should know when it comes to penis surgery.

Men might be so caught up in the positives of the procedure that they might not know any risks that it could bring for to a person.

Find out the necessary details about male enhancement surgery. Read about the advantages of surgery and the disadvantages that cosmetic surgeons might not tell you right off the bat.

It is always better to know about the risks even though they have not yet come. Protecting your body from infections, body image issues and other consequences when it comes to surgeries is what men who want to go through surgery should consider.

Penis Length Anxiety

some menWhen men are asked, some will tell you that their penis size is important because it determines how manly they are. Although some men believe this to be true, it really is not a determining factor for being “manly”. However, it is quite common for men to have penis length anxiety and those men have their own individual reasons for having this type of anxiety.

The thing is, a man’s concern about the size of their penis could lead to problems with having sexual relationships, trying out new sports and activities where other men have to see them naked that might embarrass them leading to self-esteem issues.

The Size Question

The answer to this question really does depend on each man’s perspective.

When a man believes that they have a small penis, then in that person’s mind and thoughts, they really do start thinking that their penis is not up to par.

Size QuestionHowever, if it is according to medical doctors and their significant others, their penis size might be average or more than average. Nevertheless, it is hard to try to convince a man that their penis is “normal” when they already think that their penis size is small.

Like mentioned above, a man could be so obsessed with their penis size that they will consider anything, including invasive procedures such as surgeries to enlarge it. If you are one of those men who truly believe that their penis size is small, one smart step to make is to consult this issue with a medical doctor that specializes in a man’s reproductive system.

The doctor should also recognize this to see if it is mainly a psychological problem or not. The problem is, men who think that they have small penises might not actually have a small penis. There are certain medical conditions wherein the penis is severely shorter and malformed which is called a “micro penis.”

Choosing Penis Enlargement Surgery

With the many products and treatments available for penis enhancement, there are some men that consider spending money for penis surgeries.

SurgeryThe reason behind this is that surgery could provide quick results. After the penis has healed from surgery, it will instantly already be longer or wider in size.

Yes, it is effective but usually recommended for men who have erectile dysfunction, penis malformations and other penile problems that need surgery.

Another reason why men consider penis surgery is because it has increased in popularity. Men who could afford this penis enlargement procedure and want results badly just select this treatment because it will give them the results that they want in a sooner period of time. But before any man goes under the knife, they should definitely weigh out other options and treatments that could work in male enhancement.

So before you proceed on with penis surgery, make sure you know the risks that comes along with it.

Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Surgery

You can choose from the following types of penis enlargement surgeries:

Ligament Cutting

This surgery consists of cutting the basal penile ligament. It could result in increased length of at least 2 inches. It is more commonly known as penis lengthening surgery.

After surgery, there have been some reports of patients that claim to have a hard time getting a full erection and losing sensation in their penis area.

Inflatable Implants

This procedure is best for those men who are suffering from complete impotence. This treatment involves inflatable implants being inserted into the penis. Many patients have suffered from severe pain and other complications. Other men have also noticed bruising, bleeding and even internal blisters.

Besides the side effects mentioned other complications following surgery could be:

  • Sloughing of the penile skin, which enhances the penis length. The skin may then have poor blood circulation which could lead to dying of the portion with poor blood supply
  • Nodule formation for those men who undergo inflatable implants. If the implants are not distributed uniformly the penis could be left to looked deformed with irregular nodules all throughout it
  • Penis infection could also occur if the surgeon does not do a good job with the procedure.
    If doctors do not put on antibiotics correctly before surgery, infections could develop especially if the wound is not taken care of properly after surgery

Penis enlargement surgery could be the quickest option to enhance penis size you may want to consider other options. Penis surgeries are best for those men with penis malformations, congenital abnormalities and trauma. Consult this with your doctor to find out more options to help with male enhancement.

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