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Sep 23

Finally Know How to Look Handsome the Right Way

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The word, “handsome,” is one of the most flattering adjectives for rating a man’s appeal. While physical attributes like face value and a hot body will put a man in a better light, those are not the only things that women look for or use to describe someone as handsome.

Although women would turn their heads for someone who looks straight out of a magazine, a man’s appeal will wane if he doesn’t carry himself with grace and confidence. For men there who would like to know how to look handsome, here are some practical pointers on what to do and how to act.

How to Look Handsome: Face and Skin Care Routines for Every Man

handsomeMen are often categorized as handsome or not based on face value. The secret to being an attractive adult or even how to look handsome in high school is the same –you need to pay attention to your face. Some guys know the importance of a good skin care regimen but there are others who could use some pointers on how to take care of their face.

The most vital part of taking care of your skin is washing your face. While most guys wash their face as part of their daily routine, many are doing it wrong.

Among the most common mistakes that men commit is using their body wash on their face.These products can harm your facial skin and cause acne breakouts.Be sure to look for a mild non-comedogenic facial cleanser that is free from alcohol and other fragrances.

When you wash your face, don’t apply the cleanser directly. Lather it first with your hands before massaging your face with the cleanser and be sure to include the hairline.

Another important reminder is to wash your face gently. Rubbing abrasively will not make it smoother or clearer. More importantly, washing your face should be the last step when taking a shower. Also, make sure that you rinse it well.

After washing, don’t forget to apply moisturizer, ideally one that contains SPF 30 or higher. If you think that moisturizers are just for girls, you’ve got it all wrong. Men need moisturizers more than women do because their skin’s protective barrier is weaker.

Adopting the proper skin care for your face is vital to stay attractive. Plus, it could help you look younger and delay the onset of skin aging.

Treat Your Body Right: How to Look Handsome by Adopting a Healthier Lifestyle

abs and musclesWomen are instantly attractive to abs and muscles, and if you want to improve your rank on the handsomeness scale, it may be time to get off the couch and stay active. If you want to learn how to look hot, you need to pay more attention to your body.

Developing the kind of body that underwear models have require a lot of discipline but you can make small changes to have a healthier physique.

Ideally, you need to engage in a 30 to 60-minute physical activity every day. This will keep your body toned and improve your blood flow, which is one key to having better-looking skin. Walking up a flight of stairs or parking further from the office building would be great for supplementing your exercise.

Aside from doing exercise, you should also watch what you eat. Stay away from junk foods, which include pizza, candy, burgers and fried foods. While giving up all the foods you love is impossible, try to eat healthier meals most of the time.This would not only help you lose weight, but also improve your body’s overall health.

Keep in mind that as we grow older, our metabolism slows down, so adopting an active lifestyle while you are younger would help you stay in shape later on. Having a healthy body is not just about impressing women, it is also about staying healthy. Being healthy will make you a happier person to be around, just for starters.

Tame Your Mane: A Good Haircut Makes or Breaks a Man

HaircutWhile there are women who are attracted to men who are ruggedly handsome, looking like Tarzan wouldn’t look eye-catching by today’s standards. Your hair has a lot of effect on your appearance and if you want to be more appealing, you could use a change in hairstyle.

You need to pay more attention to the best hair cut for you. Most guys are content with a few visits to their barber each year. This works out well for some men, but others could use some advice on the hair department. If your barber is not that good, it’s high time to look for a hair stylist who can whip your hair into a more stylish shape.

You don’t have to go all out on hair styling, but you need to find a flattering haircut. A good hair stylist considers your preferences and guides you on the most appealing hairstyle for you –after all, that’s their specialty. A fresh haircut might just be what you need to earn some appreciative looks.

Straighten Your Spine: Good Posture Makes Your Instantly Attractive

Good postureGood posture is important and if you want people to be attracted to you, don’t slouch. By maintaining proper posture, you are showing how assertive and confident you are.

Men are perceived by society to be the tougher sex and standing up to your full height is one way to show your strength. Admit or not, men who do not fit the macho image are often perceived as weaker and less attractive.

Aside from that, sitting or standing with a straight back makes you look more approachable. When you are slumping, people get the impression that you are unfriendly and unsociable.

For men who are afraid of looking bad in pictures, here’s a quick hack on how to look handsome in photos – keep your torso open, don’t be afraid of taking up space and don’t hunch.

By maintaining the right posture, you won’t only look better, but you will also appear more confident. This is an important quality, not just to attract members of the opposite sex, but also to make a good impression in school or at work.

Learn Some Manners: Why Handsomeness is Not Just About Looks

a gentlemanWhen was the last time you said “please” and “thank you”? While having manners is not just about being gracious, it’s a good start. The way you interact with other people says so much about who you are as a person.

Being a gentleman is a huge turn on and simple changes in the way you communicate and interact could help you become more appealing. For starters, don’t be obnoxious and don’t shout at the help.

Women are highly attracted to a man who has good manners, especially if he applies it in and out of the bedroom. No matter how physically attractive a guy is, if he can’t please a woman, he will lose his appeal.

If you want to be that guy who could not only catch but also keep a woman’s attention, it’s enough to have manners that are beyond reproach.You also need to perform well in the bedroom. You can boost your stamina by staying fit and healthy. If you struggle with your libido, be sure to talk to your doctor about trying natural performance enhancers, such as Prosolution Pills. This way, you will be able to last longer and keep a woman satisfied.

Use UV Protection: Skin Cancer is Not Just for Chicks

UV ProtectionWhile women are the ones who pay more attention to their skin, men would do well to follow their example. Wearing sunscreen is not just for female folk, men should start using them as well. Using lotions with SPF 30 or more can decrease premature aging and prevent skin cancer.

For men who are always exposed to harsh outdoor elements, using SPF products could help prevent sunburn, and even skin cancer. Using body lotion and moisturizers are also highly recommended for men. These products help with dry and damaged skin which does not only look unsightly but could also result to chafing and worse complications when left untreated.

Cleanliness is Next to Handsomeness:  How Proper Hygiene Boosts Your Appeal

in the showerMen often wonder why women take so long in the shower when they can just hop in and out in a few minutes. Some males have this idea that a shower is just about shampooing their hair and lathering soap, and it takes just a minute or two to do the deed. While this is an efficient way to use bath time, it’s not effective if you want to look clean.

Instead of rushing through your shower, take the time to scrub off the buildup of dirt in your body. Don’t forget to clean up your body properly and this includes everything from head to toe which includes your ears, nose, back, genitals and feet.

Looking neat and clean could make women see you in a better light and it may just be the thing you need to improve your appearance.

Mind Your Man Scent: What Your Smell Says About You

There’s a distinctive smell associated with each person. Men naturally smell muskier than women, which may be due to their body’s higher testosterone levels. A bit of dirt and sweat is acceptable, but if you smell bad enough that people are avoiding you, that’s a different story.

deodorantThe buildup of sweat and dirt results to body odor, which makes you a hundred times more unattractive. This smell often comes from the armpit and the feet, since these body parts are more prone to sweating. The best way to detect if you have problems with body odor is to smell yourself, you’ll know it if you smell it.

Using foot powder and deodorant after cleaning up properly is effective in getting rid of body odor. If it doesn’t do the trick, talk to your doctor. There are prescription deodorants and other techniques to help those who sweat excessively, so don’t be afraid to mention it.

While dealing with body odor, never try to cover the unpleasant smell with perfume –it can only make matters worse. It’s ideal to use a bit of perfume after going out of the shower. Dabbing just a bit of perfume could make you smell good but don’t overdo it. Too much perfume can be too strong and the last thing you want is to leave tons of sneezing people in your wake.

Control Your Facial Fuzz: Find the Best Way to Shave for You

ShaveSome men look better when they grow a beard, some look hot with stubbles, and some look better when clean-shaven. Irrespective of the category where you fit in, keeping your beard under control is a must. Facial hair could be sexy but they can be a huge turnoff if your face looks like an unkempt garden.

Grooming your beard or getting rid of it entirely is all up to you and perhaps the preferences of the woman you are trying to attract. For those who prefer growing a beard, don’t forget to keep the forest in your face from running wild.

For those who shave, it’s best to stick to a single blade razor. While most razors today contain five blades for faster and more effective shaving, they also remove the skin’s natural oil. This makes you prone to skin irritation, burns and nicks which could leave you with a red and unattractive face.

Clip Your Nails: Don’t Neglect Your Hands and Feet

Clip Your NailsGood grooming covers everything from top to toe but most people neglect their nails. Keep in mind that when you meet someone for the first time, it’s customary to shake hands. People don’t expect you to have hands as soft as a baby, but you should pay enough attention to your mitts.

Hands are considered to be one of the dirtiest parts of the body, since they come in contact with bacteria infested surfaces. For starters, washing your hands after using the men’s room is a must. Applying moisturizer or hand cream once in a while will also help you avoid having dry and scaly hands –a huge turn off when you shake hands with anyone.

Aside from cleaning your hands, trimming your fingernails should also be part of your routine. When you hold out your hands, people would have a low opinion of you if gunk is stuck under those nails. It’s understandable to have dirt under your nails if your profession requires you to get your hands dirty but it’s not an excuse to leave those nails untrimmed.

While on the subject of nails, you should also pay attention to your toenails. Even if your toes are inside your shoes all day, you should keep those nails neat and clean. Taking care of your feet so they don’t look flakey would also be a good move.

Dress to Kill: You Are What You Wear

You Are What You WearWearing the right clothes is a vital part of learning how to look handsome and attractive. Unfortunately, a lot of men get this part all wrong.

Your clothes show who you are, and people will base their impression on what you wear. Dressing right plays a vital role in how attractive you are. Changing your wardrobe drastically may be impractical, but you can do some upgrades to improve the way you dress.

If you feel awkward and want to get some pointers on how to look handsome in school or how to project confidence at work, you might need to do some wardrobe upgrades. The same advice goes for those who want to learn how to look handsome with glasses or dental braces.

Clothes are meant to support and flatter your body, and the right fit will complement the body type you have. Remember that wearing the right clothes and the best pair of glasses is not a matter of price or designer, it’s about the fit and the style.Glasses are more than just an optical eyepiece, they affect your appearance, so choosing a pair that matches your facial shape makes you more attractive.

Another essential consideration is to choose a personal style that makes you feel handsome. No matter how posh your clothes are if you feel like a stranger in them, people will sense such doubt and you will look awkward because you feel that way.

Choosing clothes that you are comfortable with is a psychological hack that would not only leave you looking handsome; it would also make you feel more confident.

Get Rid of that Scowl: The Magic of Smiling More

SmilingNo matter how handsome you are, if you always look grumpy, you will repel people. A sullen expression is often used as a cue for people to stay out of your way. This may be the reason why you are ranked low on the handsome meter.

Not all women would agree that a man who smiles is more attractive, but based on a research conducted by the Senshu University and the University of Oslo in Japan, men who smile attract more women who are looking for long-term relationships. Although the same research concluded that a neutral expression made men appear more masculine, males who smile are considered to be more trustworthy.

Aside from being more appealing to the opposite sex, ditching the sullen expression would also make you more approachable. By smiling more, especially when meeting people for the first time, you will look more handsome. A smile can also pass on the good vibes and people will have a better impression of you if you greet them with a beam after making eye contact.

Speak and Act with Confidence: How You Carry Yourself Affects How Charming You Are

Speak and Act with ConfidenceAre you the type of person who is always fidgety? Do you speak too softly or stumble over your words? These things could affect the impression that people have of you. They are big turnoffs and may be the reason why you look less attractive.

Confidence is the magic pill that you need to make people feel more drawn to you. Dozens of guides from how to look handsome in middle school to how to propose to your dream girl will give you a common advice –be confident.

How you talk, including your mannerisms affect people’s perceptions of you. When you speak, do it with authority but don’t be arrogant. Although it’s awkward to talk to a person who can’t string his words together properly, it’s a bigger turnoff to converse with a Mr. Know It All.

Another important thing you have to be aware of is the way you act. A man is expected to be on top of things, and this includes being calm in the face of a disaster.

If you are the type of guy who doesn’t seem to know where to place his hand or is constantly shifting his weight from one foot to another, or someone who just can’t sit tight, you will be less attractive to women. Maintaining a calm and collected demeanor could boost your sex appeal.

be comfortable in your own skinIn the real world, being handsome is more than just your looks and body combined, it’s the overall impression that people have of you. If you want to be more attractive to the people around you, you need to pay attention to your hygiene and at the same time be comfortable in your own skin.

By using these tips on how to look handsome, you are on your way to becoming a better version of your current self. More than just a means of being more appealing to women, knowing you are more attractive could boost your self-esteem and help you succeed in life.


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Sep 09

20 Model Secrets on How to Attract Women Instantly

By owner | Articles

In the third part of the Terminator saga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, our beloved T-100, said, “I do not understand the complex dynamics of human peer bonding.”

Well, the dear old terminator is not the only one, but don’t worry, within a short time, you’ll learn effective strategies that will show you some ways on how to attract women.

Baby Steps – The Fundamentals of Attracting Women

The first seven points in this article explain the fundamentals of forging an attractive personality with which you’ll enjoy incredible success in attracting women. The remaining points describe potent auxiliary ideas you can apply to build on the fundamentals.

1. Begin With the End Goal in Mind

Not everybody who goes for an early morning run wants to be a professional marathoner. Different people are motivated to take action for different reasons, and the end goal definitely steers the course of their action. Before you throw yourself into the dating game, it is critical that you identify what you want to get out of it. For instance, consider the following possibilities:

  • datingYou’ve recently ended a steady relationship, you’ve decided to move on, and you’re interested in exploring your options.
  • You’re not looking for a relationship, but you want to expand your friends circle to include more people of the opposite gender.
  • You’re satisfied with aspects of life, such as career, finance, and health, and now you want more, like say long term partnership with someone special with whom you can share your success.
  • You have your eyes set on someone and you’d like to create and sustain a wonderful relationship with that person.

What’s your end game? What results do you want your actions to produce in this regard? Create a clear in your mind that describes your life once you have achieved your objective.

2. Get to Know Yourself Better

Technological advancements, such as RealD, 3D and 4k definition video, has enhanced your cinematic experience many folds because of the superior audio and visual clarity. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could bring forth such clarity while interacting with others? Thinks about this: you’re talking to a woman and all she sees is a fuzzy image of who you are, then what sort of impression would that leave on her?

project yourselfInstead, if you have a clear image of who you are, you can project yourself in a manner that showcases the best aspects of your personality. There are multiple tools, such as Myers Brigs Test, and Johari Window, that allow you to gain inspiring insights into your personality. Use the tools to take an inventory of your strengths and weaknesses.

3. Work on Your Physique

Your body is a powerful ally in your quest to achieve your relationship goals. An attractive body never fails to capture the attention of the opposite gender. By attractive, we don’t mean six pack abs or bulging biceps. We’re talking about a body that communicates, above all else, that you care for your body by giving it the right amount of nutrition, exercise, and rest.

Lifestyle choices and bad habits might have disturbed your body’s equilibrium, but no matter how bad your situation is, you can significantly improve your physical form within a year’s time. Also, if you have performance anxiety issues, see your doctor, and ask about trying a natural product like ProSolution pills to improve your sexual health.

The effort is well worth it because your new and improved fit, strong, and sexy body will draw mates of astonishingly high-quality. In fact, don’t be surprised if you’re having a tough time making a choice.

4. Train to Talk About Yourself Interestingly and Vividly

present yourselfSeasoned HR professionals often ask a job aspirant to talk about himself or herself. More often than not, the candidate’s response is lackluster and uninspiring. In their minds, they’re probably thinking, “Boy if only I had a dime for every boring self-description I had to endure…”

Break away from the deadly dull boring lot and stand out by scripting ways to present yourself in a manner that leaves the listener craving for more. Here’s an example:

Mike creates math questions for students preparing for competitive exams, such as GMAT and GRE. When he introduces himself to others, he humorously says, “Oh, I have the best job in the world. I get paid to create problems for others.”

Think about questions you would ask when you meet someone for the first time. Then, answer those questions. Begin by writing the plain vanilla response, then examine your answers to identify ways to sprinkle some humor and fun into it. Then, rewrite the new version. Repeat the process once a week until you internalize this new way of talking about yourself.

Of course, this takes time, effort, and multiple attempts to get it right. In the meantime, field test your versions. Go out there, meet new people, talk to them, see how they react to the way you talk about yourself, evaluate the impact, gather inputs and keep working on making your self-description absolutely captivating.

5. Scout Target Rich Environments Where You Can Attract Women

You know, bars, nightclubs and internet chat rooms aren’t the only places where eligible single women hang out. Take a week or two to explore your neighborhood to find places where you’ll have opportunities to interact with women. Parks, cafés, volunteer groups, health clubs, dance classes, libraries and yoga lessons are possible venues where you can meet women.

After you’ve identified a few hot spots, look for ways to make the location a part of your life. In other words, don’t go to the park just to “pick up chicks.” Instead, go to the park to exercise, jog or run. This way, the park hot spot becomes a part of your life. Plus, your regular presence in the park provides ample opportunities to attract women, while blending in with the environment.

6. Totally and Unconditionally Accept the Prospects of Failing

Winston Churchill said, “Success is the ability to go failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” Churchill managed to keep his country together during a time when Hitler’s Germany threatened the existence of England. So, his definition of success is quite credible, and more importantly, useful.

Remember, we’re asking you to accept the prospects of failing. To illustrate this, read the example below.

Roger doesn’t talk to women because he thinks he will embarrass himself. On the contrary, Connor has no problems talking to women because he knows that embarrassment is just one of the outcome and not the only outcome.

In the example above, Roger accepts failure, but, Connor accepts the prospects of failure. The distinction is critical.

7. Punch Above Your Weight

People who participate in competitive sports understand that in order to improve their skill they must with play against opponents who are better than they are. So, if you find a woman too good for you, then that’s all the more reason why you should approach her. This should be easy if you totally and unconditionally accept the prospects of failing.

There is no woman who is out of your league. If you consistently live with this mindset, after some time, you will discover yourself completely at home talking with extremely attractive women who would have easily intimidated a weaker man.

Advanced Moves: More Great Ideas on What Attracts Women

The above tips cover what you need to do to develop the security and confidence to take the first steps, so it was the basics on how to attract women. The remaining tips cover other aspects of the subject, including tips on how to approach women.

8. Work With What You Have

While you’re on your journey to restoring your body’s balance through adequate diet, exercise, and rest, there is a lot that you can do with what you have. Having a sexy body is not the only answer to what attracts women to men. Other things, such as how you carry yourself, how you dress, the color combinations you wear, and the way you accessorize yourself, can elevate your physical appearance.

9. Get Your Ambition to Work for You

engaging conversationsMany people don’t step up because they don’t know how to flirt. If you are in such a situation, use your ambitions to fuel engaging conversations. Talk to women about your big and bold dreams. You may want to take a trip to an exotic location to explore ancient ruins, write a spy thriller about a post-apocalyptic world or share your experiences with the world through a video blog.

Whatever your dream or experience is, share it. Women are drawn to men who want to play it big and bold.

10. How to Attract Women Without Talking: Leveraging Social Proof

Women are attracted to women if they know that other women find a man attractive. This is how social proof works. To benefit from social proof, have a woman, a good friend perhaps, in your company. Also, have pictures on your social media account in which you are with women.

Bear in mind that these pictures shouldn’t hint intimacy because that would spook your prospects. Use your resourcefulness and creativity to credibly convince women that women are comfortable being around you. In case you want to know how to attract women on Facebook, you can use this method to do so.

11. Sidekick Secrets: Recruit a Wingman

wingmanA wingman helps build your value or desirability factor in a variety of ways. Your wingman can introduce you to a woman, make your stories and narratives more believable, inspire confidence to make a move, or provide feedback based on what he observed. Overall, a trustworthy wingman is an incredible asset to have when you’re learning how to attract women.

12. Use Positive Body Language to Portray Yourself in a Positive Light

Spending time learning how to attract women with body language is important because you can use your body to add power to your words. For starters, look people in the eye when you speak to them, this habit alone allows you to deliver words with tremendous conviction. Next, keep your spine erect and relax your shoulders.

Doing this imbues your body with beauty and grace, granting you a pleasant and confident bearing. Lastly, sport a simple smile, as if you’re on to some amusing secret that the other person doesn’t know.

13. Train Your Listening Skills

Although the initial moments of the interaction require you to initiate the conversation, you must gradually relinquish your control over the proceedings. Most people you talk to don’t meet people who are devout listeners. To women who are attention starved, your eager ears seem nothing less than heaven sent. Therefore, it’s important that you know how to talk to women, but it is equally important that you know how to listen to them.

An easy way to practice active listening is to listen to the drum beats or baseline of a song. Repeat what she says to you back in your own words to make sure you understand her point, too.

14. Ask Questions to Show Your Interest

Asking questions is another fantastic way to demonstrate active listening. The only rule here is that your questions must be open-ended and not close ended. Close ended questions are questions that she can answer with a yes or no and open-ended questions are questions that require her to describe or talk about stuff in detail.

For example, instead of asking, “Did you enjoy skydiving?” ask her, “Wow, that sounds exhilarating. What was it like being pushed out of a plane?”

15. Cultivate Your Own Hobbies

guitaristAfter a while, she will run out of things to talk about and shine the spotlight on you. At this moment, it’s your time to speak about interesting aspects of your life. One thing that you can have amazing conversations around is your hobby. If you’re an amateur guitarist, you can talk about that time when you tried playing a Beatles song, but ended up sounding like Bob Dylan.

When you pursue a hobby with gusto, you’re bound to aggregate sharable experiences that others find entertaining and uplifting.

16. Know What’s Going on Around Town

Apart from hobbies, popular events in your city can be a good subject of conversation. Not only that, it can serve as an opportunity to set up a future date. Search the net, listen to the radio, read the local newspaper, or use an app to get the latest updates on what’s happening around you. Thereafter, use the information to your benefit.

You get to learn a lot about someone when you do things together. So, if you’re looking for a life partner, participating in life together. So, if you’re looking for a life partner, participating in life together is essential to forming a close bond.

17. Develop Your Sense of Humor

funninessA sense of humor is sexy. Work on your funniness, memorize a joke book is you have to, but make sure your jokes are clean and non-discriminatory. A woman loves being around a man who can make her laugh. So, this is one of the most powerful suggestions among the how to attract women tips.

Expose yourself to funny stuff; watch stand-up comedians or comedy TV shows. Bear in mind, you’re not trying to emulate anyone, you’re looking to develop a lighter perspective of looking at events and people.

18. Be Truthful and Transparent

Lies never work, especially if you’re figuring out how to attract older women. That’s why this article insists on your becoming an attractive person in order to attract women. The steps here aren’t gimmicks or cons. If you follow the steps above, you genuinely become a more attractive human. Consequently, women begin to find you attractive.

Be patient, develop your abilities, and achieve commendable results. No matter what, do not claim to be someone or something you are not.

19. Surrender Yourself to the Experience

your pathThe path of self-development consists of many twists, turns, dead-ends, circles, and forks. As a traveler, your job is to continue walking. Don’t doubt or second guess yourself frequently. Give the methods time to work. Try a strategy for at least two weeks before switching to another strategy.

Even though you’d like to have complete control over the results, you will never have complete dominion on the results. However, you do have total control over your actions. Thus, forget about ruling your path. Let your path rule though you.

20. Once You Start, Don’t Ever Stop

Let’s look ahead, a year from now. You’ve successfully implemented the strategies described here and you’re now reaping the fruits of your wise investment. Incredible women of remarkable beauty and extraordinary character gravitate towards you because of your magnificence.

You’re pleased with your life and things couldn’t be better; or could it? Of course, life can be better, and you can make it so. Not only that, you have the momentum of positive self-development by your side. Therefore, it wouldn’t take much on your part to continue your journey to shaping an even more attractive personality.

pleased with your lifeIn the end, it’s only you who can draw the line and say, “This is it. I don’t want to be any more attractive than this.” But, if you knew how to and you have evidence from the past demonstrating that you can, then would you ever want to stop?

This article is more of a manual on how to attract women rather than an essay. The information here is meant to be applied, tested, and modified. Therefore, encourage yourself to take action. No words can more beautifully express the benefits of being action biased than those of motivational speaker Zig Ziglar: “If you can’t take a huge step, take as big a step you can. But take it now.”

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Aug 19

How to Please a Woman and Make Her Long for More Lovemaking

By owner | Articles

how a womans mind worksNo one can figure out how a woman’s mind works. Whoever holds the key to understanding what women want would be rich and famous, for sure.

While it’s impossible to unravel the workings of the female mind, pleasing them is even harder. Knowing what to do, especially after the onset of feminism leaves men lost on what to say and how to act around these picky creatures. Women freak out around benign things, which leave some men grasping at straws on how to please a woman.

Since women know men have fragile egos, many opt to keep mum on what they really want in bed. While men often claim they want to hear women more, they don’t like being criticized on how to treat a woman in bed.

What happens in bed could affect what takes place out of it. Bad sex can take its toll and ruin the relationship. If you want to have a better relationship with your partner, brushing up on your knowledge on how to pleasure women would be a wise move.

Here’s the ultimate how-to guide on the best moves to blow her mind away during sex.

Take Control: How to Pleasure a Woman with Dominance

BDSMWhile BDSM novels are getting popular and attracting its fair share of female fans, we don’t recommend the hardcore stuff unless you and your partner lean that way. There are some women who might see you as a bit too eager but in general, women like it when men act like men.

You don’t have to be a skilled lover to pull this off, just be more confident on how you handle her body. It’s extremely erotic to see a man take charge in bed and it increases her arousal.

A few simple things that you can do to pull this off is to put your hands on her hips when she’s on top and pull or pull it back and forth. This increases clitoral stimulation and even when she’s on top, you still exert your dominance over her body.

When in the good old missionary position, you can pin her wrists on the mattress above her head with your hands. And when you want to change positions, don’t act like a gentleman and request for her permission, grab her and put her wherever you want her to be.

Talk Dirty: How to Make Her Sizzle With Your Words

thoughtsWomen have a thing for words. Have you ever wondered why they can be pesky about men not sharing their thoughts? They love to hear more from men and this doesn’t this covers the bedroom, too.

Talking dirty can make women more excited about hopping in bed with you, but don’t believe what you see in most porn movies, you might end up on the other side of the door if you mimic what those guys say.

You should tread lightly when you are planning to talk dirty to her since not all women are into it. You should focus on telling her what you would love to do with her body, how her body she turns you on, how much you adore her body.

It doesn’t really matter what you say although you can try to learn a phrase or two. Try to use basic words first and say what you feel, sounding fake can turn any woman off. While you can improve on your dirty talk, you should also pay attention to how you tell her what you feel.

Women may have a thing for words but they are also sensitive about the way you say it. Hearing a lusty voice more than makes up for not having a dirty talk vocabulary and you can keep her aroused enough to crave for more.

Clitoral Stimulation: How to Treat Her Body Right

Treat Her Body RightAmong all the female parts, the clitoris, or clit seems to be the most obvious target for your attention, but a lot of men can’t figure out how to stimulate the clit to satisfy a woman. Stimulating the clitoris directly can cause more pain than pleasure.

If you want to learn how to please a woman with your hands through clitoral stimulation,it would be better to pay your loving attentions to the clitoral hood where the labia meet or the side of the clitoris. Just a word of caution, don’t drum, push or jab your fingers into the clit.

If you are going down on your partner, the best thing to do is to tease the clit. Pay close attention to the clit and leave it before going back to it. Since the clitoris reacts really well to teasing, you would want to lick and suck on it a bit to build some tension. Then, take a step back and make her steep a bit before going back to tease the clit.

Another technique that works wonders on the amount of pleasure that she will feel is the “figure eight.” This technique works well with oral and you can start off by sucking gently before spreading her clit with your fingers. Move the rougher part of your tongue in a circular motion from the left to the right and at the same time moving up and down following the shape of the number eight.

These clitoral stimulation techniques would make her more excited to go all the way. Plus, it is definitely an experience that she will never forget..

Put Her Pleasure First: How to Please a Woman in Bed and Make Sure She is Satisfied

Porn is not a good teacherThese days, men seem to be more focused on what gets them off and what feels good. If the idea that you have about sex comes straight out from porn, then you can use some tips on how to please a woman sexually in bed.

Porn is not a good teacher on how to be a great lover. For starters, porn is all about men, their needs, and their wants not on women. Real women require more than just a hard pounding; they need intimacy and lots of foreplay to reach orgasm.

Men could orgasm faster than women and one way to make sure she will reach her climax too, is to last longer. Although ejaculation is something that you can’t help but experience when you are highly stimulated, you can delay it.

There are pills that you can take to last longer such as the ProSolution pill. You can also use some techniques to increase your staying power.

One thing that you can do is to watch out for cues that signal that you are close. By being familiar with these cues, you can learn when to slow down so you can last longer.

Men usually have a 14-minute mark and after that, they orgasm. You can go beyond those 14 minutes by stopping those thrusts and try to penetrate as hard as you can. Replace those thrusts with a rocking motion by shifting up and down. This will decrease your stimulation, allowing you to last longer and at the same time increase your partner’s stimulation allowing her to reach orgasm before you do.

By putting her pleasure above your own, you will surely look forward to more adventures in the bedroom. Plus, this will speak volumes about your character not just as a lover but as a man.

Kiss Her: How to Please a Woman with More Intimate Encounters

Kiss HerMost guys don’t get how to make a woman happy because they go straight to taking off. They often forget that women crave for intimacy and you need how to please a woman emotionally if you want to keep her satisfied in bed.

When having sex, men often stop kissing their partner when they start having intercourse, but this is one huge mistake. Women derive the greatest erotic pleasure when they are on the receiving end of a kiss. In fact, kissing is one trick that you can employ when you feel that she is starting to lose interest in the act.

To make this work, you need to be in a position that puts the two of you in front of each other like when she’s sitting on your lap or you are in the missionary position. The smooches you exchange should mirror the type of sex that you are having.

Go for sensual kisses for a slow and romantic grind and a deep tongue kiss for gang buster sex. You should also mix it up a little and throw in some butterfly kisses or a close-lipped kiss on her eyes, forehead, and nose.

Enjoy Foreplay: How to Increase Her Anticipation on What’s Coming Next

Enjoy ForeplayUnlike men, women can’t turn on their libido in a snap of a finger. They need to be aroused to the point that they would be willing to have sex with their partner. Being in a rush translates are often translated as selfish lovemaking and no woman loves having a lover who only thinks about his pleasure.

Try to turn her on by kissing and touching her all over before intercourse. While foreplay seems to be a ritual, try not to snap out of your head, be in the moment. Women are sensitive creatures and they will know if you are treating foreplay the way you do your morning routine. Focus on the quality of your foreplay as this more than makes up for quantity.

Be sure to take your time in your loving, roam your hands around her body, kiss her and tease her. When you are really into the moment, she will be aroused faster and when you know how to pleasure a woman, she will love you more for it.

When in Doubt Ask: How to Know If She Likes What You’re Doing

Communication is importantCommunication is important, especially inside the bedroom. There’s no better way to learn how to satisfy a woman than to ask her what gets her going. Women will give you points just for being considerate about their pleasure.

When she sees that you are taking great pains so the sex would be as good for her as it is for you, she would be more eager to repay this favor.

Even if she is not saying anything or complaining, it doesn’t mean that she is enjoying it. We have already covered the fact that women could keep quiet even if they are constantly disappointed with the sex to spare your feelings.

Developing open communication lines especially where sex is concerned is good practice. You never know what you can discover about each other. It might even turn out that you are interested in the same things in bed!

While asking is great, there is one big exception –never ask if she already had an orgasm. This question has the same effect as a bucket of ice. It would lead her to think that you’re not in the moment because if she already did, you would know. Aside from that, it would put a lot of pressure on her to reach her climax and this is the last thing that you want to do is you want to pleasure a woman.

Don’t Stop: How to Interpret What Women Want During Intercourse

Dont StopWomen are complex creatures and they often say the opposite of what they want. Take for instance, they will say nothing is wrong when obviously, there is something that’s bothering them. Another classic example is when they say that they are not angry about something but they will go on and on about it.

While these things are absolutely true, these are not always applicable in the bedroom. When you are in the middle of having intercourse and your woman is telling you not to stop what you are doing, you better not. This is one of those rare moments when women mean what they are saying in a literal sense.

When you are doing a move that can make her reach orgasm and you suddenly stop and switch to something else, it can ruin the mood. The entire experience will be ruined for her and she will take it against you.

The main goal of engaging in intercourse is having an orgasm and robbing her of one doesn’t seem the best move if you want to satisfy your partner. If you want to stay delay her orgasm, tease her more but don’t employ any sudden change when she is building up to a climax. This is a mistake and you will end up with one dissatisfied and disappointed partner.

Use Your Fingers: How to Put Those Nimble Digits to a Pleasurable Mission

Use Your FingersAre you familiar with the G-spot? This zone is considered to be the spongy part which is as big as a dime. Finding this special erogenous zone can be hard to do though.

If you want to learn how to please a woman sexually, a lesson on hitting the g-spot would be a great start. It’s also a good thing that there are sex positions that could help you stimulate this sensitive area.

Since women often find it hard to reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation alone, you should hit this special spot using your fingers. The best position to access the g-spot is when you spooning from behind and when she’s on top.

You can try putting resting your hand on her pubic mound, covering the area with three fingers or a single finger that is directly pressed against her clit. Start off with slow feathery touches before making it harder and faster. Change the way you rub her and her moans would be a great guide to know if she’s enjoying or not.

If you are looking for more positions to hit this hot spot, you can do doggie-style. This way, you can touch her vagina’s front wall and stimulate that spot. Be sure to start thrusting slowly before you increase the intensity.

Speaking of fingers, you can also make use of those digits by pampering her breasts which are often neglected after foreplay. Cupping her breasts and sucking gently could make the experience more intense for her and also lead to stronger orgasms.

With these two additional pointers on your repertoire, you may not be a master in bed but you can make sure that she will crave for your lovemaking.

Make Her Feel Special: How to Please a Woman in and Out of Bed

Make Her Feel SpecialWhile there are tons of techniques that you can use to make a woman satisfied in bed, you should never forget that the key is to learn how to build anticipation.

One great way to do that is by starting foreplay early on the day. Putting your partner in the right mood for some alone time later would make the wait sweeter. Don’t forget to send a message or give her a call just to tell her how much you are anticipating your night together.

Women may crave for a good time in bed and they are smart enough to know if all you are after is a tumble. You need to make a woman feel special.Otherwise, she may start thinking that you are just going through the motions the same way you treat any other woman in your life.

Women are naturally vain and they are critical about their bodies. When a woman doesn’t have a stitch on, it’s easy to feel insecure. And, you can make her time and yours better if you appreciate a woman’s beauty despite the imperfections. Even if she just brushes off that compliment, it would boost her confidence and she will be more eager to be with you

To give any woman a great time, you should focus on her. Let her know you want her and let her use her imagination before you get physical. If your goal is to learn how to please women, you should know how to make them feel special.

emotions and feelingsAt the end of the day, keeping a woman satisfied in bed requires intimacy. More than just a physical need, women link intercourse to emotions and feelings. This means that without any intimate connection, they wouldn’t feel satisfied with the experience even if you are a wonderful lover.

Nevertheless, these tips on how to please a woman can make bedroom time for any woman. Since good sex is a must for any healthy relationship, you can rest assured that your girl will be looking forward to the next time you hit the sheets if you know just what to do to give her pleasure and make her crave for more.


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Aug 05

Science of Attraction – Unlocking the Secrets of Male Sexiness

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Scientific research shows that you have only about 30 seconds to make an impression. That attraction happens in the first 30 seconds after you walk into a room. Research also shows that people stare longer at attractive people than those that they do not find attractive. Scientists have spent years studying human brains to know more about the science of attraction. These secrets are now out in the open and up for grabs.

good looksIt is a popular belief that attraction is something that is triggered by a person’s looks; however, there are people who also think attraction goes well beyond just looks. What we find attractive is an amalgamation of good looks and the body language of a person. Since our brain is the real boss behind what we find attractive, it is not just one, but all the five senses that play a role in deciding what is attractive. Our brain quickly calculates what it sees, hears and feels to assess the person we are meeting.

As a society, we are constantly changing the parameters we use to judge a man’s attractiveness. What we used to find appealing in the past is no longer appealing to us today. But what this article talks about is probably some things that never go out of style.

To become attractive is something that all of us want, because attractive people are desired by everyone. They appear healthier, smarter, have a more compelling personality and are thought to be more trustworthy. This article will discuss ways in which you can improve your sex appeal, feel more confident and become more attractive to people.

According to the Science of Attraction: Improving Your Looks Increases Your Attractiveness

It might be rewarding to be attractive if you wish to:

  • Gain popularity among friends.
  • Impress a job recruiter.
  • Get your superiors at your workplace to notice you.
  • Get more action in bed.

attractiveThe good news is that you do not have to have great genes to be attractive. You can always work towards looking good every day. People who look attractive are usually the ones who take good care of themselves.

Here are some habits you can replace your bad habits with to look and feel good:

  • Eat Healthy: The only way you can actually look good is by looking healthy, and the only way you can look healthy is by actually being healthy. When you stop eating junk food and switch to a healthier diet consisting of green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy, you could experience the following benefits:
    • Losing weight
    • Feeling more energetic
    • Stronger immunity
    • Better skin and hair
    • Delaying the aging process
    • Staying sufficiently hydrated

    A healthy diet can fight every day stress. Stress is one of the reasons why you may tend to look haggard. Antioxidant-rich foods can fight the damaging effects of environmental stress, which brings physical issues, but they can affect your psychological side, as well. The fiber content in fruits and vegetables helps to cleanse your body off toxins you acquire on a day to day basis.

  • exerciseExercise: If you hit the gym regularly, do yoga or simply like hiking in the woods you can be said to be physically active. There are numerous ways you can benefit from being physically active. Just as a healthy diet can improve your overall health, physical activity can help take the effects of eating healthy to the next level.When you are physically active you:
    • Stay in shape
    • Stay energized
    • Have flawless skin
    • Get better sleep
    • Boost immunity
    • Detoxify your body

    All of this helps you become healthier and thereby helps you to stay enthusiastic about the things you do every day. Exercising regularly makes you look younger and you slowly begin to feel more confident.

  • Good Hygiene: One of the secrets to male sexiness is good hygiene. No woman likes to be with a man who is not groomed or has body odor. Including habits that promote hygiene in your daily routine is important for your health and also for your sex appeal.To maintain good hygiene, you must:
    • Brush your teeth regularly

    • Take a shower every day
    • Cleanse and moisturize your face
    • Get haircuts periodically
    • Shave or trim your beard
    • Wear clean clothes

    Be neat, clean and smell good. How frequently you groom yourself and maintain personal hygiene can increase or decrease your attractiveness.

  • Some Supplements Can Help: You can take some help from a number natural of male enhancement supplements. These supplements infuse you with testosterone and other male hormones that make you more of a man; something that women are always attracted to in men.One such supplement is prosolution. It is a combination of time-tested herbs and ingredients that are scientifically proven to work.It includes:
    • Korean Ginseng
    • Butea Superba
    • SolidilinoDrilizen
    • Cordycps

    This supplement is the best of its kind if you want to take your relation with someone to the next level, as it:

    • Increases your sex drive
    • Boosts your testosterone levels
    • Improves the quality and duration of your erection
    • Gives you a feeling of pleasure and well-being

Good Dressing Habits: The Key to Being More Irresistible

Women like men who dress sharp. This does not mean you have to wear a business suit every time you want to impress a woman, but the right clothing can help you influence people and become irresistible.

Remember the four Cs of dressing: cut, color, cleanliness and context. These four Cs make the four cornerstones of men’s fashion that can make or break the impression women get of you.

You may find some insights on the four Cs, below:

  • attireCut: Your attire should be cut to complement your physique. You may not have the physique of a film star but you can still become attractive by wearing clothes that have the right cut.What you wear must:
    • Fit you properly.
    • Highlight the positive aspects of your physique
    • Help you hide any deficiencies that you might have.

    A pant belted halfway down your thighs and letting your underwear peep out is not attractive. Also, shirts that are too baggy and t-shirts that are oversized make you look sloppy.

  • Color: Color is just as important as the cut of your garment. What colors you choose to wear sends a message about who you are. For instance, wearing a blue shirt will show that you are a stable person and trustworthy. On the other hand, the red color has sexual undertones.Many men often take pink to be a feminine color and meant for only women. But if you can wear pink correctly, you can come across as fun-loving and confident.You may experiment with any color of your choice but when you are dressing to impress keep in mind:
    • Who you want to impress.
    • The kind of relationship you wish to build with them.
    • The context in which you will be meeting them.

    If you are going on a blind date and want to come across as amiable, try wearing something blue. Studies show that women are more likely to find a man sexy if he is wearing the dependable blue on a first date. You can team a blue shirt with a pair of jeans. It is always a good idea to wear something semi-formal on a first date. That way, you won’t come across as someone who takes their dates lightly.

  • Cleanliness: What you wear will only make a good impression is it is clean. You must wear clean clothes not only to build an impression, but to also stay healthy.Your attire must be free of:
    • Stains
    • Creases
    • Odors
    • Damage

    Do your laundry regularly and iron your clothes, especially those that tend to develop ugly creases. Use a good quality detergent that can eliminate stains as well as foul odors. Also, clothes that have holes in them or have lost buttons can be unattractive. Either repair the damage or replace the garment with another. Taking good care of your clothes will not only help you to look attractive but also save you money.

  • Context: You must always be able to judge when to wear formals, semi-formals, casuals and semi- casuals. For some men, there can also be occasions that demand them to wear their traditional clothes. Always keep the context in mind when you dress.Here are some examples to help you decide your attire:

    Casual: Includes jeans, baseball caps, funky t-shirts and shorts. Wear them on the beach and while attending casual events like picnics, movies, birthday parties, and sports events.Semi-Casual: Includes khakis, polo shirts, loafers and dark colored jeans. Appropriate for church, club, get-togethers with friends and first dates.

    Semi-Formal: Black dress shoes, Black dress pants, black dress blazers and button-down shirts. Appropriate for funerals, dances and work parties.

    Formal: Includes suits, tie, tuxedos, dress pants and dress shirts. Best for the opera, weddings and galas.

    Not wearing clothes per the context can make you look out of place. No one wants to stick out in the crowd like a sore thumb. Pick your clothing carefully, keeping the occasion in mind and you will be noticed for all the right reasons. Clothes make a man and what you wear can have an everlasting effect on your image.

Send The Right Signals: Using Body Language

Attractiveness includes both how you look and how you behave with people. When it comes to attraction, body language plays a big role. All attractive men have one thing in common; they all appear approachable. When people judge you, they are subconsciously judging how available you are to them.

If you are on a date, your date is probably trying to gauge the extent to which you can be trusted as a partner. If you are at a job interview, the interviewer is wondering whether you would be willing to work for the company. People are constantly trying to find reasons to build a relationship with you.

attractive manAn attractive man shows through his body language that he is available to the people around him. This helps him to draw people towards him.

Body language can convey that you are friendly, open and interested.

By smiling, keeping your arms uncrossed and making eye-contact, you can convey you are a confident and affable person. Good nature and positivity are always more attractive than a scowl or a frown. If you have the right attitude towards people, you will attract people to yourself instantly.

When you like someone, your body reacts to show it. Your cheeks flush with color and lips swell to make you look more fertile.

There are few things men do which women find attractive:

  • Leaning: When you physically lean towards someone, it shows you are interested in that person. This way you can tell someone you like them without saying a single word.
  • Tilting Your Head: Like leaning, tilting your head towards someone also shows that you are interested.
  • Making Eye-Contact: Gazing into someone’s eyes shows that you are self-confident and engaged with the person. Looking over their heads or in any other direction shows you are disinterested.

Men often use body language to flirt, and women use it to reciprocate accordingly. That’s why, body language can be said to be a powerful method of non-verbal communication. You can effectively use body language to become attractive even if you are not genetically blessed with good looks.

Remember, Compassion is Attractive

attractive peopleWhile men are told not to show their emotions, women are often drawn toward sensitive and emotional men. The science of human attraction heavily endorses the ‘halo effect’. The halo effect states that we often take one trait of a person and judge the person’s overall character by it. This is the reason why it is popularly thought that beautiful and attractive people are good at their jobs, which in reality may or may not be true.

Positive personality traits like compassion and honesty can enhance your persona and make you attractive to people. A 2014 Chinese study revealed that people with traits like kindness seemed more attractive than people with negative traits like meanness.

Here are some ways you can be kind towards others in your day to day life:

  • Help People Whenever You See an Opportunity: You never know who is watching and judging you. Acts of kindness always leave good thoughts about you in other’s minds.
  • Think About Small Things You Can Do to Make Someone Happy: There are numerous little things you can do for the people in your life. Think of little surprises that you can arrange for them that will make them smile.
  • Give a Compliment Whenever You Can: Compliments make people smile. Like what someone is wearing, tell that person about it. Encourage people for their hard work. Compliments given casually can leave everlasting effects.

It is empowering to choose kindness. Compassion can help you stay positive as well as spread positivity around you. Positivity attracts people. It is because kindness stimulates the part of the brain that triggers happiness.

How to Stop Being Boring

Women are often turned off by men who make mundane conversations. Human brain can get bored easily, and boring is not sexy.

There are many tricks you can resort to when trying to hold someone’s attention, especially a woman’s:

  • Find Interesting Things to Talk About: When you talk to someone, try to understand what that person enjoys talking about. Then engage them in a discussion about that topic.
  • Come Across as an Intriguing Person: Use your body language to come across as intriguing. A woman will soon find you boring if she feels there is not much to know about you.
  • Confidently Show Them the Person You Are: At times, we act boring because we are afraid of being judged as weird. Do not worry about being judged by others, and instead, be yourself. Just share your thoughts and be the person that you are. Trying to fit in will only make you dull and boring. Quirky may be what the person in front of you is looking for.Attractive or not, you should always be proud of who you are. You have traits that are appreciated and valued by those who are near and dear to you. There are things about you that they love. It is important that you never let go of those things. Instead, try and improve upon those qualities.
  • respectDo Not Be Afraid of Talking About Your Emotions: Contrary to the belief that staying aloof is sexy, women like to indulge in men who can talk about how they feel. When men talk about their emotions, they seem vulnerable. Women find such men both emotionally and sometimes sexually desirable. Emotionally well-rounded men are more likely to be emotionally stable. They are also more likely to be sensitive towards a woman’s feelings.
  • Respect Women: A man who respects women is always attractive, so respect women, even if they turn you down. Respect the fact that they can have opinions. Respect their space and be chivalrous. Women like to be treated with respect. When you hold the door or pull the chair for a woman she is bound to notice and appreciate you.

Ditch the corny pick-up lines. Instead, rely on the psychology of attraction. The science of attraction for men is a widely covered topic and information and advice about it are abundantly available in places like the internet. Some people have even created a science of attraction documentary that you can look up on Netflix, YouTube and Amazon.

Attraction is more of a biological process. Getting attracted was a mechanism built by nature for reproductive processes, so to be specific, the science of attraction is basically biology of attraction.

With the tips in this article, you will be able to increase your sex appeal effectively and also understand the science of physical attraction and the science of love a little bit better.

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Jul 22

Sex Tips for Men – Find Out How to Hit That G-Spot

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As you lie in bed with a huge grin on your face thinking you are the king of kings when it comes to pleasuring the ladies, well, guess what? The woman lying beside you may have faked her orgasm. Yes, a lot of women do it for many different reasons. Not wanting to make you feel bad about yourself is one of them.

But, don’t be too hard on yourself, man. Somewhere along the way you may be doing something wrong like not hitting the right spots, perhaps? Cheer up and get back on your feet. This article contains sex tips for men with some of the best sex positions to help your ladylove reach orgasm.

But, before that learn how the female orgasm takes place, so you’ll gain a better understanding of how these sex positions will help.

Discovering the Secrets of the Elusive and Mysterious Female Orgasm

The first thing you need to understand is not all women will reach orgasm every time they have sex with their partners. According to surveys, only 25 percent of women reach orgasm every time they have sex. Do not beat yourself up if this happens to you and your partner.

female orgasmAnother thing you should know, hitting the rights spots will most likely bring her to the elusive and mysterious female orgasm. Why mysterious? Because experts are not sure yet of the role orgasm plays in reproduction. Women can still get pregnant without orgasm, but what they do know and what women know, as well, is that orgasm feels good. In fact, orgasm is so pleasurable to your lady, that a part of a woman’s brain responsible for her behavior temporarily shuts down, according to a study from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

Where are the right spots to hit, you might ask? Most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation or in simpler words, by stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is that tiny protruding button-like thing on the upper outer part of a woman’s vagina. The clitoris has twice more nerve endings than a man’s penis, making it super sensitive to licking, rubbing and sucking.

About 30 percent of women can orgasm through vaginal penetration, even without clitoral stimulation, but this can be quite tricky. This requires hitting the G-spot, another erogenous zone located inside the vagina. According to experts, you can find the G-spot about two to three inches on the inner front vaginal wall.

Sex experts say hitting the G-spot not only brings immense pleasure, but it is also responsible for the female ejaculation, or “squirting,” as the world of porn calls it.

not enjoying sex with youWithout question, a woman’s orgasm is as important as your orgasm; however, not being able to achieve it does not mean your lady is not enjoying sex with you. A lot of women admit sexual satisfaction even in the absence of orgasm. Nevertheless, giving her the big O will surely blow her mind, but be sure to watch out for the signs that she might be faking it.

For tips on how to spot a fake female orgasm, read this article.

Six Tips for Men: The Best Sex Positions That Bring Female Orgasm

Orgasm does not always equate to sexual satisfaction in women, but reaching it will surely bring your lady’s sexual experience to the next level.

Be a little creative and adventurous in bed. Here are sex tips guys need to make sure they hit the right spots including the G-spot:

1. Ankles Up

You can easily spice up some of the most common sex positions by making a few adjustments here and there. If you are on top, aim for a deeper penetration to hit the G-spot by raising one or both of her legs up, and place the ankles on your shoulders. She can also bend her knees fully and hold it to her sides, or she can raise her legs in a V-shape.

The thing is, not all women are comfortable with deep penetration. Some may even find it painful. If she complains, then shift to another position.

2. Coital Alignment Technique

Many say this is the best sex position for clitoral stimulation. Therefore, you should try this one if you want to give her an orgasm.

To do the coital alignment technique, start in the missionary position. This time, do not use your elbows to support your weight. Let your full body weight rest on top of her. Position yourself in a manner that your hips are at level with her hips so that the base of your penis easily touches the clitoris.

As she wraps her legs around your thighs, both of you should move in a rhythmic pattern. The base of your penis should come into contact with the clitoris with every move.

3. Cowgirl With a Twist

CowgirlWith her on top, lie flat on your back and let her take control of the pace and depth of the penetration. To make things easier and more pleasurable for her, bend your knees so you can support her butt and back. Place your arms on your sides at a 45-degree angle then bend your elbows and hold her hands for support. She can also place her hands on your chest so she can easily grind as you hold her hips and meet each other’s thrust.

4. Crisscross

Crisscross may sound difficult, but it is easier than you think. You can do it in multiple ways. In the first crisscross position, you both lie on your sides with her body perpendicular to you and her back against you. Let her lift her one leg up as you position yourself in between her legs.

Another option is to make her lay on her side with her leg stretched out straight. Let her lift her one leg up at a 90-degree angle. Penetrate her with you in a kneeling position as you hold her raised leg.

Since your bodies are not in an extremely proximity you can easily use your hand or her hand to rub her clitoris.

5. Cross-LeggedLet her sit on your lap

The cross-legged position offers maximum penetration as you let her take control of the movements and pace. Sit in the center of the bed with legs crossed like a pretzel. Let her sit on your lap and let her legs wrap around your waist. You can slowly move in slow and gentle rocking motions as you kiss tenderly, or you can meet each other’s movement for deep thrusts.

6. Doggie Style

This one is among the men’s favorites because you can get a clear view of the penetration and her behind. The doggie style is a good way to stimulate the G-spot, and your girl can easily adjust angles that give her the best pleasure. As you penetrate her from behind you can stimulate her clitoris or let her do the job as you fondle her breasts, whatever suits you both.

If she is one of the women who cannot orgasm through vaginal penetration alone, then keep your hands working at the front, as well.

7. Edge of the Bed

This position offers deep penetration and a full view of the penetration. Position her hips on the edge of the bed. She can lie down on her back or support her upper body weight with her arms. As you penetrate her, you can raise her legs on your shoulders or just let them touch the floor. Your groin should be in line with hers. It can get uncomfortable if your bed is a bit high or low. You can do it elsewhere, or you can bend a bit to adjust the height.

8. Girl on Top

Girl on TopWith her on top, she can easily control the depth of penetration and movements that give the best pleasure. Of course, you have to put an effort, as well. Straddling can exhaust her, so help her by moving her hips up and down as she stimulates her clitoris.

Another variation of the girl on top that allows clitoral stimulation is doing it similar to the missionary style.  Let her rub her body against you while you fondle her breasts and suck her nipples. Let her do anything she wishes.

9. Kneeling

Sit on a chair with no armrest like the one you can find in your dining room. Let her straddle you and let her have control over the depth of the penetration and pace of the thrusting. Straddling can be tiring, but with her feet flat on the ground she can easily support her weight and movements. She can do this by facing you or facing away from you.

If she is facing you, get your hands and mouth busy with her breasts. If she is facing away from you, get your hands working on her clitoris. If she offers to do the clitoral stimulation, assist her hip movements with your hands.

10. Magic Mountain

pillowsYou need about four pillows to perform this position. Pile up the pillows on the floor or bed then let her kneel and lean on it. Ask her to spread her legs apart then kneel at her back with your legs in between her legs. With her back glued to your chest, gently penetrate her from behind. Magic Mountain allows maximum penetration, and the pillows provide great support.

11. Missionary

This sex position may seem one of the most boring and less creative, but interestingly a lot of women are huge fans of the missionary. They say they love the closeness of being face-to-face with their partners and the intimacy of feeling their partner’s weight on them.

You may already be familiar with the missionary position by now. What you do not know is that you do many twists to it to make it more exciting. You can make her lie down on the bed with her head dangling off the edge of the bed or prop a pillow under her butt and enter her at a higher angle.

The key to making missionary more effective in reaching orgasm is to do diagonal movements instead of the usual push and pull. Diagonal movements allow more clitoral stimulation.

12. Reverse Cowgirl

This is one of the sex positions men love, and sure enough, your woman will love it, too. Lie in bed and let her straddle you with her back turned against you. She can try many different twists to the reverse cowgirl position. She can put her face a few inches from your feet as she grinds or she slightly leans her back towards your chest while she spreads her legs open.

The best thing about reverse cowgirl is it provides easy access to the clitoris. You can stimulate her clitoris as she straddles you or she can do it on her own at her desired pace and pressure.

13. Spooning

If you want to get intimate on a lazy Sunday morning, the spooning position is your best option. Penetration focuses on stimulating the front portion of the vaginal wall where you can find the G-spot and your hands are free to roam and stroke her clitoris.

The spooning position requires you to lie on the bed on your sides with her back turned against you. Your bodies in a tight proximity as you lay parallel to each other with your hips placed against the curve of her butt. As its name implies, your position should look like two spoons with its curved parts fitted together.

14. Standing Against a Wall

StandingStanding against a wall while having sex works for a quickie with the best penetration. Make her lean against a wall with her shoulders and back completely resting against it. Lift her from the waist so she can wrap her legs around your waist. She can hold against a counter or table to help support her weight. You may think this is easy but it can be uncomfortable if you have different heights and if she has weak legs.

15. The Bridge

The bridge position offers maximum penetration because your penis and her vagina meet at the perfect angle. It can be a bit difficult, but the pleasure you get from it is definitely worth it.

To do the bridge position, let your lady lie on her back with arms stretch to the sides and knees bent. Kneel and position yourself between her legs. Lift her hips as she arches her back so her vagina can meet your penis. Her feet should be flat on the bed and her arms on her sides for support. You can put a pillow under her back to prevent discomfort.

Another variation of the bridge requires you to on all fours with your front body facing the ceiling. Spread your legs wide apart and let her straddle you in a sitting position facing you or faced against you. The difficult thing about this position is you have to support your weight and her weight with your arms and legs.

16. The Pinner

This position is a bit like spooning, but done in a different manner. Let her lie on her stomach face-down on the bed. Her legs should stretch out and remain close together. Ask her to lift her hips a bit to create easy access to her vagina from behind. In a push-up-like position, enter her from behind by gently sliding your penis towards the entrance.

The belly down position provides better stimulation of the front vaginal wall where you can find her G-spot. You can prop a pillow under her hips for support.

17. The Spider

This position offers maximum penetration, easy access to the clitoris and a full view of the pumping action.

To do the spider sex position, you need to both sit on the bed facing each other and your legs pointing towards each other. Bend you knees slightly and lean on your back with your arms as support. Spread your legs wide apart and let her move between your legs. Let her spread her legs apart with her feet on the sides of your hips and flat on the bed. Her arms should lean backward for support.

sexPenetrate her slowly, then make a back and forth motion instead of thrusting. She can also meet your movement or use her one hand to stimulate her clitoris.

With these sex tips for men, you do not have to a genius to hit the right spots and make your lady scream in orgasm; however, the best advice you will ever run into if you want to give her the big O is not found elsewhere.

This is because the best advice for men like you will come from your partners. Do not hesitate to ask her. For all you know she has been waiting for it. And hey, do not forget to use your tongue and fingers if penetration using your penis seems not to work.

You do not have to stick to the old disappointing bedroom habits. With these 17 sex positions, you will surely hit the right spots.

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Jul 08

How to Love Your Wife: Make Her Fall Deeply in Love Again

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Love is not a noun; it is a verb. Sorry, this is not a lesson in grammar. The meaning of the phrase is that love is not “something.” Love is actually something that you do. Love is an action word. For this reason, there are many actions that teach you how to love your wife.

By following through on some basic actions that this article outlines, you can resolve any difficulties in your love life and possibly even turn things around. Although you can use the tips mentioned below on their own, you will find that many tips are synergistic. While reading the article, look for such synergies.

Also, maintain a mental note of all tips on how to love your wife better that you can execute immediately. The article is written such that all tips are relevant to a wide audience, but feel free to tweak the tips as you see fit, depending on your relationship and her personality, too.

1. How to Love Your Wife Unconditionally: Vocalize Your Feelings for Her

loving relationshipAssumptions about what another person feels are seldom accurate. No matter how well you know somebody, you can’t take things for granted. In order to foster a loving relationship with your wife, it’s essential that you vocalize all your positive feelings for her.

If you haven’t told her that you love her in a long time, you can make a start by writing a simple “I love you” note. Leave the note on her pillow or pin it on the fridge; but make sure that she sees it and knows that it’s from you. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you can write love letters to your wife.

Try This Fun Trick

Another great way to verbalize positive vibes is to offer compliments. Here’s a fun trick for you to try:

  • Set a timer on your phone for 30 seconds.
  • Take a sheet of paper and a pen.
  • Start the timer and begin writing down any compliment that comes to your mind.
  • Stop after the 30 second limit is over.
  • Look at your list of compliments and select the best one.
  • Call or text your wife to share your compliment.
  • Don’t talk about anything else.
  • She needs to feel that you called her just to offer the compliment.

Give it a try now. If you and your buddies are always trying to figure out imaginative ways to love your wives, the results will astound you.

2. Make Her Feel Special: How to Love Your Wife Again and Again

cookingYou’re probably thinking, “Easier said than done,” but you’ve got to realize that making your wife feel special is not about big, grandiose gestures. Small, but thoughtful, gestures work miracles, as well.

The key to making her feel special is to do something for her that you normally don’t do without any prompting or prodding. For instance, offer to watch the kids, so that she can go out and have a good time with her friends or do the dishes without her asking.

The thing about small gestures is that they are easy to do, but still grant significant relationship boosts. Moreover, since they are easy to do, you can stack multiple thoughtful deeds together to produce a positive impact that’s greater than the sum of all parts.

For example, cooking dinner and doing the dishes or taking out the trash and doing the laundry.

3. The Biggest Gift You Can Give Her: Show Her That You’re Listening

eye contact“He just doesn’t listen.” If there were a hall of fame for complaints wives have about their husbands, this phrase would be there. Nothing upsets wives more than husbands who don’t listen. On the other hand, actively listening to what your wife says produces results that seem nothing less than magical.

Here are a few simple strategies you can use to become a wonderful listener:

  • Maintain steady eye contact with your wife while she’s speaking with you.
  • Discover more about her world by asking questions.
  • Make sure that she is speaking more than you are.
  • Find she’s speaking do not think about what you’re going to say in response.
  • Do not multitask while listening to her.
  • Periodically remind yourself to listen actively.

Active listening does require some practice before it becomes second nature. After active listening becomes a part of your being, every area of your life begins to shine. For this reason, the time you spend on becoming a better listener will definitely be worth it.

4. Help Her Expand Her Realm of Experience

relationship with youOne of the most intimate ways how to love your wife is to help her grow as a person. When your wife begins to see you as a person who champions her cause, she’ll begin to view her relationship with you in a brand-new light.

When you listen to your wife, as suggested in the previous step, listen carefully for your wife’s unrealized dreams, goals, and ambitions. You can even write it down somewhere discreetly. Once you know what your wife’s heart craves, you can marshal your resources to make her wish come true.

You can think of it as becoming her wish-granting genie. Encourage her to resume a hobby, expand her skillset, or seek a more fulfilling job. The core principle here is that you give her do what she loves and she’ll return that love tenfold.

5. Know More About Her Than Facebook Does

Only a few people seem to be blessed with the ability to remember special occasions without having to rely on Facebook. A husband not remembering the wedding anniversary has been the subject of many comedies and tragedies on TV.

An Eye-Opening Facebook Exercise for You

So here’s an interesting exercise for you. The next time you get a chance, visit your wife’s Facebook profile and look at the information in fields, such as music, books, films, and TV programs, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much of the information there is new to you?
  • If you were asked to fill the information fields for your wife, how successful would you be?

facebookThe answers to the above questions reveal how much you know about your wife’s tastes and likes. Thereafter, invent fields that are not on Facebook, such as favorite holiday destinations, leisure activities, or designer labels. Keep an electronic journal on your phone, listing these fields, and progressively add entries to it.

You can think of this activity as tasting a delicious dish and guessing its ingredients. In the same manner, your wife is a wonderful person who is made of many amazing attributes and characteristics. As you learn more about your wife as a person, your appreciation for her grows and your love for her becomes deeper.

According to the Bible, you reap what you sow. In fact, many women search for ways on how to love your husband according to the bible. So, on the other end of the spectrum, your wife will acknowledge and reciprocate your interest in her.

Therefore, as you know more, your relationship grows more. After all, how can you be lovers, when you aren’t even friends?

6. Lend Your Support: Be There with Her and for Her

Technology has made it incredibly convenient for people to keep in touch with each other. On the flipside, keeping in touch, although useful, is not a substitute for spending time together. That’s why it’s important to spend time together in person.

spending time togetherIdeally, you should use any form of electronic communication only to manage the logistics. In other words, when you’re separated physically, use technology to moves you towards spending time with your wife physically. For example, when you’re in the office call your wife to let her know that you like to spend the evening cooking dinner with her or text her to get ready at seven, so that you can take her out for dinner.

Of course, you don’t have to plan something for every day. You can create regular timeslots in which you and your wife spend time doing something together. One way you can do this is by going for a morning walk with your wife at the same time every day. Another great idea is to watch a TV show that you both love together.

Spending time in person works much better than spending the same amount of time communicating electronically because when you’re with someone physically the communication channels are much stronger. Compare a two-dimensional image of a chocolate cake with the real deal. Which one do you think gives you a better appreciation for the cake?

You can draw on the list of fields you’ve been tracking and scan your local listings for events that cater to her interests. By doing so, you can leverage the benefits of every point we’ve mentioned so far.

7. She Notices: Take Care of Yourself

This may sound a little selfish, but taking care of yourself is an excellent way of showing your partner how much you love her. There are four areas you must pay attention to, and they are as follows:physical fitness

  • Physical Fitness: Exercise for at least 150 minutes every week. Your exercise routine should enhance your strength, flexibility, and endurance. In addition to that, regular exercise improves your physique, makes you feel confident when naked, and improves your performance in bed.
  • Appearance: Make sure that you present yourself well whenever you go out. Wear situation appropriate clothing that’s neat, clean, and fits you well. Wash and fix your hair well. If you have facial hair, groom it properly.
  • Stress Management: People tend to vent out their frustration on the people closest to them. To avoid this, you need to adopt stress management practices, such as yoga or meditation. If you can leave stress at the door when you enter your home, your wife will appreciate your ability greatly.
  • Proper Diet: You are what you eat. Ensure that you feed your body properly. Get the right nutrients, in the right quantity, and at the right time. A proper diet complements the exercise regime, and thereby improves the way you look and feel. Just a couple of weeks of eating the right way, will grant you an incredible energy boost.

8. Remember the Good Times: Visit Memory Lane Often

During the early stages of human evolution, the brain programmed itself to hold on to negative images as a method to survive. Unfortunately, this program still resides in the human psyche, even though as a species our survival is not severely threatened. Thus, we are predisposed to remembering unpleasant events in our lives. In order to offset this conditioning, we need to keep the good memories in existence.

journeyWhen you think about your relationship with your wife as a journey, what thoughts pop up in your mind immediately? Do you see all the good times overshadowing all the bad times, or is it the opposite? Irrespective of what your answer is, anything done to keep the positive past alive is always a worthy investment of time and effort.

So, if you have a photo from your honeymoon trip buried deep in some photo album in the attic, pull the photo out, frame it, and showcase it. Occasionally visit locations that are of significance, relationship wise. Talk often about all the good times that you shared.

Furthermore, remind yourself that the journey is not over. Each day in your life is an opportunity to plant pleasant mile stones. So be sure to create cherish able memories as you cherish memories. Such memorabilia can teach you how to love your wife when she hates you.

9. Sexual Healing: Fire Up the Passion in the Bedroom

Depending on how long you have been married, your sex life may or may not be as vibrant as it used to be; however, it is never too late to turn on the heat.

If you feel that the quality of your sex life has saturated, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the situation. Here are a few ideas about how to make love to your wife:passion in the bedroom

  • Learn and Master New Positions: Here’s some math for you. If you learn just five new positions, and use three of them per sex session, you have 60 ways of making love to your partner. So, pick up some new moves.
  • Don’t Forego Foreplay: From a woman’s perspective foreplay is extremely important. Therefore, take the time to stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones.
  • Increase Skin Contact: Your skin is a bundle of pleasure centres. Thus, you can increase sexual pleasure by increasing skin contact. To do this use sex positions that have more skin contact, such as spooning, and also, don’t skimp out on the cuddles and hugs.
  • Keep Tweaking the Variables: Sex comes with a lot of variables, such as the place, and the time. Keep changing these variables. If you have sex at night all the time, then try a different time, and instead of sticking to the bed as a rule, be more flexible – try the bathroom for a change.
  • Kiss Generously: Kisses are super intimate and you can use that to your advantage. A long, and deep kisses add a whole new dimension to your intercourse.
  • Use Oral Sex: If you haven’t been engaging in oral sex, then it’s time to change that. Oral sex is a wonderful turn on and doesn’t require a huge energy investment.

Communicate your sexual preferences with your partner and be receptive to hers. Doing this allows you to go beyond the suggestions above and take things to a whole new level. Sex is the closest things to physical union, and because of this, sex is an effective way to build a loving relationship.

10. Embrace Your Wife to Embrace the Change

embrace your wifeAdmit it, you’re not the same person that your partner fell in love with all those years ago. It’s equally true that your partner isn’t the same person that you fell in love with.

As your partner goes through her life, she acquires new beliefs, thoughts, and habits. As a result, she evolves as a person. You must learn to embrace the evolution. See are as who she is rather that seeing her as who you want her to be. When you begin to cherish the person she’s becoming, you’ll find it easy to accept her as she is. With that acceptance, comes love that is deeper than anything you’ve known before.

We all strive to reach a place where we belong, a place where we are accepted and loved unconditionally. If she finds that acceptance in you, she’ll come running into your arms and never leave. This is the key to blissful marriage.

For this to happen, you must play the long game. There is no shortcut. But just because it takes time, it doesn’t mean that it is difficult. Learn to enjoy the journey, and move forward knowing that you’re moving towards a wonderful destination.

End Goal: Mastery Over How to Love Your Wife

John “Hannibal” Smith from The A-Team described the end goal perfectly with his catch phrase, “I love it when a good plan comes together.” Any one idea presented here is potent enough to dramatically enhance the quality of your love life with your wife. If you can implement a few more of these suggestions, you can’t imagine the ways in which your life will change for the better.

love your wifeRemember, this is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s not a call to massive action. Instead, start with something small – something you can sustain. Once you establish that practice, move on to the next small action.

As for the results, you will begin to see some rapid improvements initially. However, after a while, things may start to slow down, but, don’t stop working. Keep trying and use your imagination, and soon you’ll see a spike again, because the cycle moves in a steady-spike rhythm.

Now you have all the ideas you can use on how to love your wife. So go ahead, fall in love with your wife again and make yourself the happiest married man alive. You both deserve to be happy, and all it takes is a little time and effort to reap the loving rewards.

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Jun 24

How to Increase Sperm Count with These Simple Steps

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Sperm, or the male reproductive cells play a key role in reproduction. Each cell in your body including sperm, and eggs in case of women, contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chromosomes house your DNA, and DNA is the base of life.

SpermIt takes one sperm and one egg to create a baby. Since both sperm and eggs contain DNA, the baby inherits DNA from both the mother and the father.

Today, many men struggle with fertility thanks to poor lifestyle, fast food and stress. Also, there are many who decide to start a family late in their lives. Because of this, the medical field of human fertility is forced to constantly develop more fertility clinics and better treatment options for couples struggling to start a family. In an effort to improve fertility, many men are confused about how to increase sperm count.

Increasing sperm count can have many advantages besides increasing your chances of having children. Your sperm count can definitely boost your ego. It also affects your testosterone levels. An abundance of sperm is a sign of high testosterone and a healthy reproductive system. As your sperm count increases, you will also experience an increase in:

  • Energy levels
  • Mental activity
  • Sex drive

You can increase your sperm count by adopting few simple lifestyle changes. This article will show you how to increase sperm count in three easy steps:

1. Drugs, Smoking and Drinking can Hinder Your Sperm Count. Quitting these Bad Habits as Soon as Possible is the Answer to the Question, How to Increase Sperm Count?

Drugs, smoking and drinkingIf you want to know how to increase sperm count naturally, this is the first step you need to take, and you need to take it immediately. It is a no-brainer that drug abuse, smoking and drinking are habits that have no positive effects on your health. Here are some substances that can hinder sperm production in men:

– Weed: One major problem is smoking weed, which is a common trend these days. Although there is a lot of new research pouring in about the health benefits of marijuana, but unfortunately it is not how to improve your sperm count.

Weed contains a group of compounds called the cannabinoid compounds. Your body has the ability to synthesize these cannabinoid compounds. This is why your body has natural receptors for them. When these compounds latch onto the cells of the testes or the sperm cellsthey can decrease the functioning of these cells. This gradually leads to low sperm count and impotency.

In one research study, scientists studied the effects of smoking weed on sperm count. They found that males who smoked fewer than once per week experienced a 25-percent reduction in their sperm count. Moreover, those who smoked weed more than once daily experienced as much as a 55 percent reduction in their sperm counts.

– Cocaine, Opiates, LSD and MDMA: Your testicles are highly vascular and there is a good reason for that, too. Your testicles need a continuous supply of blood to promote sperm product. Anything that obstructs the supply of blood to your testicles can reduce your sperm count as well.

Drugs like cocaineDrugs like cocaine can narrow the blood vessels to your testicles. With a decrease in blood going to your testicles, you experience complications, like impotence. It also destroys testicular tissue leading to low sperm count. Other drugs like opiates, methamphetamine, LSD, MDMA and ecstasy can have similar effects on your sperm count.

– Tobacco Smoking: Studies have shown that men who smoke are less fertile than men who do not. Smoking damages sperm, making them less capable of fertilizing eggs. Smoking harms your sperm count in two ways:

  • Smoking Damages Sperm Proteins: Human sperm cells are made of two highly charged protein calledprotamine 1 and protamine 2.They are perfectly balanced by nature and together aid the sperm to function properly; however, when you smoke, your sperm cells are damaged and as a result, they are unable to carry muchprotamine 2. This imbalance makes your spermvulnerable to DNA damage.
  • smokingSmoking Increases Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS): Your body is constantly exposed to harmful substances and toxins. One of these toxins is Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). ROS are highly reactive molecules that damage your cells, especially their DNA. Smoking causes a significant increase in the level of ROS. Sperm damaged from smoking find it difficult to fight off the destructive oxygen molecules. Sperm are extremely sensitive structures and do not survive for long in harsh conditions. High levels of ROS, due to chemicals in tobacco, make it difficult for sperms to survive. Eventually it leads to drastic fall in sperm counts.When you quit, your sperm count bounces back to a satisfactory level only weeks after you quit smoking. Do you want to know how to quit smoking? The details are in the text to come.

– Alcohol: Studies suggest that moderate weekly alcohol consumption can lower your sperm count and quality, even if you are otherwise healthy. Alcohol affects the reproductive hormone levels. It affects the globulin which binds the sex hormone; thus, as the levels of sex hormone decrease, it leads to lack of energy and sex drive.

Long periods of heavy alcohol consumption can lead to impotency, along with lowering your sperm count.

heavy alcohol consumptionThe question remains: What can a person do to give up on these addictions? It is easier said than done. While it is for the best to give on your addiction altogether, you can be more successful if you take things one step at a time.

Here are some practical tips to help you quit any harmful addictions and have a normal sperm count again:

– Find Your Reason and Motivation: Find a powerful, personal reason to quit smoking or drinking. This will keep you motivated.

– Prepare Before You Fall Back: Smoking or drinkingare addictions. You will be craving cigarettes sooner or later, so prepare for it in advance. It is perfectly fine for you to stumble. In fact, you will stumble in the beginning, but the important thing is to get up again and to never give up.

consult a doctor– Seek Expert Advice: Just like you’d consult a doctor for your fever, you could seek expert help for your addiction too. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Ask your doctor about options like counselling, medication and quit-smoking classes that you can benefit from.

– Try Nicotine Replacements: To combat withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking, like headaches, lethargy and mood swings, try nicotine gum, lozenges and nicotine patches.

– Find New Ways to Unwind: Most smokers or drinkers develop their addiction to help themselves relax or to handle life when they are stressed. Find new ways of relaxing, so you do not have to depend on these harmful things anymore.

– Keep Track of Your Drinking: Maintain a log, if necessary, to keep track of how much you are drinking. This will give you some keen insights on whether you are improving and if your current strategies are working.

Have a drink as a side with your meals– Do Not Drink on an Empty Stomach: A full stomach slows the absorption of alcohol. On the other hand, if you tend to eat a lot on an empty stomach, all the alcohol gets absorbed too quickly. Have a drink as a side with your meals instead of drinking it alone.

– Opt for Low Alcohol Alternatives: This is a good way to keep a check on your alcohol consumption. Drinks like vodka have more alcohol than normal beer. Another way of decreasing the overall alcohol consumption is by mixing different drinks.

– Avoid Eating Salty Snacks with Your Drinks: Salt makes you thirsty, which makes you drink more and faster, too.So avoid salty snacks like peanuts, popcorn and chips while you are drinking.

2. Change Your Diet to Incorporate Foods that Help in Increasing Sperm Count by Boosting Sperm Production.

producing a babyIt is not only your sperm count that you should think about. It is also the motility, as well as the shape of the sperm that determine your chances of producing a baby, but sperm count is definitely a good indicator of your reproductive abilities. You can improve your reproductive abilities by boosting sperm count. There is also a difference between sperm count and sperm concentration.

A sperm count anywhere in the range from 15 million to 150 million per milliliters is considered normal. You have a fair chance of getting your partner pregnant as long as your total ejaculate sperm count is over 22 million sperm.

There are quite a number of things affecting your sperm count that you cannot control. These factors include genetics, cancer or pituitary gland problems; however, there are a number of controllable factors mentioned below that can cause a significant improvement in your sperm count:

– Eat Right: You can control your sperm count by controlling what you eat. A healthy intake of micro-nutrients like vitamin C, E, folate and zinc can increase sperm count. The right diet is the answer to how to increase sperm count and volume.

Here are some foods that you should add to your diet to boost sperm counts and improve sperm shape and motility:

  • OystersOysters: Oysters are loaded with zinc. Zinc boosts sperm quality in both fertile and less-than-fertile men. They are also rich in vitaminB12, manganese and selenium all of which have been linked to generate high quality semen.
  • Black-Eyed Peas: A rich source of folic acid, black-eyed peas can increase your sperm count by 74 percent. Folic acid is vital to your DNA production. It ensures that your sperms are free of any chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus has high amount of folic acid along with antioxidants that help protect your sperms from the damage that free radicals can cause.
  • Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is quite rich in amino acids like arginine. These amino acids promote blood flow to the genitals improving both erection and sperm production.
  • Bananas: Bananas contain bromelain, which is a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory enzyme. It helps increase testosterone production thatleads to increased sperm production.
  • WalnutsWalnuts: Walnuts provide a healthy supply of manganese, copper, folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, omega-3 fatty acids and protein. All of these nutrients increase the sperm’s vitality, motility and morphology.
  • Oranges: Oranges contain vitamin C that helps sperms to not stick together. Clumping of sperms can hinder their function leading to infertility.

– Avoid Unhealthy Foods: Obesity can lead to low sperm count, too. Therefore, it is important to maintain an ideal weight. However, maintaining weight does not mean you have to go hungry.

Food deprivation in men can cause a loss of libido. It also alters the structure of reproductive tissue leading to infertility. Have a balanced diet consisting of plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

Also, you must avoid over-indulging in:

  • Tobacco
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Artificial additives

Try Some Supplements– Try Some Supplements: Supplements can be a good way to replenish the vital nutrients your body lacks. In order to increase your sperm count and enhance your fertility, the most important supplementary nutrients are vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C prevents sperm cells fromclumping together; thus, increasing fertility. Zinc helps increase testosterone levels, sperm count and sperm motility.

There are few other supplemental nutrients that you can take:

  • L-Carnitine: Found in red meat and milk, it is a natural amino acid. It helps increase sperm production and speed.
  • Folic acid: When a healthy intake of folic acid combines with healthy intake of zinc, it helps increase the amount of sperm produced.
  • L-Arginine: Found in nuts, eggs and sesame seeds, this nutrient enhances sperm quality and quantity.
  • Vitamin E: It is a vitamin that increases sperm speed and concentration.In addition, it is a potent antioxidant that can fight ROS damaging your sperms.
  • Selenium: Selenium is one of the most effective antioxidants known. It reduces that amount of toxins in your body that helps generate high quality sperm

vitamin supplements and pills– Try ProSolution™ Pills: The market is flooded with vitamin supplements and pills to help increase your performance in the bedroom. ProSolution™ Pills are one of the unique and most effective products available in the market. ProSolution™ Pills can:

  • Give you bigger, harder and long lasting erections.
  • Impressive stamina to perform.
  • Increase your sex drive.
  • Give you multiple orgasms in a single session.

ProSolution™ Pills contain:

  • Korean Ginseng: It increases erection rigidity and libido.
  • Butea Superba: This herb helps improve the quality of sexual experience by increasing libido and erections.
  • Solidilin: It contains L-Dopa, which is a precursor to dopamine, a pleasure hormone.
  • Drilizen: It contains protodioscin that increases testosterone levels
  • Cordycyps: This compound boosts sex drive.
  • Curculigo: It is an aphrodisiac that helps decrease the time between erections.

3. Exercising is the Answer to How to Increase Sperm Count Fast and How to Increase Sperm Count Naturally.

ExerciseExercise does not only give you muscular arms and washboard abs. It can also boost your sperm count and increase your fertility. According to a research published by the Harvard University, men who exercise for seven or more hours a week have 48 percent more sperm concentration than men who exercise for less than one hour per week.

Exercising regularly can:

  • Boost the production of antioxidant enzymes
  • Boost vitamin D levels. It is mainly due to the exposure to sunlight during outdoor activities.
  • Improve testosterone levels
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Reduce obesity

a stationary bikeAll of these directly improve sperm count. However, simply jumping onto a stationary bike for an hour is not the right way to help increase your sperm count. In fact, studies show that the pressure put on the scrotum while you are seated on a bicycle can actually decrease your fertility. Just as the right diet answers how to increase sperm count at home, exercise reveals how to increase sperm count as well as how to increase testosterone.

The forms of exercises that help boost sperm count are:

  • Cardio: These exercises help burn fat which boosts libido. It also helps blood circulation in the body.
  • Weight-lifting: Resistance training helps maintain lean body mass and keeps you strong. Lifting weights also releases testosterone which increases sex drive.
  • YogaYoga: Yoga helps reduce stress and release muscle tension in the hips, back and groin. If you are relaxed and have improved blood flow to the pelvic organs, your sperm count and quality will gradually increase. Yoga is a good way to maintain sexual health.

Also, here are some don’ts that you must abide by while exercising:

  • While exercising, avoid any back-to-back strenuous work-outs. Instead, do strength training, yoga and flexibility exercises alternately.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes while exercising.
  • Avoid sauna, hot tubs, steam rooms so that your testicles remain cool. Heat destroys sperms and lowers your sperm count.
  • Do relaxation exercises every day. Stress is one of the key factors for low sperm count and infertility.

relaxation exercisesYour sperm count indicates the state of your health. Since the secret to health is maintaining a proper lifestyle, you can increase your sperm count by simply altering your lifestyle. The tips in this article answer how to increase sperm count and how to increase sperm count fast. They also provide ways how to increase your sperm count naturally.


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Jun 10

Find Out How to Give Your Man a Prostate Orgasm Today

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male sexualityOne of the biggest questions about male sexuality is this: do you have a g-spot?

There is an ongoing debate whether men have g-spot or not. While some do not believe that males have a g-spot, there are still many others who believe you have one, just like in women. In fact, there is such a thing called prostate orgasm – and the effects are unbelievable.

Here’s the challenge for you and your girl: how do you achieve prostate orgasms?

The truth is getting the much coveted male prostate orgasm may be challenging at first. With the right tools and a truckload of patience, you will be able to get it in no time.

Here are 16 ways to help you achieve a prostate orgasm.

1. First, Say Hello and Get to Know Your Prostate Better

prostateHow much do you know about your prostate? Before you know the different techniques on how to achieve orgasm through prostate, it is important that you understand what this organ is.

The prostate is a small gland that has the same size and shape of a walnut. It is also found below the bladder, in front of your rectum, and surrounds part of your urethra or the tube that carries urine from your bladder.

However, the main purpose of prostate is that helps your body make semen, which carries your sperm from the testicles. For this reason, it is important to maintain optimum prostate health to ensure your sex life and reproductive capabilities remain intact.

2. Open Your Mind to a Different Kind of Sexual Satisfaction

Sexual education taught you that the best way to orgasm is either orally or through penetration. In fact, that’s what your penis is for. This is also the reason why women focus on this area, because it is the simplest way to bring you to your pleasure zone.

Apparently, your school failed to tell you about another way to achieve sexual satisfaction – through your prostate.

Prostate assisted orgasms are rarely discussed and looked into by many. This type of orgasm is not publicized, compared to penetration using your penis; however, there are a number of prostate orgasm enthusiasts who encourage men and women to give this practice a try. After all, there are various tools available to help you turn on your prostate.

3. Understanding Your G-Spot and How a Prostate Orgasm Works

You know that your prostate is responsible for producing semen. Because of this, those with exploring minds decided to look into this organ and discovered that indeed, it is your g-spot.

questionAside from the functions of prostate, this male gland is a highly erogenous area, which means when tickled right, it could give you a different kind of pleasure and sensation. It is also a wonderful way to warm up your sexual system and make sex more pleasurable.

The question is why does it work?

Apart from producing semen, your prostate is also responsible for storing your juices in case you need a supply. When your prostate is empty, sexual desire is non-existent. On the other hand, if your prostate is in full supply, you always crave for lots of sexual activity.

The more semen you have, the more juices you can use, thereby increasing your chances of procreation, but that’s not all – the better your orgasms will be, which is always a good thing. You can also pop a male enhancement product that is natural, such as ProSolution pills.

sex pillsJust one more word on these natural sex pills: If you need a boost, be sure to ask your doctor if it is safe for you to try an herbal male enhancement first. This is especially important if you take other medications or are dealing with a health issue. This type of pill is designed to improve your stamina, provide you with bigger and longer erections, and boost your overall sexual performance in bed.

Now that you know what your prostate can do, read the succeeding sections and find out how you can achieve prostate orgasm either by yourself, or with a partner. Take note of the tips and tools to avoid complications in the future.

4. Exploring Your Sexuality: What You Should Know About the Benefits of Prostate Orgasms

BenefitsYou might be wondering why you should even try prostate massage orgasm. Aside from being a completely different kind of orgasm, what else could it do for your body? Apparently, it is more than just for an orgasm.

Here are some of the benefits of saying yes to this type of pleasure:

  • Increases blood flow and circulation of oxygen to your pelvic area.
  • Helps flush out the toxins building up in your prostate, hereby cleansing your prostate.
  • Decreases the risk of impotence.
  • Prevents the buildup of semen in the prostate gland.
  • Allows you to experience not just multiple orgasms, but also a dry orgasm where you don’t have to ejaculate to achieve the big O.

The best news is all of these benefits could come in handy when it comes to preventing prostate cancer, which affected 2.9 million Americans. Prostate cancer affects one in every seven men, with one for every 39 men dying from it. Through this sexual routine, you might be able to reduce your risk and enjoy this practice even more.

So, you decided to give it a go. Check out the next sections and tips on how to do this safely and correctly.

5. Before You Start: How to Let Go of All the Toxins Inside Your Body

have a bowel movementThe first thing you need to do before you try prostate-assisted orgasm is to have a bowel movement. You might ask why.

After doing that, your anus will loosen up and your prostate will relax, which makes it easier for you to facilitate pleasure. At the same time, it minimizes possible distractions during the process, since working on your prostate could make you feel the need to go.

Therefore, release those toxins at least an hour before your intended schedule. Drinking lots of water and inserting a mild suppository could help you empty your bowels in case you are having a hard time.

Taking a hot shower could also help not just in cleansing, but also in keeping you relaxed and calm. This could also put you in the mood and an excellent warm up for anal stimulation. 

6. Setting the Mood: Essentials for Achieving a Prostate Orgasm Easier

Setting the MoodAnother preparation you should never take for granted is finding a quiet spot with no distractions whatsoever.

Whether you do it alone or with your special someone, a quiet room will help you a lot in keeping your focus and concentration while doing the deed. Consequently, you surely don’t want to be interrupted while trying to achieve prostate orgasm.

If you can’t find a quiet spot, then at least lock your room and keep the curtains down. Some soothing, relaxing music in the background could also set the mood and keep you relaxed as you go through the process.

7. Prostate Masturbation Toys: The Tools that Will Help You in Getting the Big O

anal beadsYou can use your partner’s fingers; however, if you do it alone, getting extra help could come in handy. In this case, there are prostate masturbation toys available on the market.

Prostate masturbation toys assist you in stimulating the internal and external anal sphincters and reach the prostate easily. There are many toys available such as:

  • Sex bead strings or anal beads that are placed inside for a different sensation.
  • Mini-vibrator designed for anal use.
  • Prostate massager called Aneros. This wavy-shaped device could easily get into your anus and nestles up against your perineum for extra pleasure.
  • Loki from Lelo, which is another prostate massager device that helps you reach a mind-blowing orgasm.

The bottom line is never leave the prostate masturbation toys behind. You will need an extra hand to achieve prostate orgasm, and any of these toys will do the trick. Don’t forget to take ProSolution pills for an even more intensified orgasm.

8. Keep Your or Your Ladylove’s Fingers Short and Clean

fingernailsLet’s say you prefer to do it with your hands – literally. That’s fine. The good thing about using the fingers is that you can easily adjust it according to your level of comfort. You can start with the little pinky, then slowly move up until you can use two or even three fingers on your behind.

When using the fingers, here is something to remember: make sure you keep your or your partner’s fingernails short and your hands extra-clean. Any nail art must be discouraged, especially if your partner’s nails come with beads, jewels and glitter. You don’t want any broken, chipped, or hanging nails going inside your behind. The skin around your anus is a sensitive area and can tear easily.

Therefore, trimmed nails are a must.

9. Don’t Forget the Lube before You Put on a Tube

Here’s the thing: your anus is not designed for penetration. Unlike a woman’s vagina, your anus doesn’t stretch easily to accommodate slightly large objects. In that case, a bottle of lube on your bedside table could be helpful.

If this is your first time, make sure to apply lube generously in the area. Massaging the anus could also help a lot since the area is loaded with many nerve endings to get you in the mood. By prepping the area, prostate massage orgasm will be less painful and more comfortable.

10. Finding Your Target: How to Locate Your New Best Friend

Finding Your TargetIt may be challenging to find where your g-spot is; however, the best way to find your prostate is when you are aroused. This is because your prostate swells when you are aroused, which makes it easier for you or your partner to spot it. Combine it with genital stimulation and you are surely in for a treat.

How will you or your partner know if it is already the prostate?

As soon as your partner inserts their finger, the prostate is only a few inches above on the anus, on the belly side. She will feel a diamond-shaped area or a size of the walnut in case you are not aroused. Once you or your partner has located your prostate, read the next section to find out what you can do to it.

11. Get the Big O with a Prostate Massage Orgasm

glove on your handThe most common and effective way to perform prostate stimulation is by going through the anus. There are variety of ways you can do this; however, the simplest and most inexpensive way to stimulate your prostate is by using your fingers.

To manually achieve prostate orgasm, here’s what you can do:

  • With trimmed nails, put a glove on your hand.
  • Make sure that your working hand has proper lubrication, so it could get inside easily.
  • Slowly slide your finger into your anus until you are able to locate the prostate.
  • Once you hit your target, move your finger back and forth until you are able to orgasm.
  • You can also slowly squeeze the prostate gland in downward motion.

The issue with using your or your partner’s finger is that it might be an inch or two shorter to be able to do the job well. Your finger might be to reach your gland, but it might have a hard time stimulating the top of your gland, which is the peak of the milking process.

In that case, you can try various prostate masturbation toys to help you finish the job.

12. The Best Positions to Stimulate Your Prostate

Just like in sex, there are certain positions that will intensify prostate orgasm. In fact, your position could even make or break the success of this type of orgasm.

Prostate Massage: By Yourself

squatIf you plan to do this by yourself, the biggest issue you may face is flexibility.

Unlike women, men are less flexible, which could make prostate-assisted orgasm a bit challenging for you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Reach forward between your legs either from around your back or one hand going each way.
  • Lie on your front or back and use pillows to elevate your hips.
  • Lie on your side or squat.
  • Stand with your one foot on a chair, then reach your prostate with one hand behind you. This is the best way to do prostate orgasm, because it opens up your pelvis and allows deeper self-penetration.

The important thing is to find a position that works best for you. You should be able to reach for your prostate and at the same time, hold that position long enough to experience the benefits of prostate massage orgasm.

Prostate Massage: With a Partner

with a partnerYou can also try prostate-assisted orgasm with a partner. In doing so, you should also find a position that is both comfortable for you, and something you can tolerate for at least a few minutes.

Once you found that position, allow your partner to do their job in stimulating your prostate gland. They can also use their finger or rely on prostate massage toys. Regardless of their chosen method, using the proper lubrication is important for you to enjoy the benefits of this type of orgasm.

There is no doubt that prostate massage orgasm is pleasurable. Still, this doesn’t mean there is no risks and dangers attached to it. Despite its good intentions, keep in mind that tickling and playing with your prostate could do more harm than good if you are not too careful.

Check out the risks and possible dangers of this type of orgasm.

13. Risks and Dangers to Keep in Mind Before Prostate Milking

riskYou or your partner might be too excited to try this technique. That’s normal. After all, bringing something new to the table could help in keeping the spark intact and your sex life as exciting as possible.

However, take it easy. If you are not too careful, milking the prostate could increase the risk of injury. There is also a possibility that you might hurt yourself due to the following situations:

  • Too much force applied to the organ.
  • Long fingernails scratching the anal tissues.
  • Too rough with the insertion, causing tissue damage.
  • Lack of lubrication, irritating the anal area.

Here are possible scenarios in case you go overboard:

  • Pain in your lower abdomen, which is often a sign of internal damage.
  • Blood in the semen or urine, even after the prostate stimulation.

Seek professional help immediately in case any of the two symptoms manifest.

Aside from this, there are certain conditions that require you to stay away from this type of orgasm, which you will learn more about below.

14. Medical Conditions That Are Not on Good Terms with Prostate Orgasm

It turns out that cutting your fingernails is not enough when doing this type of orgasm. The truth is there are certain medical conditions that are not in good terms with orgasm of the prostate.

These are:

  • Prostate Calculi – This is when small stones form on the prostate gland without your knowledge. In prostate-assisted orgasm, it could scratch the gland and may cause pain and irritation.
  • Hemorrhoids – Giving a prostate massage could irritate the rectum and cause hemorrhoids to appear after the massage.
  • Acute Prostatitis – Prostate orgasm might cause blood poisoning.
  • Prostate Cancer – Prostate milking is dangerous since it could cause the spreading of cancerous cells all over your body.

Here’s is the more alarming part: you might not know that you have any of these conditions without proper diagnosis. Most of these medical issues can only be detected through a proper medical exam. Before you say yes to prostate-assisted orgasm, make sure you are cleared from any of these medical conditions to avoid issues and complications.

15. A Few More Tips to Remember to Minimize the Risks of Prostate Orgasm

RememberProstate orgasm could be one of two things: either you’ll love it, or you don’t.

To make sure that you get the most out of your experience and prevent complications during the process, here are few more reminders you should keep in mind to ensure safety:

  • Be gentle. Avoid being rough by forcing or pushing your finger or prostate toy in your anus.
  • Use lots of lube. Always have the lube within your reach to facilitate easier penetration.
  • Be careful. Take note of any existing medical conditions mentioned above. Your health is more important that getting that big O from your behind.
  • Take your time. Allow your anus to adjust to the sensation by doing it slowly and gently.
  • Keep it clean. Be sure the area and your fingers are washed to keep the prostate masturbation clean and sterilized.
  • Be prepared to stop. If you feel any discomfort, allow yourself to recover before trying it again.
  • Never force the issue. If you experience pain during the process despite doing it gently, then stop and don’t force your prostate-assisted orgasm.

Aside from these tips, check out the next tip and find out the most important things you should remember when it comes to achieving the big O through your prostate.

16. It’s All About These Two Things to Make a Prostate Orgasm Successful

discussRegardless of how you want to do it, these techniques could help you achieve prostate orgasm. After all, every man is unique, and how you want to provide pleasure for yourself may not be the same for others.

Still, here are two things you should remember when it comes to this type of orgasm:

Have an open mind. Being open to the idea will make you more comfortable while doing the act. Some of the techniques mentioned may be spine-tingling and unconventional for you, but the important thing is keeping your mind open to the possibility. If you plan to do it with your partner, then make sure you discuss this, explore the available options, and that they should be willing, too.

Be willing to give it a try. Consequently, there must be willingness on your part to try something new. Whether you do this alone or with your partner, prostate orgasm could potentially be one of the best things you could give yourself sexually. This could even boost your sex life.

pleasureAll of these tips mentioned won’t work if you don’t have these two characteristics. 

Male prostate orgasm is possible, but it all boils down to preparation, massage techniques and your willingness to try it. Keep an open mind and give it a go. Use these 15 tricks and techniques to guide you better in the process. It may be embarrassing and it is normal to feel conscious about it, but there is no harm in trying.

When done the right way, prostate orgasm will surely give you a different kind of pleasure and sexual sensation.

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May 20

15 Killer Tips on How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed (#7 is Fun)

By owner | Articles

Sensitive, sexy and sweet – for you there is absolutely no one better than your girl in the entire world; however, unlike men, women tend to take longer to get aroused, but when they do get in the mood for it, you will surely be in for a treat.

Your sexual trysts are always full of frolic and fun, but do you actually rock her world? If the answer’s a no, you can benefit from this list on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Later in this article, we are going to disclose some secrets to you, which girls have been withholding for so long, only because they don’t want you to gain power over them by knowing exactly what makes them orgasm like never before. You can thank us later.

Let’s get started with the 15 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

1. Be a Man: Be a Bit Aggressive

ravish herFirst and foremost, let’s draw the line between being aggressive and being outright abusive. Even feminists like to be roughed up once in a while in the bedroom. Believe us when we say that women always want their man to follow his animal instincts and ravish her like the celluloid heroes do in their manly glamour.

So, rather than treating her like a delicate flower; plug into your testosterone levels once in a while and see her as the lioness that she really is. If you need some ideas on how you can make your aggression sexually satisfying, here are some tips:

  • Romantic Aggression: If you’re not sure how to start out, you can always mildly asphyxiate her, pin her hands above her head or give her hair a light tug whenever she gets up to brush her teeth in the morning. She’ll call in a sick day at work just to be in bed with you.
  • Spanking: Pinching her bottom while she least expects it might be a good way of testing whether she likes a bit of pain in her lovemaking sessions, aside from asking her. If she responds favorably, spank her the next time she slips into her lace nightgown.
  • Reverse the Roles: Society always wants women to be the docile one in the relationship. So, it is sometimes possible that the secret to satisfying a woman in bed may lie in handing her the reins by allowing her to play the role of the aggressor. Let her tie you up and have her way with you. What have you got to lose? You just became the luckiest guy in the world.

woman in bedIf you are looking for some real tips, you may search your browser, using terms like, “how to satisfy a woman in bed with images,” “how to satisfy a woman in bed with images pdf,” or “how to satisfy a woman in bed pdf.” You are sure to get some sizzling ideas off the web.

2. How to Please Women in Bed: Kiss, Kiss and Kiss Some More

KissingYou want to satisfy a woman sexually and the fundamental act of love completely escaped your mind? You might have been under the wrong impression that kissing is only restricted to foreplay, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Kissing creates the intimate emotional bond, which lets women know that they can open up in front of you. Girls love to be loved, and what better way to do it than kissing her in a way that feels like it is the last kiss you two would be sharing?

Check out our tips on how to pleasure a woman in bed by just varying your kissing style:

  • Your lips are your asset. Your lips literally need to be perfect if you want your girl to be really turned on. Forget chapped lips and breath that smells of stale onions. Put in the effort to apply some lip balm, which will make your lips supple and spray some mint breath freshener before you get ready for some action. Girls often like to be tickled during kissing so if your woman’s into it, don’t stop keeping a beard.
  • Decode your sexual style. Yes, your sex has a style of its own too. Is yours like the one they show in the romantic comedies or do you love to mix it up occasionally with a bit of BDSM? If it’s the former, you can begin by lightly kissing her on the mouth and then kissing a bit harder, whereas if you belong to the daring category of men, you can just push her against a wall and alternately bite and suck her lips.
  • face to faceDon’t forget to vary your positions, too. It goes without saying that not all sexual positions will be compatible with your kissing strategy. Try out positions like the missionary one, in which both of you will be face to face most of the time or you can always make her sit on your lap and give her deep sensual kisses while you two have intercourse.

If you wondering how to last longer in bed, you may want to try all natural male enhancement supplements.

3. How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed: Talk Dirty to Her

Thanks to the massive bombardment of misinformation from the media and porn films, almost all guys have a twisted knowledge of what dirty talk during sex entails. Let us warn you. Comments like, “Who’s your daddy,” will only invite slaps and some severe remonstrations from your girlfriend.

The right way to go about it would be to talk dirty to her without being disrespectful or insulting. Before you ask how you should do this, here are the answers:

flimsy brassiere

  • For starters, express what you love. When she walked into the room wearing that flimsy brassiere, your heart might have skipped a beat or two, but did you express your feelings to her? You should, as such candid comments about her appearance would not only make her blush brighter than a red rose, but would also make her feel validated and cherished.
  • Are You Turned on? Scream it out. Tell her how ecstatic you were when she just finished giving you that blow job, how her moles makes you want to kiss her skin all night long and even what liberties you want to take with her body, so that she’s in seventh heaven.
  • Focus on your delivery. It’s not just what you say, but also how you say things, that will determine whether you are able to please your woman in bed. Think of Gerard Butler in S., I Love You, and try to whisper sweet nothings in her ear in a drawling and husky voice, overflowing with passion and lust. She won’t be able to disentangle herself from your arms anytime soon.

4. How to Please a Woman Sexually: Bring On the Big O with Oral

Most men don’t realize it, but there is much more to sex than intercourse. The sex might be the best both of you ever had, but even your most awesome moves deserve a day off, don’t they?

satisfy a womanA sensuous oral session after the initial foreplay makes the sexual experience much more exciting and enjoyable. Keep reading to find out our tips about oral stimulation and ways to sexually satisfy a woman.

  • Get her all relaxed. Like you, your girl can also be feeling quite self-conscious with regards to the time it would take her to climax. Send her clear signals that you are ready to devote your time and energy to making her feel good.
  • Perfect your position. Hoist her pelvis up with the help of a pillow and make her spread her legs wide. The larger her opening is, the better the sensation will be.
  • Tease her with attention. Use your tongue to lightly tease her vagina and listen carefully to her breathing patterns to decide what is turning her on the most and keep doing that until she orgasms. If you want to bring in the invigorating sensation of vibrations, don’t forget to use a vibrator too.
  • she will have an orgasmThe grand finale. As you go along, try to introduce different rhythms with up and down and some sideways action. Imagine you were licking an ice cream rather than pounding your notebook with a pencil and before you know it, she will have an orgasm.

Use these tips on how to please a woman sexually and see the magic unfolding.

5. How to Satisfy Women: It’s All About Her Twins

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your woman’s breasts are extremely sensitive and can respond to the lightest touch. Have you ever noticed how most of foreplay always involves you touching and playing with them? It’s time you brought your “A game” to the event of the night, too.

Here’s the deal: Always follow your instinct on how you can please a woman in bed by focusing on her breasts and you will never have look back.

  • Know her breasts inside out: You always kiss, lick, suck, bite and press her nipples and you think that you’re done, but did you know that the entire breast area, especially the underside, is covered by nerves which make it so vulnerable to your touch? Start out slow by drawing the outline of her breasts on her chest with your fingertips.
  • tracing circlesJust Breathe: While you are tracing circles, breathe hard over her nipples. She will be writhing with desire and just when she begs you to have your way with her nipple, deliver your master stroke.
  • The End Game: If you begin noticing a darkening in her areolas don’t wait an instant. Suck hard on her nipples and keep massaging the other breast lightly.

6. Satisfying Women in Bed: Get Her Out of Bed and Go Public

Who said satisfying a woman sexually only had to be limited to your house? Sex in long term relationships tends to get boring just because there are no new challenges to your love.

The risk factor involved with having sexual experiences in public spaces, such as parking lots and elevators, makes her feel like a teenager and gets her adrenaline surging higher and higher. Just be absolutely sure you don’t get caught, because you don’t want to end up in jail for indecent exposure. Not sexy.

7. A Fun Tip on How to Please Women in Bed: Be a Master at Spontaneity

quickiesIf a man wants to know how to please a woman in bed, he has to master the art of quickies. Girls love to feel that they are so utterly irresistible that their partners can’t keep it in their pants, as soon as they catch a whiff of their sweet smell or behold their pretty face.

You must be wondering, what’s the bottom line? With our tips you will be able to plan your spontaneous eruptions of passion so carefully that she will surely swoon when she detects that look in your eyes:

  • I Want You, Right Here, Right Now: Just when she gets home from work, carrying a pile of documents in one hand and your weekly groceries in the other, relieve her of all her belongings and kiss her fully on the mouth with intense emotion.
  • Where Do You Take Her: Please refrain from taking her to the bed. Half the excitement dies down when she realizes that you are going to have an encounter in the same old place. The kitchen, bath, couch and floor are all great options if you can imbue them with your romantic touch. Just light some candles and keep a bottle of lubricant handy.
  • To Undress or Not to Undress: Don’t undress her completely just yet. Roughly unzip her pants and pull them down to her knees. If you want to become aroused by touching her breasts, don’t make her lose her top, but rather grope over the fabric of the shirt as if you are on a quest to find her nipples.
  • Walk The Talk: Apply the lubricant quickly, yet generously, on your fingers and massage her clitoris till she starts to moan. The more aroused you feel, the quicker she will feel stimulated.

8. Kiss Her Like a Princess

Kiss Her Like a PrincessYou don’t always need to use penetration to make her feel like she’s the center of your world. Girls often have body consciousness issues and might feel that there are certain physical attributes you’d rather keep away from.

Rather than focusing on some specific portions of her body, go all the way and take her entire body on a ride. Starting from her wrists to her ankles, from her eyes to her inner thigh, the sensations you evoke will reinstall her confidence in her sexual prowess and will arouse your lady sexually.

9. It’s Playtime. The Purpose of Sexual Role Playing

You won’t believe how far a bit of make-believe can take you during your sexual escapades. If you have been through how to satisfy a woman in bed”YouTube tutorials, you would know that, similarly to boys, girls also tend to harbor their fantastical imaginations with a bit of naughty fun.

They are often too scared to reveal their role-playing ideas to their partners in fear that they might think they have gone crazy. You must be wondering how you can make her open up and trust you enough to disclose anything that she want you to do. Check out our tips and you’ll be confused no more.

  • Get real about your fantasy. Once your girl knows that you aren’t as uptight as she had thought you to be, things would move more smoothly. Tell her how you always wanted your girlfriend to wear the Princess Leia costume and encourage her to reveal all her dirty fantasies. This sharing of information will keep her imagination on its toes and hormones on edge.
  • Don’t feel embarrassedDon’t feel embarrassed about occasional slip ups. It’s only natural for you to make mistakes, since it’s the first time you are engaging in something as crazy as this. It is likely that you will mumble during the dialogues and your girl will burst out laughing. In these situations, the only way you can satisfy your woman sexually is by taking humor in stride and just doing it.

10. Nibble on Her Lovely Neck

At last, the one thing celluloid wasn’t wrong about. You should know that the skin that stretches from your girl’s collarbone to her ear is super sensitive and vulnerable to all kinds of touch. But don’t commit the horrendous mistake of licking her neck and leaving it drooping with saliva. After all, you’re her man, not her pet dog.

Try to take liberties with the ladies in bed by alternating between soft kissing and forcefully sucking on her neck. If your girlfriend is into love bites and can’t wait to show them off in front of the entire world, go right ahead by nibbling on the thicker skin near her collarbone. She’ll literally melt in your arms and demand that you pleasure her in bed right there and then.

11. Climaxing Through the Clitoris

make her climaxPut on your smart glasses, as you are just about to get a lesson in anatomy. Do you really want to satisfy women in bed? Located outside the vagina, the clitoris is to girls what penis is to men, so you need to know exactly where her clitoris is located, if you want to make her climax like never before.

The best part is that clitoral stimulation isn’t that hard to achieve with these how to satisfy a woman in bed techniques:

  • Seek out the positions that are amenable to your needs: Spooning, doggy-style and even the girl on top are great positions to try out if you want to stimulate her clitoris.
  • No two clitorises are the same: If you were under the impression that, since your ex got excited whenever you massaged her clitoris in a certain manner, your wife will also enjoy your moves, you are wrong. You have to make mistakes and learn what makes your partner’s clitoris click.

12. Sexual Foods at Their Best

Do you think your girl works herself to death in the gym just because she wants to flaunt her flat belly? Well, you are partly correct, but she also wants you to make proper use of it. Girls love it when you get creative in bed with aphrodisiacs, such as oysters and chocolate sauce.

chocolate sauceRather than eating from respectable bowls, slather it all over your bodies and clean her as if she were a plate. Just hearing about it made you aroused, didn’t it? Besides, women who are looking for tips on how to satisfy a man in bed can consume sexual foods too, and win the heart of their love.

13. Explore Her Romantically First, Then Sexually Next

You want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed every time, but did you remember to bring her flowers on her birthday last week? Women are always looking forward to connecting emotionally with a guy before they can start trusting him with their bodies.

Surprise her with some cheesy public display of affection and cheeky text messages.  Watch all her favorite girly movies, over and over again, to get an idea of how you can romantically sweep her off her feet like the Prince Charming she has been hoping for all her life.

14. Be A Bit Daring: Enjoy a Threesome

she might get hornyThough not all girls will be comfortable with the idea of a threesome, if you’ve got a daring girlfriend, she might get horny just with the suggestion that you’ll be indulging in a threesome. Having to compete with another girl for your attention and affection may turn her on and the experience could be at the top of your list of best nights spent together.

This is dangerous territory, though, so make sure you both absolutely want this – and if not, that’s okay. Keep reading for more ideas.

15. Spoil Her, She Deserves It

At the end of the day, all she ever wants is to get spoiled once in a while. Women work incredibly hard what with their duties at home and responsibilities at work.

Make sure you rock her world by getting her female sexuality satisfied, but also see to it that you remind her of the girl she once was with your pecks and intense kisses, which make her collapse in giggles.

Take her in your arms and cuddle her to sleep afterwards and you will have mastered the technique of how to satisfy a woman sexually. You could make your own YouTube tutorial, perhaps?

In a long-term relationship, boredom in sex is quite a common problem; however, you can dodge that bullet by learning how to satisfy a woman in bed. Don’t forget to share your newfound wisdom with your friends. They’ll thank you later.

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May 06

For Guys: 16 Tips to Boost Your Sex Satisfaction in Marriage

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Once upon a time, sex was great in your home. Then your kids came, more responsibilities came into the picture, and even your wife forgot about herself, too. On rare occasions, sex became dull and predictable. Perhaps the marriage satisfaction quiz you answered on Facebook even tells you so.

Can you still fix this situation and bring back sex satisfaction in marriage? The answer is yes.

The truth is, there is no exact formula that will bring sex satisfaction and your happy marriage back on track. It is a combination of various factors that will work for you and your wife. In case you don’t know where to start, here are 16 tips to help you bring sexual satisfaction in your marriage.

1. Help Her With Household Chores to Boost Your Score in the Marriage Satisfaction Scale

women should stay at homeSociety dictates that men should do the work and provide the family needs, while women should stay at home and in charge of the house and kids. Apparently, this is the 21st century, and gone are the days when men consider women as their slaves.

According to the 2009 study published in the Journal of Family Issues, couples who share equal responsibilities in doing household chores end up having sex more often. This is because housework is among the top stressors in a woman’s life and doing your part could help her lower stress levels, which could translate to better mood inside the bedroom.

Consequently, sharing responsibilities at home results to a serene and well-tended home, characteristics that are conducive to intimacy.

If you are serious about sex and marital satisfaction, then make sure you help her out with the chores, which leads us to the next one.

2. Life After Pregnancy: Boosting Marriage Satisfaction Even After Baby

Honey, not tonightYou love your child, there’s no doubt about it. However, this means added responsibility, and your wife will most like spend more time with your child. She would often use the “I’m tired” or “Honey, not tonight” excuse because all her energy is devoted to your child. Most of the time, she will wear the “mom” hat instead of the “wife” hat.

That’s okay. Having a baby doesn’t mean it’s the end of your sex life. Here are sex secrets you should know as a new parent, dug straight from the marriage satisfaction inventory:

  • Don’t limit yourself to having sex inside the bedroom.
  • Take advantage of your child’s naptime.
  • Increase intimacy and affection through hugging, cuddling and kissing.
  • Seek extra hands to take care of your baby for a few hours while you and your wife spend some time together.
  • Have sex whenever you can.
  • Understand your wife and don’t rush to getting your sex life back.

When it comes to babies, below is another tip that will help jumpstart your sex life back on track.

3. Don’t Just Be a Sitter, But Be a Daddy, Too

spend time with the kidsSharing responsibilities at home could be an effective way to boost sex satisfaction in marriage. When it comes to this aspect, it is equally important to be a dad to your child.

Believe it or not, one of the things your wife wants you to do is to be a hands-on dad and spend time with the kids. Playing with them and looking after them is not enough to get her sex drive up and running. She needs to see that you are serious about the responsibility that comes with having a child. This includes giving them a bath, feeding them, waking up in the middle of the night, and even changing those dirty diapers.

Go ahead and be your child’s superhero. Show your wife that you care, and want to be involved with the kids while she attends to other matters too, like herself.

4. Before the Day Ends, Have A Positive Conversation with Your Wife

When was the last time you talked to your wife? By talk, this means positive and feel-good conversations instead of her reminding you to pick up the kids from soccer practice.

Before the day ends, make it a habit to sit down and have a conversation with your wife. You can start with how your day went and take off from there. Relate your conversation to something meaningful that happened in the past. If you have a funny story to tell, go ahead and tell it. Consequently, make sure you listen when she has something to say too.

The important thing is to spend time together and talk as husband and wife to boost marriage satisfaction.

Speaking of nighttime routine, make sure you consider the next tip.

5. Go to Bed at the Same Time With Your Wife to Maintain Intimacy and Connection

bring back sexual satisfactionFact: many married couples developed a pattern of sleeping at different times or worse, sleeping in the other room. If you are one of those couples, then you need to establish a new sleeping routine to bring back sexual satisfaction in your sex life. This includes going to bed with your wife at the same time every night.

You might ask, why?

Sleeping on separate beds or at separate times creates the feeling of separation and develops emotional distance. The more you continue with this pattern, the higher the possibility that your sex life will go down the drain.

It’s not too late to fix this. Make it a habit to go to bed and sleep with her at the same time every night. This doesn’t automatically translate to sex, but it helps bring back closeness and intimacy back in your relationship. Who knows, this could lead to something else.

6. Stop the Hate and Plan a Sex Date With Your Wife

plan a sex dateLet’s say you and your wife included conversation in your routine and so far, things are going great. It’s now time to move up to the next level to ensure that your relationship is at its peak.

This time, plan a sex date. Think regular date nights, but with a special treat afterwards.

Sex dates are special nights dedicated for sex and intimacy – just you and your wife. The good thing about this is you have something you are looking forward to, and you are maximizing it to build anticipation. By planning ahead, you are able to think of strategies, such as showering together in the morning or sending flirty text messages that will surely make your wife happy.

The result: An increase in sexual satisfaction in married couples.

Speaking of a sex date, read the next section and learn how you can build anticipation to help you enjoy the night even more.

7. Boost Sexual Satisfaction in Marriage by Starting Foreplay as Early as Possible

You might think that foreplay only happens a few minutes before penetration. Apparently, that’s not how it works, especially if your end goal is to satisfy your wife in bed.

What should you do?

Start foreplay, even before you take off your clothes. Keep in mind that foreplay is crucial, since it is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable aspects of sex for women. Without foreplay, most women are unable to orgasm easily compared to when you spend a little extra time and effort getting her in the mood.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Take a shower together without having sex.
  • Give each other a passionate kiss before leaving for work.
  • Send her random flirty and sexy messages.
  • Remind your partner about how excited you are to see her.

These simple tricks will surely get your partner in the mood and increases your chances of sexual satisfaction.

8. Introduce a New Flavor Inside the Bedroom and Say Hello to Sex Life 2.0

Here’s the thing with married couples: you’ve been together for quite some time, which means you achieved a certain level of comfort and ease with each other. That’s fine; however, this could take a toll on your sex life. In fact, your wife gets less excited because you are doing the same things inside the bedroom.

trying a new positionHow do you bring sexual satisfaction back in marriage? Try introducing something new inside the bedroom, one trick at a time. It could be trying a new position, having sex in other areas in your house, bringing a sex toy for your wife to try, or doing the deed at a different time. Change the way you do foreplay and you will keep her happy for sure.

Still, this doesn’t mean you should ditch the old ways. The bottom line is, don’t be predictable. Boredom inside the bedroom requires variety and not ignorance or denial.

When it comes to introducing new flavor, the next pointer will tell you about one thing your wife wants you to do.

9. Go Beyond the Area Down South and Explore Her Body

Here’s the problem with most men: when it comes to sex, they always go down and just focus on the woman’s vagina. There is no issue with that, since a woman’s vagina comes with tons of nerves that make her extra sensitive and more prone to arousal.

However, sex is not just about what’s down south. The truth is a woman’s body comes with erogenous zones starting from her scalp and down to her feet; therefore, don’t just focus on her vagina and take time to explore her body. Believe it or not, every area in her body provides a different kind of sensation that will surely turn her on.

Going Outside What’s Down South

enjoy the scent of her neckYou can start on her head by gently caressing and pulling her hair while in action. Nibble her ear, enjoy the scent of her neck, fondle her breasts, lick her navel, gently bite her inner thighs, and lick her legs. You can also go all the way down to her feet and give her a foot massage before licking her toes.

Surely, this will turn her upside down and make sex more satisfying for her.

10. Remember These Two Habits to Ensure Sex Satisfaction in Marriage

Do you want to know what these habits are? It’s saying thank you and complimenting her everyday.

Here’s the thing about women: they want to feel that they are noticed and appreciated. The best way to show your wife is by thanking her and complimenting her for a job well done. Once appreciation comes into play, she can’t help but be close and intimate with you in every way. At the same time, she is less likely to use the “Not tonight” excuse.

Whether the white shirt looks good on her, or the dinner was great, or you noticed she is starting to lose weight, go ahead and compliment her. Make her feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. She will love it for sure.

The best part is she will reward you for your good behavior.

11. Just Love Her: The Surefire Trick to Sex Satisfaction and Happy Marriage

feel lovedFact: every woman wants to feel loved. Every woman wants to feel that someone also cares about her and willing to take care of her. She wants to know that her needs are met, too.

Be that someone.

Keep in mind that a woman wears different hats. Because of this, marriage satisfaction survey showed that only 18 percent of married women think about sex at least once a day; therefore, make her feel loved. Make her feel that you care for her and you want her to be happy. Take time to talk to her, know her dreams and desires, and what makes her happy.

Her sexual fulfillment depends on the amount of satisfaction she gets not just from you but also from herself. If you are sincere about sex and marital satisfaction, then put her needs at the forefront.

This leads you to the next tip.

12. Give Your Wife Her Alone Time and Make Sure You Leave Her Be

A Men’s Health magazine survey revealed that 85 percent of women are satisfied with the amount of alone time their partners. If your wife belongs in the 15 percent, then you are in big trouble.

One of the secrets to sex satisfaction in marriage is by allowing yourself and your wife to have an own and separate identity. Letting her have her “me time” gives her a breathing room to be on her own and worry less about other responsibilities. Once she comes back, she will be more relaxed, refreshed and in the mood.

Do you want to know the best part about giving your wife her own time? It creates space, thereby increasing connection and desire, which you could translate inside the bedroom.

13. Know What She Wants in Bed and Listen to What She Has to Say

divorceAnother fact: divorce is all-too common in the United States. Marriage satisfaction statistics show that only 25 percent of married couples will remain happy after 10 years of marriage. Consequently, most women are unsatisfied with their relationships, which is quite alarming.

How can you remedy the situation?

The answer is simple: communication.

You already know the importance of positive and meaningful communication, and making it a part of your routine; however, it’s not enough that you know how her day went or if there is anything new she would like to try. In this case, ask her also about her preferences in bed and what turns her. Encourage her to open up about her sexual fantasies and who knows, you’re up for it too.

The more you talk, the deeper the bond will be, which makes sex even more pleasurable, meaningful, and satisfying.

Do you still have room for more? There are few more tips in store for you so make sure you real until the end of the post. After all, you aim to please.

14. Sex Positions: Move Past the Missionary and the Doggie

you and your wife are both happyYou know how being in marriage could make sex a bit predictable and less exciting. You also learned that introducing and bringing something new to the table could turn things around and increases sexual satisfaction.

The truth is there are various ways you can do to make sure you and your wife are both happy. A good way to jump start this is by trying new positions in bed.

Here are some new positions you can try:

  • Sit on the edge of the bed and let her sit on you. Help her move up and down and use your hands to stimulate each other.
  • Let your wife lie down. Then, straddle her left leg while kneeling as you enter inside her. The good thing about this position is that it allows deep penetration and at the same time, your hands are free to caress and stimulate other areas in her body.
  • While standing, let your wife wrap one of her legs around your waist. Slowly go inside her while supporting her weight. This position helps rebuild intimacy and connection.
  • Get your girl in partial bridge position, with her weight resting on her shoulders. Get inside her while in a kneeling position. This position is perfect to stimulate your wife’s clitoris and makes sex extra pleasurable.
  • While in missionary position, raise your wife’s legs and form the letter “V.” This allows good body contact with her vulva, hence extra sensation.

So, which one would you like to try? Whatever you choose, make sure you pop some ProSolution male enhancement pills to keep up with the intensity inside the bedroom. This boosts your stamina and sex drive too.

15. Say Yes to Sex Satisfaction and Happy Marriage by Redefining Sex Standards

When you were younger, you may have thought of sex as push-and-pull, up-and-down movements until you reach orgasm. Because of this thinking, you force yourself and your wife to do the deed, even if one doesn’t want to just for the sake of orgasm. After all, your colleagues and neighbors have sex with their wives more than twice a week.

Here’s the challenge for you to boost sexual satisfaction inside the bedroom: look at sex in a different perspective. Instead of focusing on doing the act itself, look at sex in a more mature, emotional, and intimate perspective.

In other words, stop thinking of sex as one particular act. Don’t pressure yourself to have sex just because your best friend is getting some from his wife every night. There are other ways you can be intimate sans the penetration and orgasm.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Start with giving each other a passionate kiss and a tight hug before you leave for work.
  • Kiss her once you get home and tell her how much you missed.
  • At night, cuddle until you fall asleep.
  • Give each other a full body massage – and see where this leads.

It sounds simple but these baby steps could help a lot in restoring satisfaction back in the bedroom.

16. Be the Man: A Simple and Effective Way to Keep Your Woman Happy

satisfying and pleasurable sexDo you want to know the real secret in boosting sex satisfaction in marriage? Be the man.

It sounds simple yet taking charge could be your ticket to a satisfying and pleasurable sex. The question now is how do you do this?

Here are tips on how to show her who’s in charge:

  • Be dominant inside the bedroom, sans the bondage and whips.
  • Take the lead, but make sure there is balance between being gentle and firm.
  • Build anticipation to keep her excited.
  • Tell her what you want her to do in a respectful, calm, and sensual manner.
  • Make her feel loved.

The bottom line is to remind her why you are the man in the first place. Women could get tired and the last thing they need is taking over in between the sheets. Go ahead and take over.

Married life can be less exciting and predictable, especially inside the bedroom. Still, don’t let boredom and dullness take over your marriage. All it takes are few simple steps and you will find yourself scoring higher in the marriage satisfaction scale.

When it comes to steps, these 16 strategies will surely help you increase sex satisfaction in marriage. Don’t forget to take ProSolution male enhancement pill to make sure you are in your best self and your man down there will cooperate when the situation calls for it.

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