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Finally Know How to Look Handsome the Right Way

The word, “handsome,” is one of the most flattering adjectives for rating a man’s appeal. While physical attributes like face value and a hot body will put a man in a better light, those are not the only things that women look for or use to describe someone as handsome. Although women would turn their […]

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20 Model Secrets on How to Attract Women Instantly

In the third part of the Terminator saga, Arnold Schwarzenegger, our beloved T-100, said, “I do not understand the complex dynamics of human peer bonding.” Well, the dear old terminator is not the only one, but don’t worry, within a short time, you’ll learn effective strategies that will show you some ways on how to […]

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How to Please a Woman and Make Her Long for More Lovemaking

No one can figure out how a woman’s mind works. Whoever holds the key to understanding what women want would be rich and famous, for sure. While it’s impossible to unravel the workings of the female mind, pleasing them is even harder. Knowing what to do, especially after the onset of feminism leaves men lost […]

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Science of Attraction – Unlocking the Secrets of Male Sexiness

Scientific research shows that you have only about 30 seconds to make an impression. That attraction happens in the first 30 seconds after you walk into a room. Research also shows that people stare longer at attractive people than those that they do not find attractive. Scientists have spent years studying human brains to know […]

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How to Increase Sperm Count with These Simple Steps

Sperm, or the male reproductive cells play a key role in reproduction. Each cell in your body including sperm, and eggs in case of women, contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. Chromosomes house your DNA, and DNA is the base of life. It takes one sperm and one egg to create a baby. Since both sperm […]

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Find Out How to Give Your Man a Prostate Orgasm Today

One of the biggest questions about male sexuality is this: do you have a g-spot? There is an ongoing debate whether men have g-spot or not. While some do not believe that males have a g-spot, there are still many others who believe you have one, just like in women. In fact, there is such […]

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