Older Men and ED: 6 Ways to Love Life and Your Wife

Older Men and ED: 6 Ways to Love Life and Your Wife

Everyone deserves to have amazing sex, and men over 50 are no exception. Most of us know about the correlation between erectile dysfunction and older men. As a result of this well-known fact, we dread growing older and try to prevent it as much as we can.

Yet, what if we told you that there were some ways to alleviate and improve your erectile dysfunction? Indeed, there are a few proven ways to help improve your sex life after the age of 50. Don’t believe us?

Here are six smart but simple ways to love life and your wife.

What You Need to Know About Sex and Aging as a Man

Before we get to the nitty-gritty about improving sexual function, let’s talk about the inescapable truth behind what exactly happens to an aging man’s sexual functioning. Think of this as a little “What to Expect” list.

  • Change Is Inevitable

grow olderThere are many physical changes that you will experience as you grow older. These changes are unavoidable.

You need to acknowledge them before you can look into remedies to help make them more tolerable.

For example, the erection of a 40 or 50 year old is going to differ greatly from a fresh 20-something. As an older man, your erections might take a little more time to rise, it will become far less firm more often, and you might not be able to last as long as you once could.

Older men require a bit more fondling and foreplay to achieve a stiff, firm erection. In addition, men over 50 will find that their sexual desires and fantasies simply do not do it for them anymore. Back in the day, you might be able to survive with a decent porn mag or movie, some lube and your good ‘ol hand.But, after 50 that ability begins to trickle away.

Unfortunately, these issues all lead to one major change that practically all men above the age of 50 experience—erectile dysfunction.

  • On The Other Hand, Some Things Won’t Change

young menThe one issue that many men wish would go away as they age is premature ejaculation.

However, unfortunately if you have ever suffered from premature ejaculation, then it is likely to resurface as you age, if not worsen.

Surveys report that over 30 percent of men in their 50’s, 30 percent in their 60’s, and 28 percent ranging from 65 to 70 suffer from premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation typically surfaces around young men because they are so anxious. Nerves are one of the leading causes of premature ejaculation, yet, there is another cause for it. Penis-centered sex is another major cause of premature ejaculation, and this is more common in older men.

Penis-centered sex refers to simply and blankly put, licking and sticking it. If sex does not involve foreplay or reciprocation then too much pressure is built up revolving around the penis.It becomes too much for the organ to handle, believe it or not.

Anxiety also plays a key role, however, since many men who experience erectile dysfunction become anxious about their performance.

  • Many Men Make Their Erectile Dysfunction Worse

tensionErectile dysfunction naturally causes some tension and ill-harbored feelings. However, these strong negative emotions only work to intensify the issue in the worst way possible.

Anxiety and stress tends to constrict arteries, thus affected the blood flow.

Do you know the one thing that can stop a boner in its potential tracks? That’s right. A lack of blood flow.

In addition to anxiety and stress being the lead cause of erectile dysfunction, many men take medications that only work to worsen the issue. Many obesity, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol medications work to cease erections.

Six Ways To Enjoy Your Life And Your Wife

With these three vital facts about your aging sex life, let’s now discuss some ways that you can start to enjoy intercourse again.

1. Stress Less And Have The Best Sex Ever

candlesWe have already discussed the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety on the penis. Of course, it is easier said than done.

But, one of the best things you can do for your erectile dysfunction is to simply relax.

One great way to enjoy sex and relax a little more is to set the mood. Don’t build too much tension up to the moment by surrounding it around another event, like dinner. Plan a sensuous dinner for you and your partner.But, be definite to leave the opportunity for sex afterwards wide open. No pun intended.

Light some candles and play romantic music that will put you in the mood. Enjoy conversing and spending quality time with your loved one, and the spark is sure to ignite.

When you find that it is time to get down to it, enjoy the moment. Remember that you love sex, your partner isn’t going anywhere, and the world will not end if you can’t perform adequately. There is no shame in trying, and you really have nothing to lose.

2. Become Healthier All Around

healthy foodsSince a loss of blood flow and circulation proves devastating to a man’s sex life, it is essential to find additional ways to counteract this side effect.

By eating healthy foods and exercising regularly, men can easily combat the issue of poor blood flow.

If you are not really the exercising type, then do not force yourself to go to the gym or run 10 miles. Instead, find activities that interest you, and if they include your partner, then that is a bonus. Tennis, swimming, hiking and going for a bike ride can all improve your circulation. What’s more is that you might even find them even more enjoyable.

Some foods to consider eliminating from your diet, or at least restricting, include saturated fats, carbohydrate-dense foods, salt and sugar. These foods not only clog arteries and impede health, but they negatively affect your sexual performance, as well.

3. Make Sure You Both Are Jive Turkey

One of the issues causing your sex life to plummet could be a mismatch in you and your partner’s sex drives.

It’s possible that at one point in your lives you both were on the same page, but as we all age, we change.

In order to ensure you and your partner are jiving, a conversation is necessary. If it is difficult to have an effective talk about your sex life, then have no embarrassment in consulting a sex therapist.

Too many men shirk therapy and assume that it is for people with issues. However, a sex therapist can actually work wonders for your relationship. Sex therapists can recommend special positions for the two of you, various types of foreplay to explore, and even introduce you to sex toys. Did you ever know a sex therapist could get you two to become so kinky?

4. Aniseed Might Be What You Need

AniseedThere are also some natural home remedies to help improve many of the negative effects men experience in their old age.

You might not be into the natural, holistic type remedies, but what do you really have to lose? Many of these ingredients will help improve other organ’s functioning.

So, maybe these are the solutions you are looking for, but do talk to your doctor before trying anything new, even if it is natural or herbal, just to be safe.

Our first home remedy is aniseed. Aniseed is popularly known to increase a man’s sex drive. Anise is a chemical compound that helps move alone the secretion of estrogenic compounds that are responsible for sexual stimulation. Yes, men have estrogen within their bodies as well as women.

Consume one teaspoon of aniseeds with water by chewing on them up to three times a day for three weeks. If you follow this regular schedule then you will certainly see an increase in your libido and sexual desire.

5. Don’t Be A Geek And Try Fenugreek

Fenugreek is commonly used as an aphrodisiac. This home remedy includes diosgenen, which has been proven to be beneficial to a man’s sex drive.

Both men and women have been using these seeds for years to help improve sexual functioning in addition to improving prostate health.

You can find fenugreek seed in pill form, or you could buy the seeds themselves. There are various different options for consuming this plant. But, it is highly recommended that you talk to a doctor if you are considering this, or any new dietary or supplemental option.

6. Some More Smelly Options

garlic and onionBoth garlic and onion works to help increase libido.If you are a garlic lover, then try to consume two to three cloves per day.

If you can consume the garlic cloves with lukewarm water before a meal, then that is even better.

Onions also increase blood flow and improve our sex organs. One way to consume onions to best help your sex life is by adding one tablespoon of onion seed to a glass of warm water. Let the drink cool for five minutes, and then drink the mixture approximately 20 minutes before your next meal. This little concoction can help improve your sexual stamina and ejaculations.

If any of these options just don’t seem to cut it for you, then there are always the pill forms. Most men assume that they need to take a commonly known erectile dysfunction pill, such as Viagra, but there are actually other options available.

Reliable companies such as www.ProSolutionpills.com work to create natural, yet effective pills to help men achieve more firm, longer lasting, and more impressive boners. Find out more about this safe male enhancement formula and learn about all of the positive reviews.

Aging is not synonymous with a loss of sex. Work your way towards a better sex life today.

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