No Abs, No Problem: Top 10 Sex Positions for the Calorically Challenged

No abs No Problem Top 10 Sex Positions for the Calorically Challenged

For many couples where one or both partners are suffering with weight issues, maintaining a fulfilling and enjoyable sex life can become quite a challenge. The same is true for couples in which the woman is pregnant.

People with larger frames and more weight to carry can find certain sexual acts more difficult to perform than the average person. This can lead to some awkward and stressful moments, and even a total breakdown in a couple’s sex life.

Fortunately, there are some workarounds for those people with a few extra pounds. Continue reading to learn about 10 of the top positions for larger lovers.

1. The Shoulder Holder For Deep Penetration

coupleFor this position, the lady should lie on her back and lift her legs into the air. Her partner should be on his knees and can rest her legs on his shoulders.

He should then lift her butt with his hands, or cushions can used be used for support.

This position makes penetration easier for larger couples. And, particularly allows the man to explore his partner’s body with his hands during the act itself.

2. Doggy Style Is The Ultimate Position For Large Lovers

Doggy style is one of the most commonly-used sex positions out there that nearly everyone has tried and loved throughout their lives.

Doggy StyleWell, this position is also ideal for those with a few extra pounds, especially if you’re a little self-conscious about your belly. This is because neither participant actually looks at the front of their partner during the act.

If you are not yet familiar with the position, it’s quite simple. The girl gets down on all fours, or could also lean over a table or bed or whatever you can find. The man enters from behind and it’s really that easy.

This position allows for a lot of extra excitement for ladies who prefer to let their man take control. In doggy style, the guy can completely control the speed, depth and power of his thrusts, and can even add in some spanking if the two lovers are feeling extra naughty.

This position may still pose a slight problem for those with extra-large bellies, as the additional weight can get in the way when attempting penetration. If this is the case for you, read on as there are many other positions to try.

3. The Sidewinder For Sultry Fun

For this position, the female partner should lie on her side with her knees up. The man can then kneel and move his lady’s leg out of the way to enter her.

You can use some cushions below the girl’s hips for added support.

Just like with doggy style, this position allows the male partner to have full control over the action. Couples with a bit of extra weight don’t have to be self-conscious with this position as they are not facing each other during the act.

As with all other positions on this list, you can modify the sidewinder in your own little ways. Try things at different angles with different levels of support to see what works best for you.

4. Try A Sexy Session Of Girl On Top

Girl On TopInitially, larger couples might be turned off by this position.

The lady may feel self-conscious about her tummy, and the presence of extra weight on either partner might seem to get in the way.

But, there are some great ways to work around these problems.

Firstly, let’s tell you about the position in case you don’t know already. As the name suggests, the man lies flat on his back while his partner mounts him. She can do this in a variety of ways and can choose to face backwards or forwards. She can then use her hands to support herself and control the rhythm of intercourse.

Overweight couples can have in this position by using some pillows for support. Place a couple of cushions below the man’s hips to push them up and the position will become much easier for you to enjoy. It also offers an awesome sexual experience for both partners, and it is one of the most popular positions for women to achieve orgasms, so we recommend you give it a try.

5. The Big L Position Can Give You The Big O

shape of a large LThis is an ideal sexual position for overweight lovers. As the name suggests, in this position the couple must form the shape of a large L.

The woman lies on her side while her man enters from the side, lifting one of her legs up to allow for easier penetration.

Couples with large bellies can enjoy this position, as it removes the possibility of that extra weight getting in the way and preventing you from having great sex.

6. Large Lovers Can Still Enjoy Missionary

It is often assumed that people who are overweight find it impossible to have missionary sex. This is because of the large amounts of tummy fat getting in the way and making penetration extremely difficult.

This is partly true, but bigger folk are certainly more than capable of enjoying the most classic of all sexual positions as long as they bear a couple of essential tips in mind.

If you are a larger man who wants to indulge in this position, it’s important to learn how to support your extra pounds.

overweightIf needed, train your arms to build up the strength required to hold yourself up in missionary position and prevent that extra weight from putting pressure on your lover.

It’s also imperative to not learn too far forward, try to keep your back straight and perpendicular to your partner. Similarly, don’t be afraid to talk about the issue before or even during the act. If you do end up leaning on top of your partner, be sure to ask if they’re not in pain and if they can support the weight.

Couples in which the woman has some extra weight can solve the common problem of penetration by placing a few cushions beneath the lady’s hips. A few pillows will lift her off the bed slightly and make entry much easier.

8. Have Sex Standing Up

For this position, particularly for larger couples, you shouldn’t both be standing up. A woman can recline in a chair or on the edge of a bed or table, while the man stands or kneels in front of her for penetration.

To try things the other way around, a man can lie back over the edge of a bed while the woman stands at the end and lowers herself onto him. These two variations offer different levels of penetration, pleasure, and control to each partner.

9. The X Position For Bigger Lovers

shape of an XAs the name suggests, this position involves a couple forming the shape of an X with their legs. It’s slightly complicated to initiate this position, but it offers a lot of enjoyable benefits.

To begin, the couple should sit on the bed with their legs out in front of them, facing each other. The male partner then lifts his left leg over his partner’s right leg, and she places her right leg over his left.

The pair should then lie back, and this is where the legs form an X shape. At this point, with both partners lying on the backs, the two should slide together to allow the man to enter. This is a good option for bigger people as it keeps the belly fat out of the way when attempting penetration.

10. Reverse Cowgirl For Large Ladies

This is an ideal position for a bigger woman who feels uncomfortable about her body, since most of it will be hidden from your man during the act. The position is just like girl on top, but with the lady facing towards her partner’s feet.

She can hold onto his ankles for support as she rides him. The position allows for plenty of variation and additional activities. Guys can admire and caress their partner’s butts and hips, while the woman can touch herself to turn up the heat and play with her partner’s balls.

Spooning Sessions Are Always Fun

Spooning is an extremely popular sex position and offers a certain level of romanticism that other positions do not,
while also providing the potential excitement of the guy being in control and taking his woman from behind.

It’s a comfortable position for ladies in particular, as they are able to explore their own bodies with their free hands and their partner can do the same. This position is also famous for the G-spot stimulation it offers.

To get into this position, a girl should lie on her side, curled up slightly in a fetal position while her man curls around her from behind and enters. The fact that the two of you are not facing each other can be ideal for those who are a bit self-conscious of their bodies.

Stay Safe When Making Love

These positions are some of the most highly-recommended for larger lovers. But, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Everyone is different and some of these positions might work for you while others will not.

If you feel pain or discomfort during sex, then it’s vital to communicate with your partner and change position before you incur a serious injury. If you are overweight then the risk of sexual injury is higher than normal, and it is also much easier for you to get out of breath. Do things at your own rhythm and always practice safe sex to prevent any unnecessary risks.

The Dangers Of Obesity

high blood pressure As we have shown above, it’s perfectly possible for folks with a few extra pounds to have great sex lives.

But, you can’t consider being overweight to be healthy. You should still do all that you can to remove any excess fat, and get yourself to a more normal weight.

Obesity affects an increasingly large percentage of the world’s population.

It can lead to all sorts of complications and medical problems, including restricted breathing, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart attacks and joint problems.

Obesity And It’s Effect on Sexual Well-Being

Obese people are certainly able to have sex and enjoy it, but they are running several risks in relation to their sexual health. Being overweight can pose all sorts of dangers to our sex lives. For instance, testosterone levels are greatly reduced in larger people. A lack of testosterone leads to a reduced libido.

The buildup of fat and cholesterol in blood vessels negatively affects your circulation.

When blood flows less rapidly and regularly to your sexual organs, it becomes much harder for men to achieve erections and women to become aroused. This lack of blood flow also reduces sensitivity in the genitals.

Meanwhile, poor circulation means your muscles aren’t getting the right levels of nutrients and oxygen. This makes them wear out quickly and any sexual activity can easily become an exhausting experience.

Finally, and perhaps most obviously of all, when we pile on the pounds, we present a negative body image that is less attractive to potential partners. And, this often makes us feel less confident in ourselves, as well.

How To Fight Obesity

How To Fight ObesityIt can still be quite difficult for a couple to maintain a healthy sex life when one or both partners are overweight.

Not only does the act of sex itself become a problem, but couples can easily become less attracted to each other and notice other problems appearing in their daily lives due to their weight issues. It is therefore necessary to combat those fatty deposits in any way you can.

  • The obvious way to lose some pounds is to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Modify your diet to include healthier foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables and cut down on any junk foods, like candy, chips and sugary drinks.
  • Similarly, adopt an exercise regimen that works for you. If going to the gym seems like a daunting task, start with something smaller like a daily walk around your neighborhood. Or, you can try a yoga session in the privacy of your own home or garden.

pillsProSolution pills also work to increase the blood flow to the genitals, increasing sensitivity levels and making the penis harder and longer than normal. They are the ideal alternative to the potentially dangerous use of Viagra. Sex burns calories, so it is a healthy form of exercise, too.

  • One of the most important steps in the fight against obesity is learning to accept it and to love the body you have. If you can love yourself and feel better about who you are and how you look, you’ll be more confident and willing to do something about it. Don’t let people get you down, and never degrade yourself by having sex with someone who insults the way you look. Even if you have been with someone for a long time or might even be married to them, don’t suffer in silence and allow them to put you down.

When it comes to sex, you need to lose your fears. Converse with your partner about things you like and don’t like, embrace your problems and find ways to work around them together. Remember, sex is a great form of exercise and can help the pair of you lose some pounds together, while having fun. So, it’s good to make sure you enjoy it and do it properly.

Also don’t be afraid to try some new things. Sticking to the same positions or acts will make your sex life grow stale. There are lots of things to try with your partner and a little innovation will help to boost both of your sex drives.

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