9 Natural Male Enhancement Herbs Men Should Know About

Much research has been done by experts to find out what types of natural male enhancement herbs can help you increase the size of your penis. All natural herbs are generally obtained from natural plant extracts that are widely found in hot countries like China, Africa and Korea.

Now, the question is – do natural male enhancement herbs work? In this article, you will learn about the efficacy of some potent natural herbs that are known to increase penis size and help men deal with sexual issues.

9 Potent Natural Male Enhancement Ingredients

You can find many male enhancement supplements on the market, but not all are effective. This is mostly due to the inefficacy of the ingredients contained in them.

In the following list are some of the most common and safest natural male enhancement herbs that are the best way to boost your manhood.

  • Momoridica: This herb has the remarkable ability to serve as a great natural male enhancement ingredient. Basically, it is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine because of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. Momoridica is also used for improving immunity and rejuvenating bodily functions hampered by diabetes.
  • Korean Ginseng:

    The prime ingredient of this herb is ginsenoside, which is beneficial in directing blood flow towards the penis. It also helps to increase sperm volume by building up sperm.This natural herb helps to cure erectile dysfunction, increase erections and penis thickness and ensure overall sexual satisfaction in men.

  • Butea Superba: This is a potent herbal enhancement for men that is native to Thailand. It is known for restoring total sexual capacity. Butea superba has an abundance of phythoandogens that mimic male hormones. It boosts your sexual potency, improves libido and endurance and promotes longer and stiffer erections.
  • Cordyceps: This is a tiny fungal growth found in Tibet. It is a worm-like mushroom that is aphrodisiac in nature and helps people suffering from sexual disabilities. The extract of this herb works to cure erectile dysfunction by increasing sexual libido. It has the strength to overcome sperm impotency as it also improves sperm motility. Cordyceps is one of the best natural male enhancement herbs that influences the secretion of testosterone, which in turn increases blood circulation.
  • Bladderwrack: Found on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, this herb is rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium and iodine. As such, it helps patients with thyroid disorders, high cholesterol, obesity and exhaustion. It also exhibits antibacterial properties. Studies indicate that oral consumption of this natural herb helps to produce sex hormones, which improve erections and sexual well-being.

  • Zinc Oxide: Zinc oxide is responsible for the metabolism of testosterone. It is the best ingredient for increasing sexual vigour. Studies indicate that male enhancement supplements that contain zinc help considerably in restoring zinc deficiencies.
  • Arjuna: Arjuna is an ancient Ayurvedic herb that is an astringent, hemostatic, cardiac stimulant, sexual stimulant and rejuvenative tonic.Arjuna bark is found to cure numerous sexual health conditions.
  • Reishi MushroomsReishi Mushrooms: This is a herb commonly used by mainland Chinese in their cooking. In Chinese, it is also Lingzhi, which is translated as the ‘herb of spiritual potency.’ Also known as magic kidney mushrooms, this wonderful herb works remarkably well in helping to improve sexual functioning, increase fertility and enhance sexual libido. This herb also has amazing effects on the kidneys, which are regarded as the root of sexual potency and passion.
  • Curculigo: This is a tropical flowering herb that is found in the Himalayas in India. The rhizomes of this herb have aphrodisiac and rejuvenating properties. It is popularly used for treating sexual disorders because of its positive influence on male sexual performance. Regular use of Curculigo works to increase erections, erection quality, and sexual libido.

When searching for a male enhancement supplement, find out if it contains any of the above mentioned natural herbs for male enhancement.

These natural ingredients will not only improve fertility and recover male fertility, but also keep your body healthy and powerful.

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