Myth or Fact: 8 Shocking Truths about Male Menopause

The word,“menopause,” is thought to exist in women only, but studies show that men also experience hormonal changes almost similar to a woman’s menopause. Male menopause, also referred to as “andropause” by physicians is an androgen deficiency common among aging men. Androgen deficiency happens when the body has a lower level of sex hormones particularly testosterone.

What is the difference between women and men’s menopause? Menopause in women takes place at an exact age frame, usually during their late 40’s.

womenEstrogen levels drop abruptly, and symptoms include the end of menstruation, infertility, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and mood swings. Unlike women, the drop in testosterone level does not happen abruptly, but starts during their 30’s and gradually declines until they reach a certain age where symptoms are much more visible.

It is clear that men also experience menopause, but its onset is not definite; it could start as early during their 30’s, while luckily for some, they may experience it later in life. The gravity of the symptoms may also vary from man to man.

Testosterone is a hormone crucial to a man’s overall health, and its decline could have great impacts on physical and psychological health. Older men who are most affected with low T complain of a low sex drive, difficulty achieving erections and changes both physically and emotionally. They also experience fatigue and sleep disturbances.

If you are suffering from these symptoms, it’s better to consult with your physician first than to immediately make a conclusion. Your physician can help rule out other health problems that can also cause these symptoms.A blood test is the only accurate way of knowing your testosterone levels. You can partake in hormonal therapy replacement to improve your T levels.

male supplementsFor younger men with low T, you can benefit from male supplements to boost sexual desire, erections, and stamina.

Products like ProSolution Pills are all-natural and proven to be safe and effective, even without a doctor’s prescription.

Together with a healthy lifestyle, you can increase your testosterone levels by making it easier for your body to produce it naturally.

However, this may not be the case for older men. Decreased levels of testosterone are a part of the aging process and one of the best ways to boost testosterone is through testosterone replacement therapy.

Symptoms of male menopause include the following:

1. Osteoporosis: Osteoporosis or bone loss is thought to happen only in women, because it is made worse by the loss of calcium during pregnancy.

However, men can also experience osteoporosis due to low testosterone levels. Testosterone promotes sexual function and also helps develop and strengthen bones. As a result, older men are prone to bone injuries, such as fractures usually on the hips.

fats2. Stubborn Body Fat: Bulgy and sagging bellies are a familiar sight in older men. Testosterone slows down the absorption of abdominal fats meaning; the lower your testosterone level drops, the more abdominal fat accumulates.

Much worse, abdominal fats contain enzymes that turn testosterone into the female hormone, estrogen. Don’t be surprised if your breasts become tender and swollen together with your bulgy belly.

  1. These changes can be discouraging; however, you can combat this problem with a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. Loss Of Muscle Mass: You gain fat, and you lose muscle. Aging is hateful, isn’t it? Well, maybe for those who want to cling to their youthfulness.

Testosterone develops and strengthens bones, as well as your muscles. Low T can lead to the loss of muscle mass and strength which can be difficult to rebuild. You can fight this symptom with regular weight workouts.

Older men4. Fatigue And Low Energy: Older men think that low energy is normal due to their aging bodies. Partly yes, but low testosterone also contributes to the feeling of fatigue, to the extent that you find simple activities or chores exhausting.

You feel sleepy and tired even during the daytime. If you feel tired even after more than hours of enough sleep, then your testosterone level is probably low. At this point, the feelings of tiredness may keep you from engaging in physical activities,but exercise is the best way to boost your energy.

5. Less Semen Volume: Apart from your sex drive, testosterone affects your production of semen. The lower your testosterone level is, the lower your sperm volume will be during ejaculation. Thus, some older men tend to become infertile.

young6. Low Sex Drive And Erectile Dysfunction: Who says sex is only for the young? Older people can also benefit from the pleasure of having sex, but due to menopause, sex may be elusive.

High levels of testosterone are essential to sexual desire and in achieving and maintaining an erection. A higher percentage of older men find it hard to sustain an erection needed to sexually perform. They may notice a shrinkage of the testes, as well.

7. Psychological Problems: According to psychiatrists, many patients are older men who seek psychological help before they even think of having their testosterone levels checked. Testosterone boosts the mood, so mood changes start to manifest when it plummets.

Your depression, lack of focus, anxiety, irritability and even aggression may not be just a psychological issue, but can also be caused by low T levels.If you are suffering from psychological issues along with these other symptoms, have your T levels checked. It will save you time and money.

sleep8. Sleep Problems: It’s one of those problems where you ask which came first. Older men normally have reduced hours of sleep; sleep helps regenerate testosterone levels in the body.

So, fewer hours of sleep means reduced testosterone level. However, studies also show that men with low testosterone have difficulty sleeping at night. Whichever way, getting enough sleep will help increase testosterone.

You can improve your low levels of testosterone through therapy or testosterone replacement that can be administered by a patch, gel or intramuscular injection, after consulting with your doctor.

However, you should avoid self-medicating herbal supplements, as these are not proven yet to be safe and effective for erectile dysfunction in aging men who have other medical issues.

herbal supplementsIf you suffer from diabetes or another condition, or take medications, even OTC, you need to consult a physician for proper treatment.

Aging can cause numerous body changes, and male menopause is one of these changes. Its symptoms can deteriorate the quality of life, including sex. But, you don’t have to suffer because there are many things you can do to treat your low T. Work with your doctor to create the best treatment plan.

Get plenty of exercise, nutritious foods and sleep. Living a healthy lifestyle is your best medicine for low T, but there are other things you can try, like herbal supplements, while you work to raise it.

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