Modern Male Enhancement: Top 10 Penis Enlargement Trends

Modern Male Enhancement Top 10 Penis Enlargement Trends

When you were younger, your parents, or even elders in the family probably told you to love yourself and accept yourself for who you are. There is no problem with that. As you grew older, you realized that your neighbor’s arms were bigger, or your classmate in Biology class is taller than you are, or your friend since you were five doesn’t need supplements to bulk up, unlike you.

Here comes maturity and sex, and all of a sudden, it’s all about the penis, the women and getting laid every night. You’ve seen the guys in porn movies and may have started blaming your genes for your size down there. You resorted to good ol’ Google and typed in “How to make my penis bigger,” and perhaps you’ve heard about these 10 penis enlargement trends.

There’s no harm in trying, right? Plus, who doesn’t want a bigger and longer penis? Here are the top 10 penis enlargement methods available today.

1. Trial Offers

Legitimate companies who manufacture penis enlargement pills will offer a money back guarantee, just in case you are not satisfied with the results.

Scratch that and kiss money back guarantees goodbye, at least when it comes to male enhancement. You don’t have to be a believer of male enhancement to try out products for free.

There are a number of companies that offer trials of their products, free of charge. They claim that their products are safe, scientifically reviewed by experts and effective, which is sort of saying, “See for yourself.”

Go ahead and avail of those trial packs to find out which among the many products work for you.

2. The Penis Extender System

Here’s the truth: There are men who are afflicted with certain conditions that affect their man down south.

As a result, a number of experts came up with a product to help men correct their crooked penis. Hence, the birth of penis extenders.

Penis extender systems have become a favorite among men who want to increase their size and girth. Backed up by scientific studies that show an increase in size, recommendations from doctors all over the world and a price that helps the average Joe afford it, it won’t come as a surprise that penis extenders are among the most popular male enhancement techniques these days.

There are numerous sites and forums dedicated to penis extenders and the science of traction. Take time to read those reviews and learn about actual experiences from men who use penis extenders.

3. Questionable Review Sites And Official Claims

Food and Drug AdministrationIf you are a guy with problems down there, it will be easier for you to get swayed by claims and empty promises. You want a bigger package. There’s no harm in giving one or two methods a try, right?

Apparently, men are smarter these days. Penis enlargement emails, advertisements and infomercials may be enticing and make you want to hit the buy button; however, a lot of blogs, sites, expert opinions and even the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will tell you that the testimonials written on male enhancement websites are only meant to sway your judgment to make you buy the pills – with no assurance that they will actually work.

Does this mean not everything you see on websites is true? Not necessarily. Maximize the World Wide Web to find reliable information, authority sites and feedback from real customers before committing to any male enhancement technique. Don’t waste your time and money for something that doesn’t work. You deserve better than that.

4. Take Note Of The Measurements

Take Note Of The MeasurementsLet’s say you took time to find authority sites and reliable forums in the world of male enhancement.

That is the way to do it. When you find those reliable sites, you will notice that men post their measurements and results after using certain male enhancement products.

Yes, they are that proud of their size and they are willing to boast about it in order to prove that there are still penis enlargement methods that work.

This is useful and helpful, especially when you are a newbie in terms of male enhancement. Take time to go through their stories and use them to compare different products to help you determine what products will work. Use this information to help you in your quest for a bigger package.

5. A Closer Look At The Side Effects

HeadacheAll good things come with a price, so they say. Assuming that all male enhancement methods work, there is no guarantee that they won’t give you unwanted side effects.

Headache, changes in appetite, palpitations, increases in blood pressure and heartburn are common symptoms you will experience when you take enlargement pills.

Bleeding, possible infections or bursting of blood vessels may also happen when you use other methods, such as traction devices or penile enhancement surgery.

That’s not all. Can you imagine how expensive it would be just to maintain your dick? This means you really have to work hard, since you won’t see results in just one month of trying.

6. Penis Enlargement Is A Combination Of One Or More Methods

pillsIf you want to be successful in the bedroom department, then you need to combine one or more methods, right?

After all, that’s what you heard from those who claimed that their penises grew a few inches after doing penis exercises, taking enhancement pills and using penis extenders. They took a lot of vitamins and supplements, as well, just to make sure that their body is in good condition.

Apparently, combining different methods all at the same time can be risky and heavy on the pocket. There is no assurance that the combinations suggested by a particular person will work for you. The important thing is to stick to a program that you are comfortable in doing regularly, using the right combinations of treatments, and be patient. Your penis will get bigger at the right time. Relax.

7. YouTube Reviews

Aside from the usual websites, blogs and forums, YouTube is also a popular place among men to find out if a certain male enhancement strategy works.

Type “male enhancement reviews” in Google’s search bar and you will see many video reviews dedicated to it. That’s how hot video reviews are these days, which is perfect if reading is not exactly your thing.

However, be careful on this one. Most of the reviews you see will tell you about the product, their impressions and experience from using the product and their success stories. At the end of the video, you will see a link to the product site. Be wary of this type of video, and look for video reviews that provide honest, independent and unbiased results.

8. The World Does Not Want To Hear About Penis Enhancement Products Anymore

penis enlargement oilYou’ve seen and heard too much already – penis extenders, male enhancement pills with never heard and hard to pronounce ingredients,
penis enlargement oils or lotions and anything that promise bigger package in seven days or less. There’s too much of those already.

What you need is enough time to make the available products work to your advantage. There is a reason why experts are constantly upgrading or improving existing products and male enhancement programs. The society has seen enough of these already. The next thing you need is to have that Einstein idea that will make a man’s penis bigger in the safest and most effective way possible.

9. Penis Enlargement Among The Popular Plastic Surgery Trends

Plastic surgery is slowly becoming acceptable these days. The number of doctors practicing cosmetic surgery is increasing, too.

surgerySurprisingly, plastic surgery these days is more than just a nose job, breast implants and liposuction. Believe it or not, even men are willing to pay for plastic surgery procedures, too.

Did you know that penis enlargement is considered plastic surgery? Did you also know that penis enlargement surgery is among the list of most popular plastic surgery procedures around the world? In 2010, 592 Greek men went through penis enlargement procedures compared to America’s 239. Since then, more and more men are willing to pay for this type of procedure.

It may be a sign of a growing economy, or men these days are working harder. Regardless, going through this type of surgery means putting yourself at risk.

10. Germany: The Capital Of Penis Enlargement

America is a plastic surgery obsessed-nation; there is no doubt about that. When it comes to penis enlargement, did you know that Germany leads the race?

GermanyAccording to the latest data released by the International Society of Aesthetics Plastic Surgeons,
an estimated 2,786 penile enhancement operations took place in Germany, compared to other nations.

This means one in every five surgeries from around the world was performed in Germany, and eight out of every 100,000 adult males are willing to go through this type of surgery to be bigger down there.

German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery reportedly performed more than 6,000 penis enlargement surgeries that added an additional three to six centimeters in length, and two to three centimeters in width.

Would you still go for penis enlargement? The choice is yours.

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