Men Don’t Cry: 5 Ways Society Encourages Reverse Sexism

Men Dont Cry 5 Ways Society Encourages Reverse Sexism

When you were younger and you fell down, your mom or dad probably told you to get up without crying. However, when you saw a little girl your age who also fell and hurt herself, her mom and dad probably rushed over to her as fast as they can to comfort her tears.

menNow that you are older, you probably are starting to see the difference between men and women.

However, there are more rules you need to remember, since you are supposed to respect, love, take care, comfort and provide for women. You’re the guy.

That is your job – and society dictates you to do those things, and be like that.

As you mature, you also probably realized that society is obsessed with women and their rights. There is a Magna Carta for Women, laws on violence against women and children, special rights afforded on women and anything that puts women on top.

With the growing influence and advocates of feminism, society is starting to forget that men experience some form of abuse, too.

As a result, we know have a new term called “menism,” and there are many groups that advocate men’s rights. Here are the top five problems men experience in our modern society.

1. Women Can Hit Men, But Men Are Not Allowed To Fight Back

woman hits a dudeWhen a woman hits a dude, everyone cheers. This especially when she does it out of self-defense to protect herself, or the dude is a total jerk, just like in 10 Things I Hate about You or Frozen; yes that cartoon.

If you hit a girl because she crosses the line, calls you names or makes you look like a complete fool, everyone cries with the girl and hates you for being abusive and disrespectful. You might be advised to seek professional help to handle your anger issues, as well.

There is no doubt that men are stronger than women are physically. However, you can get hurt, too, like when your girl hits you for not washing the dishes or because you are constantly forgetting to put down the toilet seat.

It’s not cool when she keeps on slapping your face and arms, or when she pinches you on any portion of your body every time you watch a scary movie.

respectNo, it’s not cool either to hit you in different places, even during your jerk moments while she enjoys immunity during her Red Days and bitchy moments, which is everyday.

What happened to gender equality, anyway? Both sexes need to show respect for each other, bottom line.

How To Change It: Obviously, it would be impossible to tell women to bulk up and drink lots of testosterone supplements, while you and the rest of Adam’s sons sit down and do the household work. Let’s face it, you will never hear any leader say that it’s okay to hit a woman.

The best solution is don’t hit her. Regardless of the situation, don’t hit women and don’t allow her to hit you, too. If she is violent in nature, then stay as far away from her as possible when her hormones are all over the place. Or leave her, because hitting is not right, ever.

2. On Being A Parent And A Stay At Home Dad

Do you know any of your guy friends who stay at home and take care of the kids, while his wife is at work?

When it comes to parenting, society dictates that women should stay at home,take care of the kids and the household, while the husband goes to work and makes a living for the family.

In case you decided to be a stay-at-home dad, your friends may even laugh at you and ask you, where are your balls?

Moms have the last say, too when it comes to the kids, since your role is only secondary. By secondary, this means being her assistant when she can’t handle everything with her two hands.

In case you and your wife don’t work out, the court will dictate that men are unfit for fulltime parenting and custody should be given to the mother. Apparently, diapers and poop are something you can’t handle, at least according to the cases on child custody. Apparently, this is because your role is to provide, to write a check, and nothing else. You need to prove that your kids’ mother is a total wreck, and that she can’t even handle herself.

How To Change It: courtShare equal roles in parenting. One-half of your child’s genetic makeup came from you, so why not share with the challenge of taking care of your little one?

Prove to your wife that you are more than just giving her your paycheck and putting food on the table. Show her that you can be trusted when it comes to your kids.

If you happen to be a stay-at-home dad, be proud of yourself. Not everyone can do what you can do. Look for support groups in your area that cater to daddies like you. This will make you feel less about yourself. And if someone asked you about your balls for choosing to stay at home, show them – literally and figuratively speaking.

3. Men Are Victims Of Domestic Violence Too

When you hear the term “domestic violence,” you always picture a battered wife with bruises and cuts all over her body. Can you imagine yourself or any guy physically abused by a woman who is no less than your wife?

The truth is men also suffer domestic violence. The numbers may not be as high as women, but this is alarming. Worse, domestic violence services in America – or probably any country in the world – don’t take this seriously. People will ridicule you and make fun of you. After all, you’re the guy. Man up and stand up for yourself.

The reason why men and domestic violence are not taken seriously is that male-on-female violence is more serious and more alarming than female-on-male.

Their partners can kill women easily and men commit 96 percent of intimate partner murders. In fact, women are more in danger as soon as they leave the home, since there is a higher probability that they ex-husband will go after her.

How To Change It: The claim that the figures on men being abused are lesser doesn’t make it less serious.

The fact that men are not safe in their own homes and physically abused by their partners is alarming enough to call the attention of the government and increase funding for domestic violence.

Also, don’t hesitate to seek help. Even if there are few groups that advocate domestic violence on men, that doesn’t follow that you have to stop working for your well-deserved justice. You’re a human being who is capable of receiving pain. Walk away if you can, and don’t wait for the situation to get worse. No one deserves that kind of treatment.

4. Men Are Meant To Die First

You’ve seen the movie, Titanic, right? Then you must be familiar with the part where women and children were the first priority in the lifeboats.

Before you scream foul, then you should know that there is an expert basis on that.

Researchers from Sweden’s Uppsala University studied century’s worth of maritime disasters and found out that men are twice more likely to survive shipwreck than women. Of course, children have the lowest survival rates.

It doesn’t stop with Titanic and other similar situations. Men should take the dangerous jobs – military, construction and anything that puts half of your body in the grave. It’s not about being a daredevil. That’s just how it is.

How To Change It: There is no way you can change it. Despite the danger, men are physically equipped to go to war, use a chainsaw and climb 50 feet high to construct a building. The best thing you can do is to help raise awareness. You can help your fellow man be aware of the dangers of certain jobs that women don’t usually go for; but more women nowadays are entering the workplace and applying for these types of jobs.

Advocate for more benefits for men who are putting their lives at risk to make this world a better place, too.

5. Sexual Harassment

harassed by womenAside from domestic violence, sexual harassment is another issue men face these days – but with little to no backup.

Can you imagine yourself and any other guy sexually harassed by women? It may sound funny and impossible, but with the advancement of women in the workplace, this is not impossible.

However, this could spell disaster for the men. First, no one will believe you if you cry foul. Second, people will make fun of you and call you names you don’t want to hear. Lastly, people will look at you as a weak creature, since women can easily “abuse” you sexually, which is sort of weird, since men are supposed to love and breathe sex.

How To Change It: Speak up. It may be unconventional to hear a man filing a case against a woman for sexual assault. If you felt violated, don’t be afraid to talk about it and ask for help, especially if that is the case.

However, be prepared. Not everyone will buy your story. Some will call you names and make fun of you because a woman can overpower you. Don’t let you down and fight for your rights. You deserve it.

It may take a while before you see that any of these issues won’t happen at all. Regardless, it’s not too late to speak up and stand up for your rights. Go ahead. Be the man who stands up for all men.

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