Love After 50: 6 Reasons It’s the Best Sex of Your Life

Love After 50: 6 Reasons It's the Best Sex of Your Life

Sex should never automatically cease after a certain age. For some reason, many people assume that elderly people either cannot or do not want to have sex anymore. However, we are here to squash this nonsense and admit that elderly people can still rock it in the bedroom.

Many recent studies are finding that women over 50 have good, if not great, sex. In fact, many of these women claim that this sex after 50 is the best of their lives.

One scientist researched sexual activity, desire, and satisfaction in a group of women over 40, all of whom had a median age of 67. This scientist found out that the majority of these women were satisfied with their sex lives and this percentage actually increased as their ages did.

Definitely, you might be one step closer to the early bird special or a discount at the diner. But, you can still give your lover the best sex of their life, even after the age of 50. Here are six reasons why sex after 50 is the best sex of your life.

1. Pregnancy Is No Longer An Issue

PregnancyAs you age, the fact is that you simply cannot reproduce anymore. For some, this is welcomed gladly, yet for others it isn’t.

Regardless, the fact is that pregnancy is really no longer an issue.

The reason why this causes amazing sex is because it causes a forced separation between sex and the ability to become pregnant. No longer is sex more than the act of sex. Instead, it becomes like any other activity – tennis, golf and sex. You can perform all of these activities without the thought of having a child.

Our Sexy Advice

Many couples claim that infertility ramps up their sex life. With the mention of other activities, why not take this new found idea and explore the idea of sex as just another activity. This means that you can do it anywhere at anytime. Our sexy tip is to dare to have sex in a different time or place.

If you and your lover are tired of the same old bedroom routine and want to try the kitchen table or living room couch, then go for it. Have fun as a couple who just so happens to have sex. And, you are sure to have a sexy encounter.

2. Sex And Love Are No Longer Synonymous

It appears as though those who are now in their 50’s and 60’s can find a distinction between sex and love. It seems a bit obvious that you can sometimes have sex with someone you don’t love.

But, for those growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, many years have been consumed with romantic myths. For these generations, sex has always been linked with marriage and love. A hook up or random sexual encounter was simply blaspheme.

However, as this generation ages, they might find themselves on their own. Whether widowed, divorced or never married, these men and women are still looking for a good time. No longer will they allow the shame of having sex without love bother them.

In fact, most people at this age in their lives do not want another commitment. They do not want to get married again, and settling down might not be their ideal. However, everyone wants and needs sex. And these generations are learning that you can still have amazing sex without a monogamous relationship.

Our Sexy Advice

sleepWe are not exactly telling you to go sleep with the entire neighborhood or anything.But, perhaps you could use this new found knowledge to your benefit in another way.

Use this new piece of information to encourage you to go for that special someone the next opportunity you have.

Remember that STDs are prevalent at any age. So, you should always be cautious and careful. However, let yourself go and lose your inhibitions. The next time the friend you have always crushed on asks you out for drinks, see where it could end up without feeling bashful.

3. Menopause Changes It All

For women, menopause is quite the experience. Definitely, puberty and childbirth are not exactly a walk in the park, but menopause is simply not for the weak.In fact, the hot flashes, sleepless nights, depression and anxiety associated with menopause can wreak major havoc on a woman’s life – and her love life, too.

women over 50Simply put, women over 50 can also experience low libido. Hormones become unbalanced and aside from the hot sweats and mood swings, sex doesn’t seem like something appealing.

Luckily, the symptoms of menopause ease with time. Once they are over it, most women regain their feelings of well being, and their libidos.

Our Sexy Advice

While most menopausal women are struggling with the physical and mental symptoms, there are ways to ease them through a healthy lifestyle. Men can support their wives by listening to her express her feelings and talk about her physical challenges.

Even with low libido, there are ways to counteract it. Healthy living, keeping that personal connection, as a man, if you could kindle some kind of spark, then the sex is sure to follow in suit. Give her a sexy back rub, or offer her a dinner that you know she likes. These little favors will definitely pay off in the bedroom.

4. You Shake It Off

After dealing with menopause in her 40’s or early 50’s, most women, especially those who are over the age of 50 are willing to shake it off and roll with it.

partnersMen and women over the age of 50 begin to go what they want without as much fear of rejection, even if they are not exactly certain what it is that they want.

The fact is that up until this point many people have been forced to be limited in their partner or partners, in their experiences, and so on, they are ready to cut loose.

Men and women can now feel like risk-takers who know what they want in life. The new found attitude of, if not now then never, can pay off with experimenting with new positions, partners and who knows what else.

Our Sexy Advice

Use this opportunity to push the envelope a little bit. If you have always been a bit vanilla up until this point, then explore into other sexual realms. BDSM sounds extremely intimidating, but thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, we can all now consider ourselves a little kinky.

Bring some handcuffs, candles or other new items into the bedroom. Explore with sex toys. Use this time in your life to try something new. Especially if you have never really explored anything beyond the missionary position, it is important for you to have a little more fun in the bedroom.

5. A Better Orgasm

Perhaps it’s because of the more laissez-fairre attitude, but the elderly tend to have more and better orgasms. This could be due to a combination of different things.

As we have mentioned, age tends to allow us to feel like exploring much more. Therefore, someone who has led a rather blasé sex life might be able to rev it up a bit and finally have that orgasm they deserve.

Also, people in this age group tend to just not care so much about other’s opinions anymore.So, all of the things that stopped them from the big O before are now gone.

Our Sexy Advice

In order to attain the mind-blowing orgasm that everyone wants, you have to be able to find your own special spot. Now is the perfect time to practice masturbating. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as practically everyone does it. And, it is an amazing way to become in touch, both literally and figuratively, with your own body.

Purchase a vibrator that you feel comfortable with. It could be a little rabbit, or a giant vibrating dildo. But, both of them will help you reach pleasurable sensations on your own. Our recommendation would be something that has a clitoral stimulator. This will help with your orgasm, as most women need clitoral stimulation in order to have one.

6. Your Outlook On Life Tends To Change

Generally speaking, those who are in their 50’s and above tend to have a change in their outlook on life. Most people mellow with age and start to not sweat the small stuff as much.

Men and women in these ages tend to cherish more, and this definitely carries over into sex. The saying goes, expect less and appreciate more, and if you can apply this adage to your sex life then you will be pleasantly surprised.

Our Sexy Advice

Dare to do something you were always afraid of in the bedroom. Whether it is having an orgasm, trying a new position or using a sex toy, you shouldn’t worry about it and have fun with your sex life. Enjoy having sex and being with your partner. Embrace your sexuality, and you will definitely have a pleasurable experience.

If your age has taken a toll on your sexual performance, then there are plenty of options for you. It’s no secret that erectile dysfunction is prevalent in this age group, but finding a reputable and effective pill can take care of that. Companies such as offer a natural yet effective means to enhance your sexual performance and functioning.

Never assume that you are too old. Everyone deserves to have a wonderful, healthy sex life, regardless of their age. In fact, the myth that the elderly have more wild sex lives just might be true.

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