Get More Passion in Your Life: 15 Top Tips for Long Lasting Sex

Get More Passion in Your Life 15 Top Tips for Long Lasting Sex

a manAs a man, if there is one place you don’t want to finish first, it is the bedroom. According to a recent study, most sexual activities last between two to seven minutes, but almost half of the men finish in less than two minutes, leaving most women without an orgasm and quite disappointed, which is not good.Long lasting sex is a goal for many guys, yet only a few have mastered it.The surprising part is that lasting longer is something men can achieve with knowledge and practice.

So many relationships that have ended, all because of sex-related problems. While some problems may not come with an easy solution,you can solve your long lasting sex problems easily with just a few tips. If you have been having a hard time making your partner happy due to finishing fast and first, you may want to use one or more of the following tips, so you can last longer in bed. Keep in mind, though, that we are all different. While some tips may work for some men, they may not always work for you.

It may take a little experimentation to discover what works best for you, but here are the top tips for enjoying longer lasting sex:

1. Stop Watching Porn

Stop Watching PornThe problem with our society is that  sex education focuses primarily on STDs and human anatomy. Young people should also talk about the many myths and misnomers that center around sexuality and reproduction, as well as sexual intercourse and satisfaction.

There should be topics that focus on health and the connection to potency, sexual pleasure or virility. The results are that many young people get their lessons from pornographic materials. Therein lies half the problems that make solving the lack of ejaculation control a difficult issue.

One thing people should keep in mind is that porn sex is not similar to the actual sex real people have. If you are trying to discover how to last longer in bed, porn will make you feel inferior.In porn, everything is all about what looks good on camera. There area lot of artificial things, including orgasms. When you compare yourself with porn actors, you could be doing yourself a lot of injustice. For some, a lack of other reliable lessons on sex leaves porn the only option for some people.

People think they have to stay as long as pornstars do, all while forgetting there are some simple techniques and tips to use to help them enjoy sex more and perform at their best.

2. Stay Focused on the Prize

horror moviesThere is an old adage that you can last longer by concentrating on something else that is not erotic. Most guys will contemplate the latest horror movies, who won the baseball game, their college chemistry lessons and some other things to get their minds off what’s going on down south.

The problem is that most people who finish quickly don’t do that because they are so turned on, but because they have major anxiety issues combined with their penile stimulation.

What really happens for many men is, by putting so much of their energy into concentrating harder on the other things, they actually will make them selves hyper-aware of how anxious or freaked out they are at the moment.

This means they will end up achieving the exact opposite of what they were trying to do with thinking about chemistry. An important part of being in control of your body is being aware, which means you need to focus on what’s happening at the moment.

Sexual intercourse is all about enjoyment and pleasing your partner. Thinking about other things means you will not be able to focus on them. Draining your attention out of your sexual experience will only result in numb-minded sex that means nothing,since you will only be there physically, not mentally. You will be in a stadium watching a baseball game, not in your bed. Not offering your full attention is an insult to your partner. This may even will lead to more problems and it won’t solve the issue you’re trying to deal with.

3. Why Foreplay is a Better Approach to Long Lasting Sex

ForeplayUnfortunately, most men are so focused on penetration, they assume that this is the only thing there is and only women focus on this. Penetrative sex is a big deal; however,there are a lot of things that can be done before getting there.

If you want to make your partner happy, you may want to consider foreplay. The anxiety and excitement are mainly because of heightened expectations. If you engage in other stimulating sexual activities, the anxiety can disappear and you will have long lasting sex afterwards.

A recent study has reported that about 70 percent of women won’t climax by penetration only. Most women require direct clitoral stimulation. This only means you can pleasure your partner long before the stage of penetration. By the time you get to the penetrative phase, they should be more than half-way satisfied.

This means you need to find out what gets your partner excited and stimulated, apart from penetration. Taking your time doing this will help to make your lovemaking sessions a better experience for both you and your partner.Sometimes,it’s about the things you can offer and not how long you can last. Most people would agree that lasting longer is always a desirable result of making love,and this is why you should work on better foreplay and ways on how to last longer in bed naturally.

Knowing that you can help her to orgasm without penetration will make you so much more relaxed. This means that you will be in a position to control yourself, focus better and enjoy slower sex – all without the anxiety, which takes you there first and fast.

4. How to Control Your Body

Control Your BodyThere are different techniques you can use in order to control your ejaculation during sex. It simply involves learning how to control your body.The first thing you might want to learn is how to control your pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. In men, these muscles run from the anus to the urinary sphincter in the penis. Strengthening these muscles may help you with ejaculation delay, and this can also help in providing you with a harder erection.

How to do Kegel exercises involves these steps:

To exercise your PCmuscles, you should use the same muscles that can stop your urine when you are in the bathroom.Although it’s not a good idea to stop the urine flow, try it just once to determine where they are, so you’ll know which ones to squeeze tightly.

The muscles you feel down there that are tensing up are your PC muscles. By practicing these stop and start exercise at least three times a day, you will be in a position to last longer and hold yourself back from the point of no return.

5. Exercise Your Body for Long Lasting Sex

ExerciseHaving sex is like an intense workout that takes a lot of energy from you. This is why, you need to get physically fit, so you can easily manage long lasting sex. If you have little energy or physical endurance to go beyond the average length of time, you will probably leave your partner unhappy. Working out may help you make sure your heart rate is at the maximum and your physical endurance is strong enough to have a long lasting sexual intercourse.

Regular exercise can improve many things related to your performance. For instance, it can improve stamina strength and endurance. Endurance exercises, combined with workouts and agility training can target your core.

They will engage your core and get your heart pumping stronger. After you are warmed up and revved, you can practice some strength training. When your endurance hits the max, you will know you can physically deal with the vigorous activities of sexual intercourse.

6. Practice the Techniques and Tips on How to Control Your Ejaculation

PracticeImagine a man who has the stature and a well-built body for basketball. He has all the strength needed, yet he doesn’t have the skills to play basketball. When this man gets into the court, he will be challenged by the smallest man with basketball skills.

Similarly, you can have all the energy and strength you need to last longer in bed, but if you lack the skills of ejaculation control, you will not perform as expected. As mentioned above, the PC muscles will help you control your ejaculation. The exercises that target these muscles will help in strengthening them and this will,in turn, give you the control you need.

Kegel exercises can help you a great deal in learning how to control PC muscles. As you can see,Kegels are not only for women; they can also benefit men in sexual matters.

7. Discovering and Enhancing Your Sex Psychology

PsychologyIf you get into sex worrying that you will not last long, there is a big chance you may finish fast and first leaving your partner disappointed.Getting into sexual intercourse with a bunch of insecurities will have you finish earlier than you expect or want.

Biologically, this makes sense. When you are insecure, you will become stressed. Your body can sense the stress and this might suggest that you are not in a safe place and you should probably not be naked.Your body responds by accelerating ejaculation and sometimes making it difficult to get an erection. This simply means that for better performance, you will need all the confidence you can get.

The best way to deal with this is to talk to your partner. Talk about your problems and how you want to improve. This will help them understand you and you will gain some confidence that is important in dealing with the problem. Finishing first should not be something you are ashamed of or embarrassed to talk about with your partner. Actually, you will find out that just talking about it will solve half the problem.

8. Breathing Is Important

BreathingOf course, you will be breathing because this is what keeps us alive. However, we are not talking about the normal breathing. Here, it is all about a different breathing that will help you last longer in bed.Practicing deep breathing can help you get rid of the tension that leads to a disappointing fast finish. Shallow short breathing is what will speed up your heart beat and leads to shorter sexual intercourse sessions.

Learning this breathing pattern is quite easy. You just need to breathe deeply for five seconds and holding for three seconds then doing the five seconds thing again.

If you practice enough such that you can do this for about five minutes continuous, you can use this breathing pattern to your advantage in bed. If you learn how to focus on your partner’s breathing, you will manage to build an intimate connection that will make sure you are enjoying long lasting sex. The secret is to start the deep breathing before the sex starts.

You can set aside a few minutes in the evening when you can practice your breathing. Since this is not a vigorous exercise, you can practice all day long whenever you have an opportunity. In addition, the sex matters, controlled breathing patterns can greatly improve your health in general.

9. Using Pills For Long Lasting Sex

PillsThere are many herbal supplements for men nowadays. The main thing is to talk to your doctor first if you plan to try a new supplement meant for boosting male sexual pleasure, even if it contains natural ingredients. Herbs and other organic substances can interact with other medications and supplements, so it’s important to be careful. Most of these male enhancement products work by correcting nutritional and hormonal imbalances. They may help men who want to have a better sexual experience.

Most men can benefit a great deal from pills that lengthen their time in bed, like ProSolution Pills, which are doctor-recommended. If you’re having problems with libido or stamina, the first course of action is to look at your lifestyle habits and make some healthy changes, but while you’re doing that, these pills can help. Be sure to read the labels, look at real consumer reviews and ask your doctor first, though.

It is possible to get the last longer in bed pills over the counter and some products can even help you in delaying your ejaculations. A variety of pills are available and you can also opt to use the last longer in bed spray which is sprayed directly to the penis a short while before sex. The most important thing here is to discuss your options with your doctor to get the safest, most effective product for you. Be sure to read the instructions that come with the solution you choose to use, as well.

It is also quite important to talk to your partner about using any enhancement products. In addition to being open and honest, this talk will give you the confidence you will need to last longer in bed without pills.

10. A Hands-On Solution: Reasons Masturbating May Help

Hands-OnIf all the other options seem not to work in your quest for long lasting sex, masturbating can be a good solution. This will help you in training your body how to slow down before climaxing. If you can manage to slow down, then you will not have a problem controlling your ejaculation.

Masturbating a short while before sex can lengthen your stay in bed and give you a good training solution for holding it a while longer.Though most people who masturbate want to reach climax as fast as possible, you should use it to slow things down. There are also toys that can be used to get the sensation of the vagina. These toys will greatly help you to control your ejaculation during actual penetration.

11. In an Emergency: How to Hit the Snooze Button

Hit the Snooze ButtonIt is important to understand the difference between an orgasm and ejaculation. Although most people believe they are similar,this is not the case. These are two separate things that may occur simultaneously or separately. In this case, hitting the snooze button means the need to physically stop your ejaculation. You will still achieve orgasm but you will not ejaculate.

The key is to press a certain area that falls between the anus and the testicles. When you press it as you begin to have an orgasm, it may slow or stop the process. When the penis ejaculates, strong contractions happen, so you should press down gently until they are finished.

Although this method is a solution when all else fails,you should only use it in an emergency. Just remember it for just those times when you need long lasting sex. It is not safe to use regularly, but only if you have no other options.Be sure to use some of the other tips here, so you can last longer in bed. By employing this advice, you may not need to use this method.

12. Communication is the Key to the Better Sex Puzzle

CommunicationThe problem with men is that they are built to hide their feelings and they tend to keep everything to themselves. This is why most men can’t talk about their bedroom problems, especially if they tend to disappoint their partner by always being the one to finish first.

Studies indicate that this is one of the major problems that men below 40 face. This is an age when you should be enjoying sexual intercourse, but it can be a big problem for men today. For a woman to feel more sexually satisfied, they need to reach the point of orgasm. If you don’t last long enough to take them to that point, you will end up disappointing your partner.

This is why you should try to talk to your partner and explain what is going on, such as your limitations and goals. Opening up to your lover may help to spark the flames in your relationship. You may be surprised at how much this could help you both enjoy sex more.

13. It Takes a Real Man to Seek Help

Are your sex problems just a passing phase or a serious health problem? You need to see your doctor to determine if it is something you can fix with tips here, or if it is a serious medical condition. If you have a physical issue, you will feel much better with some professional assistance. If it is something you can handle, following the tips mentioned in this article will greatly help you in dealing with the problem once and for all.

talk to a doctorYou may want to talk to a doctor, if:

  • You are unable to get or maintain an erection.
  • You cannot last for more than two minutes in bed.
  • The amount of your semen is less than five millimeters (ml).
  • You are having trouble getting aroused.

If you recognize any of the above symptoms, you could be suffering from a major health issue and not lasting longer in bed may be just one red flag for you of something even more sinister. So be sure to take the time to get yourself checked and try to fix the underlying health problem.

14. Yes You Can: Control Your Stress

StressMost people face the problems that arise from not lasting long enough to satisfy their partners. In fact, it is be a common source of relationship problems. It makes sense to say that, if you can solve your sexual problems, you could be able to solve some of your relationship problems. While no one should base a relationship on sexual activities, sex helps to maintain intimacy and a strong connection for a couple.

The fact is, finishing fast and first is not usually due to one cause, but a combination of various factors such as over stimulation, learned behaviors and stress. The length you last in bed is quite important to your partner. While they might have the same stresses you do, so your control could help to determine the direction your lovemaking session will go in, so addressing stress is key.

Sometimes, the issue can be as simple as performance anxiety. It is the same kind of anxiety that you face as you take an exam. At times, the anxiety can be so overpowering that it can divert your attention from enjoying sex to doing everything to last longer. You become excessively conscious about your performance and even if you are doing great, you can become disappointed and frustrated for not being able to do better.

It is, therefore, important that you take sex as a means of pleasure and strengthening your bond with your partner rather than a strict exam. If you feel stressed about your performance, talk to your partner about it. Approaching sex with humor can help, too. Try not to be too serious when things don’t go exactly as expected and keep trying.

15. Eat Good to Love Good

While you are trying to figure ways on how to last longer in bed naturally, you must not undermine the importance of food. There are a lot of foods that are scientifically proven to increase testosterone levels, stamina and the duration of sexual intercourse.

Some of these foods include:

  • BeefFatty fish
  • High-fat milk
  • Nutmeg
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • Liver
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Bananas
  • Greenleafy vegetables
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges and pineapples
  • Papaya
  • Poultry and eggs

You don’t have to do it all at once. Just pick one or two of these tips on how to last longer in bed naturally, and you will see a difference in time. Be open minded as you look for answers. For example, you could learn how to last longer in bed in Hindi by reading Hindi content on the internet.

quit smoking cigarettesThe secret to how to last longer in bed with exercises provides yet a solution. Look at your lifestyle for how to last longer in bed for men without pills or surgery.If you have been disappointing your partner due to lasting for a short time in bed, make some major changes. If you need to lose weight, change your eating habits. If you need to, quit smoking cigarettes or drinking excessively.

Getting healthier by exercising, sleeping well, and eating nutritious foods will help improve your performance, but while you do that, don’t be embarrassed to talk to your doctor about a male enhancement supplement. It is time to start working on your health and using these tips, so you will be a better lover who can offer long lasting sex.


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