15 Killer Tips on How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed (#7 is Fun)

15 Killer Tips on How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

Sensitive, sexy and sweet – for you there is absolutely no one better than your girl in the entire world; however, unlike men, women tend to take longer to get aroused, but when they do get in the mood for it, you will surely be in for a treat.

Your sexual trysts are always full of frolic and fun, but do you actually rock her world? If the answer’s a no, you can benefit from this list on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

Later in this article, we are going to disclose some secrets to you, which girls have been withholding for so long, only because they don’t want you to gain power over them by knowing exactly what makes them orgasm like never before. You can thank us later.

Let’s get started with the 15 tips on how to satisfy a woman in bed.

1. Be a Man: Be a Bit Aggressive

ravish herFirst and foremost, let’s draw the line between being aggressive and being outright abusive. Even feminists like to be roughed up once in a while in the bedroom. Believe us when we say that women always want their man to follow his animal instincts and ravish her like the celluloid heroes do in their manly glamour.

So, rather than treating her like a delicate flower; plug into your testosterone levels once in a while and see her as the lioness that she really is. If you need some ideas on how you can make your aggression sexually satisfying, here are some tips:

  • Romantic Aggression: If you’re not sure how to start out, you can always mildly asphyxiate her, pin her hands above her head or give her hair a light tug whenever she gets up to brush her teeth in the morning. She’ll call in a sick day at work just to be in bed with you.
  • Spanking: Pinching her bottom while she least expects it might be a good way of testing whether she likes a bit of pain in her lovemaking sessions, aside from asking her. If she responds favorably, spank her the next time she slips into her lace nightgown.
  • Reverse the Roles: Society always wants women to be the docile one in the relationship. So, it is sometimes possible that the secret to satisfying a woman in bed may lie in handing her the reins by allowing her to play the role of the aggressor. Let her tie you up and have her way with you. What have you got to lose? You just became the luckiest guy in the world.

woman in bedIf you are looking for some real tips, you may search your browser, using terms like, “how to satisfy a woman in bed with images,” “how to satisfy a woman in bed with images pdf,” or “how to satisfy a woman in bed pdf.” You are sure to get some sizzling ideas off the web.

2. How to Please Women in Bed: Kiss, Kiss and Kiss Some More

KissingYou want to satisfy a woman sexually and the fundamental act of love completely escaped your mind? You might have been under the wrong impression that kissing is only restricted to foreplay, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Kissing creates the intimate emotional bond, which lets women know that they can open up in front of you. Girls love to be loved, and what better way to do it than kissing her in a way that feels like it is the last kiss you two would be sharing?

Check out our tips on how to pleasure a woman in bed by just varying your kissing style:

  • Your lips are your asset. Your lips literally need to be perfect if you want your girl to be really turned on. Forget chapped lips and breath that smells of stale onions. Put in the effort to apply some lip balm, which will make your lips supple and spray some mint breath freshener before you get ready for some action. Girls often like to be tickled during kissing so if your woman’s into it, don’t stop keeping a beard.
  • Decode your sexual style. Yes, your sex has a style of its own too. Is yours like the one they show in the romantic comedies or do you love to mix it up occasionally with a bit of BDSM? If it’s the former, you can begin by lightly kissing her on the mouth and then kissing a bit harder, whereas if you belong to the daring category of men, you can just push her against a wall and alternately bite and suck her lips.
  • face to faceDon’t forget to vary your positions, too. It goes without saying that not all sexual positions will be compatible with your kissing strategy. Try out positions like the missionary one, in which both of you will be face to face most of the time or you can always make her sit on your lap and give her deep sensual kisses while you two have intercourse.

If you wondering how to last longer in bed, you may want to try all natural male enhancement supplements.

3. How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed: Talk Dirty to Her

Thanks to the massive bombardment of misinformation from the media and porn films, almost all guys have a twisted knowledge of what dirty talk during sex entails. Let us warn you. Comments like, “Who’s your daddy,” will only invite slaps and some severe remonstrations from your girlfriend.

The right way to go about it would be to talk dirty to her without being disrespectful or insulting. Before you ask how you should do this, here are the answers:

flimsy brassiere

  • For starters, express what you love. When she walked into the room wearing that flimsy brassiere, your heart might have skipped a beat or two, but did you express your feelings to her? You should, as such candid comments about her appearance would not only make her blush brighter than a red rose, but would also make her feel validated and cherished.
  • Are You Turned on? Scream it out. Tell her how ecstatic you were when she just finished giving you that blow job, how her moles makes you want to kiss her skin all night long and even what liberties you want to take with her body, so that she’s in seventh heaven.
  • Focus on your delivery. It’s not just what you say, but also how you say things, that will determine whether you are able to please your woman in bed. Think of Gerard Butler in S., I Love You, and try to whisper sweet nothings in her ear in a drawling and husky voice, overflowing with passion and lust. She won’t be able to disentangle herself from your arms anytime soon.

4. How to Please a Woman Sexually: Bring On the Big O with Oral

Most men don’t realize it, but there is much more to sex than intercourse. The sex might be the best both of you ever had, but even your most awesome moves deserve a day off, don’t they?

satisfy a womanA sensuous oral session after the initial foreplay makes the sexual experience much more exciting and enjoyable. Keep reading to find out our tips about oral stimulation and ways to sexually satisfy a woman.

  • Get her all relaxed. Like you, your girl can also be feeling quite self-conscious with regards to the time it would take her to climax. Send her clear signals that you are ready to devote your time and energy to making her feel good.
  • Perfect your position. Hoist her pelvis up with the help of a pillow and make her spread her legs wide. The larger her opening is, the better the sensation will be.
  • Tease her with attention. Use your tongue to lightly tease her vagina and listen carefully to her breathing patterns to decide what is turning her on the most and keep doing that until she orgasms. If you want to bring in the invigorating sensation of vibrations, don’t forget to use a vibrator too.
  • she will have an orgasmThe grand finale. As you go along, try to introduce different rhythms with up and down and some sideways action. Imagine you were licking an ice cream rather than pounding your notebook with a pencil and before you know it, she will have an orgasm.

Use these tips on how to please a woman sexually and see the magic unfolding.

5. How to Satisfy Women: It’s All About Her Twins

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that your woman’s breasts are extremely sensitive and can respond to the lightest touch. Have you ever noticed how most of foreplay always involves you touching and playing with them? It’s time you brought your “A game” to the event of the night, too.

Here’s the deal: Always follow your instinct on how you can please a woman in bed by focusing on her breasts and you will never have look back.

  • Know her breasts inside out: You always kiss, lick, suck, bite and press her nipples and you think that you’re done, but did you know that the entire breast area, especially the underside, is covered by nerves which make it so vulnerable to your touch? Start out slow by drawing the outline of her breasts on her chest with your fingertips.
  • tracing circlesJust Breathe: While you are tracing circles, breathe hard over her nipples. She will be writhing with desire and just when she begs you to have your way with her nipple, deliver your master stroke.
  • The End Game: If you begin noticing a darkening in her areolas don’t wait an instant. Suck hard on her nipples and keep massaging the other breast lightly.

6. Satisfying Women in Bed: Get Her Out of Bed and Go Public

Who said satisfying a woman sexually only had to be limited to your house? Sex in long term relationships tends to get boring just because there are no new challenges to your love.

The risk factor involved with having sexual experiences in public spaces, such as parking lots and elevators, makes her feel like a teenager and gets her adrenaline surging higher and higher. Just be absolutely sure you don’t get caught, because you don’t want to end up in jail for indecent exposure. Not sexy.

7. A Fun Tip on How to Please Women in Bed: Be a Master at Spontaneity

quickiesIf a man wants to know how to please a woman in bed, he has to master the art of quickies. Girls love to feel that they are so utterly irresistible that their partners can’t keep it in their pants, as soon as they catch a whiff of their sweet smell or behold their pretty face.

You must be wondering, what’s the bottom line? With our tips you will be able to plan your spontaneous eruptions of passion so carefully that she will surely swoon when she detects that look in your eyes:

  • I Want You, Right Here, Right Now: Just when she gets home from work, carrying a pile of documents in one hand and your weekly groceries in the other, relieve her of all her belongings and kiss her fully on the mouth with intense emotion.
  • Where Do You Take Her: Please refrain from taking her to the bed. Half the excitement dies down when she realizes that you are going to have an encounter in the same old place. The kitchen, bath, couch and floor are all great options if you can imbue them with your romantic touch. Just light some candles and keep a bottle of lubricant handy.
  • To Undress or Not to Undress: Don’t undress her completely just yet. Roughly unzip her pants and pull them down to her knees. If you want to become aroused by touching her breasts, don’t make her lose her top, but rather grope over the fabric of the shirt as if you are on a quest to find her nipples.
  • Walk The Talk: Apply the lubricant quickly, yet generously, on your fingers and massage her clitoris till she starts to moan. The more aroused you feel, the quicker she will feel stimulated.

8. Kiss Her Like a Princess

Kiss Her Like a PrincessYou don’t always need to use penetration to make her feel like she’s the center of your world. Girls often have body consciousness issues and might feel that there are certain physical attributes you’d rather keep away from.

Rather than focusing on some specific portions of her body, go all the way and take her entire body on a ride. Starting from her wrists to her ankles, from her eyes to her inner thigh, the sensations you evoke will reinstall her confidence in her sexual prowess and will arouse your lady sexually.

9. It’s Playtime. The Purpose of Sexual Role Playing

You won’t believe how far a bit of make-believe can take you during your sexual escapades. If you have been through how to satisfy a woman in bed”YouTube tutorials, you would know that, similarly to boys, girls also tend to harbor their fantastical imaginations with a bit of naughty fun.

They are often too scared to reveal their role-playing ideas to their partners in fear that they might think they have gone crazy. You must be wondering how you can make her open up and trust you enough to disclose anything that she want you to do. Check out our tips and you’ll be confused no more.

  • Get real about your fantasy. Once your girl knows that you aren’t as uptight as she had thought you to be, things would move more smoothly. Tell her how you always wanted your girlfriend to wear the Princess Leia costume and encourage her to reveal all her dirty fantasies. This sharing of information will keep her imagination on its toes and hormones on edge.
  • Don’t feel embarrassedDon’t feel embarrassed about occasional slip ups. It’s only natural for you to make mistakes, since it’s the first time you are engaging in something as crazy as this. It is likely that you will mumble during the dialogues and your girl will burst out laughing. In these situations, the only way you can satisfy your woman sexually is by taking humor in stride and just doing it.

10. Nibble on Her Lovely Neck

At last, the one thing celluloid wasn’t wrong about. You should know that the skin that stretches from your girl’s collarbone to her ear is super sensitive and vulnerable to all kinds of touch. But don’t commit the horrendous mistake of licking her neck and leaving it drooping with saliva. After all, you’re her man, not her pet dog.

Try to take liberties with the ladies in bed by alternating between soft kissing and forcefully sucking on her neck. If your girlfriend is into love bites and can’t wait to show them off in front of the entire world, go right ahead by nibbling on the thicker skin near her collarbone. She’ll literally melt in your arms and demand that you pleasure her in bed right there and then.

11. Climaxing Through the Clitoris

make her climaxPut on your smart glasses, as you are just about to get a lesson in anatomy. Do you really want to satisfy women in bed? Located outside the vagina, the clitoris is to girls what penis is to men, so you need to know exactly where her clitoris is located, if you want to make her climax like never before.

The best part is that clitoral stimulation isn’t that hard to achieve with these how to satisfy a woman in bed techniques:

  • Seek out the positions that are amenable to your needs: Spooning, doggy-style and even the girl on top are great positions to try out if you want to stimulate her clitoris.
  • No two clitorises are the same: If you were under the impression that, since your ex got excited whenever you massaged her clitoris in a certain manner, your wife will also enjoy your moves, you are wrong. You have to make mistakes and learn what makes your partner’s clitoris click.

12. Sexual Foods at Their Best

Do you think your girl works herself to death in the gym just because she wants to flaunt her flat belly? Well, you are partly correct, but she also wants you to make proper use of it. Girls love it when you get creative in bed with aphrodisiacs, such as oysters and chocolate sauce.

chocolate sauceRather than eating from respectable bowls, slather it all over your bodies and clean her as if she were a plate. Just hearing about it made you aroused, didn’t it? Besides, women who are looking for tips on how to satisfy a man in bed can consume sexual foods too, and win the heart of their love.

13. Explore Her Romantically First, Then Sexually Next

You want to know how to satisfy a woman in bed every time, but did you remember to bring her flowers on her birthday last week? Women are always looking forward to connecting emotionally with a guy before they can start trusting him with their bodies.

Surprise her with some cheesy public display of affection and cheeky text messages.  Watch all her favorite girly movies, over and over again, to get an idea of how you can romantically sweep her off her feet like the Prince Charming she has been hoping for all her life.

14. Be A Bit Daring: Enjoy a Threesome

she might get hornyThough not all girls will be comfortable with the idea of a threesome, if you’ve got a daring girlfriend, she might get horny just with the suggestion that you’ll be indulging in a threesome. Having to compete with another girl for your attention and affection may turn her on and the experience could be at the top of your list of best nights spent together.

This is dangerous territory, though, so make sure you both absolutely want this – and if not, that’s okay. Keep reading for more ideas.

15. Spoil Her, She Deserves It

At the end of the day, all she ever wants is to get spoiled once in a while. Women work incredibly hard what with their duties at home and responsibilities at work.

Make sure you rock her world by getting her female sexuality satisfied, but also see to it that you remind her of the girl she once was with your pecks and intense kisses, which make her collapse in giggles.

Take her in your arms and cuddle her to sleep afterwards and you will have mastered the technique of how to satisfy a woman sexually. You could make your own YouTube tutorial, perhaps?

In a long-term relationship, boredom in sex is quite a common problem; however, you can dodge that bullet by learning how to satisfy a woman in bed. Don’t forget to share your newfound wisdom with your friends. They’ll thank you later.

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