How to Please a Woman and Make Her Long for More Lovemaking

How to Please a Woman and Make Her Long for More Lovemaking

how a womans mind worksNo one can figure out how a woman’s mind works. Whoever holds the key to understanding what women want would be rich and famous, for sure.

While it’s impossible to unravel the workings of the female mind, pleasing them is even harder. Knowing what to do, especially after the onset of feminism leaves men lost on what to say and how to act around these picky creatures. Women freak out around benign things, which leave some men grasping at straws on how to please a woman.

Since women know men have fragile egos, many opt to keep mum on what they really want in bed. While men often claim they want to hear women more, they don’t like being criticized on how to treat a woman in bed.

What happens in bed could affect what takes place out of it. Bad sex can take its toll and ruin the relationship. If you want to have a better relationship with your partner, brushing up on your knowledge on how to pleasure women would be a wise move.

Here’s the ultimate how-to guide on the best moves to blow her mind away during sex.

Take Control: How to Pleasure a Woman with Dominance

BDSMWhile BDSM novels are getting popular and attracting its fair share of female fans, we don’t recommend the hardcore stuff unless you and your partner lean that way. There are some women who might see you as a bit too eager but in general, women like it when men act like men.

You don’t have to be a skilled lover to pull this off, just be more confident on how you handle her body. It’s extremely erotic to see a man take charge in bed and it increases her arousal.

A few simple things that you can do to pull this off is to put your hands on her hips when she’s on top and pull or pull it back and forth. This increases clitoral stimulation and even when she’s on top, you still exert your dominance over her body.

When in the good old missionary position, you can pin her wrists on the mattress above her head with your hands. And when you want to change positions, don’t act like a gentleman and request for her permission, grab her and put her wherever you want her to be.

Talk Dirty: How to Make Her Sizzle With Your Words

thoughtsWomen have a thing for words. Have you ever wondered why they can be pesky about men not sharing their thoughts? They love to hear more from men and this doesn’t this covers the bedroom, too.

Talking dirty can make women more excited about hopping in bed with you, but don’t believe what you see in most porn movies, you might end up on the other side of the door if you mimic what those guys say.

You should tread lightly when you are planning to talk dirty to her since not all women are into it. You should focus on telling her what you would love to do with her body, how her body she turns you on, how much you adore her body.

It doesn’t really matter what you say although you can try to learn a phrase or two. Try to use basic words first and say what you feel, sounding fake can turn any woman off. While you can improve on your dirty talk, you should also pay attention to how you tell her what you feel.

Women may have a thing for words but they are also sensitive about the way you say it. Hearing a lusty voice more than makes up for not having a dirty talk vocabulary and you can keep her aroused enough to crave for more.

Clitoral Stimulation: How to Treat Her Body Right

Treat Her Body RightAmong all the female parts, the clitoris, or clit seems to be the most obvious target for your attention, but a lot of men can’t figure out how to stimulate the clit to satisfy a woman. Stimulating the clitoris directly can cause more pain than pleasure.

If you want to learn how to please a woman with your hands through clitoral stimulation,it would be better to pay your loving attentions to the clitoral hood where the labia meet or the side of the clitoris. Just a word of caution, don’t drum, push or jab your fingers into the clit.

If you are going down on your partner, the best thing to do is to tease the clit. Pay close attention to the clit and leave it before going back to it. Since the clitoris reacts really well to teasing, you would want to lick and suck on it a bit to build some tension. Then, take a step back and make her steep a bit before going back to tease the clit.

Another technique that works wonders on the amount of pleasure that she will feel is the “figure eight.” This technique works well with oral and you can start off by sucking gently before spreading her clit with your fingers. Move the rougher part of your tongue in a circular motion from the left to the right and at the same time moving up and down following the shape of the number eight.

These clitoral stimulation techniques would make her more excited to go all the way. Plus, it is definitely an experience that she will never forget..

Put Her Pleasure First: How to Please a Woman in Bed and Make Sure She is Satisfied

Porn is not a good teacherThese days, men seem to be more focused on what gets them off and what feels good. If the idea that you have about sex comes straight out from porn, then you can use some tips on how to please a woman sexually in bed.

Porn is not a good teacher on how to be a great lover. For starters, porn is all about men, their needs, and their wants not on women. Real women require more than just a hard pounding; they need intimacy and lots of foreplay to reach orgasm.

Men could orgasm faster than women and one way to make sure she will reach her climax too, is to last longer. Although ejaculation is something that you can’t help but experience when you are highly stimulated, you can delay it.

There are pills that you can take to last longer such as the ProSolution pill. You can also use some techniques to increase your staying power.

One thing that you can do is to watch out for cues that signal that you are close. By being familiar with these cues, you can learn when to slow down so you can last longer.

Men usually have a 14-minute mark and after that, they orgasm. You can go beyond those 14 minutes by stopping those thrusts and try to penetrate as hard as you can. Replace those thrusts with a rocking motion by shifting up and down. This will decrease your stimulation, allowing you to last longer and at the same time increase your partner’s stimulation allowing her to reach orgasm before you do.

By putting her pleasure above your own, you will surely look forward to more adventures in the bedroom. Plus, this will speak volumes about your character not just as a lover but as a man.

Kiss Her: How to Please a Woman with More Intimate Encounters

Kiss HerMost guys don’t get how to make a woman happy because they go straight to taking off. They often forget that women crave for intimacy and you need how to please a woman emotionally if you want to keep her satisfied in bed.

When having sex, men often stop kissing their partner when they start having intercourse, but this is one huge mistake. Women derive the greatest erotic pleasure when they are on the receiving end of a kiss. In fact, kissing is one trick that you can employ when you feel that she is starting to lose interest in the act.

To make this work, you need to be in a position that puts the two of you in front of each other like when she’s sitting on your lap or you are in the missionary position. The smooches you exchange should mirror the type of sex that you are having.

Go for sensual kisses for a slow and romantic grind and a deep tongue kiss for gang buster sex. You should also mix it up a little and throw in some butterfly kisses or a close-lipped kiss on her eyes, forehead, and nose.

Enjoy Foreplay: How to Increase Her Anticipation on What’s Coming Next

Enjoy ForeplayUnlike men, women can’t turn on their libido in a snap of a finger. They need to be aroused to the point that they would be willing to have sex with their partner. Being in a rush translates are often translated as selfish lovemaking and no woman loves having a lover who only thinks about his pleasure.

Try to turn her on by kissing and touching her all over before intercourse. While foreplay seems to be a ritual, try not to snap out of your head, be in the moment. Women are sensitive creatures and they will know if you are treating foreplay the way you do your morning routine. Focus on the quality of your foreplay as this more than makes up for quantity.

Be sure to take your time in your loving, roam your hands around her body, kiss her and tease her. When you are really into the moment, she will be aroused faster and when you know how to pleasure a woman, she will love you more for it.

When in Doubt Ask: How to Know If She Likes What You’re Doing

Communication is importantCommunication is important, especially inside the bedroom. There’s no better way to learn how to satisfy a woman than to ask her what gets her going. Women will give you points just for being considerate about their pleasure.

When she sees that you are taking great pains so the sex would be as good for her as it is for you, she would be more eager to repay this favor.

Even if she is not saying anything or complaining, it doesn’t mean that she is enjoying it. We have already covered the fact that women could keep quiet even if they are constantly disappointed with the sex to spare your feelings.

Developing open communication lines especially where sex is concerned is good practice. You never know what you can discover about each other. It might even turn out that you are interested in the same things in bed!

While asking is great, there is one big exception –never ask if she already had an orgasm. This question has the same effect as a bucket of ice. It would lead her to think that you’re not in the moment because if she already did, you would know. Aside from that, it would put a lot of pressure on her to reach her climax and this is the last thing that you want to do is you want to pleasure a woman.

Don’t Stop: How to Interpret What Women Want During Intercourse

Dont StopWomen are complex creatures and they often say the opposite of what they want. Take for instance, they will say nothing is wrong when obviously, there is something that’s bothering them. Another classic example is when they say that they are not angry about something but they will go on and on about it.

While these things are absolutely true, these are not always applicable in the bedroom. When you are in the middle of having intercourse and your woman is telling you not to stop what you are doing, you better not. This is one of those rare moments when women mean what they are saying in a literal sense.

When you are doing a move that can make her reach orgasm and you suddenly stop and switch to something else, it can ruin the mood. The entire experience will be ruined for her and she will take it against you.

The main goal of engaging in intercourse is having an orgasm and robbing her of one doesn’t seem the best move if you want to satisfy your partner. If you want to stay delay her orgasm, tease her more but don’t employ any sudden change when she is building up to a climax. This is a mistake and you will end up with one dissatisfied and disappointed partner.

Use Your Fingers: How to Put Those Nimble Digits to a Pleasurable Mission

Use Your FingersAre you familiar with the G-spot? This zone is considered to be the spongy part which is as big as a dime. Finding this special erogenous zone can be hard to do though.

If you want to learn how to please a woman sexually, a lesson on hitting the g-spot would be a great start. It’s also a good thing that there are sex positions that could help you stimulate this sensitive area.

Since women often find it hard to reach orgasm by clitoral stimulation alone, you should hit this special spot using your fingers. The best position to access the g-spot is when you spooning from behind and when she’s on top.

You can try putting resting your hand on her pubic mound, covering the area with three fingers or a single finger that is directly pressed against her clit. Start off with slow feathery touches before making it harder and faster. Change the way you rub her and her moans would be a great guide to know if she’s enjoying or not.

If you are looking for more positions to hit this hot spot, you can do doggie-style. This way, you can touch her vagina’s front wall and stimulate that spot. Be sure to start thrusting slowly before you increase the intensity.

Speaking of fingers, you can also make use of those digits by pampering her breasts which are often neglected after foreplay. Cupping her breasts and sucking gently could make the experience more intense for her and also lead to stronger orgasms.

With these two additional pointers on your repertoire, you may not be a master in bed but you can make sure that she will crave for your lovemaking.

Make Her Feel Special: How to Please a Woman in and Out of Bed

Make Her Feel SpecialWhile there are tons of techniques that you can use to make a woman satisfied in bed, you should never forget that the key is to learn how to build anticipation.

One great way to do that is by starting foreplay early on the day. Putting your partner in the right mood for some alone time later would make the wait sweeter. Don’t forget to send a message or give her a call just to tell her how much you are anticipating your night together.

Women may crave for a good time in bed and they are smart enough to know if all you are after is a tumble. You need to make a woman feel special.Otherwise, she may start thinking that you are just going through the motions the same way you treat any other woman in your life.

Women are naturally vain and they are critical about their bodies. When a woman doesn’t have a stitch on, it’s easy to feel insecure. And, you can make her time and yours better if you appreciate a woman’s beauty despite the imperfections. Even if she just brushes off that compliment, it would boost her confidence and she will be more eager to be with you

To give any woman a great time, you should focus on her. Let her know you want her and let her use her imagination before you get physical. If your goal is to learn how to please women, you should know how to make them feel special.

emotions and feelingsAt the end of the day, keeping a woman satisfied in bed requires intimacy. More than just a physical need, women link intercourse to emotions and feelings. This means that without any intimate connection, they wouldn’t feel satisfied with the experience even if you are a wonderful lover.

Nevertheless, these tips on how to please a woman can make bedroom time for any woman. Since good sex is a must for any healthy relationship, you can rest assured that your girl will be looking forward to the next time you hit the sheets if you know just what to do to give her pleasure and make her crave for more.


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