How to Overcome the Top 18 Things That Deflate Your Erections

How to Overcome the Top 18 Things That Deflate Your Erections

A huge amount of men will have some form of erectile trouble at some point in their lives. This sort of problem is completely natural and can happen by all manner of things. However, if you are struggling to have erections regularly then you may be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). Sufferers of this condition simply cannot achieve erections or maintain them for longer than a couple of minutes.

Different Causes of ED

There are a lot of different causes of ED, but before we get into them, let’s look at the process behind erections.

To get an erection, a sufficient amount of blood needs to flow into the penis. This blood engorges the spongy tissue found in the penis, making it hard.

To initiate this blood flow, a man must be aroused and free of anxiety, which all happens in the brain. To maintain an erection, it is imperative to maintain the blood flow towards the penis. Besides, the man needs to remain sufficiently mentally aroused and physically stimulated.

Some of the causes of ED are physical. This simply means that they directly interfere with the erection process. There are physical factors that constrict the blood flow towards the penis in some way that makes an erection impossible to achieve or maintain.

Other causes are psychological. This means that some sort of stress or anxiety prevents the man from relaxing or focusing on sex; thus, he is unable to become aroused.

The Physical Causes of ED

1. Impaired Circulation Into The Penis Causes ED

atherosclerosisA common condition known as atherosclerosis is responsible for a large amount of ED cases.

In this condition, the arteries in the body become clogged and tighter, reducing the flow of blood around the body, including to the sexual organs.

The causes of this condition are numerous and varied, but the primary culprits are obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol levels.

If you are struggling with erections, it may be possible that you have quite a serious case of atherosclerosis throughout your entire body. It could also lead to heart disease and high blood pressure. Thus, it’s essential to get yourself checked out by your doctor.

2. Impaired Circulation Out Of The Penis Also Leads To Impotence

Sometimes, blood flowing into the penis is regular and sufficient, but blood flowing out is problematic. This is known as venous leakage and involves blood rapidly leaving the penis, making erections impossible to maintain. Surgery helps to treat this condition.

3. Medicines Can Make Erections Difficult

MedicinesSome medicines, whether they are over-the-counter or prescription-based, have some nasty side effects that can cause erectile difficulties.

Some of the major culprits are antidepressants, blood pressure medications and cancer treatments.

Such medications affect the body in different ways, but can all cause ED. Therefore, it is advisable to speak to your doctor about switching medication if you discover you are suddenly having trouble maintaining or achieving erections.

4. Diabetes Gives You Sexual Troubles

Both type 1 and 2 diabetes can lead to ED. In fact, diabetes sufferers are three times more likely to have erectile dysfunction than those without. The science behind this is that diabetes can damage both the nerves and blood vessels involved in the process of erections.

5. Prostate Cancer Causes Problems In Bed

Prostate CancerAs prostate cancer develops, it can begin to negatively affect a man’s performance in the bedroom.

The cancer itself or the radiation treatment used to cure it can damage the nerves and blood vessels involved in having an erection.

In addition, some prostate cancer treatments reduce the levels of testosterone in the patient, making arousal much more difficult.

6. Peyronie’s Disease Gives You Painful Erections

Peyronie’s disease affects around one percent of all men. It involves a bending in the penis, usually due to an injury of some kind. It makes erections extremely painful and hard to maintain. Some cases will go away on their own. Men should always see a doctor for help if they experience painful erections.

7. Nervous System Diseases Lead To Loss Of Sensitivity 

Multiple sclerosisMultiple sclerosis (MS), along with other nervous system disorders and diseases, can damage the nerve cells involved in the achievement of erections.

Nerves responsible for sensitivity in the penis can also be damaged, reducing sexual pleasure.

When depressed, it’s normal for us to be less interested in sex. Many men find it much harder to get in the mood, and have too much on their minds to have desires and erections.

9. Hormones Interfere With Arousal

depressionHormones are vital for the well-being of a man’s sex drive and ability to have sex. Reduced levels of testosterone can lead to a lack of libido.

One can suffer a lack of testosterone for various reasons. These reasons include stress, depression, the side effects of various treatments and medications, excessive use of steroids, and more.

10. Injuries And Accidents Can Damage Your Sexual Organs

A direct injury to the sexual organs or the areas around them can cause severe damage to the nerve cells or blood vessels in the area, meaning that erections are difficult to achieve.

11. Surgery Can Make You Impotent

SurgerySurgery in areas around the sexual organs can also damage the nerves and blood vessels in the area. Surgeons do their best to avoid this sort of damage.

No matter how careful they are, it can be extremely difficult to avoid in some operations, particularly those around the bowels, prostate and bladder.

12. Smoking Leads To Erectile Issues

Smoking helps cholesterol build up in your blood vessels, reducing the blood flow to the sexual organs. Quitting smoking will boost your chances of avoiding ED.

13. Excessive Alcohol Consumption Isn’t Good For Your Penis


Too much alcohol can have a depressant effect, lowering your sex drive.

It can also lead to blood being diverted to your gut to deal with the alcohol, meaning that less blood will be sent to your sexual organs for erections.

In addition, long-term negative effects of alcohol include liver damage, nerve cell damage and hormonal imbalances. All these effects will contribute to sexual troubles in later life.

14. Illicit Drug Use Has Some Terrible Sexual Effects

Illegal drugs primarily affect your nervous system, confusing your body’s nerve reactions and making sexual arousal difficult. Many drugs can also have dangerous long-term side effects.

15. Prolonged Exercise Will Ruin Your Sexual Performance

ExerciseToo much exercise can be a bad thing in the bedroom as you will often be too exhausted to enjoy sexual activity.

In addition, activities like cycling, horse riding or rowing can exert huge amounts of pressure on the sexual organs and perineum, damaging the nerves and blood vessels involved in erections.

16. Stress And Anxiety Ruin Your Mood

If you are focusing too much on your problems at work or at home, you won’t be in the mood to enjoy some private time with your lover. Too much anxiety will negatively affect your performance in bed, as you won’t be able to focus on having fun.

17. Fear Of Failure Makes Sex A Chore

Performance anxiety is common among men, with many taking great pride in their sexual prowess and spending far too much time worrying about pleasing their partners. If you spend too much energy worrying about being good in bed, you’ll actually make yourself worse in terms of performance. You need to relax and let sex happen.

18. Problems With Personal Relationships Makes Sex Difficult

partnersProblems between partners and frequent arguments can make erections harder to attain as you feel less inclined to make love with your partner.

ED is a complicated condition with many causes, both physical and psychological. This list hasn’t covered every single cause, but it gives you a good idea of the major culprits.

It’s also significant to remember that ED can affect men of all ages.So, don’t think you are immune, just because you are under 50. Now let’s look at some ways to cope with ED and make it go away.

How To Deal With ED

There are a lot of solutions to ED, so let’s take a look at some here.

  • Check The Side Effects Of Your Medication

Many medications can have side effects that include the symptoms of ED.

In particular, antidepressants and blood pressure medication are renowned for their effects on male sexual organs, but other pills and medicines can affect men too. Speak to your doctor about switching medication.

  • Stop Stressing About Your Performance

stress outEvery man worries about his performance levels at some point and many men stress out when they can’t get an erection. You need to realize that this happens to almost everyone and by stressing about it, you only make it worse. Accept it, deal with it, and move on. If the problem persists, visit a sex therapist or your doctor to talk about it, but don’t suffer in silence.

  • Spice Things Up

Over a long period of time, sex can become stale and dull. To spice things up in your bedroom, try some new positions, some toys, new lingerie for your partner, or even role play.

  • Calm Down

Stress is one of the biggest causes of ED, so do what you can to relax each day.

Try yoga, exercise, or even just watching your favorite TV show to enjoy yourself and free your mind of worries.

  • Communicate

Don’t keep your problems to yourself, as this will only make things worse. Your partner will become confused and your anxiety will build up. Communicate to your lover and you will see how she will support you. Together, you can get through this.

  • Go Easy On The Alcohol

Getting drunk will lower your mood and make erections even harder to achieve, so try to avoid alcohol, or at least cut down on your consumption.

  • Remember That You Are Not To Blame

aloneThis is terribly imperative. The positive thing to do when suffering from ED is to realize you are not alone and it’s not your fault.

The condition affects a huge amount of men at some point in their lives and can be due to all sorts of causes.

You need to accept this information, stop blaming yourself for the problem, and start communicating about it to begin the process of curing yourself. Don’t feel guilty or lose confidence in yourself because of something you can’t control.

  • Do Your Research

The internet is a valuable tool in your fight against ED. There are countless sources out there that are backed up with reliable scientific research. These resources will help you study the problem and find solutions for it. You can also use the internet to improve your sex life and relationship.

  • Fantasize

Indulge in your fantasies with your partner and focus on your sexual desires, rather than your performance.

This will take your mind away from your worries and allow you to remain aroused and enjoy sex.

  • Masturbate

Don’t overdo it, but masturbation is important. Even when you are in a relationship, both partners should feel free to enjoy themselves privately from time to time.

This this can help to beat stress and reduce any performance anxiety in sexual sessions.

  • Give Acupuncture A Try

AcupunctureAcupuncture is becoming more popular in the West. Recent studies have shown that it can definitely help people suffering with ED. This process is completely safe and well worth trying, as it might help you recover your sex life.

  • Drink Some Watermelon Juice

Watermelon is a bit of a miracle food when it comes to sexual health. It contains an amino acid called citrulline, which boosts blood flow to the penis and makes erections easier. There’s no wonder the watermelon is known as “nature’s Viagra”.

  • Try Reflexology

Reflexology is the practice of boosting blood flow to certain parts of the body through the use of pressure points.

Like acupuncture, it’s a completely safe and all-natural option that works to cure ED in some patients. If it doesn’t cure you, it can at least help you relax and lose some of your stress.

  • Surgery Could Be A Last Resort

Penile implants are an option when all else has failed. These usually take the form of an inflatable tube inside the penis that you need to pump in order to create an erection.

Another form of surgery is available that boosts blood flow to the sexual organs. However, surgery really should be considered a last resort as it could create some dangerous side effects and long-lasting problems.

  • Male Enhancement Supplements

Enhancement SupplementsThese days, men can find all sorts of supplements on the internet designed to boost their performance in bed.

Unfortunately, a lot of these supplements contain chemicals that could present nasty side effects, or they simply don’t work at all.

For a safe alternative, you may try the male enhance pills offered by These pills work by increasing the blood flow all around the genital region, giving men longer and stronger erections for extended sessions of lovemaking. These pills are made from herbs and plant extracts and are therefore completely safe to use and quite effective.

These are just some of the options available when it comes to dealing with ED. But, you should always consult your doctor if you are experiencing erectile troubles as they might be a sign of a more serious problem. Your doctor knows the latest, most effective solutions, so don’t be afraid to talk to yours and get the help you need.

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