How to Grow Your Penis: 5 Alternatives to Risky Surgery

When it comes to defining your manhood, your looks, physique, career, partner in life and bank account will never be enough. For most men, the size of their member down there says a lot. After all, history dictates that those with bigger size down there gives more pleasure to women than those with smaller manhood.

Thanks to adult videos and countless emails and ads, more men, including you, perhaps, are becoming obsessed with bigger penis. One of the ways to increase penis length is through penile surgery, but there are non-surgical methods, too.

Does Size Really Matter?

stamina in bedIt depends on the perspective of the person asking this question. For most women, performance and stamina in bed matters more than size.

In fact, some women are even terrified with longer penis thinking that it might hurt them. If you are able to give pleasure to your partner and last longer in bed regardless of the size, then much better.

On the other hand, a lot of men care more about their size down there. Because of this, a lot of techniques were made to available to help you on your quest on how to grow your penis. Apparently, it is a matter of where you are looking at.

The truth is you are seeing your own member in a foreshortened view which makes it look shorter. If you look at other guy’s member, there is no such foreshortened effect, making it look longer than yours.

What You Need To Know About Penis Enlargement Surgery

If you are looking for a permanent solution on how to grow your penis, then penis enlargement surgery might do the trick for you. This type of procedure was originally offered to those with congenital abnormalities or had experienced trauma in the area down there. Over the years, penile surgery has been used by a lot of men for cosmetic reasons.

There are two major types of penis enlargement surgery.

  • Penile Lengthening – If you want longer and bigger penis, then this option might work for you.
    It involves the cutting of suspensory ligament that helps keep the penis standing up during erection.
    Once cut, it can provide additional length of up to 0.25 inches. However, some men reported no changes especially when in a standing state.
  • Increasing Penile Girth – If you want a wider and larger penis, then penis widening is for you. It can be done in two ways.
    Either a liposuctioned fat from your abdominal wall or thighs will be injected under the skin of penile shaft or grafts of dermis and fat will be placed within the penile shaft.
    Between the two, the dermal grafts work best since the liposuctioned fat tends to be absorbed by the skin within a year after surgery.

There will always be complications surrounding this type of procedure. Some of the risks and complications involved are:

  • Bleeding or scarring.
  • Side effects of anesthesia.
  • Damage in the surrounding penile tissue and nerves.
  • Post-operative infection.
  • Scrotalisation wherein your member looks as if it is arising from the scrotum instead of the abdominal wall.
  • Sloughing of the skin.
  • Nodule formation, especially when the implanted fat does not appear uniformly.

Above all, you may not be happy with the results considering that you spent a fortune on having to go through this type of surgery.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Costs

CostsThis type of procedure may range from $4,000 to $20,000. Keep in mind that the cost will vary from clinic to clinic, doctor to doctor.

At the same time, there are other factors involved such post-surgery medications, consultations, transportation expenses when going to and from the clinic, and even the equipment and medical supplies used.

And when it comes to insurance coverage, sad to say that penis enlargement surgery is not covered. However, if this procedure is used other than for cosmetic reasons, say to correct any congenital abnormalities or penile trauma, then your insurance company can make an exception.

5 Safer Alternatives To Surgery

When it comes to male enhancement, you will never run out of non-surgical options. If you are not comfortable with the knife procedure, you can try any of the following non-surgical methods:

  • The Natural Way – Losing weight and trimming your pubic hair are only some of the things you can do to make your penis bigger.
    Those extra something tends to hide your true size and by getting rid of it, you’ll be surprised with the flesh that is hiding down there.
  • Male Enhancement Gum – Wait, gum? Yes, you read that right. One of the newest options for larger penis is by chewing an enhancement gum. It contains herbs found in most male enhancement pills that are designed to increase blood flow in your penis.
    Plus, it can improve your stamina in bed and help boost sexual performance, not to mention the most convenient and discrete method you can use in terms of male enhancement.
  • Enhancement Patch – This type of enhancement method contain male enlargement ingredients that are directly absorbed by the skin once it came in contact.
    It can work continuously to give your member a supply of active ingredients that will eventually make it bigger.
    Just like the gum, male enhancement patches are also designed to increase your member, improve erection and boost your overall sexual health and performance.
  • Penis Extenders – If you are not a believer of herbs that can give you larger penis, then penis extender might work for you. By applying a gentle traction on your member, painless rips in your member’s corpus cavernosum will be created.
    Once your body heals, these rips will generate additional cells that can make your penis bigger.
  • Male Enhancement Pills – This is by far the most common and most popular option to make your penis bigger.
    It contains natural herbal ingredients such as ginseng and ginkgo biloba to promote blood flow into your penis which can help improve your size.
    At the same time, it has ingredients that can also give you harder erections and boost your stamina in bed. 

The truth is there are tons of male enhancement products that promise to give you the size you hoped for and imagined. However, there is one solution that really works: ProSolution pills. It addresses both the physical and psychological aspects that affect your sex drive and at the same time, help you give your best sexual performance.

ProSolution PillsPlus, ProSolution pills are packed with the most potent ingredients such as Korean ginseng, Solidilin and Butea Superba, so you are sure that you can get only the best results.

When it comes to your quest on how to grow your penis, ProSolution pills can do the trick. Try it now and see for yourself.

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