Fast ED Solutions: Put a Penis Ring on It

Fast ED Solutions Put A Penis Ring on it

Men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are always looking for the safest and most effective methods to help treat their condition.

And since there are many men all throughout the United States that are suffering from this sexual dysfunction, there have been many companies that have come up with all sorts of techniques to help men keep up their erection. One very popular treatment that doctors recommend for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction is the penis ring.

You may be familiar with this method of keeping up an erection especially if you have erectile dysfunction or know someone with this condition. Although you may have heard about it and what it could do, you might not know well enough all the basic facts about it.

Of course, learning more about anything at all is always an advantage for everyone. This article will help you learn more about what a penis ring is, the advantages of using it and also the disadvantages that can come along with it.

What Is A Penis Ring?

The penis ring is also known to be called a cock ring. This is a ring that is placed around a man’s penis, which is usually at the base and it helps in slowing down the blood flow from the erected tissues in the penis.

The ultimate goal of a cock ring is to help men maintain an erection for a longer period of time. There are different types of penis rings and they could be worn on either around the penis, both the scrotum and the penis and even just the scrotum alone (this is called a testicle cuff).

When it comes to the material, the penis ring could be made with all types of materials. The most common materials are rubber, silicone and also leather. There are also metal and nylon cock rings that are available out in the market. When this method is used to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction, it is more commonly known as a “tension ring” or even an “erection ring”.

When Could An Erection Ring Be Worn?

having problems with maintaining an erectionA man who has been having problems with maintaining an erection such as erectile dysfunction or hyper function could certainly use a penis ring.

When it is used mainly for erectile dysfunction, a specially designed vacuum pump is needed to help produce an erection.

Vacuum pumps use hydro dynamical and mechanical movement to create an erection. The erection ring is then slid off the vacuum pump onto the penis’ base so that the erection could be maintained.

Another reason why men might use a cock ring is just to simply prolong the time that they have an erection which is for sexual pleasure. There are also other men that like having it on because they enjoy the extreme engorgement and tightness that it could give when the ring is worn.

It could also be used as a sex toy, jewellery for the male genitalia and even for physical appearance. Some men even use the penis ring for  self-pleasure purposes since it could help maintain a longer erection and helps in intensifying the orgasm.

How Can A Penis Ring Be Worn?

manA penis ring is simple to use because it does not involve any fancy methods. What the man has to do is this, as their penis is semi-erect or erected fully, they could slid on the ring usually at the base of the penis.

There are some cock rings that could be placed just underneath the penis’ head and like mentioned, and even around the testicles. To make it a bit easier to slid on, adding some lubrication because sliding it on could make it much easier.

Make sure to examine your penis region after putting the ring in the desired area because if you notice the penis turning pale and / or blue and numbness is starting to be felt, then the penis ring should be taken off immediately.

Keep in mind that there will be a slight weird sensation when the penis ring is put on at first because of the rush of blood in the organ. But this is nothing to worry about. Just pay attention to signs of tightness wherein the blood supply is being cut off because of the inaccurate fit of the penis ring.

Are There Any Risks Related To Erection Rings?

The manufacturers and medical sources of penis rings make sure to let the people know that it should not be worn for more than 30 minutes at a time. Men using illegal drugs and / or falling asleep with the penis ring on could cause potential serious complications.

One of the first signs that there could be a potential problem with the ring is when the penis starts to give off a pale and / or bum sensation. When this starts to occur, the penis ring should be removed immediately before complications start to get worse.

Before using the penis ring, although it may sound like a simple device, make sure to consult this concern with your medical advisor.

Men who have underlying heart disease, sickle-cell disease and currently taking any type of blood thinning medications should definitely speak to their doctor about this treatment for their erectile dysfunction.

When you are approved to use an erection ring, make sure to use some sort of lubricant because some materials could be hard to slip on. Public hair should also be trimmed or shaved frequently if it is used all the time to prevent inconvenience.

Erection rings that are way too tight for a patient could be very dangerous. It could cause priapism which is a medical emergency and needs to be treated as soon as possible to stay away from permanent damage to the penis.

Penile gangrene could also occur with very tight penis rings in which amputation of the penis could be necessary in severe cases.

A penis ring could be an effective and safe treatment for erectile dysfunction. But before opting to using it, consultation with a medical advisor is necessary to know if you could use it based on your medical history. These guidelines will help you out also about your choice in using penis rings.

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