23 Simple But Great Fun Facts About Sex That Will Have Her in Tears

Sex happens to be one of the most interesting activities humans love engaging in, but did you know it has a humorous, and even an interesting side? Here are 23 fun facts about sex that may amuse you. Be sure to share them with your girl, and you may have her in stitches the next time she’s in-between the sheets.

1. Interesting Facts About Sex: There’s No Such Thing as Sexual Overdose for Women

sexFrom a physiological point of view, members of the female sex are unlikely to face any negative consequences from having too much intercourse. It turns out that women could even benefit from having regular sex sessions since it can help keep the buttocks and the tummy firm and at the same time, improve posture.

Dr. George Winch Jr. claims that as long as a female doesn’t contract a sexually transmitted disease and is healthy, there won’t be any problem even if she has sex more than the average woman. In many cases, however, the obstetrician points out that the issue is about not having enough lubrication, which could lead to vaginal scrape.

2. Men Require Recovery Time Between Erections or They Run the Risk of Damaging Penile Tissues

rough sexWhile some males fantasize about having nonstop sex, their bodies cannot take this kind of strain. According to the urologist Dr. J. Francois Eid, erectile tissue damage can be one of the consequences when a young man likes rough sex. He explains that there’s a reason why the penis is not erect all the time. During an erection, only a small amount of blood circulates in the penis which means that the tissues in the genitals don’t get sufficient amounts of oxygen.

It is only during the flaccid state that muscles can recover and the recovery period replenishes the oxygen needs of the penile tissues. If the penis does not get ample rest as in the case of young men who take medications to stay erect all the time, the cells can die, and permanent damage could happen to the cells.

3. Sexual Intercourse Can Keep Fine Lines at Bay

age linesWomen who are conscious of age lines and who want to do more than just apply anti-aging creams and serums could have another option – engage in pleasurable bedroom activities. During sex, the hormone estrogen is released and this can make the skin look plumper which helps iron out wrinkles and fine lines.

The drop in estrogen levels is considered to be one of the reasons for the appearance of age lines, especially in menopausal women. A study conducted in the U.S. revealed that the estrogen level of women who engaged in sex on a weekly basis was twice more than that of women who abstained from sexual activities.

4. It is Safe to Have Sexual Intercourse, Even During Late Pregnancy

pregnancySome people believe that pregnancy could dampen a couple’s sex life, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, studies show that about 82 percent of the female population believes that pregnant women should have sex, 80 percent got around to doing the deed while expecting, and only 10 percent abstained from sexual encounters during the period.

Studies on sex and pregnancy also revealed that women should not be afraid of triggering preterm delivery when having sex while expecting. This is one of the most interesting facts about sex, but there is no concrete proof that sexual encounters could result in premature delivery.

5. Cravings for Morning Sex: It’s Could Be Your Testosterone Kicking In

morning sexAre you ready for another one of those weird sex facts about sex? Research suggests that the risk of getting pregnant is higher for couples who are into morning sex. It turns out that even before a man opens his eyes; his body is already starting to be in the mood for sex, since his testosterone level has been slowly increasing overnight. By morning, testosterone levels are at their peak. They can be higher by 25 to 50 percent compared to any other time of the day.

Since men would only require a small amount of testosterone, the raised levels indicate that they are more likely to feel extra amorous during mornings. This physiological phenomenon is quite baffling and it is one of the fun facts about the human body. This is also to blame for morning erections that men have two to three times a week.

6. Sperm Cells Can Go Stale If a Man Does Not Have Sex Regularly

abstain from sexFor years, men were advised to abstain from sex if they had trouble conceiving; however, new research debunks this belief and reveals that the quality of the sperm could have significant improvement through daily sex. Saving up sperm cells until a woman’s ovulation period could lead to more harm than good, as suggested by a research conducted at Israel’s Soroka University Medical center. Abstaining from sexual activities would cause the sperm to change its shape which can be taken as a sign that it is going stale.

Another study conducted in Australia supports this theory adding the daily sex may not improve the quantity of the sperm cells but it has a positive effect on the quality. Through regular ejaculation, old sperm cells are released, which makes way for newer and healthier sperm. These fascinating facts about sex can be a huge help, especially for people with trouble conceiving.

7. More Weird Sex Facts: Eating Celery Makes You Instantly Attractive to Women

celeryIn the same way that Popeye gets extra strength when he munches on spinach, the male population might be underestimating what a stalk of celery can do. Based on a study by Dr. Alan Hirsch, author of Scentsational sex, chewing celery prompts the body to release androstenone and the odor backs up from the throat to the nose.

Once the hormone is in place, the pheromones can start to take effect. This hormone could turn you on and at the same time, it can make you appear for attractive to the woman you desire. Reading up on interesting sex facts on pheromones and sexual attractiveness is quite mind-blowing but experts are trying to find out more about these hormones.

8. A Tip for Attracting a Desirable Woman: Dress as a Firefighter

Leave dressing as a law enforcer to the strippers. Based on a survey conducted by Glamour magazine, 75 percent of women have fantasized about seeing their man in a firefighter’s uniform. While no explanation was offered why this is the case, it could be the simple fact that firemen are almost always hot and ready for action.

9. Interesting Sex Facts Can Blow Your Mind Away: Why Men Are Not Completely Honest About Orgasms and 31 Percent are Faking It

orgasmWomen may have gotten the reputation for pretending to enjoy sex to make their partners feel better. But studies reveal that males may be in on it too. A survey made by Time Out New York revealed an interesting fun fact, three out of 10 men in New York faked an orgasm.

Many people might be wondering why men would want to fake an orgasm. The reason isn’t too different from what motivates females to do the same. They don’t want their partner to think something is wrong. There are times when a man is not just in the mood or there could be other circumstances that he would rather not discuss it.

Although are male enhancement drugs like Prosolution, some men just want to do things at their own pace. Should you decide to use any supplement, always drop by your doctor’s office first to avoid any complication.

10. Going Bare Is Overrated, Sex Isn’t Better Without Condoms

condomDespite what most people believe, going bare will not make the sex any better based on the findings of The Journal of Sexual Medicine. Most men reported that they felt more aroused when they were not using any condom but males may just be using the condom as an excuse as arousal is affected by different factors. Plus, males may be sticking to that belief since they grew up hearing the same thing from their elders.

One of the fun facts about sex that everyone should know is the myth on using condoms. Condoms are not to blame for losing an erection. In fact, new condoms may even improve sex because of the pleasure enhancing features of these new products. Premium lubes and special features could make the experience more pleasurable for both parties.

11. How to Have More Sex Dreams

Dreams can be a great place to bring out your frisky side. Here’s one of the fascinating facts about sex- If you are not having sexy dreams as much as you like you can modify your sleeping position. Based on one study, sleeping on your stomach with your hands stretched above your head is the best position for having sexy dreams.

Individuals who assumed this position did not just have dreams about their partners. This is also the perfect way to engage your favorite celebrity in a hot date.

12. Get Her Some Warm Socks to Give Her More Orgasms

socksTo a man, making their woman orgasm first is a must. Since women have a more difficult time reaching their climax compared to men, this can be a challenge. A bit of foreplay can go a long way but a Dutch study has one interesting finding – women fail to orgasm due to cold feet. This is one of the things that you can look into next time if you want to know how to satisfy a woman sexually.

In a study measuring orgasms, researchers discovered that women were uncomfortable during sexual intercourse because they had cold feet. The females in the study were given socks to keep their feet warm and there was a 30 percent increase in their orgasm. Apparently, having literally cold feet can block orgasms, but the same study was not made to discover the fun facts about sexting and the factors hindering orgasms when doing solo sex.

13. Lack of Sleep Could Make a Man Think His Woman Wants to Have Sex with Him

Sleep deprivation has could have detrimental effects on the human body but it turns out that it could also affect a man’s perception of a woman’s intent. In a 2013 study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, it was discovered that men who lacked sleep had a tendency to perceive that women are more interested in having sex with them.

Men were more conservative in gauging a woman’s interest on them when they are well rested. However, when they lack sleep, the fatigue impaired their judgment which makes them think that a woman’s interest in them is greater than it actually is.

14. Reasons Not to Trust That Condom in Your Wallet

walletIf you are looking for the most convenient way to stash a condom, you might think that your wallet is a safe place for it but it’s not. Your wallet is the last place you want your condoms to go to since they are in danger of being sat on or folded. Even if your condom’s wrappers look fine, the condom might be prone to breakage.

Instead of keeping a condom on your wallet, try to stash them in a cool, dry place preferably in a bedside drawer. Grab a pack or two before you head out and place it on your front pocket not the back pocket.

15. Sex Is 10 Times More Effective Than Valium

stress relieversEngaging in sexual activity is not just a good form of exercise. It can also keep you calm and it is also a natural pain reliever. In fact, sex is one of the best stress relievers and ironically, men who are stressed are less inclined to engage in intercourse because it kills their libido.

Since sex put you in a sedated state, you feel less anxious. Sex is so effective that it is considered to be 10 times more effective than Valium as a tranquilizer.

16. Sex Has the Same Effect on Your Happiness as a $50,000 Salary Increase

happinessSex can have a profound effect on an individual’s mood and one study equated the happiness a person feels after sex to receiving a $50,000 increase. The same study proved that married individuals or those who were in a stable relationship were happier compared to bachelors. The amount of happiness you get from a married relationship can be equated to an annual increase of $100,000.

Meanwhile, when an individual goes through a divorce, the decrease in happiness is similar to receiving $66,000 less.

17. Here’s a Witty Excuse to Kiss More

kissAlthough flossing and brushing your teeth are the most effective ways to keep plaque and tooth decay at bay, kissing can also keep the dentist away.

You can just lean in for a kiss, sharing a few fun facts about kissing could be cool too. Kissing increases saliva production which could wash away the food particles off the teeth that build up after eating. If there are small lesions in your tooth’s enamel, saliva can also help repair the breaks so your teeth become stronger.

Even if kisses can protect your teeth, brushing and flossing are still necessary since saliva production slows down when you snooze away. For those who might not have someone to share kisses with, a pack of sugar-free gum can do the trick. Just chew on the gum to stimulate saliva production and keep your teeth healthy. These are just some facts about kissing and how it affects oral health.

18. Orgasms Can Make You Feel Invincible

Aside from making you feel more relaxed, calm, and happy, orgasms can make you feel like a superhero. When you experience a climax, the part of your brain that is responsible for anxiety and fear, the amygdala, shuts down; hence, you feel as if anything is possible at this moment.

This physiological reaction could also be the reason why it’s almost impossible to be grossed out with anything. This is the point where you stop feeling conscious or insecure, at least for a few seconds.

19. Higher Testosterone Levels in Women Can Result in More Self-Love Than Sexual Intercourse

arousedThe male hormone testosterone may be responsible for making males more amorous and crave for sexual intercourse. It turns out that in women, this same hormone can trigger arousal, but higher levels than usual turn the female population to masturbation, not sex. This is one of the most unexpected facts about masturbation, although it provided more insights to the way females are aroused.

In one study, women with higher testosterone levels were more inclined to have solo sex than partnered sex. This unique findings women support the fact that for the female population, the desire for sex with a partner is affected by social not just physical factors.

20. Chimpanzee Sex Can Turn Women On

chimpanzeesPetting and other forms of foreplay can make women feel aroused and inclined to have sex with their partner. However, this may not be the only thing that can make females more receptive to sex. Watching chimpanzees have sex can turn women on.

As weird and funny as it is, one study proves that women are aroused by watching chimpanzees engage in sex. The women under the case study watched the footage of the monkeys performing intercourse and they experienced increased vaginal lubrication. They also felt aroused by the flick; turns out those women are more inclined to watching monkeys procreate than binging on porn.

21. The Average Woman Wants Sex Three Times a Week

While society is prejudiced about men being the more sexual gender, females are not immune to sexual urges. In fact, there are facts revealing that on average, men think about sex every seven seconds; however, women might not lack desire for sex, since a study by Kindara, a fertility app, revealed that more than half of the female population did not have sex as much as they wanted to.

The survey reveals that most women wanted to engage in sexual activities about three times a week.

22. Fun Facts About Sex: Missionary Position is Best for Women with Back Pain Problems

missionaryIf back pain is putting your sex life in a slump, you might be choosing the wrong sex position. Based on studies, when women suffer from back pain, the good old missionary is the right position. Waterloo University’s research revealed that using a pillow for back support could also help.

Meanwhile, women who feel pain after sitting for prolonged period or when reaching for their toes, doggy style or spooning would be a better sex position.

23. Persistent General Arousal Can Put You on the Verge of an Orgasm All the Time

While sex experts agree that having a lot of sex and numerous orgasms cannot damage a female’s body, there is a condition known as Persistent General Arousal or PGA that leads to having a climax all day round. The disorder is characterized by a constricted feeling in the pelvic region. The sensation is similar to the feeling of being on the verge of an orgasm.

The condition is more common in women and based on the accounts of the people suffering from the disorder, it impairs their ability to do anything. Masturbating is not even an option for patients with PGA since it can intensify the symptoms. Staying aroused all the time and being unable to do anything about it is no fun at all.

Intercourse is among the most interesting activities in the animal kingdom and in humans. Here’s an entertaining albeit outrageous nuggets of wisdom. As more research is conducted, these fun facts about sex could become even more shocking.

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