Erotic Piercing: 5 Reasons to Be Careful Down There  

Erotic Piercing - 5 Reasons to Be Careful Down There

Gone are the days when the only body part that can be pierced is your ears. Nowadays, men and women alike are piercing much more than just their lobes. There are various decorative piercings and even body modifications that people are having done. These are the neck, chest, nose and even adding dimples. However, there are also some more sexual options for body piercing.

At first you might wince, but many claim that erotic piercings are worth the pain. Some erotic locations for piercings include the nipples, scrotum, tongue, vaginal lips and even the head of the penis. While many claim that these piercings intensify sexual encounters, others are letting their cries of warning be heard.

The History Of Erotic Piercing

Erotic PiercingYes, you read that correctly. Erotic piercings are not exactly a new commodity. In fact, Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian sexual behavior practice, mentions erotic piercings.

According to the text of Kama Sutra, “apadravya” is the act of erotic piercing. It includes piercing the head of the penis and placing a small rod into the area with the purpose of improving sexual performance.

The ancient Indians were not the only ones to explore sexual piercings. The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans were also popular for their piercings. The body parts to be pierced included much more than just the nose, tongue, ear and nasal septum.

Some other cultures, such as the Africans, pierce body parts we might not associate with sexuality. For example, the African tribes pierced or cut the lip and inserted smaller objects to make the lips appear larger for the purpose of appearing more sexual. Even in ancient Greece and Rome, the higher authorities force the male slaves to have plates pierced to their penises to prevent intercourse.

5 Reasons To Be Careful With An Erotic Piercing

Seeing as we are not the first to think of such erotic piercings, let’s now talk about things you should be aware of when looking to have an erotic piercing.

1. It Might Not Look Pretty

erotic zones

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It can be safe to perform and maintain and piercings in general. However, unfortunately not too many people are well-informed on the topic. Very few storefront piercers and even pro-piercing Internet sites are not advising sufficient precautions against infections.

On the flip side, many emergency rooms are reporting a flux of those who are claiming to have a piercing gone wrong or infection of their erotic zone.

Experts claim that the primary cause of these ER visits is an infection of the piercing site. Those performing the piercing often instruct the newly pierced patients to clean their pierced area with a disinfectant solution every day for at least a week.

This is important advice. But, it is of the utmost prominence that those who have a genital area pierced know this information. Due to the relative proximity to the anus, many erotic zones are prone to infection.

The unfortunate reality is that many people who have these erotic piercings have not heard the proper care instructions. Anyone with any kind of piercing should be sure to keep the area clean and disinfectant for several weeks, or even longer for certain piercings.

Infected piercings can become painful, swollen, and even pus-filled. They are certainly nothing short of dreadful, especially when they are in such intimate areas. Your partner is definitely not going to appreciate a crusty, red and swollen genital area.

This unsightly appearance can have another cause in addition to infections.

2. Achoo – Do You Know What You Are Allergic To?

In addition to worrying about infections, anyone considering having a piercing should be concerned about allergies. It might seem ridiculous, but metal allergies are quite common.

The symptoms of metal allergies include redness, itching, burning and weeping of fluid. The area often dries out and forms a crusty surface, which is definitely not what you want on your genitals.

The metal that causes the most damage is nickel. In fact, many people are allergic to this type of metal. Nickel is the most allergenic metal, which is added in many different alloys. Because of this, most cheap jewelry will cause an allergic reaction. Other metals that people are allergic to include copper and chromium.

The best way to avoid this from happening is to buy jewelry that is made of titanium, surgical grade stainless steel, or yellow or white gold.

3. Be Careful Where You Put It

Well, if this advice isn’t the most useful we have ever heard. In all seriousness, you should be really careful where you decide to put the piercing.

There are myriads of different choices when looking to have an erotic piercing. But, there are two in particular that prove to be the most problematic.

The first problematic area is the tongue. Many claim to like the aesthetic of a tongue piercing. More so, they selflessly want their partner to enjoy it. However, there are a few drawbacks to a tongue piercing.

First of all, if it becomes infected then you have basically hindered most of your daily functions such as talking, eating and swallowing. Once your tongue swells, it can even interfere with breathing, which as we all know is a pretty vital life function.

Other less than savory side effects of a tongue piercing include prolonged bleeding, numbness and a drastic change of taste. Also, it runs a high risk of becoming infected or reopened, because this piercing is located within the mouth, and the mouth is used so often.

In one study of people with their tongues pierced, nine percent of them needed professional treatment for complications,
10 percent of the people reported a gum injury, and 26 percent complained of chipped teeth.

In addition to tongue piercings, women in particular should be extremely careful when choosing to have their clitoris pierced. Particularly, the triangle piercing, or the piercing behind the clitoris, can prove to be quite detrimental. This piercing can cause impaired blood flow into this sensitive little female organ. And, this in turn will interfere with sexual pleasure and function.

How ironic would it be to go in for something to enhance sexual performance, only to hinder it?If you absolutely must have a clitoral piercing, then go for the clitoral hood piercing. This piercing is in the area above the clitoris and is less risky.

4. Beware Of The Con Artist

Regrettably, there are many practitioners out there who are not fully licensed. In fact, in many states it is not legal to permit a license to piercing practitioners.

In addition, there is the lack of a widely accepted uniform training program about the proper infection control that should be used for piercings.

Therefore, it is absolutely imperative that you follow through with your own research, and look at reviews of both practitioners and piercings in general.

The safest bet to have an erotic piercing free of infections or complications is to have a dermatologist perform it. As crazy as it sounds, many dermatologists are willing to perform piercings or they can at least recommend a licensed place to have it done.

5. There Are Alternatives

For some erotic piercings there are temporary solutions available. Many magnetic piercings are available for the tongue and nipples.

But, you have to be careful not to swallow the magnetic tongue ring.

There are also temporary nipple rings available in sex toy catalogues and stores. These nipple rings stay on gentle with a little compression.

So, it will still allow for the desired sensation without the permanent holes. There are also toys called titilizers, which are attracted chains complete with adjustable loops. You can wear these as body jewelry and they are still temporary.

In the event that you go ahead and have an erotic piercing performed, here are a few of our tips for caring for a genital piercing.

  • Cleanliness: Ensure that you are always washing your hands before touching or cleaning the genital area.
  • Stay Away From Sexual Contact: As tempting as it might be, avoid having sex for at least 15 days. If you have sex, however vigorous or plain Jane, you run the risk of a few complications, such as infections, irritation or tearing the piercing site.
  • When You Have Intercourse: Make sure that you thoroughly clean the area after sex. Use a saline solution or a product that a licensed practitioner has prescribed you. Also, always wear protection while having sex.
  • Avoid Swimming: The general rule is to avoid a hot tub or swimming pool until after the pierced area has properly settled. The bacteria may fill the pierced areas and cause an infection.
    The essential thing to remember is that you can still run the risk of infection, even after the piercing has healed.
  • The Rules Of Peeing: Since many of these erotic piercings are located near the urethra, make certain to thoroughly clean the area prior to and after urination.
  • Keep An Eye Out: Remember to keep an eye out for the signs of an infection. These signs include redness, swelling, discharge, a bad smell, a rash around the site and even a fever.

Erotic piercings are not the only way to jazz up your junk. If you want to really leave her in awe of your sexual performance, then look into a product to intensify your boner. It’s true. They are out there and they really work. For example, products from are effective for helping men perform more successfully in the bedroom. The best part is that these types of pills are also known to boost overall sexual health.

Don’t be a dud in the bedroom. And, don’t assume that you have to pierce yourself to be more interesting in bed. Boost your boner in other safer ways instead, like adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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