The Surprising Truth About Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Are you one of those 15 to 20 million men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction? If you are, well you do not have to feel alone. Throughout the years, scientists, researchers, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have formulated a wide variety of methods to possibly help treat and / or reverse erectile dysfunction.

Luckily, with the wide range of products, treatments and procedures available for treatment of this condition, there are several methods that work safely and effectively.

Before getting started on erectile dysfunction treatments, get the vital details about erectile dysfunction so that you can understand more about this condition.

Find out about what guidelines you should take into consideration once you are diagnosed with it to help save yourself from a lifetime full of frustration because of erectile dysfunction.

Let us first talk about how an erection is caused before going on about what erectile dysfunction is. The reason for this is because this condition is focused on a male’s erection.

How Does An Erection Work?

As you may already know, an erection happens when a man is sexually excited. Within the penis, there are increased amounts of blood that flows throughout the organ.

As a man gets sexually turned on, the muscles of the penis start to relax wherein the flow of blood within is increased throughout many arteries.

As the blood fills up the sinuses of the organ, pressure is put on the veins inside. That means that there is more blood going in and out of the penis which in turn engorges the penis and hardens it.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Now that you have a good idea of how erections occur, you can understand how this condition is. With the entire process of an erection, erectile dysfunction is caused by a certain interruption.

Another name for this condition is impotence, “Brewer’s droop” and / or ED. This is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men and is characterized by the incapability to keep up or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse.

What Are The Common Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction?

The potential causes of this condition vary. There may be some medical conditions that could cause this in men such as poorly controlled diabetes and certain heart conditions. Physical injuries, drug and / or alcohol use could also cause ED. Other factors are anxiety, stress and mental conditions. These factors could work singly or in combination with one another.

How Does It Affect Men Diagnosed With It?

Since sexual intercourse is a healthy and normal activity done by partners, having erectile dysfunction, or any type of sexual dysfunction at all, could cause damages and changes in a couple’s relationship.

But before we talk about problems that it could cause between two people, a man with ED could be extremely frustrated, stressed out and have low self-esteem.

The man is supposed to hold an erection during sexual activity because it is part of how they are pleasured and how they could satisfy their partner. By being unable to maintain an erection, a man could feel extreme embarrassment and cause psychological issues of having low confidence levels and many more.

Erectile dysfunction could also cause problems with couples. The reason behind that is because sex is such an important component in a couple’s relationship and problems that hinder it could cause stress and certain frustrations for both the man and the women.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing A Treatment For Erectile Dysfunction?

The first thing to do when you n of inability to hold or maintain an erection is to consult it with your healthcare professional. They are more knowledgeable about ED and could help you find possible treatments to help you treat and / or reverse it.

Although it may be an embarrassing situation to bring up to anybody, you have to realize that doctors are there to help patients that are having problem with their health.

Are There Erectile Dysfunction Pills Available?

There are several erection pills available out in the market today. Some may need a prescription while others do not need one. What you need to remember is to talk to your doctor about all medication that you are considering on taking.

They know more about ingredients and potential medications that could be safe and effective for the body.

These pills for erectile dysfunction help be relaxing the smooth muscles within the penis wherein blood flow is increased and could cause an erection. The medications mentioned are phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors and have well been tested out and proven to be effective.

It has a rate of 70% effectiveness allowing the male’s penis to achieve erection for sexual activities. Although they are generally safe, there are certain side effects that might be felt by some patients. Some minor side effects are blue vision, sinus congestion and headaches.

ProSolutionLike we said, there are also erectile dysfunction tablets that do not need prescriptions. Such tablets are ProSolution™.

It could be ordered online and is doctor-recommended. It is also affordable and is a natural male enhancement treatment. Since it contains natural solutions, it does not give off side effects.

If you are still in doubt, you could ask your doctor about ProSolution™ and how it works for male enhancement and erections.

Besides Pills, What Other Treatments Could Be Used?

injectionsBesides pills and tablets, your doctor will first find out if your erectile dysfunction is being caused by another medical condition.

It is, then treating the underlying disease is the first plan of action. But if the ED is not caused by other medical illnesses, there are also other ways of treating it.

If you doctor suspects that pills are not working, they might also prescribe injections and suppositories to help in this condition. There are also penis pumps, constriction rings, implants and surgery to be considered. Implants and surgery are more invasive procedures and your doctor’s approval will be needed to go through with it.

Although erectile dysfunction could be a burden for men and also their partners, there are certain methods such as erectile dysfunction pills, injections, suppositories, pumps, constriction rings and other procedures that could help treat ED.

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