Breaking Bad: 4 Steps to Become a Multi-Orgasmic Man

Wow, you can ejaculate multiple times in one session. That’s, great, but, sorry to burst your bubble, multiple ejaculations do not make you multi-orgasmic. Ejaculation and orgasm are two entirely different things. Are you in doubt? If so, read on, and you’ll discover why.

It is a common notion among men that being multi-orgasmic is being able to regain erection soon after an ejaculation, and then reach another climax. However, this is not correct. Being multi-orgasmic means never losing your erection and sexual arousal in between orgasms, and then only ejaculating on or after the final orgasm. Orgasm takes place before ejaculation, coupled with contractions deep in your pelvis.

With multiple orgasms, you can last and perform longer in bed, and your ladylove will be so lucky; because more than reproduction, sex is for pleasure. Here is how you can become the multi-orgasmic man:

1. Check Your “T” Levels

sexual desireHigh level of testosterone is the key to all keys when it comes to sexual desire, erection and orgasm. Low levels of testosterone means poor-quality sex, or no sex at all.

Contrary to what many believe, decreasing the level of testosterone not only affects older men, but even those in their 30’s.

You might feel nothing has changed, and this is because the decline is gradual. It is advisable to check your testosterone levels through a blood test conducted by a doctor specializing in hormone replacement therapy.

Unlike low T in older men, to increase low levels of testosterone in younger men naturally, you must eat healthy foods that are rich in protein and good fats. You should also get enough sleep and do some exercise, such as weight lifting for at least six times per week.

Signs that you have low testosterone include fatigue, fat gain, difficulty developing muscles even with doing regularly workout routines, depression, a decline in sexual desire and mental haziness. If you start noticing these signs, then switch to a healthy lifestyle right away.

2. Work Out Your PC Muscles,

Some men are lucky to be naturally multi-orgasmic, and if you aren’t one of them, you can learn through exercise and practice.

exerciseAfter ejaculating, you experience the refractory period where your penis becomes very sensitive to touch, thus you will need to take a break before getting to the next round.

What you need to do is keep yourself from ejaculating after an orgasm, so you can avoid the refractory period and orgasm again and again until you reach the final orgasm accompanied by an ejaculation.

To keep yourself from ejaculating, you need to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, or commonly known as PC muscles through Kegel exercises. So, where is the PC muscle, you might ask. Locating the right PC muscle anatomically will be difficult, but the easiest way to find it is by urinating. The PC muscle is the same muscle that controls urinating and ejaculation. Try to prevent your urine at mid-flow.

If at first you are unable to stop the flow, then most likely you have a weak PC muscle. You can try doing this several times, so you will know which muscle to contract, but keep in mind that doing it for a long time is unsafe.

To strengthen your PC muscle, you should do the Kegel exercises. They involve contracting your PC muscle just like how you prevented the urine from flowing. Once you do so, it should feel like the muscles in your pelvis are being drawn inward. You can do it for at least 10 seconds anytime and anywhere; in your car, at work and home.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

After a series of Kegel exercises, you can begin experimenting if your PC muscles are strong enough to keep you from ejaculating.

This will not be as easy as just contracting your PC muscles – to be able to become successfully multi-orgasmic you need master two things: precision and timing.

First, relax your mind and body, then try masturbating as you normally do. Stop the stimulation right before you ejaculate then squeeze your PC muscle and hold it for at least 10 seconds. If you can keep yourself from ejaculating, take a break for a few minutes before doing it again then again.

While masturbating, don’t just focus on your PC muscle but pay attention to your arousal and emotions as well. Being aware of how your body responds to sexual arousal and stimulation will help you be more in control of it.

Seems easy, right? Good. Because the next step will be difficult and will need more practice to perfect.

Continue masturbating, but this time do not stop until you reach orgasm. Before the contractions deep in your pelvis and at the base of your penis starts, stop stimulating immediately then tightly squeeze your PC muscle.

You might feel the need to release it, but keep squeezing your PC muscle until you have successfully prevented ejaculation. A bit of semen may leak out,but this normally happens.

Notice that by doing so, you just skipped the refractory period, yet you still feel so aroused and ready for another orgasm. But, if you aren’t successful, it’s either your PC muscle needs more exercise, or you squeezed at the wrong time.

Remember to squeeze right before the contractions start, or it will be difficult to stop ejaculation completely. The greatest obstacle you will face though this journey is probably determining the right time to squeeze your PC muscle and squeezing it sufficiently to stop ejaculation successfully.

4. Time For A Dry Run

ladyloveDone with doing it by yourself? It’s about time you ditch masturbation for practice and do it with your ladylove. Apart from the pleasure both of you will enjoy, the experiences will bring you closer together.

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Sex is made for pleasure just as it is for reproduction. Becoming a multi-orgasmic man will surely not be easy but not impossible and worth it.

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