9 Ways You Could Be Ruining His Erections

Most women think that men are always on the go when it comes to sex, but there will be times when that thing in his pants just won’t cooperate. Yes, that happens from time to time, even with young, healthy and active men.

Before you get pissed off and start getting suspicious, know that erectile dysfunction is not only caused by hormonal changes and medical conditions. Stress, distractions, personal issues, or you can cause temporary erectile dysfunction. While you could be the subject of his desire, you could also be the one causing it.

Here are things you do that might be affecting his sexual performance:

1. Privacy

you have kidsGetting kinky with the risk of getting caught can add to the thrill, but not all the time. There will be times when your man wants privacy, so if you are living with a roommate, then make the most of your time when you are alone.

If you have kids, have sex while the kids are at school or ask someone to babysit your baby.

2. Condom Or No Condom?

Safe sex, anyone? While wearing condom is non-negotiable when it comes to STDs, there are men who lose their erections when putting on the condom.

CondomOthers have difficulty maintaining an erection when wearing a condom during sex. Apparently, it’s not the idea of wearing a condom, but the time it takes to put it on that can distract him. If your man has this issue, try increasing the stimulation as he puts on the condom. Studies show that a high percentage of couples still enjoy sex as much, with or without a condom.

3. The Porn

Watching porn during sex can heat things up, and lots of couples do it. While it can surely spice up your sex life, too much of it can actually kill the thrill.

The porn effect happens when your guy is overexposed to X-rated images and videos so much, that he becomes numb and unexcited by real sex. He finds it hard to achieve erections when it comes to regular sex, yet easily aroused by internet porn.

With all the porn sites available in just a few clicks; one can easily become overexposed to it. The more intense the exposure, the harder it will be to respond to normal sex. Remind him that some things can only happen in porn movies, and they will always remain a fantasy. Or better yet, you can both act out what he fantasizes most about, as long as it’s safe.

4. Too Hot For Your Man

gorgeous womanYou may be too hot for him to handle. That’s right – men who feel physically inferior usually think they are inadequate; thus, they feel embarrassed and nervous when having sex with a hot and gorgeous woman.

He feels pressured to satisfy you sexually which eventually leads to anxiety that could greatly impact his ability to achieve and maintain an erection. This inability causes further anxiety, making it become a vicious cycle.

If you start noticing your man is having a performance anxiety, let him take a few minutes before getting at it again. Rushing him will only worsen his anxiety.

5. Trust Issues

a lot of emotionsInfidelity leads to trust issues, and that could affect your sex life.

If you cheated on him, or if he suspects you are cheating on him, then do not be surprised if your man starts creating an invisible barrier inside the bedroom.

Expect a cold treatment. Sex involves a lot of emotions, including trust. If you have such issues, talk it out. You both should be honest.

6. Unrealistic Sexual Expectations

Expecting sex with him to be always at the highest level will make him feel that it is more of a task, rather than for pleasure.

He feels pressured to sexually perform up to your expectations, and that leads to anxiety.Sex isn’t just about pounding and drilling; sometimes it’s best to just enjoy each other’s warmth and closeness.

You can also ask him gently to try a male enhancement pill. Male enhancement products like ProSolution Pills are readily available, even without a prescription. Its stimulating and relaxing effect will give you and your man the ultimate sexual experience. You can check out their website at https://www.prosolutionpills.com/ to learn more about the product.

7. Too Much Perfume, Too Little Pheromones

perfumesAromas and fragrances have long been used to enhance sexual experiences. Cleopatra bathed in saffron before getting into a sexually intimate rendezvous.

However, you should be careful with the type of perfume you use. Strong scents and too much perfume can kill your man’s mood, while some perfumes can even cause allergies or headaches,which could affect his erection.

Ask if he likes the smell of your perfume. If he doesn’t like it, then ask him what perfume he likes. The next time you want to get cozy with him, dab a little perfume on your neck, breasts and even on your butt cheeks. But, don’t go crazy, perfumes can mask your natural pheromones; the very thing that attracted him to you in the first place.

8. You Pick,Pick, Pick

If you constantly pick fights and squabbles for no obvious reason, making him feel that you are always right, while he does nothing right, then most likely you are killing his sex drive.

While there is a chance of mind-blowing makeup sex after a huge fight; constant bickering makes him feel inferior and belittled. Unhealthy relationships will put men more at risk for erectile dysfunction.

9. You Are A Fusspot

You often point out the things you hate about your man. Demanding him to correct his bad habits, to change the way he dresses, the way he carries himself is not going to make him want to have sex with you. If you are constantly telling him what to do and how to do things to the point of turning your man into someone else, this will make him uninterested. It’s either he is completely annoyed with you, or you made him feel he is not good enough for you.

The feelings of indifference or insecurity will greatly affect his ability to achieve and maintain an erection. So make love – literally and figuratively – not war. No one’s perfect, not even you.

Erectile dysfunction is not always your guy’s fault; it could even be you. The best thing you can do is to create a loving, caring atmosphere where erection and arousal will be easy for him.

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