9 Things Women Love About Men With Big Bellies

9 Things Women Love About Men with Big Bellies

In a world where everyone wants to be thinner and in better shape, big bellies can be cumbersome. However, for those of you with a rather round belly, there might be some good news heading your way.

Hard-bodied gentlemen hitting the gym to lose their belly flab can put the salads and dumbbells down and go back to their beer and chicken wings, at least for a while, of course.

Studies are beginning to show that women might actually love guys with those big bellies.

In fact, we have tallied up a pretty large list of the reasons why the ladies love those Buddha bellies. You just need to scroll down to find the nine reasons women like you larger and happier fellas.

1. You Make Them Look Good

man of Adonis-like featuresWe know, it might not be the exactly what you wanted, but let’s take what we can get, shall we? The fact of the matter is that women do not want to feel inferior.

When a woman is paired with a man of Adonis-like features, she can in turn feel a little embarrassed of her own physique.

In a recent study, three quarters of the women studied claimed they would feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a guy with chiseled abs.

According to the majority of women, being with a man with a toned and god-like body is intimidating and makes women feel inferior.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

So, if you find that you are rocking the beer gut, then fear not. Remember that it is not ideal to be overweight, but you can stop stressing about achieving that perfect six-pack. Instead, show her that you are confident in your own skin, and this in turn will help her love her own.

Your relationship can actually grow stronger as a result of your belly fat. Accepting your shape and being a confident man will make you much more attractive to your partner. She will certainly both appreciate it, and she will respond in your favor by showing her gratitude.

2. You’re Not Narcissistic

Surely, dating the man of your dreams seems appealing at first. She might enjoy being sexually attracted to him for a month or two.

datingBut, eventually he starts taking longer than her to get ready to go out. He might critique what she wears, and he might even look at other women. Truly, all that glistens is not gold.

Guys who are rather robust tend to not be quite so full of themselves. At first, she might be too pretentious and turned off by your fluff, but give it time. She will soon learn that you have much more in your heart, as well as respect, despite having a little bit more to love.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Patience is a virtue. Be true to yourself and hang in there, even if she appears hesitant at first. Even if she is still caught up with the fit, macho guys, she will be guaranteed to have enough of that one day. You can be the one she leans on. After all, you are much more comfortable than those hard, washboard abs.

Our next reason might make you feel a little better about yourself, big guys.

3. You’re Not A One Minute Man

Missy Elliot

Photo by Atlantic Records / CC BY-SA

No woman likes a one minute man. Missy Elliot wrote a song about it, pop culture shuns it, and women everywhere make their contempt clear for any man who last mere minutes. So, what does this have to do with larger guys?

Studies are proving that men who are more overweight tend to last longer in bed than their shredded counterparts.

The study showed that sexual performance varies according to BMI. Those with a higher BMI, meaning a larger figure, lasted approximately seven minutes. This might not sound too enthralling, until you learn that those with a lower BMI lasted only two minutes. Yikes, right?

To make matters worse, the thinner guys suffered from premature ejaculation in a majority of the cases. So, there you have it. Your gut might be what is helping you out in the sack.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

You have to use this scientific finding to your benefit. Instead of focusing on your figure, divert your attention towards pleasing her.

Work hard to practice prolonged foreplay and attend to her arousal meticulously.

Find sexual positions that you are comfortable with, and rock her world. Some thing might work best include doggy style, which is when you have her on her knees facing away from you and you enter from behind.

Have confidence and remember that you are much more impressive than those thin, chiseled guys.

4. There’s Simply More To Love

LoveAt the end of the day, you are more of a man than your fit counterparts. Quite literally, there is physically more of you. As unappealing as that sounds, the matter of fact is that women want someone to love and make them feel comforted.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Take it as you will, but you can comfort her much more than any other guy. Use this to your advantage. However, do not get too carried away. Cuddling is great, and she wants to feel comforted, well remember to be sexy, too.

5. You Are Not Judgmental

eatGuys who are into themselves and watch everything they eat, wear, and do, can tend to be overly judgmental.

They judge each other, and they judge the women they are with, too. Certainly no woman wants to have to live up to that.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

She will feel much more at ease with a man who is never judgmental. So, the next time she wants to shove down a burrito, or pig out on buttered popcorn while she watches a movie, chow down with her.

Never poke fun at her eating habits or what she is wearing. Building her up instead of tearing down her insecurities will only enhance your relationship even more.

6. You’re Just… Well, More Likely To Protect Her

make her feel safe and secureYou have to figure that on some primitive level, women want to feel safe.

How safe can she possibly feel if she is with a twig of a man? That’s where you come in, big guy. Wrap your arms around her and make her feel secure.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Ensure that you always make her feel safe and secure. Whether it’s checking for the boogey man under the bed, or pulling her close when she’s afraid during a scary movie. Take care that she feels at ease with you. This feeling will certainly carry over into your sexual relationship, too.

7. You Can Actually Feel Empathy

Feel EmpathyWomen are bound to experience body image issues. It’s likely that no man who has a perfect body will be able to empathize with that, but you definitely can.

You can understand the qualms of struggling with weight, exercising and eating healthy.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Empathy during her times of doubt and low self-esteem are so pivotal. Every woman is going to experience this in her lifetime.

Whether it occurs after pregnancy, after marriage, or even after starting college, you can be there for her. Women are guaranteed to fluctuate in weight, and if you are there to support her and help her feel better, then you are in it for life.

8. You Generate Much More Heat

Yes, this could potentially lead to some negatives like sweaty sex, but hear us out. The fact that you create more body heat can seriously help her out on those cold winter nights.

The more bodily insulation so to speak, the more heat generated to the outside of your body.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Be certain to control your body heat. Use it when it’s desirable and do your darn best to hide it if it can hinder your sexual performance. For example, ensure to always have a fan on or at least the air conditioning cranking.

However, on those cold winter nights, don’t go crazy with the heavy blankets. You will be a nice source of heat that your woman needs. Plus, if things go your way, then you will be creating more heat than you can even imagine.

9. You’re A Foodie

FoodieLet’s face it. Chunky guys must love food, right? She won’t exactly have to eat salad, quinoa, and low fat cheese as a cheat meal when she dates a hefty guy.

A thinner, fit gentleman might be able to keep her healthy and fit. On the other hand, a chunky guy can keep her happy with some good soul food or a decent burrito.

How To Work With What You’ve Got

Try to remind her often that you appreciate food just as much as she does. We are not talking about ordering fast food, either. You can cook for her a delectable meal every now and then. She is sure to enjoy it as much as you do, and who knows what that awesome mood can do for your sex life.

When life and your weight, gets you down, just remember that there are at least nine reasons why you are better than that gym rat. You are the loveable, cuddly, warm and long-lasting guy who deserves the girl of your dreams. If anything else is keeping you down, like low libido or erectile dysfunction, then find a reputable male enhancement company, such as www.ProSolutionPills.com to help out with your dilemma.

You might be a little hefty, but, assuredly, nothing can keep you down. Save that beer gut, sit and eat your nachos, and give your lady the best loving you possibly can. Keep on keeping on, chunky guy. Find a girl you can love and who loves you, and who knows – maybe you can help each other achieve fitness and good health along the way.

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