9 Things That Can Really Mess with Your Erections

Erection problems? Yes, every man goes through it at some point in their lives and it could be a real frustration, especially if you don’t know how to deal with it. When you were younger, around your teenage years, and perhaps up to around 25 years old, you pretty much thought that getting a hard on was one of the easiest things in the world.

Just watch something sexy and the little guy is up. However, since you are aging, you feel that your erection hasn’t been like how it was before. Talk about a problem, right?

One problem that you may have is that you aren’t equipped with the knowledge on what has been messing with your erections and how you could possibly deal with those mistakes.

Not to worry. We are here to provide you with the information that could save the little guy down there, so that your sex life doesn’t go down the drain. Relive the golden years where your erections were still strong and thriving with passion, just with the knowledge about the 9 things that can really mess with your erections.

1 Boozing It Up

alcoholIf you think alcohol is the solution to your work and personal problems, you may want to rethink that entire thought.

Getting a drink after work may be one of the reasons why your penis isn’t having a hard on.

Many men believe that having a few drinks to get “in the mood” is the way into a sex-filled night, however, overindulging in alcohol could actually make it harder for you to finish the act.

Drinking a lot of alcohol could interfere with your erections and may leave the little guy limp. A good tip when it comes to drinking alcohol is to drink in moderation. That means around one to two drinks a day. Besides helping out with a stronger erection, this could also bring on health benefits such as decreasing the risk for heart disease. Be nice to your little soldier and don’t drown him in alcohol every night.

2 Medication Madness

medicineThe contents of your medicine cabinet could also affect for performance in bed. Try to make a list of the medications that you take frequently.

If you find a long list, this could be one of the major reasons why your erection doesn’t occur and it could mess with your sexy time sessions.

If you have more questions about your medications and your erection issues, it is best to consult a health care professional, since they do know much more about the human body than normal individuals.

Medications that may be taking a toll on your hard on problems may include the following:

  • Antidepressants
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Street drugs such as cocaine, marijuana and amphetamines

Make sure to stay away from street drugs, and get help, especially if you know that you’re abusing them. Remember being a druggie won’t make you the sex machine that you want to be.

3 Stressing Out To The Max

StressStress is one of the elements in life that people cannot stay away from. Although stress is a normal part of life, there are certain techniques that you could try to reduce the life stressors in your day.

Face it, it really isn’t easy to get into the zone when you’re pressured with responsibilities and due dates at work and personal tension.

Stress could affect every part of your body and that does include your penis. Try to deal with this by making lifestyle changes that promote relaxation and well-being. You could try exercising regularly, getting enough hours of sleep and also seek professional help, if you feel that everything is too overwhelming to deal with on your own.

4 Anxiety Overload

You have to realize that your penis is very much connected to your brain. Feeling anxious about performing in bed could also make it harder for you to get hard.

Anxiety from different components in your life could show all over the bedroom and that would be embarrassing to your partner.

Spiraling into an anxiety attack during a moment of intimacy could literally put a big strain on your sex life and your entire relationship with your special someone. Get professional help.

5 Too Many Pounds On The Scale

Let’s face reality, since the years have been going by, you may notice that you’re starting to pack on the extra pounds. Overeating, stress and lack of physical activity could lead to this problem.

Besides affecting your bodily organs, being overweight could also affect your sexual performance. It could change how you feel about yourself and could also lower levels of testosterone, you know that hormone that men have which is very important in getting turned on and producing an erection.

The best solution for being overweight is to make some simple lifestyle changes. This means making changes in how you eat, how much you eat, the way you look at exercise and how you basically live your life. Lose that fat, so that you can actually see over your tummy and view your lonely penis.

6 A Sagging Self Image

see in the mirrorThis correlates with being overweight and how you feel about your body in general. Typically, when you don’t like what you see in the mirror, it’s easy to think that your partner might also not like the view, either.

Try to determine how you feel about yourself. Are you confident about how you look? Do you feel good about everything going on in your life?

Having a negative self-image can really make you worry about how you put the motion in the ocean. Another problem that you could be facing is what you feel about your penis.

Do you think it’s too small and the thought of it turns you off already? If so, you could actually try out male enhancement products, such as ProSolution™, which are known to work effectively for many men who want to enhance all that they have into something better.

7 Frustratingly Low Libido

sex driveErectile dysfunction is not the same as having low libido. Although they do circle around the same factors in terms of dampen your interest in having sex.

Imagine not getting turned on anymore by simple sexual gestures, now that could be frustrating right? Low libido could result from many factors in your life that buildup. Even certain medical conditions could cause low libido levels.

There are a number of factors that could cause your sex drive to decrease and you just have to be aware of those elements, which could be the following:

  • Alcohol and Drugs
  • Poor Body Image
  • Low self-esteem
  • Certain Medications
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Lack of a Close Connection
  • Poor Communication of Sexual Preferences And Needs
  • Unresolved Fights And Conflicts
  • Trust Issues

8 Condom Conundrums

CondomsOkay, this might be a surprise to you because condoms are usually a must when it comes to sex, especially when you and your special someone aren’t ready to have babies just yet.

However, there are some men who have erection problems due to condoms. They lose their erection or find that the little guy starts becoming limp as they struggle to slide the condom on.

Also, you have to admit, a condom could be a total buzz kill during times when you two are super turned on. Although that is the case, if you’re worried about STDs or pregnancy, wearing a condom is not negotiable. If you feel the need to wear a condom during ever sexual encounter, you and your lady have to put in more time and extra stimulation to keep your flag sailing.

9 Porn Addiction

Are you a porn freak? Like you can’t get enough of watching it on a daily basis?

If so, you might be sad to hear that watching too many X-rated videos and looking at too many pornographic photographs could lead to problems with erections.

This may confuse you, because porn is still very much related to the entire sexual experience, however being a porn addict could lead to many other problems besides erection issues. Such problems could include:

  • Social and Psychological Problems
  • Porn Could Turn Sex Into Masturbation
  • Demeans and Objectifies Women
  • Takes Away The Beauty of Real Naked Women

partnerThe best way to deal with this is to restrict from watching porn as much as you do. Try to limit it to a couple days a week, or two or three times total. If you have a lady, go ahead and put all that sexual tension on her, so that you both get the best out of both worlds and you could enjoy your erection with reality.

Save your manhood and pay attention to what your penis is telling you. Try to stay away from erection problems with the knowledge you just learned, so that you could enjoy sex the way you should – and so can your partner, too.

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