8 Simple Steps for Getting the Erectile Dysfunction Help You Deserve

If you or a loved one is suffering from erectile dysfunction, then you’ve come to the right place. There is no need to be ashamed of ED, and if you are seeking help, then you are already on the right track to helping your guy south of the border. More than half of men experience erectile dysfunction, so relax and realize you are not alone. Just read up on our ways to bring up your issue to your doctor.

 1. Do You Have Erectile Dysfunction: Understand the Symptoms

GoogleIn this day and age we constantly Google and look up symptoms before consulting a professional.

While this can oftentimes eliminate the need to go to a doctor, it can also lead us to faulty prognosis that we are unfit to make.

So, before you brush off your symptoms, or lead yourself to believe that your penis will never work again, let’s figure out if you might have erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve an erection. Now, when over 1,000 men were asked in a recent study, 9 out of 10 men who said they, “were not sure” if they had erectile dysfunction or not had some level of ED. Chances are, if you are having difficulty achieving an erection, then you have some variation of erectile dysfunction.

If you are unsure, then it can never hurt to get a professional opinion. Erectile dysfunction affects thousands of men a year, so remember that you are not alone. Once you believe you have erectile dysfunction, the next step is to pick up the phone and call your doctor.

2. Relax, Take a Deep Breath, and Pick Up the Phone

Making the initial call to your physician about your erectile dysfunction can be the most nerve wracking part of this whole experience, right?

Pick Up the PhoneVerbally announcing to another person with whom you are not closely linked, unless, you and your doctor are very close, is an intimidating task.

However, if you are looking to make the first step towards talking to your physician about your erectile dysfunction, then it is something that you have to do. Sit down and take a moment to let all of these facts sink in: your doctor cares about you.

Yes, believe it or not, they went into the practice of medicine to help others, whether they are helping a child with a cough, or a grown man with his ineffective penis, doctors want to help you.

The next fact you need to understand is that your doctor has dealt with this issue before. Remember our statistic earlier? More than half of men in this world have dealt with ED. Do you have a male doctor? Perhaps he has even had this problem.

You are going to express your symptoms to your doctor, and they will sensitively handle the situation for you. Doctors practice the utmost professionalism, and you need to be confident that your doctor has handled this issue before, and not only will they not laugh, ridicule, or joke in anyway, but they will help you and your penis.

Have you mustered up the courage to pick up the phone? Good. Let’s move on to the next step.

3. What’s Up Doc: What to Say When Booking the Appointment

Congratulations! You have found the strength to pick up the phone, but now you are left wondering what to say to the nurse who answers the phone. Don’t worry – we have got you covered.

I know when I call my doctor’s office, a nurse picks up and she simple jots in the appointment. If this is the case then realize that there is no need to describe your every ailment to him or her.

The nurse simply needs a concise, direct statement of what is bothering you. The nurse will then jot this down in the appointment book, and your doctor will bring up the issue upon your appointment.

If the nurse connects you directly to the doctor, or if there is no nurse to begin with, then don’t panic. If anything, this is a great alternative because now less people know about your problem, right? Stop thinking negatively, and think on the brighter side.

So, your doctor picks up the phone on the receiving end and says, “Hey – insert your name here – how are you? What can I help you with?”

Similarly to the previous paragraph, you should be as direct and concise as possible – your doctor has a plethora of patients, and more than likely not a lot of time for you. Keep it simple and direct.

“Well, Doctor, I am having some sexual difficulties.”

doctorYour doctor may prompt further questions, and this is only because they are trying to figure out the best solution for you. You may be too vague, and they need further information from you to help diagnose the issue.

Do not panic if they press the issue – more than likely they will simply book the appointment and tell you to come in, but if you have to answer a question or two, just remember that this is because the doctor wants to help you.

4. The Suspense is Killing Me: How to Kill the Time Wisely

Chances are that your physician’s office could not book the appointment for quite some time, and if not, then realize that you are one of the lucky ones. The wait before the doctor’s appointment may span days to weeks, hopefully not months, but you just never know.

Erectile dysfunction, while extremely important to you, is not considered the utmost dire of medical emergencies for doctors, so you may not be prioritized up on the list.

emergency room

Photo by Thierry Geoffroy / CC BY-SA

And if, for some reason, your erectile dysfunction is causing you pain and physical suffering, then it is indeed a medical emergency, and you should probably not be reading this and get to an emergency room as soon as possible.

Killing the time wisely between the initial phone call and the doctor’s appointment can prove vital to helping you and your penis make amends. Often times, when we step into that doctor’s office, we are barraged with questions. Did you know that many times people don’t even thoughtfully answer these questions? They feel panicked and under a time crunch to get the answer out, or they make assumptions about what the doctor wants to hear so they feed them that response instead of the truth.

Don’t be this person – anticipate some questions that may arise during the appointment and jot down the answers ahead of time. Here are some questions you should expect:

  • How long have you been experiencing this problem?
  • Are you on any Medications?
  • Do you experience erections at all? For example, in the morning?
  • Do you have any of the following conditions: heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure?

write down a sort of calendarIn addition to answering some of these questions, you may find it helpful to write down a sort of calendar of how often you have sex with your partner,
moments when you simply could not have an erection or instances when you were able to achieve a firm penis.

It is also a great idea to write down any questions that you have.

Remember that you will have a conversation with your doctor. It is not a firing squad of questions directed at you, but rather a conversation to help understand your condition and what will be done to help solve it.

Here are some questions you may consider asking your doctor:

  • What could be the cause of my erectile dysfunction?
  • Are these symptoms ever going to go away?
  • Can my erectile dysfunction be treated?
  • What are my treatment options?
  • Will a specialist be necessary?

All of these notes will help you honestly answer the questions your doctor will definitely be asking you during your appointment, and asking questions for the doctor to answer will help you better understand erectile dysfunction. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen, some paper, and get to writing about your penis.

5. Three’s Company – Should Anyone Come to the Visit?

strike up a conversationWhile it may seem extremely embarrassing, it may be beneficial to bring your significant other to the doctor’s visit.

If you have not already done so, then it is imperative that you strike up a conversation with your loved one about your erectile dysfunction.

What’s a more lovely dinner conversation than your flexible love rod? It’s a joke of course, but in all gravity your partner must be on board with helping your board gets stiff again.

Perhaps your partner can share insight as to how long you have been experiencing the problem, or what they think the issue really is. Your partner can offer you invaluable support, so they definitely must be involved.

Now, whether or not that involvement includes the doctor’s office is up to you, but we suggest you consider it. During those hard to answer questions, your partner may be able to speak up and help you answer. Or, maybe you just need the emotional support. Perhaps this experience can even – oddly enough, we know – help tighten the bond between the two of you. I mean, guys, come on; if your partner is sticking with you through this difficult time, then they’re a keeper.

6. The Day Has Come – What to Expect From Your Doctor’s Visit

So, the countdown has ceased, the day is here, and you want to know what to expect from this doctor’s visit.

penis and prostateYou should already feel confident in knowing the questions you are more than likely to hear, so let’s talk about some other things you should expect.

Remember that the doctor will begin with a medical history, and will then explore other questions that may cover topics such as your relationship, your work experience, and any other stressors in your life. It may seem erroneous, but believe it or not all of these topics are important.

The doctor is trying to associate a cause with your erectile dysfunction, and stress is a big one. If at any time the doctor asks a question that we have not prepared you for, then take your time to answer it. Remember to be honest with these answers, as incorrect answers can lead to a faulty diagnosis.

After you have a conversation with your doctor about your medical history and lifestyle, the doctor will perform a physical exam. Remember to remain calm and recall the fact that your doctor has dealt with this issue countless times. They will not be shocked by your symptoms. The doctor will examine your penis and prostate, and blood work may be necessary. This is around when the work for your doctor stops; if they feel that more testing is necessary then they will refer you to an urologist.

7. Wait, There’s More? I Have to See Another Doctor?

If you are referred to a urologist, then you can expect an experience that is very similar to the one with your doctor.

The urologist will have you answer some questions about your sexual difficulty, either via questionnaire form or in person, and you may have to complete more testing.

Blood work, ultrasounds, and sleep studies are all potential tests that may be run by your urologist, but keep in mind that if you are at this step then you are closer to finding a solution to your erectile dysfunction.

8. Are We There Yet? What Happens After the Doctor’s Appointments?

After all of your lab work has been reported to the doctor, they will give you a call. Chances are that your treatment will be minimally invasive. Oftentimes doctors recommend that the patient make a lifestyle change such as quit smoking, eat healthier, and/or exercise more. Another minimally invasive option that your doctor may recommend is a prescription medication. Both of these options are easy for you, and you should feel ecstatic that your ED will soon be cured.

medicationYou should be aware, however, that erectile dysfunction can be a precursor to other serious medical conditions, such as heart or vascular disease.

If your doctor asks you to come back to the office for more testing, then do not panic – more than likely your doctor would like to screen for one of the many conditions that has ED as a symptom.

After your visit, you will feel extremely relieved that you did it. Your health should be your number one priority, and while it may be embarrassing to talk to other people about your penile health, it is pertinent that you do so.

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