8 Shocking Facts Men Don’t Know About Their Penises

Chances are if you are reading this article, then one of the following statements is true: you are a man who would like to know more about your penis; you are a female who would like to get to know your partner’s penis a little better; or you randomly google fun penis facts in your spare time. Regardless of your desire to stumble upon this oh-so educational article, you are sure to learn a thing or two most men don’t know about their own anatomy.

In this article, you can expect to learn some fun and fascinating facts, such as why you may be shortening the length of your penis without even knowing it, why females want longer sex, and how to make your sperm more desirable. Still not considering reading further? Well, what if we told you that your penis’s safety may be in grave danger if you do not read some of these facts? It’s really in you and your penis best interest to read this article.

Without further ado, here are eight surprising facts about your penis:

1. Your Bad Habits Could be Shortening Your Penis Length

CigarettesThis has to be something no man wants to hear, right? All men want to increase the size of their penis, not shrink it.

But what could possibly be detrimental down below your waist? Cigarettes. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Chances are you already know the dangers of smoking that are not associated with penises – lung cancer, esophageal cancer, pulmonary disease, and much more; but what you typically don’t read about in lung cancer pamphlets is that cigarette smoking can actually affect your erections.

Smoking damages blood vessels, and therefore makes necessary blood flow nearly impossible. Because of this negative impact on the flow of blood, erections become affected negatively. What this means for men is that smoking isn’t the only thing that could be causing erectile dysfunction.

Anything that affects blood flow could be the cause of smaller erections, like cholesterol issues, obesity and not exercising; all of these things could be the cause of a less than satisfactory erection.

If you want the firmest, most impressive erection possible, then quit smoking and become healthier. Adequate exercise and diet will improve your circulation and therefore your sexual performance, as well.

2. Vaginas Have an Advantage

makeupWhile men may like to think they have it better than women, one may reconsider after hearing about this shocking penis fact.

Yes, it’s true that most men don’t have to worry about makeup, fancy hair products, and that time of the month, unless, you know, you are into that sort of thing guys, but you might be wishing you were a lady momentarily.

When it comes to orgasms, the female orgasm lasts significantly longer than that of a man’s. It is estimated that the average male orgasm lasts approximately six seconds, which hardly compares to that of the average female’s orgasm of 23 seconds.

Jealous yet? You should be. Females also have an easier time achieving multiple orgasms. The only way to score even with your lady would be to orgasm approximately four times to her one. That sounds fair. Let us know how that works out for you.

3. Some Men Are Luckier Than Others

Ever hear the rumor that you can lick your elbow? Try it – we’ll wait.

LuckierIf you actually just tried to lick your elbow, then we hope you are in some private area, otherwise you just looked ridiculous. There are some actions that are just anatomically not possible.

Similarly to licking your elbow, there are a few other actions that no matter how badly we want them to be true, they just are not physically possible – or are they?

For example, some men have the dream of being able to perform oral pleasure on their own bodies. Sounds great, right? Would there even be a need for women? Or leaving the house for that matter? These questions remain to be answered, but what we do know is that some men actually attain this ability.

Approximately 1 in 400 men can satisfy themselves by performing oral sex. While we certainly hope you are flexible enough to even attempt this one, we will give you a few minutes to let that fact settle. We highly suggest you keep a telephone nearby with an emergency contact on speed dial, for safety purposes, of course.

4. Which Type of Penis Do You Have?

PenisDid you know there are different types of penises? Kind of like the infamous Dr. Seuss rhyme in the book, One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, only we are guessing one penis, two penis, red penis, blue penis, didn’t quite catch on like the former childhood tale.

Seriously though, there are two different types of penises. Can you figure out which one you have?

Grower or shower? The difference is that a “grower” penis is naturally smaller before an erection. Upon becoming erect, the grower enlarges significantly by lengthening and thickening.

In contrast, the “shower” penis is consistently large in appearance most of the time. Upon becoming erect, the shower does not enlarge much. It is estimated that approximately 79 percent of men have a “grower” penis, while 21 percent have a “shower” penis.

So go ahead, take a look; we will be waiting until you come back.

5. Masturbation Can Be Dangerous

Sure, masturbating is a favorite pastime of many men. But what if we told you that masturbation could be dangerous? Would you be inclined to quit?

Penile ruptures or fractures are very possible, and masturbation plays a role in this unfortunate consequence. During an erection, there are two different layers of the penis that fill with blood. If either of these two cylindrical layers is broken in anyway then the entire penis will fracture.

We imagine it is as painful as it sounds. We also imagine that you would like to avoid this from happening at all costs. So, what exactly can cause these penile fractures from happening?

The most common causes of penile fracture include aggressive sex and masturbation. So, if you are interested in keeping this from happening, which we imagine is a top priority of yours now, then avoid any overly barbaric sexual intercourse. By all means, be as passionate as you would like, but also be sure to keep this awful consequence in mind.

6. Penises Are Created From the Clitoris

ScientistAccording to the bible, women were created from man’s rib. While this makes for a nice story, it is actually scientifically proven that as fetuses we all are originally females. Scientists claim that all embryos originally develop with female organs.

During one of the earliest stages of human development, the embryo either maintains these organs or the male sex hormones come in and begin adding testosterone to the embryo.

It is this testosterone that allows for male organs to develop, and thus the creation of a penis begins, but not until the later stages of a fetus development.

It is this scientific fact that answers a few things you have been wondering about your male anatomy. For example, it is because of this origination with female organs that the male body has nipples. Seriously, they are not functional, but they are there nonetheless. Also, ever wonder why you have a dark underskin between your scrotum and anus?

Well, actually unless you are one of the 400 that we previously mentioned then you probably can’t see down there. Either way, this dark area is the result of testosterone eliminating the vaginal walls from the fetus.

7. You Can Control the Taste of Your Semen

Red meatUnderstandably so, you probably want your bodily fluids to, you know, be as desirable as possible for anyone who might be exposed to them. Well, did you know that what you eat and drink affects the taste of your semen?

Red meat and dairy products are a direct result of potent semen. Consuming red meat and dairy products, for some reason – bear with us, we are not nutritionists here – causes a very undesirable flavor to semen.

If you are interested in avoiding this, then we recommend you get your daily intake of vegetables and fruits. Not only is this healthier for you in general, but it will make any recipient of your bodily fluids happier than when you are on your protein diet, bro.

While on the topic of consuming bodily fluids, we also have some good news for you if you are looking to add arguments as to why exactly someone should be at the recipient end of your semen, if you catch our drift, guys. Semen is approximately one to seven calories, so if your lady is worried about taking up her Weight Watcher points, then you can reassure her that consuming semen is anything but unhealthy.

8. One More Reason to Consume Semen

So, in case the last two facts don’t help your cause for receiving oral pleasure, then this is sure to help you out. Semen has been scientifically proven to improve mood, sleep patterns and affection. That’s right, semen includes chemicals such as cortisol, estrone, oxytocin, thyrotropin, melatonin and serotonin.

SemenIf your lady happens to be singing the blues, and then offer her the opportunity to give you oral sex – it will help both of you out – a lot.

Regardless of your desire to read about these shocking penis facts, we hope you have learned something.

From breaking your penis, to reasons why your lady should perform oral sex for you, we have given you quite some penis facts, just in case you ever end up on Jeopardy some day.

Well, actually there is no “Male Anatomy” section on Jeopardy, but we are sure these facts will help you better understand your body.

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