8 Sexist Advertising Methods That Make Men Look Like Idiots

Society’s perception of men is usually strong, powerful and exactly like Samson or Achilles. After all, you’re supposed to be the stronger one on the scale, right? History dictates that men should rule, and the belief that men are dominant still lives today – or not, depending on a person’s perception.

Long before Beyonce sang the song, Who Run the World (Girls), empowerment and equality have been a battle cry of women.

Times have changed. At present, you can see women ruling not just the household, but also in the business world, the technology world and even the country.

Now that they are on top, including advertising, they are starting to get back at you – and it is your turn to look like idiots in the eyes of millions of viewers.

Sorry men, but women are laughing their hearts out when they saw these eight sexist ad campaigns.

1. The Miller Lite Man Up

If there is one company that should know men better, it should be the beer companies. They are supposed to boost your ego since men and beers are mutually exclusive, right? Apparently not.

First, the commercial shows that men don’t know what women’s clothes look like. Seriously, there is no such thing as “man scarf” or whatever you want to call it.

The way the woman made fun of the scarf is already a blow on a man’s ego. Second, the part where a woman walks up to them wearing the same scarf as the dude who’s trying to be cocky, which surely questions your masculinity. Another blow on a man’s ego. Third, where is the man up in that ad?

Sorry boys but the Miller Lite, despite its more taste, make you look like a sissy. Go ahead and get your “man scarf.”

2. F-150 Crazy Smart

F-150There are countless “men are stupid” ads circulating in media these days. An example of this is the F-150 Crazy Smart advertisement with Dean Leary’s voice in it.

No matter how hot his voice is, you can’t just help but cringe on the part where he said that the people who engineered the truckwere the ones “we all cheated off of in Science class.”

Wait. Are men naturally stupid? Fine, you think of pizza, beer and sex, but are you not allowed to be smart once in a while to make them capable of building something? Aerodynamics may be something you don’t think about all the time, but women are laughing when this F-150 commercial perceives you as a guy who only eats pizza and cheats during class.

3. Kellogg’s Eggo waffle commercial

Your ladylove will appreciate you doing breakfast. Kellogg’s Eggo commercial showcase that, except it makes you and the rest of the men look like idiots.

In the said commercial, a man told his wife that breakfast is ready in 30 minutes. Apparently, he was caught up with different things and until he realized he only have five minutes left.

He pulled out Kellogg’s Eggo homemade waffles that “it’s so simple, you could make it yourself.” No harm meant that but it shows how twisted a husband and a father’s priorities are that watching TV and playing golf is more important than serving breakfast for the family.

Plus, can’t you handle more than just toasting the waffles? That’s a clear blow to your ego right there.

4. Dr Pepper 10’s It’s Not For Women

Admit it. The term “diet” was made exclusively for women. Can you imagine a dude saying, ‘I need to go on a diet,” or holding anything that screams diet in it? None, right?

This is because dieting is too feminine and the soda industry is greatly affected, because the guys refuse to drink their diet drinks because they are simply not manly enough.

Since Coca Cola has Coke Zero and Pepsi has Pepsi Max, Dr Pepper released its own version and introduced Dr Pepper 10. As part of its macho ad campaign, Dr Pepper 10 is a 10-calorie soft drink wrapped in gunmetal gray packaging with silver bullets, as if drinking diet drinks won’t make you less manly.

That’s not all. There is a dedicated Facebook page for men, only with commercials that are heavy on machismo. Seriously, drinking Dr Pepper 10 will not make you manlier. Be true to yourself. If you like the taste of Diet Coke, then go ahead and drink it.

5. Burger King’s I Am Man

If you are not portrayed as a stupid dude who can’t even make breakfast for his own family, there are commercials that portray men going crazy over food. It drives you wild.

Take the case of Burger King’s I Am Man commercial. A couple is in a fancy restaurant and when the food arrives, the man wasn’t so happy about it.

It turns out that leafy greens and tiny portions makes him less of a man. He took off and looked for a Burger King, since he is too hungry for chick food. He finally found a “manly” food and as soon as he stepped out of Burger King, hundreds of men while holding their burgers joined him.

Come to think of it. Sure, going to a fancy restaurant may not make you full, especially when you order soup or salads. However, this does not mean you have to walk away, leave your girl and look for a fast food chain, since the food is not man enough for you. Seriously?

6. Hungry Man’s Eat Like A Man TV Commercial

In line with Burger King’s commercial, here comes Hungry Man. In this commercial, three workers are on a construction site eating together, and they have some yogurt and juice in their hands.

Then one of the workers gets up to goes to the men’s room, and the other two offer to accompany him – which shows the feminine slant here.

On the way, they see a co-worker in the break room eating a big Hungry Man meal and they exclaim, “What the hell are we eating?” then they toss out their yogurt and juice drinks.

Apparently, the commercial tells you that you are what you eat. Unfortunately, eating yogurt and drinking fruit juices is not man enough; hence the Hungry Man. Apparently, it makes you “eat like a man and be full like a man.”

Fine, yogurt and fruit juices are not exactly anyone’s idea of a meal, especially for dudes with jobs that require strength. Still it shows that eating girly foods makes you a sissy and you should stick to manly, big, fat and chemical-laden meals, since it can be hurtful to your ego, which is nonsense, by the way.

7. Progressive Car Insurance Likes Voodoo

When you hear the word “insurance,” you will think that all its commercials and ads are related to life, medical expenses and the like. Not for Progressive – and it has a different take on insurance, too.

In its voodoo commercial, a man turns down a woman so she uses a virtual voodoo website to punish her ex.

While he is on a date with another girl, the jilted woman jabs him with pins, makes him slap himself and torches his foot. Worse yet, she usesvirtual pliers to torture his man down there as he gets cozy with his date.

The problem is there is no concept of car insurance in there. Second, since when does sexual violence against anyone become okay? Third, can you imagine if the roles were reversed and women was mutilated in this ad? The edited version of the commercial still has the voodoo antics. Still, this would make you think that the person who conceptualized the commercial must have been heartbroken at that time.

8. AT&T’s Casino Commercial

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. You can gamble all you want and have sex all night, just as long as you use protection, both in and out. The following day, you feel guilty,so you decide not to tell your wife or girlfriend about your one night of fun.

Not in this commercial.A guy gambles for the first time and loses all his money on the table. He calls his wife, tells her how much fun he had and he doesn’t even realize that the chips are actually worth money – in a naïve, seven-year old tone.

CasinoUnfortunately, it depicts men as dumb creatures who can’t differentiate between Monopoly and the real world.

In the real world, no dude in his right mind would go to Vegas, gamble his money away, and then think that his chips are not equivalent to money.

At the same time, are you willing to bet your life savings on that? Unless you are the son of Bill Gates, or bear the surname of Walmart’s Walton, then go ahead and gamble all night long.

In other words, these commercials – and so much more – tell you one thing: men are stupid, immature and irresponsible creatures who only care about food, beer and sex. Before you react, keep in mind that everyone is entitled to his or her own ways of marketing a productto get you’re the attention of consumers.

Don’t be too affected, though. You are so much better than eating a pizza, looking for a Burger King, gambling in Vegas, or drinking diet drinks and eating yogurt. Relax. These commercials are not real, anyway.

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