8 Places Your Woman Secretly Wants You to Touch     

8 Places Your Woman Secretly Wants You to Touch

Think about the first place you explore on a woman’s body the minute you realize that sex is the main card in your hand of cards. Do you go for the breasts or the butt? Do you kiss on her neck, or are you that guy who just dives in for the plunge and foregoes any other body part, but the one that truly matters?

Surveys are beginning to show that women would much rather you spend a little more time on some lesser-known erogenous zones. It might seem like a waste of time to some; however, we guarantee that you will see a difference in your sex life if you pay equal attention to all of her body parts.

Are you unsure of these unknown, miscellaneous erogenous zones? Here are the eight erroneous places she really wants you to caress.

1. This Little Piggy Went To Market

feetFor any guy who has a foot fetish, this erogenous zone is right up your alley.

Many women enjoy their feet being fondled, with both hands and the mouth. Any woman feels sexy after having a pedicure. So, put those toes to good use the next time you are feeling kinky.

Are you unsure of how to hit this erogenous without making a fool of yourself? Make sure you don’t put the wrong foot in your mouth by following our little trick.

Make It Work

Often times you read about these awesome hot spots or sex tricks, but no one tells you how to realistically implement them. Cue our secrets for making these erogenous zones a success the next time you have sex.

For the toes, you can nonchalantly work your way down there by offering her a massage. You can even start with another body part and slowly work your way down her legs. Gradually get to her feet. If she seems like she is ticklish, then take it slow. However, only stop if she is adamant that you do not mess with her feet.

Sex experts claim that the toes will feel very sensitive and ticklish at first. But, you should encourage her to let you keep going. Once the initial silly feelings wear off, your woman can feel the true, sexual pleasure. In fact, the toes are one of the most powerful erogenous zones, according to experts.

2. Catch Her From Behind

neckYou are probably assuming we are talking about her butt, but think a little higher. The erogenous zone we are talking about is the neck, to be exact.

Finding ways to engage with the nape of her neck will ensure that she feels shivers go down her spine. Good shivers, of course.

Make It Work

We all know that the neck is a sensitive spot for her, but this erogenous zone is a step above simply kissing her on the neck. We are talking about that sweet spot right below her hairline along the spine.

Hold her hair up and plant a nice kiss, run your tongue, or stroke your fingers along that sweet spot. Even if you just send a few breaths down this part of her body, she will certainly feel aroused.

While you are spending some time at the nape of her neck, there is also another erogenous zone in close proximity with which you should familiarize yourself.

3. Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Long Hair

Our strands of hair are all attached to tiny little muscles referred to as the arrector pili. Each of these tiny little muscles are attached to our sympathetic nervous system. So, on their activation, an involuntary reaction ensues. Much like a horror story can be hair-raising, your hair can be raised for sexy reasons, as well.

Make It Work

hairSimply grabbing her hair is not going to work. Begin gently as you work your way through foreplay or the earlier moments of intercourse.

Once you have worked your way down to the scalp, then you can begin tugging her hair a little harder.

Once your woman is in the middle of the fire, then her pain tolerance increases. This means that she will actually like it if you get a little rough. This erogenous zone is a sensuous way to break the barrier into kinkier, more X-rated sex.

If it’s a more gentle touch you are after, then this next erogenous zone is for you.

4. Love The Skin She’s In

In general, the skin can be a wonderful erogenous zone. This might sound like too broad of an area. But, really try to hone in on those sensitive, smooth areas of skin. These areas are on the inner thigh, stomach or inner arm. These areas are extremely sensitive due to the sensitive nerve endings. Thus, when you stroke them right, you can definitely turn her on – and in a big way.

Make It Work

bare skinIn contrast to our hair pulling in the previous section, you want to avoid any rough, harsh touches with these sensitive areas. A simple, gentle touch is more than enough to get her going.

If you are really feeling daring, then you can run your penis along these areas. The sensation of feeling your erection along her bare skin will tantalize her totally. This next erogenous zone can also be quite sensational, but don’t touch it, per say.

5. Stroke It Without Touching It

Women feel emotions and reactions through communication. So, if you activate her brain and use your words, it can be just as powerful as touching her to turn her on. Verbalizing different scenarios and sensations will heighten her sense of arousal, and that is what we are all after, isn’t it?

Make It Work

physically stimulating herThis type of erogenous zone is the perfect opportunity to practice your dirty talk.

Never assume; however, that dirty talk has to be X-rated. You can describe to her how she tastes, or what you would like to do to her.

And, such passionate talk will turn her on just as much as telling her something much nastier.

Sex experts claim the best way to verbalize in order to turn her on is while you are also physically stimulating her. Combine these erogenous zones with some of the others. For example, as you are playing with her hair, whisper in her ear what position you want her in. Or, while you are rubbing your penis along her inner thigh, tell her how good it feels and what else you want to do.

6. Everything Down There Except The Vagina

It’s true. If you can practice self-restraint and spend time down there without being near her vagina, then your lady will indeed beg you to play with it. Whether you are using your fingers or tongue, work on her thighs and lower back. We guarantee that she will be yearning for you in no time.

Make It Work

foreplayWe all know that oral sex is the best foreplay practice for women, but you don’t have to let her get off that easy, literally.

Tease her by having her lie on her back while you work your way slowly down there, without going near her vagina. Next, have her roll over and you can do the same with her butt, inner thighs and lower back.

She will longingly crave for you to work your way down to her now hot sexual parts, but keep her waiting and get ready for her to pounce.

7. Baby Got Back

Chances are that you love her junk in the trunk. If you want to know a secret, then listen up. She loves when you love it, too.

Spending time around your woman’s derrière can be enjoyable for both of you. It feels amazing for her, and honestly who doesn’t love a great booty? Instead of just spanking or copping a feel, here is another idea for how to make this erogenous zone work.

Make It Work

massageWe have already thrown the idea of a sensual massage out there, and that is all good fun. However, if you want to kick it up a notch, then why not try using your mouth down there.

That’s right. If you are willing to go down on your woman, then try it out. She will undoubtedly like it, and you just might like the results you see in her arousal.

If that is absolutely not a possibility for you, then you can also try entering with a finger. This act of foreplay could always lead to anal penetration, which is certainly on everyone’s to do list, right?

8. Make Her Weak In The Knees

One majorly overlooked erogenous zone is behind her knees. This might not sound quite sexy, but let us explain how you can make this spot work wonders for her – and you, too.

Make It Work

ProSolutionpillsIt probably wouldn’t be extremely sexy for you to just jump right down to her knees. So, gradually work your way down there. Offer her a sensual massage and have her start on her stomach.

Work your way down her back, spend some time at her buttocks like we have previously mentioned, and then you will find that you are at the knees in no time.

Using your tongue and mouth here is more effective than just your fingers. So, get creative. Remember that she won’t be able to see you. Thus, really play on her different senses and see her go wild.

Spending a little more time with these uncommon erogenous zones will surely help you win some extra brownie points in bed.

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