8 Cool Strategies to Bring Back the Heat in Your Marriage      

8 Cool Strategies to Bring Back the Heat in Your Marriage

It is unfortunate that most people consider marriage to be synonymous with something that will weigh you down or burden you. Unfortunately, too many marriages are now failing to work, and in high rates. In fact, the divorce rate in the United States is up to approximately 50 percent.

divorceSo, in America, half of married couples don’t end up making it. Perhaps, the divorce rate is going up because relationships, in general, are taking a toll for the worse.

Technology has put a damper on relationships in general, and it can be much more difficult now to stay in a loving and healthy relationship.

Hopefully, if you are in a marriage that is beginning to become a little stale, then you are looking to fix it. The first step is to recognize that if there is fixing to be done, both of you need to help. The solution is never one-sided.In addition, if both parties are not willing to contribute, then fixing a relationship will be much more difficult.

Once both of you acknowledge that you should try to rekindle the spark in your marriage, try one of these easy strategies to help.

1. Verbalize Your Emotions

Communication is the most common issue in all relationships. For some reason or another, you and your partner might begin to slack in all lines of communication. Regardless of the reasoning why communication has begun to weaken, it is pertinent that you both work to fix it right away.

aloneAlways verbalize your emotions. Use “I” statements to lessen the blow to your partner. These “I” statements relieve the blame, and instead focus on how you feel when they do something.

For example, “I feel sad when you always leave to go hang out with all of your friends.” This sounds much more constructive than saying something like, “You’re always leaving me alone.”

You might feel as though the other person is entirely to blame, but you need to provide them with the opportunity to explain their behavior after you point it out. Sometimes, it might just be a misunderstanding.

In addition to verbalizing when things are bothering you, you also need to make it known when you are happy. Tell her you love her, and always let her know how you feel. Marriages can become stagnant if she does not feel loved, and the moment you stop saying it is the moment she starts believing it.

However, you should not just be talking the talk. You also need to walk the walk, too.

2. Show Her You Care

flowersEveryone shows their love differently. One guy might consider flowers and chocolates to be an action to display their love.

On the other hand, another guy might consider cleaning his wife’s car and taking care of the kids for the day to be an act of love.

The vital thing is that you are making an effort to show her that you love her. You can say it until you are blue in the face, but until you are actually doing things that show that you love her, she will not believe you.

Just because you think you are showing your love does not mean that she is receptive to it. You have to ensure that you are knowledgeable of her way of loving. Does she think it is an act of love for you to clean her car, or would she rather you take her to dinner?

The two of you should always be on the same page. It can work wonders if you work as a team.

3. She Is Not Your Maid

Working as a team means that the two of you function well together. If she works to do something, then you compliment that action by supporting it. This is especially true when it comes to tidy work around the house.

clean houseJust because your wife likes to have a clean house does not mean that she enjoys cleaning up after you. She surely does not enjoy seeing mounds of your dirty clothing everywhere, or your old food plates lying around.

Take the time to clean up after yourself. Even something so simple as moving your dirty dishes into the sink can put her in a better mood.

If your wife is constantly cleaning up after you, then she will be exhausted and cranky. Think about this the next time you want to lounge around and she is cleaning all around you. If you take the time to at least clean up your mess, then that is less for her to have to do.

In fact, there is one area in particular that you can clean that will just make her day.

4. Watch Your Bathroom Habits

Besides from the computer keyboard, various areas of the bathroom are simply gross. One particular area that she simply abhors to clean is behind the sink and toilet.

As a guy, you have less control of your, well, pee. Do you know how much it splatters and creates a mess? Do you clean the toilet?

If you answered no, you need to understand that is your wife scrubbing up all of that pee that manages to make it onto the toilet rim and back, as well as the floor.

No matter how clean you think you are, there is still a mess lurking down there, and as of right now you rely on your wife to clean it.

Think about the message that you are sending by having your wife do all of the cleaning. Especially when you have children. Do you want them growing up with these already-established stale gender roles in mind?

Remember, how you want your daughter to be treated, and try to treat your wife the same way. If your daughter grows up watching your wife clean up after your every mess, then she, too, might end up in a marriage where she assumes that it is acceptable to become the maid.

The same goes for your sons. If they see their mom is cleaning up after you all of the time, they will expect their spouses to do the same. Don’t be surprised if they end up with relationship troubles.

5. Quit Your Complaining

Negativity kills relationships. What’s more, it can seep into your marriage without you even realizing it.

Once you begin to complain incessantly, your attitude becomes pessimistic. You then fail to see any optimism in the world, and this greatly affects your spouse.

Do your best to try and find the best out of every situation. Is your work stressing you out? Be thankful to have a job to support your family. Are the children getting on your nerves? Take a few minutes to relax in a quiet area, and then remember what a blessing they are.

It can start as easily as ridding one pessimistic thought a day. Or, do your best to find at least one thing to be thankful for everyday. Before you know it, one thing will magnify into many things you are thankful for. This is because optimism spreads just as quickly as pessimism.

Too easily your attitude can begin to slip up when you are in a committed relationship. In addition to your attitude, it is also very easy for your hygiene to take a back seat.

6. Watch Your Hygiene

brush your teethYou already know that your marriage has lost its spark, but do you know why? It might help to complete a bit of soul searching and inward reflection when you realize that your marriage needs work.

Ask yourself if you are still attractive. Just because you are married does not mean that you should let yourself go. You should take proper care of yourself. You should brush your teeth regularly, keep your appearance trim, exercise, and eat as healthy as possible.

If you can’t stand to look at yourself, how can you expect your spouse to be attracted to you? Yes, they still love you, but no wonder your love life has no more sex appeal.

7. Start Asking What You Can Do To Help

Too often you might rely on your wife to ask you when she wants something. However, perhaps she does not want to feel as though she is nagging you. It also might be a bit agitating for her if you are constantly asking what you can do.

Take a step back, look around, and figure out how you can help. After all, you are an adult, as well. If your wife handles everything around the house, figure out where you can contribute.

Maybe, you could take the garbage out, pay the bills, fix something that’s been bothering her, or take the kids out for a while.

Also, when you complete these tasks, you don’t need to point out to her everything that you did. She will definitely notice your efforts and contributions; however, don’t expect her to congratulate or thank you. Remember that she does all of these things every single day, and without any recognition.

8. The Non-Sensual Touch

Always remember to have physical contact with your wife, and that does not necessarily mean sexual contact. Your wife wants to feel safe, comforted, and wanted in a non-sexual way. So, always hug her or grab her hand and give it a squeeze.

A hug or hand hold that is longer than 10 seconds begins to release endorphins. Your wife’s body will be flooded with a happy sensation, and she will automatically feel closer to you as a result.

Of course, once all of these bases are covered, then you do need to address the sexual nature of your marriage. If you are looking to have a better sex drive or libido, then get the help of natural supplements that work to improve male sexual issues.

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You can save your relationship and sex life by putting in the right effort. Remember all of the things that made you fall in love with your wife. Now, go and fall in love all over again.

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