7 Ways to Tell She’s Great in the Sack

Trying to find a woman that has the complete package is one difficult task. A lady who possesses most of these qualities or if possible, all of the following qualities, such as she stands out in a crowd, has an amazing smile, incomparable personality, or is classy, independent, confident probably could pleasure a man unlike no other. Basically the tag line, “A lady on the streets but a freak in the bed,” kind-of-woman.

womanTalk about close to impossible right? It’s a given to be physically attracted to a woman, since you have to like what you see before you pursue her.

However, trying to get to know her and finding out deeper traits about her may take more patience.

If she isn’t a one-night stand kind of woman, knowing how she is in bed could be one long-lasting mystery, but that is what makes it all the while more worth it for any man.

If you aren’t an expert on how to read women, then continue to read on to learn much more. It really doesn’t take an expert to find out if the woman you’re dating is a freak in the bed or not. All you really need are the proper guidelines, so that you know what to look for the next time you are interested in one special little lady. These tips are designed to help you discover how she is behind closed doors without actually having to undress her physically.

1. A Woman Who Knows What She \Wants

you and your special ladyTake this scenario for example, you and your special lady are going out on a date, as courtesy since you are the man, you ask her what she wants to eat for dinner.

If she answers with “I don’t know, what do you want?” This already says a lot about her character in bed. However, if she hits you up with “I want some good old Thai food,” then you have a damn good lover right there.

The reason isn’t because of what she wants for dinner, though. The reason is because she could give you a concrete and definite answer. Good lovers take responsibility for their pleasure and they eliminate most of the guesswork for you, too. They communicate better, which is key for having better sex.

During the date, try to ask more questions to see what kind of answers she gives you. If the majority of the time she gives you a straight answer without confusion, then it’s most likely she knows exactly what she wants you to do in order to pleasure her. That’s the type of girl that you want, because she will let you know what she wants in the bedroom, so that you could make her feel like a real woman and please her better.

2. Observe How She Eats

As you and your special lady is eating, try to take note of how she eats. Try to pay attention of she “handles” her food.

Does she play around with her spoon, fork or straw? Is she sensual as she eats? Does she lick her lips a lot? Is she grabby and quick when she eats?

These little habits could tell you how she is under the sheets. There is a belief that if a woman is a slow eater and eats sensually, she is most likely a slow and sensual lover. If she is playful as she eats, she is probably the same in bed.

A little tip as you observe her eating style, try not to stare awkwardly at her throughout the entire meal. Make it simple and don’t let her notice that you’re watching her moves, because she will get self-conscious and will be uncomfortable around you. You wouldn’t want that, because she won’t act natural if she’s thinking you’re looking at her, because you think she’s a fat cow or something.

3. She Enjoys Ice Cream

eating ice creamSince we’re talking about food anyways, let’s include a woman’s pleasure in eating ice cream, because that could also show how freaky she is in bed.

According to studies, a woman’s favorite ice cream flavor could determine so much about her bedroom sexuality. Apparently, a woman’s favorite ice cream flavor could show a part of their personality and even relationship status.

Take, for example, those women who are in love with coffee ice cream flavors; those ladies are said to be flirtatious, dramatic and seductive. They are also said to compliment those men who love strawberry-flavored ice cream. Women whose favorite ice cream is vanilla are said to be emotional and very fond of public display of affection are best matched with rocky road men.

4. She Mirrors Your Actions

It makes sense, a woman who talks like you and who acts similar to you is most likely to be the same way in bed with you.

According to Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., a social psychology professor states that “The first thing to look for is mirroring of verbal behavior and pace.” If your lady is slow moving and you’re a bit faster in pace, most likely your sexual behaviors will be different from one another.

Most men who admit to starting to like a woman after the first date indicates that he sees something in her that he recognizes because he is the same way. If you two are getting along in a natural way, then you two are most likely to get along really well in bed. That means, if you’re kinky and adventurous in bed, she could also be the same way.

5. She May Be Older In Age

If you’re into dating older women, then you have an advantage of finding a freak in the sheets. Younger women might still be experimenting with what they want sexually, since they haven’t been in too many sexual relationships.

However, women who are older tend to have more experience in bed. They know what they want and can control the experience.

Another positive about dating older ladies is that they have already figured out what they want and they aren’t afraid to tell you. Menopausal women have decreasing levels of estrogen. This, in turn, unmasks the power of testosterone. This little fact makes women demanding and much more assertive.

This little tip depends on your preference as a man, of course. Not all men like older women, so this tip may not apply to you. However, this is a fact, since the older a woman is, the more they have gone through in life. Surprisingly, older women who have more experience are bigger freaks in bed, compared to younger women.

6. She Is A Damn Good Kisser

Good KisserAccording to many psychologists-sexologists, the way a woman kisses could tell so much about how they like to make love. That also goes for men. You could think about kissing as “facial intercourse.”

Once you and your special lady are in the make out zone, try to pay close attention to how she kisses. How she works her lips around your lips could tell you a lot when it comes to oral intercourse and going all the way.

How does she use her hands when you two are making out? If her hands are all up on you while just kissing, just imagine when she lets loose and gives you everything she has in bed. If she moans and groans during your kissing session, she’ll give you a lot more while you penetrate her. That is why it is a good idea to try out male enhancement supplements, so that you could last as long as your lady lasts.

It could be embarrassing if she could go for many rounds, and you can’t even make your little guy go for two rounds or more. Try to observe if she can create wonderful sexual anticipation, such as little baby kisses, sucking on your bottom lip, nibbling on your ears and so on. You get the picture, right?

7. She Knows How To Bust A Move On The Dance Floor

dancingMajority of the time, if a woman can move her hips well and follow a rhythm, she is a sexual beast in bed. That means she can thrust and move her hips around in ways that will make you go crazy.

If she could move to the music in a natural way and with energy, then that must mean that she is in good shape, because she has major skills in dancing.

It is also important to have rhythm, because she could go with your flow. Another benefit of having a woman who can dance is that it shows how confident she is and shows off her social skills, too.

So, instead of seeming like a pervert on the first couple of dates, learn how to analyze if your lady is a good lover without having to undress her. Absorb some of these simple tips to figure out if she’s a freak in the bed or not. The majority of the time, a woman who possesses most of these qualities is most likely an amazing sexual partner. Choose wisely and observe her to figure it out, without actually having sex with her.

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