7 Tips For Talking Openly About Erectile Dysfunction

You probably never run out of topics to talk about with your lover. From politics to religion and even nonsense issues, such as how your dog died, the conversation is endless. However, there are certain topics that are off limits, or at least embarrassing to talk about like pooping or sex. Still, is there anything more embarrassing than spilling out to your girl that you can’t get it up?

erectile dysfunctionIt turns out that erectile dysfunction or ED is a difficult topic to deal with.

Your entire essence of being a man, okay, maybe a major part of it, since that would be complete exaggeration – relies heavily on having sex, your performance in bed and the ability to satisfy your partner’s needs.

And even if there are lots of reports, sketches and ads about how to fight ED, it will still be difficult to talk about it with your partner. Sadly, it’s something you feel you should do, but you don’t want to, because you are not very proud of it.

Believe it or not, talking about your erection problems is the first step in treating it. If you want to be more open about your issues down there, here are tips on how to talk about it more easily.

1. Read Up And Educate Yourself.

GoogleEducation does not end with what you learned from school. There is plenty of research about erectile dysfunction, treatments and everything in between.

Utilize those resources by going to the World Wide Web. That’s the reason why Google is the number one search engine, because it can offer you a lot of information about ED. There are even forums that cater to this market, so check it out and see how couples or single men cope with their non-cooperative penises.

Still, don’t confine yourself to Google. Even books, magazines, scholarly articles and published studies can help you find out about ED. These resources may be a little intimidating because of the medical jargons which your brain cannot process instantly, but the important thing is you are informed about the ins and outs of erections. Plus, you can pick up something from it which you can use to improve your condition.

2. Two Words: Be Comfortable.

mirrorTalking about erectile dysfunction is already an uncomfortable topic to deal with. So please, get yourself together and keep your nerves as calm as possible.

If you are still not ready to talk about your issues down there with your partner, then hold it off for a while. You can even go in front of the mirror and practice your speech, as if you’ll be competing in a declamation contest.

Just don’t mind your little brother or son peeping around your room, since he might experience it ten years from now.

And if you’re still too worried, then remember this: the best way to start is by remembering that ED is a difficult thing to handle for most men. Still, honesty is the best policy, so try to be upfront as possible. In case your partner brings it up before you do, don’t act surprised.

After several failed attempts to get it up, your girl is in the best position to know your issues down there. She’s may be ready yet to talk about it, too so your job is to keep it as calm and comfortable as you can in case she opens up the issue.

3. Seek Professional Help.

No man is an island, literally and figuratively. And when it comes to erectile dysfunction, putting everything in your own hands can even create more problems down there than actually solving it.

So, stop being too proud of yourself and don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about your issues. ED may just be a side effect of an even serious medical condition, such as heart disease or diabetes and talking to a doctor can help rule that out.

You may be asked to pop some pills to help you get your guy up. You may need this for a while to regain your confidence, but in case it didn’t work, you may be referred to a specialist whom you can discuss other penile options, such as mechanical devices – read cock rings – or even penile implants, in case worse comes to worst.

You may also find the services of a sex therapist useful. Not because you will be asked to put down your pants and check any abnormalities, but there are times when ED can affect your brain too and crush your confidence. And sex therapists can help you with your issues up there so you can get over yourself and man up.

4. Be Open And Supportive.

your partner will still love youSo you realized that after several attempts, you really can’t get it up. That’s fine and for sure, your partner will still love you despite your “limitations.” She might even think that you’re just stressed out, so tomorrow night might be different.You may not notice but you start to ignore your partner and avoid sex because of the fear of not getting an erection.

Sure, the emotions are high and you don’t want to feel incompetent down there, so you start to avoid sex as much as you can. Apparently, your girl thinks otherwise.

She starts to think you don’t find her attractive and the connection between you two is slowly dying down. Feelings get hurt, intimacy is lessened and worse, resentment comes in to play.

This is where honesty plays an important role. It may be “it’s not you, it’s me” situation but at least have the guts to tell your girl that you do find her attractive and it’s not her fault why you don’t want to have sex. It’s just that your man down there is giving you a hard time and you decided to stay in neutral mode for a while, so you need her patience and understanding at this point in your life until it gets back on track, or at least in first gear.

5. Don’t Have Sex – For A While.

stressSure, you love sex and it gives you a piece of heaven. Unfortunately, your member is not cooperating, so taking a break may seem like the most feasible option. That’s okay. Even sex therapists would recommend the same.


Because erection issues has a lot to do with anger, fear, stress, anxiety and other mental issues that can get in the way when you are trying to be intimate with someone.

Instead, focus your energy on other relationship matters and stop forcing the issue by trying to bang your ED away, which obviously you haven’t been successful lately.

Why not try having a quiet dinner at your favorite restaurant or watching your favorite movie with a cup of hot chocolate? Or just spend the rest of the evening just talking and reconnecting with each other?

Intimacy is not just about pulling each other’s pants down but also getting that connection you once had. When you feel more intimate on an emotional level, you might be surprised to find out that your libido is back and your penis is already standing up.

6. It’s Not Just About Taking Your Clothes Off.

Men are genetically programmed to incorporate intimacy and emotional connection with sex.

Sadly, it doesn’t happen all the time. When all else fails, try to focus your energy on finding new ways to be sexual together.

It’s not just about trying different positions since you won’t be able to do it anyway – for now. Rather, don’t rush and put things in perspective.

Instead of having a goal-directed sex or that type of sex that’s all about hump and bump, then boom, there goes your juices, look for ways where you can be physical and intimate without depending too much on erection and penetration. Making out like high school lovers, caressing each other or giving each other a massage are only some of the million wonderful ways you can do to be sexual and intimate.

7. Keep Communication Lines Open.

strong and intimate relationshipSo, finally, you are able to spill the beans to your partner, you sought professional help and you are already taking all those meds. Perhaps you also tried different techniques in keeping the fire burning and your partner loves you for who you are, despite the lack of erection. Congratulations, but don’t stop there.

Keep in mind that erection issues cannot be solved overnight.

Despite having Viagra and whatever pills made up of God-knows-what ingredients that will give you a rock-hard and solid erection, having a strong and intimate relationship still helps with your issues down there.

Sexual intimacy is a work in progress and talking about it now doesn’t mean you’ll be fine tomorrow. It will take some time before you are able to address your issues, hence the importance of keeping the communication lines open.

Don’t worry. Having ED is not the end of the world. You should even be thankful, since medicine and technology have come up with different solutions to your erection problems, including supplements like ProSolution pills. This all natural male enhancement supplement can give you various benefits for better sexual performance including bigger, harder and longer-lasting erections, impressive stamina in bed and a boost in your sex drive.

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