7 Strange Things Men Wish They Knew About the Normal Female Body

7 Strange Things Men Wish They Knew About The Normal Female Body

The woman’s anatomy has forever confused and mystified men. While it might seem like it’s a woman’s job to forever confuse her man, a woman’s body actually shouldn’t be too odd. In fact, there are some common things men simply don’t know about a woman’s anatomy.

Here is a list of some of these seemingly odd, yet honestly normal, things about the female body.

1. Yes, Those Two Things Were Not Created Equally

Boobs are fantastic. Chances are that you stare at as many boobs as you can, as often as possible. Men might like to assume that they are well versed in the anatomy of the breasts, but there are some funky things you should know about a woman’s breasts before you mistakenly ask about them.

It’s quite common for women to have different-sized boobies. Much like the symmetry of your face, or anyone’s face for that matter, breasts are never naturally equal. If you are looking at two perfectly paired breasts, then know that they probably are not real.

Natural breasts will generally differ slightly. While this difference is seldom noticeable, it sometimes can be. No woman will have completely equally sized or shaped breasts. One may notice some differences in the shape, the size of the two, or even in the areola.

Some women even have two different cup sizes. This is totally normal, and here is why.

The Truth behind This Female Feature

Since breasts are forever changing with a woman’s body, they shift and shape constantly. Puberty, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menopause all cause hormones to wreak havoc on a woman’s body, and the breasts are not free of the effects.

Of course, changing is normal for women, but then again too much change after the age of 20 can actually be symptomatic of a larger issue. Therefore, it is vital that you recognize your partner’s breasts. Experts assume that you are more than glad to memorize the appearance of your partner’s boobs to ensure that they are not changing too drastically.

In addition to studying up on your woman’s breasts, you might also want to keep an eye on what she eats during pregnancy.

2. For the Sake Of Your Child

The jury is still out on this statement. Yet, some scientists are beginning to speculate that a child’s attractiveness is indicative of what the woman eats while she is pregnant.

More importantly, though, is that the health of a baby depends on what the mother consumes while pregnant. Therefore, if your partner is with child, you might want to help her monitor her eating habits.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

While there is no guarantee behind this claim, there is validity to the concept that you are what you eat. Pregnancy is no exception to this mantra, so a pregnant woman should monitor her diet. Whether or not her baby’s attractiveness is at stake might not be the main concern after hearing about these other issues.

The health of your baby can be depending on the amount of food that the woman consumes. Studies show that half of pregnant women gain too much weight, which can lead to premature or too large of children. In addition, other foods high in caffeine, bacteria, and even junk food can all be detrimental to the baby’s health.

It is essential to know that your child is depending on your partner’s nutrition. Therefore, it might be helpful for you to follow the same diet, as well.

This female feature was about healthy, cute babies. Here is a sexier fun fact for you.

3. There Is No Limit To A Woman’s Orgasm Potential

All men need a break in between their climactic moments; however, women can function like the Energizer battery bunny.

Therefore, the next time you have sex, don’t be afraid if she reaches climax first. She can orgasm all she wants. It is your ejaculation that will put you in cahoots for a bit before you can go again.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

Men have a refractory period programmed into their bodies. This is a kind of reloading phase that most men must endure in order to become erect again, or in order to ejaculate again. Neurotransmitters, hormones and nerve excitability influence this. All of these things are virtually absent in women.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

Only an approximate 14 percent of all women have experience multiple orgasms.So, your lady might not agree with this fact; however, scientists have proven that the factors needed to have a refractory period are not present in women.

Therefore, why not go in for a fun little dare? Does she dare to have multiple orgasms in one session? Something says you would love to find out, and she will, too.

4. There’s A Reason Why She’s Always Rehashing Things

Reason Why She's Always Rehashing Things

Most men can agree that women have the uncanny ability to never let things go. Ever. It is as if they store these awful things that men have done, or mistakes that they have made, only to bring them up at the most inconvenient times.

Even when it appears that they have forgiven you, or moved on from the fact, it only seems to come up again.

It is as if women have this compartment within their brains to never let things go. Well, actually, they do.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

Let’s break the truth. Experts have proven that women have superior recall and memory capabilities compared to men.

Besides, psychologists have now proven the claim that women remember things faster, more accurately and in even greater detail than men.

This is not to say that she will remember all of the bad stuff. Just take care that she has some good things to remember, and hopefully they will wash out most of the bad things you have done.

There are a few wonderful ways that you can try to make her remember some more enjoyable moments. Try this next fun fact out and be sure she remembers more than those silly mistakes you have made.

5. You Might Not Be Stimulating The Right Area

Too many guys assume that simply sticking it in there feels wonderful for a woman. No, no, and no. Instead, women need much more to achieve sexual satisfaction. There are numerous studies claiming that women can have a fantastic sexual experience after turning on.

Nevertheless, there are some other studies as well that state that there must be some brain stimulation before a woman can really climax. However, the most convincing of studies leads you right to the core of her orgasms.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

Studies are proving that for more than three quarters of all women out there, there must be clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm.

This is why women love being on top. The sensation allows for penetration to occur while her grinding rubs her clitoris,too.

This can become especially handy for you. Depending on the position you are in, you can achieve clitoral stimulation, as well. For example, if you are performing oral sex, then you should involve both hands. Gently massage and rub her clitoris while you go to work. Or, the next time she is on top, stimulate her clitoris. You can do this manually, or you can even guide her to do it as well.

One more fun fact, while you are on the topic of the clitoris. The clitoris has no other purpose other than to bring a woman pleasure. Kind of makes you appreciate the little thing much more, right?

6. Women Are Like Fine Wine

There is the stereotype that the cougar is what many young men want, but there might actually be some science behind this fact.

There is the assumption that most older women know what they want and how to get it. It is true that most older women are much more comfortable with their bodies.

In addition they are generally quite knowledgeable of how to achieve pleasure. However, there is some scientific fact behind why sex with an older woman can be more pleasurable, at least for her.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

Scientists have now discovered that women over the age of 40 are much more likely to achieve an orgasm quicker than a woman under 40. Why is this?

Well, there might not be a biological answer, yet there still are answers that many researchers have gathered. For example, older women are much more confident. They are not afraid to ask for what they want. Plus, they are much more skilled to get to where they want to be during sex.

If you are looking to attract a woman, then there is one last fun fact that could make all the difference for you.

7. She Picks Up On How You Smell

Women love cologne, and they always pick up on how you smell. However, there is actually some truth behind the reason why a woman is attracted to your scent.

The Truth Behind This Female Feature

good smelling stuffWomen’s biological programming has made her effective enough to pick up on pheromones. Men’s cologne can alter natural pheromones; thus, guys should be careful with cologne’s application. You should never overdo it.

Particular areas of the body produce pheromones, so where you spritz, your scent can be strategic. For example, you should dab a little bit of the good smelling stuff on your neck, your wrists and behind the ears, and no more. Stop dousing yourself in the stuff, and allow your natural scent to take over.

If, of course, you want a little more power than your pheromones, then you can get a little on that erection of yours. Male enhancement products such as those from www.ProSolutionPills.com offer guys a natural yet effective means to achieve a firmer, longer lasting, and much more impressive erection.

The female anatomy might have a few mysteries, but ensure that yours leaves her pondering a few things, as well.

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