7 Signs You’re Not the Sex Machine You Thought You Were   

7 Signs You're Not the Sex Machine You Thought You Were

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could offer surveys after our sexual experiences? We all want to know how we are in bed, and what better way to find out? Well, unless you want to appear like a complete psychopath, we highly suggest you revert from surveying your ex-lovers.

Instead, we have compiled a list of ways for you to tell if you are awful in bed. These seven signs might indicate that you are not the wild sex animal you once thought you were.

1. Your Bedroom Is Not A Love Nest

You might think that you are a beast in bed, but a major red flag is your bedroom décor. While you do not need to have silk curtains and sensuous candles everywhere, the items found in your bedroom say a lot about your love life

bedroomIf your bedroom is swimming in paperwork, then chances are that you are doing the wrong kind of work in there.

Laptops, televisions, calendars and other reminders of daily routines and schedules are stressful to one’s sexual encounters.

Your partner will feel anxious. Not to mention, this sends the message that you are much more concerned with work than you are your sex life. Not to mention your sleep, either.

Simple Fixes

It’s pretty simple to fix this. Ensure that your bedroom’s purpose is solely for sleep and sex. If there is any other object that is hindering either your sleep or your sex life, then try to remove it from your room completely.

Sure, you might enjoy getting some work done in a comfortable environment. Simply design a cozy work area somewhere else inside your home. If you have a television in your bedroom to fall asleep to, then get into the habit of reading, instead. You can even pick up an erotic novel and brush up on your sexual techniques.

While the bedroom indicator might not require some self-evaluation, this next one most certainly does.

2. You Never Visit South Of The Border

male and femaleThere is not one single person out there who does not want to receive oral sex. Everyone loves oral sex, both male and female.

Therefore, if you are one of those people who refuses to go down, this is a major indication that you are bad in bed.

Do we really need to explain this one? If you are not willing to go down on your partner, then you are intentionally causing your partner to forego one of the world’s greatest pleasures.

Chances are, your partner is secretly hoping and praying that you go down on them. In fact, it may even be a deal breaker for them.

Simple Fixes

You need to do some serious soul searching if you find that you are having issues providing oral sex. We are not advising that you go around giving everyone head.

Yet, if you are in a committed relationship, then what is keeping you from doing it? There are certainly resources out there for you to read about how to give the perfect blowjob, if that is what you are worried about. Or, if you feel that it is a little gross down, there then wait until your partner is freshly out of the shower. Problem solved.

Remember that most people admit that going down on their partner is a huge turn on. It can be exhilarating for you both. So, stop being so selfish and get down to work.

3. You’re Quick To Leave

You probably have a few other things on your mind, or maybe you are rushing to get somewhere. However, if you are in a rush to get up and get going every time you have sex, then you might be a bad partner between the sheets.

Studies show that men and women both enjoy the cuddle time that is most opportune after an intimate moment. Sure, you might be covered in bodily fluids, but who cares?

Failure to spend any time together after sex can leave your partner with some mixed signals. They might think that you did not enjoy yourself, or that you would rather be somewhere else.

Simple Fixes

It’s easy. The next time you are intimate with your partner, make a serious effort to spend some time together afterwards. Give your partner a sensuous rub down, or compliment them. Be sure not to sound insincere. Focus on one movement, position, or moment from your encounter. Your partner is sure to enjoy it.

4. You Never Look The Part

looking sexyMen, in particular, are visual creatures. The moment they are no longer aroused by sight, then all else fails in the bedroom.

Remember, when you and your partner both used to put so much effort into your appearance?

You used to love seeing them, smelling their perfume, and feeling as though they dressed up just for you. Well, if you are no longer doing this, then you are probably bad in bed.

Not looking sexy for your partner sends the signal that you could go without sex. Who wants to get down and dirty with a guy in his beer shirt and dirty sweatpants, anyway?

Simple Fixes

This one is relatively simple to fix. Make more of an effort to care about your appearance. You do not exactly have to clean the house in negligée or a speedo. However, take some time to think about how you look. Put a little effort in, and you are sure to get a reward or two out of it.

5. You Never Make Time For Foreplay

improve your sex lifeSome guys think that foreplay is just a waste of time. However, foreplay can seriously improve your sex life.

So, if you are never working to warm up your woman, then chances are that you suck in bed.

Without foreplay, she might not enjoy sex. In fact, she might even reject it altogether without a little warming up first. Sometimes a quickie without foreplay can be acceptable, but definitely not all of the time.

Simple Fixes

You have to just do it. Remember that while you might be ready to stick your dick in it, you have to gauge your partner’s desires, as well. It might be worth it to spend some time getting your partner aroused before you attempt to go for it.

If you are unsure of what to do, then try kissing her a little bit. Caress her all over before taking her clothes off. A great way to provide some foreplay without going too crazy is by giving her a nice sensual massage. Touching her erogenous zones can really get her in the mood, and this can ultimately pay off for you in bed.

6. You Never Switch It Up

Monotony in the bedroom leads to a mundane sex life. Never trying new things, regardless of the reason, can kill your relationship with your partner.

Missionary and doggy-style are amazing sometimes, but if you are reluctant to switch it up, then you are going to be bad in bed.

No one wants the same thing repeatedly, and if you surprise your partner with something new, then their happy hormones will flood their body all over again, just like the very first time you had sex.

Simple Fixes

Figure out why it is that you do not try different positions. If you are afraid of trying new things, then look into a position that looks both feasible for you and pleasurable for your partner. Do not be afraid to try it out.

Let your partner know you want to try something new. And, if you are in a committed, loving relationship then they should be on board. You can always laugh it off if it is an epic failure.

There have to be embarrassing moments during sex for things to be passionate and fun. Your partner would rather you be daring and adoring, than boring and monotonous any day.

7. You’re Not Inquisitive

womanWe are not saying you have to ask her the game of 21 Questions. But, if you are never asking her what she is into, or what she would like out of sex, then chances are that you stink in bed.

Every woman is not the same. You can never approach your partner the same way you have approached other partners.

What works on one woman might be completely wrong and uncomfortable for another woman. Therefore, you should ask her what she likes.

Make certain that you are at this intimate point of your relationship, though. It might be a little weird when you first start dating to ask her what kind of sexy things she likes.

Simple Fixes

Extremely simple, actually. All you need to do is start a conversation. Wait for a moment when you are alone and make sure the moment is right. Ask her if there is anything she wants to try or experience in your sexual encounters together.

Never rely on just her moaning to let you know she likes something, because that requires you to already be doing the deed. What if she wants you to try something you’ve never done? You will never know until you ask.

You might also be bad in bed if you are never looking to improve your sexual performance. All men can benefit from a natural supplement to enhance their stamina and performance, such as those from www.ProSolutionPills.com. Always look to be a better sexual you, and you are sure to never be a bad lover.

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