7 Sex Positions Men Secretly Hate    

7 Sex Positions Men Secretly Hate

Everyone assumes that men love sex. Well, actually they do, but would you believe that there are some sex positions that they could live without? While men do love sex, there might be a few moves she’s putting on you that make you wish you could make her stop.

Let’s talk about these dreaded sex positions, in addition to ways to flip them to better suit your desires.

1. Take A Break, Will Ya?

Chances are that you have been standing all day. Who wants to attempt having sex standing up, as well? More than likely, she begs for this position in areas, such as the shower. So, like most guys, you go along with it and find yourself getting busy in the shower.

showerSure, you attempt it. However, eventually you realize that it is virtually impossible to match your two puzzle pieces together nicely. Who gets to prop a leg up, and how can you even manage to get any kind of decent angle going?

Not to mention, it is quite difficult to even thrust, or make any sort of movement when you both are standing up.

How To Make This Position Work

If you find that your lady simply will not have you any other way, then you do have a few options. Sex standing up can be much more tolerable if you two are not facing one another. Make sure that she is facing away from you and turn it into more of a doggy-style position. Yeah, you know the position that you absolutely love.

Manage to get her to bend over a little bit and you are in the money. She can even rest her hands on a soap shelf, support bar, or the ledge of the bathtub. After all, it’s all about her comfort, right?

While this original sex position was just not comfortable, this next one is unbearable for entirely different reasons.

2. This Is Not A Trampoline, Woman

The cowgirl position is awesome. This position offers you a chance to lay back, relax, and watch her take charge. She climbs on top of you, straddles you, and enters facing you. As she rides along, you realize that she’s starting to attempt some porn-star stuff that really is beginning to look intimidating.

The exact position we are talking about here is when she starts to bounce on your dick while in the cowgirl position. The moment can go from incredibly hot to nail-biting within moments.

You watch as she is slamming down on your dick, and you are simply praying to the penis gods that she does not miss and end up breaking your shaft. Yes, guys, that is actually possible.

How To Make This Position Work

As previously stated, the cowgirl position is simply amazing. As soon as you see her start to get a little crazy with her movements, bring her back down and tell her to slow it down. Most girls want to go slow anyway, and she was probably revving it up thinking that you liked it.

If you think she will take offense to this, or it isn’t working, then try grabbing her butt and physically showing her that you want a little more grinding action and less bouncing around.

Remember to let her know exactly what you like by communicating. Whether it’s a moan or a description of how good something feels, verbalizing what you like helps her know what to do to please you.

3. I’m Just A Sitting Duck

Oral sex is great. For both you and her, giving and taking, let’s just start off with that.

You like to give and receive. But, there is just one little position for oral that drives you crazy.

Having her sit on your face for you to give her oral just makes you a sitting duck for an ineffective position.

First of all, how do you manage to breath? Maybe some guys like the danger of suffocating via vaginal juices and lips. But, we would imagine that is not what you want on your tombstone.

Second of all, she never seems to relax in this position, either. Maybe she is sympathetic to our haphazard breathing, or maybe it just isn’t comfortable for her. But, something just doesn’t feel right for anyone in this position.

How To Make It Work

Let her know that you want to give her oral and you want to do a good job. Encourage her to move into any other position, other than sitting on your face.

If she doesn’t want to lay on her back, then try getting her to give her stomach a turn.

She can lay on her stomach, with her hips raised just a little bit, and you can enter with your tongue from behind. Why is this a win for everyone, exactly? You are that much closer to anal. Need we say more?

4. Put Down The Spoon

Spooning is great for cuddling purposes, but spooning just does not work as a sexual position. You start out great and things look promising since you are near the back door and all, but your first roadblock is your arm. Where do you even put it?

Do you just stretch it up until it falls asleep? Do you try to wrap it under her until it falls asleep? Oh, the heck with it, your arm is going to lose feeling in five, four, three, two, and one.

If you manage to make it past the arm predicament, you still have the issue of penetration. Unfortunately, if you are about the same height as your partner, then things might be a little awkward.

You will get hair in your face, you won’t be able to move once you are inside of her, and well, it is just not comfortable.

How To Make It Work

She might find that this position feels really good for her, and you can achieve the same sensation by rolling her just a tad. If you roll her a little bit away from you and have her lay flat on her belly, then you can still enter from behind.

This position offers you more space and opportunity to create friction. It will still feel fantastic for her, and you won’t have to worry about any tingling sensations other than your penis.

5. Whoa There, Cowgirl

CowgirlWe have already discussed the dangers of a bouncing cowgirl, but the reverse cowgirl position can also offer some pretty scary scenarios.

Normally, the reverse cowgirl position is awesome.

She rides you facing away from you, and all is well with the world. She might even lean a little forward, which feels fantastic. However, things start to go south when she tries to lean back.

Perhaps she thinks it feels good, or maybe she’s tired, but for some reason she attempts it. Immediately, you worry that your dick is about to snap off at the base and you just want this position to be over with as quickly as possible.

How To Make It Work

There is always the passive aggressive option of holding her up where you want her. Remember that she is facing away from you, so you can brace her back up to prevent her from leaning back too far. If, of course, this backfires and she says something, then you could always tell her that it feels so good where she is.

Your partner might not want to be dominated in the bedroom. But, the chances are that she would like to hear your input. Be sure to be honest with her about what does and does not feel good.

6. Kick It Up A Notch

pillowThe primary sex position is known as missionary. This is when she is lying on her back and you enter facing her. While rudimentary, this position lacks creativity.

You find yourself getting bored and well, you can’t exactly hide that on your face now, can you?

How To Make It Work

If your partner is a little unwilling to check out to another position or if you are committed to trying to make it work, then try this little trick. Grab a nearby pillow and gently wedge it under her lower back. This will allow her pelvic area to tilt up, causing a sensational feeling for you and her both.

She might not be creative, but she is sure to love this one.

7. Slow Down, Turbo

On the contrary, she might be a little too creative. Perhaps she is one of those lovers who reads Cosmo or finds random Kama Sutra positions. Anything that is too complicated or requires extensive yoga background is a no-go for most guys.

How To Make It Work

This one is relatively easy. Let her know that you are either unwilling to try this one, or communicate to her that it doesn’t feel good.

Don’t force yourself to bend into a pretzel because you want to please her. You know your limits, and you could even end up in the emergency room.

If you want to be a little easy, especially if she is really excited to try this position, then you can let her down easy. Offer to switch to a different position, and maybe put up with hers for a few. Switching positions is always a possibility.

There might be some positions that are less than perfect for you, but there is always a way out. Make certain to keep her feelings in mind, and nonchalantly make the change in sex positions. Some of these positions might not work for you if you are not achieving the optimal boner. So, check out a reputable male enhancement company, like www.ProSolutionPills.com to find a safe yet effective way to peak your sexual performance.

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