6 Strange Sex Cravings Most Normal Men Have

6 Strange Sex Cravings Most Normal Men Have

Stereotypically speaking, men crave sex all of the time. While this might be true, there are certain types of sex that men crave most. Think of it as the Pandora’s Box of the male sex drive.

All men have sex cravings, regardless of how sexual you might think they are. From Christian Grey to the geek down the street, every guy has some strange sex cravings. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to quench them whenever you wanted to? Or, to know how to ask for your girl to satisfy them without sounding like a creep? Rest assured, there are some proven ways to alleviate these sex cravings.

Remember that every guy is different, kind of like snowflakes. Even though these are some tried and true general sexual cravings that almost every guy has, there will still be some unique yearnings for every individual. The trick is how to un-tap them.

Here we uncover the secrets behind these six sex cravings that most normal men are having.

1. Guys Want Girls Who Come Turned On

Similarly to the annoyance of turning on a car in the middle of a blizzard, no guy wants to find himself constantly having to warm his partner up.

Sure, sometimes if she is already on the couch in sweats, and then it might take some coercion, but how much fun is that if it is happening every single time?

It’s not. Most guys will agree that they want to be with partners who can manage to turn themselves on. Just because there is some self-play beforehand doesn’t mean that they are not interested in you. In fact, this practice can lead to much more carnal sex.

How To Satisfy This Craving

She should turn herself on to enjoy sex, but the trick is to help her agree to this. Experts claim that it is of the utmost importance that both parties are in the sexual state of mind in order to have an enjoyable encounter.

If you find outright difficulty explaining this to her, then perhaps you can subtly ask her what you can do to pleasure her.

Then again, this leads back to you doing all of the work. A better idea is to rev her up and lead her to getting hot and ready before you are even there.

Technology is your best friend. Send her a sex, without of course, revealing anything too racy. You can simply say something like, “Be ready for me when I get home,” or “I can’t wait to do things to you.

” Of course the level of raunchiness should depend on your particular relationship, but never take it too far. If you do, then there will likely be nothing sexy for you waiting when you get home.

In addition to finding a girl who is ready to go, another common sex craving for most guys is that they, too, just want to have fun.

2. Boys Just Want To Have Fun

Cyndie Lauper had it all wrong when she said that only girls just want to have fun. Boys want to have fun, too.

Ask any guy about the tone he wants to set in the bedroom, and he is likely to say that he wants a sexy, fun time.

No one wants uptight sex, and if you take yourself too seriously, then you will never find full enjoyment. Pleasurable sex takes some experimentation. So, it is essential to adopt a laid back attitude in the bedroom. This is secretly what most men crave in their sex lives.

How To Satisfy This Craving

Laugh. Laughter will only induce a sense of whimsicality to your encounters, and if you laugh then your partner is likely to laugh along. Once you both laugh a bit and giggle, you will find both of your bodies relaxing. This is because when you laugh, your body naturally releases endorphins into your bloodstream, and this can actually help you achieve a better climax

Both of you will enjoy yourselves much more in the bedroom if you just relax and have fun. There should never be any pressure to try something new. The worst that happens is that it doesn’t work, and perhaps you will have a funny story for later.

3. Sexual ESP

Every guy wishes they knew what their partners were thinking. This is because they would then know what turns their partner on, and this is ultimately one of their biggest sex cravings.

As selfish as many people assume men are about sex, they truly want their partners to be pleased, as well. It might be an ego thing, but you really should appreciate it either way.

Men want their partners to drop a few hints when something feels good, without of course becoming too bossy or controlling. There is nothing sexy about someone shouting orders in bed, unless you are into that type of thing of course.

How To Satisfy This Craving

Encourage a little positive reinforcement in the bedroom. Ask her to let you know when something feels good. Perhaps a simple, “Ooh, yes” or better yet, describing what you did that feels wonderful.

There is no better way to quench a guy’s sexual craving than hearing their partner tell them not to stop. Well, actually you can one up this by watching whatever is going on.

4. Don’t Close Your Eyes

One of the most common sexual urges that men have is for their partners to watch what is going on. It turns men on extremely when their partner is fully conscious of what is going on, and better yet if they are enjoying it.

This is because men respond unbelievably well to visual stimuli. One the other hand women need much more of a connection. Guys want something to look at, and they love when their partner gives them a show.

How To Satisfy This Craving

The ability to satiate this craving ranges from PG rated mirror play all the way to watching your partner masturbate. Depending on the level of comfort, you can easily appease this desire with your partner, whether they know it or not.

If you feel like your partner would really not be into anything of this sort, and thrusting her to the limit isn’t an option, then try offering a spot in front of a mirror. This way, you can watch her. She can watch you and vice versa. Who knows, maybe this will help her open up a bit more.

For the more rowdy couples out there, encourage your partner masturbate in front of you. They might be a little coy at first, but ensure them that you really want to watch them enjoy and feel pleasure.

Some other options include the position where the girl is on top, cowboy style. This requires your partner to take charge, which, as you have probably guessed it, is another sexual urge.

5. He Wants A Naughty, Nice Girl

Regardless how vanilla you think you might be, you want a little naughtiness in your life. You can have the most whole some relationship, but when it comes to the bedroom, you want a little excitement.

This of course can vary for different couples, and what is naughty for one pair might be completely lame to another. Therefore, this of course depends on your specific relationship. Never take it too far immediately, as this will likely scare off your partner. Then, you will have no one to be naughty with.

How To Satisfy This Craving


She has to be comfortable before she lets herself loose. Even the bawdiest of girls might be a little reserved in the beginning.

Never expect her to lose all inhibitions during the first few encounters, and if she does, then you might want to consider running as fast as possible.

Once you can tell that she is comfortable, encourage her to get a little feisty. Talking dirty might be a fantastic way for you two to start, but make sure that you know where her boundaries are. You never want to use any dirty words that offend her.

You can start safely by first referring to your penis, or other neutral body areas. You could say where you want a specific body part to be in reference to yours, and so on.

Or, you could push her buttons a little bit. If you two often joke a lot with one another, then joke around and make her a little heated up.

It all boils down to what you feel is naughty. The only way to make any of it come to fruition is to ensure that your partner is comfortable with you, first and foremost.

6. Guys Crave Sporadic Sex

The mundane routine of having sex every night once the kids go to bed becomes so blasé. All guys crave a little spontaneity in their sex lives, and any partner who offers this will certainly strike gold.

How To Satisfy This Craving

kidsFigure out why it is that you are not having sex during other times of the day. Are the kids in the way? Do you have obligations, such as work, that make it impossible?

There is always a way around it. Perhaps you can find 10 minutes where the two of you can sneak off while everyone else is busy with their work. Or, maybe you can tempt your partner into having some morning sex when everyone else in the house is asleep.

All guys want is to be wanted, but most importantly, they never want sex in a boring routine fashion. Besides that, most guys also crave having the most impressive boner possible, and this is certainly attainable.

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So guys, don’t be afraid to start satisfying those sexual cravings. Every guy has them, and every guy deserves to have powerful, exhilarating sex.

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