6 Seductive Steps For Talking Dirty To Your Woman

Let’s face it, your sex life is one very important part of your life. Your main goals as a man during sex are to receive pleasure and to give your wife or girlfriend the best sexual experience of her life, and yes that means every single sexual encounter that you two have together.

Maybe at the beginning of the relationship turning on your woman seemed easy, however you may be faced with issues such as “my lady isn’t getting turned on anymore,” or “I don’t know what needs to be done for her to reach her climax.” Now you may have more questions related to those topics, but the main question is, “What else could you do to turn on your woman?”

seduce your womanIf you think women are complicated, well, you may be right. However, if you know what you really need to know about women, you are on much better off.

In terms of the question, “What turns women on?” it really isn’t too complicated. One of the most effective ways to start getting her wet down south is to talk dirty to her.

When we say “talk dirty,” this doesn’t mean you start throwing out random sex phrases that you think are sexy, but in reality sounds nasty and plain gross. Aural sex is an art and you should master it in order to gain the maximum benefits.

So, yes, there is a proper way to seduce your woman through dirty talk. If you used to talk dirty to her in the past, try to zone that out and forget it for a moment, as you learn about these effective tips on how to seduce her through aural sex. Here’s another tip to keep in mind, try not to get turned on as your reading this, because we need your full attention, so that you could successfully turn her on with some crazy-sexy dirty talk.

1. Get Your Woman Comfortable.

trustThe first tip that you have to keep in mind is that woman need to be able to trust you implicitly and feel very comfortable in your presence before you start talking dirty to them.

If this is something new for your lady, try to figure out if you want to surprise them with aural sex, or if you simply want to tell them that “Baby, there’s something new we could try.”

Whatever the case, make sure that you two are somewhere where the both of you could express sexual gestures to one another without causing a scene to other people around you. Put her comfort first.

That means building rapport and attraction before you start the entire aural sex sessions. This could take weeks or days, however long it does take, make sure that you know or feel that she is comfortable with you in pretty much all aspects, especially sexually.

2. Start Off With Some Sexy Fantasy Q&A.

text messagesBefore you start with the main dish, try asking her some sexy fantasy questions.

You could even try this out without being physically together, like through text messages, phone calls and Facebook.

Just to kick start the mood, swap a little dirty Q&A session to let your lady know that you’re interested in pleasing her.

You could ask questions like, “What’s something you’d like to try out in the bedroom that you haven’t tried out before?” or “What do you enjoy most during sex?”

Your mission is to find out as much as you can about what she likes during sexy time. Let her speak and make sure you listen to everything she says. Besides getting to know what she likes when you two get busy, it could also turn her on.

She will love the fact that you are focusing on her needs. Not to mention, it could also get you thinking about the different ways that you could please her, and that alone could also get your blood pumping to your own sexual organs.

3. Call Her Names.

filthy sex talkThis is a great tip for starters. If you aren’t on the ProSolution™ system wherein you could enhance your package and sexual performance for hours on end, you could begin by calling her dirty names.

This is a great way to take a walk down the road of filthy sex talk. As you’re penetrating her, or even before you enter her beautiful flower, you could kiss her, claw her, grab her and whisper sexy and dirty names to her, so that you make her feel like a sex goddess.

This could definitely build up the tension and could get her slippery and wet all night long. Make sure that you call her names that will make her feel like the sexiest woman in the world, so that she knows that she is the one who turns you on. A big no-no is to call her another woman’s name of course, just make sure to remember that little tip so you don’t get slapped in the face because of calling her the wrong name or something offensive.

4. Whisper And Breathe.

WhisperThe “whisper and breathe” trick works for many women. Many ladies love hot and heavy sex, that is the reason why you should use this in your favor.

As you two are getting hot and heavy, start licking or nibbling on her ear and whisper sweet and sexy phrases.

Add some deep and warm breaths as you say seduce her ear with aural sex. You could try out phrases such as, “you’re the sexiest woman ever and you make me so damn hard,” or “your body feels so good rubbing up again me.”

Use your imagination and play along with what you say. Try to pay attention to the phrases or words that make her moan more than usual. Make sure to whisper it gently in her ear and breathe heavily, letting your warm breathe touch different parts of her body. Let her know how good she makes you feel. For an extra turn on tip, you could nibble at her earlobes, remember that the ears are sensitive and could help when it comes to trying to get her in the mood for some hot loving.

5. Play Teacher.

man is in commandMany woman love it when their man is in command. Try dirty talking to her while you tell her exactly what you want her to do to you.

You could use this tip during foreplay or even while penetrating one another.

Since women are imaginative beings, describing to her what you want her to do to you during daily situations could surely get her panties wet.

Even when she’s at the office, send her a text message saying, “When you get back home, I want you to jump in the shower with me and kiss me while I lick you in just the right places.”

Say something that could make her feel excited to be with you and play out what you want to do to her. For some women, they love it when their man suggests new sexual activities. If she loves this, start off with regular sex and somewhere along the way, tell her what you want her to do to you.

Something like “Get on top and ride me hard,” or “moan loud for me.” Be sure that you aren’t making her feel uncomfortable of course, with this tip, put your lady’s comfort first, if she likes this, then go ahead and command away.

6. Taboo Sex Fantasies.

This is a winner when it comes to aural sex with your lady. You know the fantasies that involve short school girl outfits, high socks and high heels?

Go ahead and let her know how much you would love to see her sexy body in something hot, so that you could tear it off her. Dirty talk about things that are beyond the bedroom and elaborate on the details on how you picture the fantasy going with you and her.

Tell her how you want to have dirty sex in the car with her, in the bathroom and even somewhere adventurous, like the dressing room. Talk about different places and risqué actions that you two can do.

It’ll drive her wild knowing that you think about racy sex fantasies with her involved. You will both go insane thinking about the endless sexual possibilities.

Now that you have a better idea of what you can do to drive your lady crazy when it comes to aural sex, go ahead and try it out for yourself. Stay away from the harsh and gross dirty phrases that you may have heard in weird pornos, though. Instead, try to go for the sweet, romantic, sexy dirty kind of aural sex.

Keep in mind that talking dirty is an art and you can’t just throw out random phrases that you may think are sexy. Your lady might have a different stance when it comes to what she wants to hear during dirty talk sessions. Just make sure you pay attention to what she likes, what makes her wet and what drives her crazy sexually, and you’ll both be glad you did.

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