6 No-Pressure Strategies to Make Her Want to Want You         

6 No-Pressure Strategies to Make Her Want to Want You

Who doesn’t want to be wanted? Everyone desires for their partner to crave them at all hours of the day. However, the unfortunate reality is that some relationships become stagnant over time.

Certainly, you both craved each other in the beginning. When you first saw your partner after a long day, all you wanted to do was rip their clothes off and have at it. However, now the spark appears to be gone, and all she wants is her face stuffed with ice cream while watching Netflix.

Don’t get it twisted. It’s never a great idea to beg for sex. Besides, she might even lose some respect for you, if you don’t lose some self-respect first. Have some dignity and learn how to coerce her into wanting you, without of course, forcing her.

Allow yourself to compete with Ben and Jerry using these six no-pressure strategies.

1. Pay Attention

partnerIt becomes tempting to rush things once you realize that your partner wants to be on a physical level. However, this is one of the biggest mistakes that most men make.

Becoming too physically forceful with your partner, whether you realize you are doing it or not, can do more harm than good.

The key is to realize that all women want attention, even if it seems like they would rather sit and watch TV or go spend time with their friends. Your partner wants you to pay attention to her, and you have to learn how to do that without seeming desperate.

The first step to confirm that she will want you again is to pay attention to her in a delicate manner. You do not want to overly dote on her, and you do not want to outright ignore her. Finding a balance is key to making her crave you again.

How to Work Your Magic

First, you both have to be in each other’s presence. Some say that absence can make the heart grow stronger, but it won’t exactly build any levels of lust. Show her that you are paying attention to her, without overdoing it. You can do this in one of a few ways.

Leave her notes to let her know that you understand her feelings. Let her know that you acknowledge that she had a long day by promising her a back rub. Or, treat her to a manicure with her friends, because you know that she needs time with them.

Little gestures like this can let her know that you are paying attention to her, without you being overbearing about it. This is also the first step in the right direction, because once you let her know you are paying attention, she has to now think about it.

2. Understand The Balance Of Wanting What You Can’t Have

relationshipIf you are in a relationship, then she has already had you. You can’t go back to playing hard to get very easily.

Yet, you actually need to go back to readjusting that balance if you want to have her yearning for you again.

Similarly to the last tip, it is a bad idea entirely to veer one way on the spectrum of possibilities. You should not force yourself on her. Likewise, you should not be shutting yourself up entirely.

It is human nature for everyone to want what they can’t have. So, remove yourself from her availability a little bit.

How To Work Your Magic

Become a little coy again. She has to miss you in order to long for you again. Think about it this way. Women have to have a memory of something in order to want it.

Ensure that she has a memory to go back to and yearn for you. Perhaps, you can recall a special memory that you both have. Try your best to recreate it, but do not be too forward.

Maybe you know that she loves to sensuously kiss you when your eyes meet. So,try to have an eye to eye connection, and let her make a move.

You will be surprised at how easy it is to remove yourself from your partner, and allow them to make a move, once you pay more attention.

3. Improve Yourself

familySometimes, it is all too inevitably to let yourself go once you have been in a relationship for some time. Work life, family, and much more stressors can enter your life and make you feel the detrimental effects.

Stress can leave you washed up. These stressors absolutely kill and ruin the libido, for both you and her.

How To Work Your Magic

Do your best to rid these stressors and find your libido again. Exercise, eat healthy and find ways to have fun with your partner. Once you rid yourself of these stresses that weigh you down, you will find your libido growing again.

Unfortunately, if you are feeling uncomfortable and tense, you are more than likely portraying this vibe onto your partner. There is nothing sexy about being with someone who is unhappy and burnt out all of the time.

Better yourself, and your partner is likely to crave you again.

4. Get Creative

It is imperative to show to your partner that the sexy vibe is always present in your relationship. It’s not advisable to be around your partner all of the time.

It is necessary that you go to work, spend time with your friends and family, and ideally be away from your partner for some time.

However, you should create an ambience, so that she is always thinking about you.

How To Work Your Magic

Take advantage of the technical age in which we live. Send her sporadic texts. Be cautious never to fall into a mundane text routine. You know, the typical “Good morning” text, or the “How is your day?”

How about shooting her a nice, “How’s my sexy girl” text and see how that one goes? We guarantee that such racy messages will get her thinking about a few possibilities, all of which will end in your favor.

Do understand, though, that you have to have a healthy relationship in order to this to work. If she is harboring any ill feelings, or she is upset, then you might want to cancel that text before you click on Send.

If the digital age is not really your thing, you can always revert back to a tried and true method that has worked for centuries.

5. Watch Your Body Language

BodyThe art and manipulation of body language is truly fascinating. You could spend quite some time reading up on the ways that your body language either attracts or diverts attention from you.

Often times, the messages the body sends out are so subtle that you are not even aware of them.

It is best to become aware of your body. You can make subtle changes to your poses to attract your woman to your side.

How To Work Your Magic

There are countless essays, articles and novels on this topic, but there is a bit of a cheater’s notes version.

For starters, straighten up. Shoulder slouching, crouching down or any shortening of your stature is a sure sign of weakness, or at least discomfort. It might feel natural for you to have a bit of a slump in your shoulders, but if you want to attract women then you need to straighten out.

You can cheat your way into this one by finding a chair with a back. While leaning forward is definitely going to show her that you are interested, you can also brace yourself against the back of your chair to begin with. This will establish your confidence first, before you lean in and show her you are interested.

There are so many other minor ways that you might be sending unwanted messages.

For example, if you are constantly sipping your drink or standing with your arms folded, then you are sending the message that you are nervous or on the defensive.

Try your best to keep both hands on the table, or at your sides. Perhaps you can lean up against a bar, or find a stance where you are not tempted to keep sipping on your drink.

Once you have mastered your body language, and you manage to get her on a date, take advantage of this sumptuous way to turn her on.

6. Use The Power Of Food

Some studies suggest that the sensation women feel when enjoying food can become equivalent to that of an orgasm. Certainly, if your food makes her feel this sensational, then she will want to keep coming back for more.

How to Work Your Magic

FoodRelieve her of worrying about dinner and whip something up yourself.

If you have no culinary abilities whatsoever, then take her to a restaurant that you know she enjoys.Or, you can bring her favorite take out food home where you can reap the benefits immediately.

There are even some foods that are natural aphrodisiacs that you can try to cheat your way to turning her on. Also, try to set the mood by creating a sexy ambiance. However, remember not to overdo it and appear too desperate.You can also pressure her into wanting more by leaving her with a sensational sexual experience to remember.

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