6 Momentous Myths Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

There are lots of myths and legends about many things in this world. While some of them are true, most of these myths are only meant to scare the six year old in you and make you look like a fool – and it’s working. It’s human nature – no matter how much we don’t want to admit it, we will always fall for the “they said,” and “according to” phenomenon.

When it comes to erectile dysfunction, you still fall for those rumors, just like many of us do. And no, wearing tight underwear will not affect your manhood’s ability to get it up. Apparently, you’ve been living in the dark. There are so many myths people will try to fill your head with regarding ED, including:

1. “ED Is All About Age. The Older You Get, The More At Risk You Are, So You Have To Live With It.”

older menWhoever said this must have a deep hatred of old men.

Sure, it is common among older men, probably because of the lack of exercise that limits the blood flow down there, but that doesn’t make it normal or something you have to live with.

Here’s The Truth: Sorry to scare the young, athletic guy in you, but apparently, not being able to get it up is not just an old man’s thing.Even the 20 year olds in this planet can still develop ED and it’s because of a lot of factors.

Sure, older men need more stimulation and a lot of effort in order to get it up, compared to their younger years. After all, they may have damaged certain nerves down there because of too much banging when they were younger.

However, the lack of sexual function and difficulty in getting it up is not something only old people will experience. The truth is there are a bunch of young guys who have problems with their erection and a lot of old men can still get it up and enjoy sex. And believe it or not, they can even bag the pretty girls. Oops.

2. “ED Isn’t Dangerous So There Is Nothing To Worry About.”

Picture this: while having a sexy time with your girl, you realized your penis is not as hard as it used to be. So after giving you head for 30 minutes, she realized the sex is going nowhere, so she just stopped and put on all her clothes and left. You blamed alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and fatigue for your non-cooperating manhood and think that tomorrow’s going to be a new day, so there’s nothing to worry about.

sexy time with your girlHere’s The Truth: ED is not exactly a life and death situation. However, it is often one of the early signs of an underlying health condition that can be serious.

Get your pen and paper ready, because erection issues can be a sign of diabetes, or even a symptom of heart problems, such as hypertension or atherosclerosis. This can also be a sign of hormonal imbalances or brain issues, such as Parkinson’s disease.

Or, it may be due to stress or too much alcohol, like what you think. Hence, it won’t hurt if you’ll book an appointment and see an urologist to check the reason why you can’t get it up. Don’t worry, it’s more than just asking you to pull your pants down, they’ll instruct you to cough and check your balls for any abnormalities.

Aside from identifying the reason for your sex life gone wrong and telling you about how unhealthy you are – or not, you’ll be able to find treatment, not only in getting your sex life back, but in also in curing or managing your medical condition.

3. “ED Is Due To Lack Of Attraction To Your Partner.”

So, you’ve been going out steadily for a year. You’ve done crazy things, been to different places and had the best sex life of your life. As soon as you hit Day 366, things became different.

Lack Of AttractionAll of a sudden, sex became bland and worse, you can’t even get it up for a minute. To avoid embarrassment, you start to avoid sex and don’t even respond to her sexual motives. She’s mad, she cries and finally she says goodbye. Since you’re in denial, you start to think maybe you’re just not attracted to her anymore.

Here’s The Truth: That is plain BS. If you think you can blame non-attraction to the opposite sex for not being able to get it up, then better stop dating, because that thinking is so wrong. If non-attraction is one of the causes of erection issues, how come the porn industry is still thriving? Men are genetically programmed to love sex, and it’s not just confined to the women they love.

The truth is there are a lot of reasons to blame. Maybe because you’ve been drinking alcohol and smoking too much, or you are feeling an overabundance of stress, anxiety or depression. Hormonal imbalances, diabetes or heart problems can also be blamed. Or if you are taking prescription drugs, such as medications for high blood pressure or depression, then expect your man down there to have issues getting rock hard.

So please, stop blaming your partner for your non-erection. She left you first, so maybe she’s the one who’s not attracted to you.

4. “Having ED Means Taking Tons Of Pills For The Rest Of Your Life. “

So, you have ED. It may seem like the end of the world for you. Your guy buds are probably scaring you about having little to no sex life at all.

PillsSome of them even say that you have to take pills for a lifetime, so you can get it up. Don’t worry, your guys are just messing with you and there’s no truth to their claim.

Plus, they don’t even know what they are talking about, so don’t trust them – at least with ED matters.

Here’s The Truth: ED is lot different from high blood pressure, diabetes and whatever other medical condition is out there. It is merely an effect of certain conditions, but hey, there are a lot of treatment options available for this. You better thank those genius minds, because there are FDA-approved treatments such as oral pills or something injected directly to your manhood or inserted into the urethra to help you get it up.

ED can also be a good time for you to reflect on your lifestyle habits, since erection issues can be due to how you treat your body. This includes quitting smoking, decreasing alcohol intake and even losing weight.

And no, you don’t need to take pills until you are old and gray, because psychotherapy can be effective in treating anxiety-related ED. But yes, in some cases, you will have to use pills, because ED can be due to certain medical conditions. Sometimes the only way to treat it is by taking medications.

5. “The Impact Of ED Is Only Felt By Men.”

long term relationshipAfter a few tries and sexual encounters, you realized that you can’t get it up. If you are only after casual sex, then that’s fine.

Just make sure to hide your face when you see the girl and don’t even bother walking up to her to say hi. But if you are in a long term relationship, it might signal some problems.

Here’s The Truth: ED is felt by both you and your partner. Fine, it’s only you, or rather your penis, is not cooperating, but your partner will feel inadequate and unloved because she can’t even get you in the mood. This can mean low self esteem for her, too, so stop wallowing in pity. If the situation is not addressed, your relationship may suffer and can cause difficulties and issues between the two of you.

And it’s not just you or your partner who can feel the effects of ED. Even if they don’t see it with their own eyes, your issues down there can also affect your relationship with friends, family and peers. A piece of advice though – be a man and treat your erection issues like a real man and address them head on – you’ll thank yourself later – and so will your lover.

6. “You Don’t Need A Doctor To Treat ED. Herbal Supplements Will Do.”

Herbal SupplementsYou realized that you can’t get your thing up. You Googled it and found out that there are a lot of herbal supplements that can address your erection issues.

Instead of going to a doctor to have yourself checked, you cry like a little girl and run over to the nearest drug store to buy herbal supplements.

Here’s The Truth: That’s just called advertising, and sadly, you fell for that trick. Sure, there are herbal pills that are “doctor-recommended” and “backed up with studies” but don’t you even realize how easy it is to fabricate materials to make it work for the product intended to sell?

doctorOr maybe there are quite a few male enhancement supplements that work, such as ProSolution pills. These pills may work for you, but you need to address the underlying cause first. Your doctor can rule out anything serious and help you start living healthy. You need to make some changes in your life – In other words, you should know better.

So the next time you decide to go herbal, please make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into first. Sure, 100 percent of the men out there would love to have a working penis, but you can’t have that unless you take care of yourself. Exercise, eat right, and be careful with how much you drink and smoke. But, if you really want to try out herbal pills, just stick to ProSolution. It’s the best male enhancement pills out there.

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