5 Ways Your Pot Sessions Are Killing Your Love Sessions

Despite the legalization of marijuana and increments in its usage, it’s still a drug. And with any other drug there are numerous side effects.  Believe it or not, frequent pot sessions can actually ruin your psychological health and sexual drive. More and more guys and gals who have a weed smoking addiction are finding themselves making excuses for not making love.

stop smokingFortunately, it’s not too late. If you stop smoking marijuana today, most of these symptoms will disappear soon and you will be able to regain your health – and your sex life again.

Here’s how pot sessions are killing your libido and eliminating those hot nights of lovemaking:

  • Pot Lowers Your Testosterone Levels. In men, smoking weed reduces the level of the primary male sex hormone, testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for the development of sexual organs and maintaining a healthy sex drive.

Smoking can actually cause you to lose your libido and sexual stamina due to the lower levels of testosterone. What’s even worse, “Low T” can cause the development of “man boobs,” which can be an embarrassing condition, indeed.

  • Weed Causes Poor Blood Circulation. Smoking pot has harmful effects on your entire blood system. Generally, smoking anything causes vasoconstriction, in which arteries and veins are constricted and narrow because of arterial build-up.

In men, the poor circulation of the blood makes him unable to get and maintain erections that are strong and long enough for satisfying sexual intercourse. In women, poor circulation of the blood neglects to stimulate the swelling of vaginal tissues, which is responsible for increasing and keeping her in a sizzling state of sexual arousal.

  • Marijuana Shrinks Your Dick. Although the issue of penis shrinkage related to pot smoking is still debatable, smoking, no matter what you light up, reduces the elasticity of the connective tissues of your penis.
    Over time, this leads to a loss of a centimeter or more of penile length. Light up – not a good idea.
  • Ganja Iowers Your Sex Drive. There are numerous scientific studies that indicate people involved in frequent pot sessions are far less interested in sex than others from the same age group.
  • Cannabis Affects Fertility: Thinking of adding a new member to your family?
    Women who smoke marijuana not only experience lower sexual libido, but also lowered infertility.
    The Tetrahydorcannabionol (THC), an active ingredient contained in marijuana, has been proven to cause infertility in both men and women.
    This chemical decreases sperm quality and also lowers sperm count, too.

If you needed a reason to quit smoking dope, you’ve got them now. But, don’t panic – after you quit smoking marijuana, your sex drive will return to normal again in no time. Also, when marijuana is completely gone from your system, your fertility will soar.

How To Cut Back Or Quit Marijuana

MarijuanaWe all know it’s not easy to break any addiction, especially when it involves drugs. You are doomed to fail in your mission if you have little information or it’s simply useless.

You need to find out what to expect, how to switch from a bad habit to a good one, how to overcome your personal triggers and how to get motivated.

Some people use pot for health reasons. In such cases, they get a prescription for it from a professional medical doctor. They also receive a vaporizer to use it, rather than having to light up. Even so, you can cut down on dope by asking your doctor for alternative therapies to address your symptoms. Lifestyle changes like losing weight, getting more rest and exercise and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption can help, too.

However, if you strongly believe your weed sessions have started to take over your life, or if you’ve ever seriously consider dropping the habit, you are a serious candidate for quitting or cutting down on marijuana. Here are some simple steps you can follow to make your transition easier:

  • Understand Your Addiction: Why do you smoke?
    Is smoking pot simply an easy way for you to escape from reality?
    Or, do you smoke to kill boredom and experience a high?
    Is it perhaps because your old friends are still smoking weed?

Smoking weedSmoking weed is a dangerous kind of psychological addiction. It is important to understand the reason why you got into smoking pot in the first place. Knowing what that is, and then finding a healthy replacement to address it is a great help to start kicking marijuana out of your life.

  • Convince Yourself: You should convince yourself and then find the cause of your problem to get rid of your pot smoking habit.
    This is important, because most days you probably feel like weed is your only friend, or that it’s not harmful for your health.
    But, other days you may feel guilty for smoking.
    You may even think of yourself as useless because weed has stopped you from attaining so many of the goals you’ve always wanted.

list all of its pros and consIf you aren’t convinced of its negative effects on your life, you won’t be able to break this addiction. Take your time and list all of its pros and cons. Once you’ve see that the list of cons is bigger than the pros, it will help you stick to your plan of quitting grass.

  • Develop A Strategy: Addicts try various ways to deal with their addiction. You should also develop a plan that works for you.
    Write down your game plan for quitting ganja on a piece of paper.
    Look for assistance from friends, clergy, counseling and family.
    Get tools to help from forums, websites, blogs and books. There are apps for that, such as the one from Marijuana Anonymous.
  • Distract Yourself: As soon as you feel a craving for marijuana, don’t get carried away. Give yourself a few minutes before you run to grab your pot. Bet engaged in something to keep yourself distracted. It is an easy and effective step to divert yourself from the approaching craving.

sportsBut, wait. Distractions don’t mean you find another drug to keep yourself busy. It just means adopting some healthy coping mechanism when you feel the need to use pot again. Engaging in creative hobbies or sports can often lead to constructive things.

  • Stay Motivated: Quitting marijuana is not as easy as it sounds.
    There may be times when you slip up one day and get too weak to follow your game plan.
    Don’t feel bad if you miss a day or two. It is bound to happen when you are trying to get rid of any addiction.

Especially if you have been smoking for many years, a few slip-ups are understandable. As long as you are motivated and you stay focused on the end result of being weed-free, you will eventually reach your goal.

partnerWouldn’t you rather have natural sexual health and the ability to gain an erection, so that you can enjoy sex with your partner? It’s never too late. You can start by quitting or reducing those pot smoking sessions. Meanwhile, you are adopting ways to remain physically and psychologically healthy, include natural male enhancement pills from prosolutionpill.com to regain your sexual health once again.

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