5 Unsettling Undertones of the X-Men Movies

You probably grew up watching X-Men and played the role of Cyclops or Wolverine during your afternoon play with your neighbors. You most likely secretly wished that your next-door neighbor is the same as Jean Grey and hoped that your father didn’t turn into Professor X, so he wouldn’t know that you are planning to cut class come Monday.

There is no doubt that X-Men are one of the most popular and well-loved superhero stories of all time. You may not be a fan now compared to 20 years ago, but you know the characters and watched the movies since Halle Berry was in it.

You also watched Days of Future Past, which did a good job in connecting the dots and allowing you to get to know the characters better.

Still, there are hanging threads somewhere in between and a long list of unanswered questions, which only becomes clearer once Marvel released their new movie franchise.

However, the “What the F happened,” moments don’t stop there. There are certain scenes in the movies that are so quick, you need to rewind it several times to try to decipher what just happened – but to no avail.

These scenes were probably not given enough screen time, so let’s take a look at them and find out why Marvel should come up with another movie for these.

1. Mystique As A Mother

JLaw did well as Raven aka Mystique during X-Men: First Class and Days of Future Past, which are also her pre-and-post-Katniss days. That’s enough of her already.By the end of the First Class franchise, Mystique left Charles to join forces with Magneto and the gang in their quest against humans, which includes Azazel or Zoot Suit Satan.

While watching First Class, you most likely realized that Azazel is also the same as Nightcrawler from X-Men 2, except that one is red and the other one is blue.

You dug through your old comic books and remembered that Mystique is the mother of Nightcrawler, hence the color.

What happened? Somewhere between the end of First Class and Days of Future Past, Mystique and Zoot Suit Satan had sex and she gave birth to Nightcrawler. Whether this happened before she tried to kill the little guy is still a mystery.

There was a resemblance in powers between Nightcrawler and his parents,but since Mystique is not yet ready to be a momma, she decided to leave Nightcrawler somewhere in a Germany dumpster, since how hard is it to be a mutant mom at that time, right?

Nightcrawler grew up in the Berlin circus, since he didn’t have a family. This was a fact he shared when he was cornered by Storm and Jean in X2. So now you know why.

2. Wolverine’s Obsession With Jean Grey

Jean Grey and Scott Summers are mutually exclusive, at least in the comic version. When the movie version came out, Wolverine came into the picture – and showed his obsession since the first day he met Jean.Even Mystique transformed herself as Jean in her attempt to lure Wolverine. Plus, who could forget the pain he felt when he has to kill Jean at the end of the third installment?

The problem is Jean Grey and Wolverine never had any relationship in the three movies they were together. Sure, there are close moments and kisses for few times but in the end, Jean stayed with Cyclops.

She realized that she prefers to stay with the love of her life than be with someone who just makes her feel different, if that even makes sense.

Apparently, the entire movie showed how Wolverine became an obsessed mutant who only wished that he had sex with Jean before she turned into Phoenix.

3. Professor X Stole A young Man’s Body And Transferred His Consciousness Into It

At the start of X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X discussed the possibility of transferring one’s consciousness in another person’s body.However, he was interrupted, since he sensed something happened to Scott.At the end of the movie, which means waiting for another five minutes or so at the cinema to finish the credits, you will see that the professor was able to transfer his consciousness into the body of a brain-dead coma patient.

Before the moral people react, this is actually a good thing, right? Maybe the professor saw his fate coming that’s why he did it, which is being ripped into pieces by Jean.

Admit it. You felt relieved when you saw the professor alive, despite the fact that he mutilated someone, just so he could live.

Except that, there are issues. At the start of The Last Stand, Professor X and Eric were still friends when they meet Jean Grey, then a young girl, at her parents’ house in 1986.

Charles was walking fine in a pair of dapper trousers, which would make you think since he was paralyzed during the time when U.S. and Russia were not friends. Maybe he was still injecting himself something like what you saw in Days of Future Past.

That’s not all. In Days of Future Past, he is still hairless and in a wheelchair, which is weird, since he was able to transfer his consciousness and assimilated another human being’s body so he could live. Apparently, no one even bothered to question that since the heroes were chased by anti-mutant monsters.

Care to explain that, Professor?

4. Magneto As A Father

If you think Mystique as a mom – in blue – is weird, wait until you hear this. Despite all his pain, anger and motivation to get back and kill Kevin Bacon for what he did to his mom,
which has been his ultimate pursuit for the next 10 years or so of his life, Magneto still has time to father a child.

Here comes Days of Future Past. Wolverine sought Charles and Beast’s help to prevent Mystique from making the biggest mistake of her life and eventually kill all mutants.

However, he needs Magneto, who is currently locked in prison somewhere in Pentagon. They met young Peter, aka Quicksilver. He is a silver-haired, quick petty criminal that helped Magneto get out of prison.

While he is escorting Magneto out of jail, he casually blurted, “So you can control metal? My mom knew a guy who could do that once.” Then Magneto paused and gave the slightest reaction of recognition to the boy.

If you are a die-hard fan of X-Men, this act is a nod to the fans, who know that Peter is Magneto’s son. In the comics, Magneto was briefly married to a gypsy woman, which resulted to Quicksilver. However, things are different in the movies, since Quicksilver is living in a townhouse in New York with his American mother.

Following this storyline, Magneto must have found his way to America after his stint in concentration camps and had sex with an American woman who eventually gave birth to Quicksilver. After sex, he went back to Europe to continue his vengeance plot against the Nazis and Kevin Bacon. Still, there is a possibility that he had a quick fling with an American exchange student, but her parents told her to go back for safety reasons.

You’ll never know.

5. What Happened To Toad And Sabretooth After The First X-Men?

Statue of LibertyToad and Sabretooth were among Magneto’s bodyguards during the first installment of X-Men movies. However, no one knows what happened to him or her after the encounter with X-Men in the Statue of Liberty.

Toad was struck by lightning, thanks to Storm’s power. However, it is unclear if he survived. Since he made a sound while falling, you can infer that the lightning was not deadly enough to kill him.

Even if he falls, Toad was a mutant, which means he could survive the fall and capable of jumping enormous heights without harming himself.

Unless he drowned, which is also possible since there is a big body of water surrounding the Statue of Liberty? However, a set was built but never used, which was intended for the fight between Nightcrawler and Toad. This means Toad was meant to survive the lightning strike.

What about Sabretooth’s fate? He was hit by Cyclops’ optic blast, sent through Statue of Liberty’s wall, then down into the boat’s roof.The movie did not close if he is still alive or not. However, keep in mind that Sabretooth is capable of surviving even if he falls from great heights. He also has healing abilities just like Wolverine, although the optic blast or the impact of his fall is strong enough to kill or drown him.

After his role in the first movie installment, Sabretooth didn’t appear in any of the succeeding movie franchise. He was briefly mentioned in X-Men 2 as a subject of an international manhunt and that’s it. He became non-existent after the first movie.

What happened to any of these situations is still a mystery, even to die-hard fans of X-Men. Whatever happens, you have to admit that you had fun watching the movies and reading comics where you were younger. Too bad the new generation didn’t get to experience that.

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