5 Stupid Things Smart Men Never Say to Their Wives  

5 Stupid Things Smart Men Never Say to Their Wives

Sometimes, it is better to leave something unsaid. The utterance of something stupid can even make women want to kick out the smartest of men, and send him to the doghouse.

In order to avoid this scenario, it is best to ensure that you are savvy about the things that you should never say to your wife. In addition, there will be a nice list of some words and phrases that you should voice as often as possible. If, of course, you want a happy wife.

Here are five things you should never say to your wife under any circumstances. In case you can’t figure out what is wrong with these phrases, there are explanations for you, as well.

1. Calm Down

wife is clearly perturbedThese are two words that no wife wants to hear, ever. There are quite a few different variations of this phrase, including chill out, relax, or cool it.

The only time you would ever use these phrases is when your wife is clearly perturbed, but the last thing she wants to hear is you telling her to just calm down.

The worst part about these phrases is that hubbies usually accompany them by a scolding tone. These phrases are absolute no-no for your wives; besides, the condescending tone further magnifies the problem. This tone puts off the air that you feel as though she is reacting for no apparent reason.

Clearly, your wife does not want someone to tell her she is being irrational. She wants someone who understands what is wrong, and a partner who will listen to her. Telling her to just calm down makes her feel like you think her concerns are trivial and unimportant.

A Much More Eloquent Alternative

over-emotionalIt is completely understandable if you feel that your wife is being irrational or over-emotional; however, it is never acceptable for you to verbalize that.

Instead, let her know that you want to hear what is upsetting her. And, guys make certain that you are being genuine. She will read right through any false flattery or understanding, so do your best to genuinely listen to her.

You can use phrases like, “what is wrong?” or “what can I do,” to turn the conversation back on her. This way, there is no room for misunderstanding. She can pick up on the fact that you care, and you can give her an outlet in which to vent.

This incident might lead to another commonly-used phrase that could land you in the doghouse.

2. What’s Wrong Now?

This phrase quite likely will land on the tip of your tongue if your wife becomes upset immediately following the “calm down” type of incident.

what is wrong with you?However, it is imperative that you do your best to never utter these words. They make it sound as if there is always something wrong, and you couldn’t care less about her.

There are a few similar phrases that are just as bad as this one, including, “what is wrong with you?” Such disastrous phrases will never sit well with your wife, or anyone else, for that matter.

Not only do these phrases make you sound like a pretentious you-know-what, they relay the message that you simply do not want to be bothered.

Is that really how you feel about your wife?

A Much More Eloquent Alternative

Instead of bursting out with the phrase, “what now?” try to remain quiet. Also, you should respond similarly to what we have discussed in the first incident mentioned. Place the responsibility back on her by asking, “What can I do?”or “do you want to vent?”

These phrases are much more constructive and supportive than the other two. At the end of the day, your wife needs to know that you care. The second that she thinks you no longer care, she will stop caring, too.

So far, the main problem with these phrases is that they lack empathy and understanding. This next one is no exception, and it is never going to make your wife feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

3. What Were You Thinking?

laughingOkay, so maybe you can get away with this phrase in a joking context where you both end up laughing.

Do note, however, that there is an extremely fine line here, and you may not want to tempt fate with it.

Perhaps the best bet would be to scan the tone of the conversation. If she is joking, then go ahead and attempt it. If she appears upset, then it is in your best interest to not ask her what the heck she was thinking.

The problem with this question is that it is extremely condescending. It implies that she was not thinking, or has put in little thought to a decision that she has made. This comes across quitescornfully, and you never want to speak down to your wife, or anyone, for that matter.

A Much More Eloquent Alternative

sorryInstead of belting out phrases that make your wife feel stupid, you can simply respond to her crazy story or action with an, “oh my,” or “well, that’s insane.” Better yet, if it is a story she is upset about, you could always tell her, “I’m sorry you are dealing with that.” That one always makes her feel better.

Remember to always be on your wife’s side and to build her up, not break her down. Even the slightest of condescending words can ruin someone’s day.

Men want to fix things or suggest solutions to their wives, but that’s not always what women want. Sometimes all they need is to know you are there to listen and support them.

This next phrase has to do with what she does during the day, is also something that will tear her apart.

4. What Did You Do All Day?

So, sometimes this might be on the back of your mind, especially if you are the main breadwinner for the family. It becomes easy to feel as though you are her superior, or that your job is much more difficult than what she does all day. After all, she sits at home and watches the house and kids. How hard could that possibly be for a person?

Well, let’s break it down for you. She more than likely runs errands, cooks, cleans, does all of the laundry, and still manages to take care of the children’s needs.

It’s as if she is your part time secretary, bookkeeper, cleaning lady, chef, and general manager – all rolled into one.

Think about the last time that you stayed home and tried to do everything that she manages to do in one day, every day. Pretty impossible, right?

A Much More Eloquent Alternative

Honestly, there really isn’t much of an alternative to this one, because there is no nice way to say what you are truly thinking. If you are wondering if you wife completed a certain task during the day, then the proper way to go about this would be to say, “Did you have time to …?”

This way, you are letting her know that you acknowledge her busy schedule, and that you appreciate it if she found the time to complete whatever it was that you wanted her to do.

In addition to harping on your wife’s daily rituals, there is one other monthly event that you should probably never bring up in a conversation.

5. Is It That Time Of The Month Or Something?

First of all, if it is, then you better run or sleep with one eye open, because hell hath no fury like a woman on her menstrual cycle. Secondly, this is utterly rude to say in any manner.

If you are asking your wife if she is on her period, then you are insinuating that she is cranky, moody or just overall emotional. It’s pretty senseless to say, “Why are you being so sulky?” and this alternate phrase is basically just one large synonym for just that.

A Much More Eloquent Alternative

Instead of asking her why she is so moody, emotional or just cranky, why not come to the root of the problem on your own. Analyze what potentially could be wrong, and ask her about that instead. “Are you upset about something I said earlier?” is a much nicer alternative than asking her if she’s on her cycle.

As opposed to harping on all of the bad things that you could possibly say to your wife, here are three things that you might want to say to your wife more often.

  • I Love You

loveYes, as corny as it sounds, you can never say this enough to your wife.

Make sure that you are not just saying this at times of convenience, either. Like when she picks up food for you, or after you have sex.

You should let her know that you love her all of the time.

  • I Would Never Want Anyone Else

Not only is this nice to say, but it helps her feel wanted and reassured that you are in it for the long haul with her, and no one else. All humans need to feel wanted, and your wife will love you for helping her know you want her.

  • You Are An Amazing Wife

This phrase encompasses a few important points that you should always recognize. First, it means that she makes you happy and whole. Being an amazing wife also means that you know that you can count on her. She completes you as a person, and you would never want anyone else to take her place. Sometimes a little bit of recognition can go a long way.

happy wifeSometimes words don’t mean a thing. As cliché as it sounds, actions do speak louder than words. So, what are you saying to your wife with your actions?

Leave the lasting impression of powerful actions in the bedroom.

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